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  1. I was wondering if you were running the game on borderless windowed instead of fullscreen, if so, switch to fullscreen. I take you are playing on a notebook/laptop considering you adjusted some settings for battery usage AND you have an Intel processor, my only guess is your game could be running on the integrated/Intel GPU instead of your dedicated/AMD because it's very odd that you have low FPS with that GPU even on low settings.(even though you didn't make it clear if the issue is low FPS or stuttering) I'm not an AMD user but I'm sure you should have a control panel named Catalyst, there you can choose which application runs on which GPU. I don't really recommend a windows reinstall but if you have been using the computer for some several years now, it would be a good idea too.
  2. Could you be running your game on borderless windowed instead of fullscreen?
  3. Ah man... Even though it was only like 30 seconds, there was this man(Armenian name) who came into a restaurant like a week ago, tried to grab chef's attention with using the ABSOLUTE PERFECT animations and /ames and when chef didn't notice him he just left grumbling, and somehow using a GRUMBLING animation too. It was too fun to watch.
  4. I have been playing the game for 2 days now, barely ~10 hours. During my first couple of hours in the game while doing the tutorial, it really bothered me so much to see a police car in every corner that I would look behind when skipping an intersection even in the most unknown street of LS. Then I would interact with people, read character posts on forum and notice that majority of the people are fitting the stereotype of "an Afghan war veteran suffering PTSD starts new life in Los Santos" and they are not to be messed with. There is just no normal person around. Everyone is either a member of a gang or some sort of a government worker. I hesitated giving someone a ride because I thought he would just rob me. At that point, it made sense there are cops everywhere. I also disagree with people saying it's because of the city we are living in, LS is like a war zone but in fact if you read the contiunity threads you would see that LS/SA is just another normal part of USA, lore from GTAV didn't pass onto GTA:W therefore, initially, there were no gangs and gang wars so Los Santos is the "effect" here rather than the "cause"(I could be wrong about this part) But then, it's a game where you are supposed to roleplay a person and it wouldn't be fun to be acting as a normal, ordinary and possibly a boring person. (I tried that for 2 days and got called boring a few times already.)
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