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  1. People are too focused on texture loss this is the minor problem that happens. The big issue is that since the clothing update, the projects cause crashes whenever they load in. I've never had any issues with the area before said update. Maybe it's a specific clothing item? I do not know. But perhaps this could be looked in to:)
  2. It is not the cop cars. I just took the last 40 minutes of my time driving around South LS in the Davis/Charleston area. I counted 6 vehicles left on the road (driver assumingly crashed). I myself crashed twice during this operation. I get it, you roleplay there. Doesn't mean it's not a massive problem area. You barely have any cops in the area cause like I mentioned, people crash! I have never crashed on a Police scene, or at a Police station, no matter how many cars are spawned!
  3. Lowering specs could fix crashes, sure. However that would only be beneficial to people who actually roleplay in the area. People who just drive close to It, cops who respond to the area, they all crash, which shows by the amount of empty cars in the streets around the entrance towards south ls. I get the point of people role-playing there, sure. However looking at the greater picture of the entire server? I do think they should go until it's further optimized. Or at least until EAC is gone so people don't have to load in for 5 minutes cause they came too close to the projects 🙂
  4. I'd be happy if it didn't cause constant crashes to at least 20+ I know, myself included. It's bad, especially after the clothing update. This completely ruins any South LS roleplay for numerous of people who share the same issue. So yes, I am not happy, despite my name.
  5. I think we should have a poll to vote to take down the newly mapped in projects. They cause texture loss, constant crashing of the game whenever it loads in (yes, this happens to many, many people). The crashes are especially bad after the deployment of the last clothing update, so it could have something to do with it. Many people I know, me included, can not enter South LS without the game instantly closing thanks to said projects! I think we should reconsider and go back to having the mega mall 🙂
  6. They work. I've been apart of two. It actually puts a meaning into the war. PK wars are stupid, you have factions making kill lists of their own members and the enemies but it just does not work, see the report section. If you get PK'ed during an attack against the enemies, then you survive a hit against your turf? Congratulations, you now have a reason to go after the shooters again. It is endless and pointless.
  7. There should be more forced CK wars, this whole PK war bullshit is getting out of hand and it is endless. Have people put their characters at risk instead of playing pubg across the map.
  8. Does the same problem exist with non minor chars who use their wealth to commit crimes that make no sense for their char? Sure. But just yesterday we arrested 4 minors. 1 of them was 12 years old, yes 12 and he possessed a driver's license and 4 expensive vehicles. His 3 other friends who also were below 16 all owned 2-4 vehicles. I could give you a new example probably every day and before anyone says "rpqm them" I'd have to fill out 3 reports every day and that's not fun. Again if you wanna portrait a teenage gang character then make sure you portrait it as should be. Even if it means getting caught in your shitty car.
  9. See thats the thing. Nobody forces someone to play a minor in a gang. If you get caught cause your character can't afford a decent car? Then so be it. You chose to portrait a poor struggling teen raised in the wrong area of town who tries to get by. Id rather get caught in my Primo than evade in a flashy car. Cause in the end? Portrayal is more important to me than not doing jail time.
  10. I feel like this derailed a little. I am by no means intending to stop minors from driving or owning cars. I however find it strongly weird that the meta for a lot of people is to use flashy and sporty cars driven by 15-16 year old kids for gang hits. Correct me if I am wrong but that's exactly why the speed of the Torrence got nerfed, because everyone used them for hits and robberies for an easy escape route. Same with the BF 400. Now i understand that you can't keep nerfing vehicles but the issue still stands.
  11. The most common explanation I get (at least icly) is that their dad owns it. But Idk if my dad would appreciate me bringing his car home full of bullet holes.
  12. Hello, lately I've come across many 16 year old characters who commit crime in expensive and fast cars mainly to easily evade law enforcement if need to. It seems that the current "meta" for some minor characters is that they own multiple cars. One that is a cheap and I guess every day car and the others more expensive and fast vehicles that get used in gang attacks for the sole reason to escape quickly. It happens to me almost daily that I have a flashy car evade from me and after running the plate I am met with the mdc record of a minor who possesses multiple vehicles. Curious if there's any ideas how to tackle stuff like that without having to involve rpqm every day multiple times, which is why I decided to drop this discussion. I am by no means saying that every minor gang character uses sporty cars to shoot up a hood. There's been many cases of teenagers trying to escape in shitty vehicles as well, just something that sadly happens too often. Especially after the nerf of the Torrence, people tend to buy cars like the Rebla or Hellhound, known for their speed without keeping their characters wealth in mind.
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