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  1. And there's nothing wrong with it being discussed publicly that's what the section is for. But my question is if you wanna discuss a story why do you not provide screens of the entire situation? There were multiple factors that lead the officer to searching you. You were asked to step out based on the potential threat you possess. Your character was clearly high as your examine stated (the system is there for a reason) plus your behavior when asked to walk to the patrol car. You clearly didn't want to be searched. You started showing that as soon as you were asked to step out, giving the offic
  2. My partner reacted as he should have upon spotting your very dangerous record. This thread is already going out of hand again with people randomly accusing LEO rpers of doing unlawful things without any proof whatsoever. Also it's funny to me how you are claiming play to win mentality by the police in that scene when you yourself ran off without any rp whilst being held down, dropped your firearm while driving 100+ mph onto the road as well as pking yourself out of your jail time. I hope you see that what happened was not unlawful in any way.
  3. Hello I was the officer that pulled you over, well my partner was, I simply conducted a training patrol as he's a rookie. Once seeing your record, it was decided to get you out for a Terry frisk. You had multiple charges regarding murder and attempted murder on your record as well as priors to being a felon in possession of a firearm as well as a closed high risk warrant. You reported it during the initial scene and it was explained to you then and there. I understand your frustration but a character with your record is gonna be treated that way. You kept trying to go ooc and eventually pked y
  4. I'd highly recommend you to not comment on anything without knowing the full context of a situation. Campos was in no way talking to the two teenagers in all red, who walked up to the officers on scene telling them to ''leave their hood, on blood'', in which they responded as you can see. Campos was actually ignoring them and continued with her briefing.
  5. Genuinely asking here. What's wrong with the ss
  6. "Just killed 3 bikers with my elegy lol see u at the gas station tomorrow same time?"
  7. I really wish there was a script that won't allow you to park your car to fix the damages. Most of the banham drivers get into crashes quite frequently and very rarely rp it (at least from what I've seen). I'm not trying to bash anyone or point fingers in any way shape or form. I remember being on a scene where 1 of the racers crashed into a convoy of bikers nearly killing 2 of them. The driver in question didn't seem to be very bothered by it on an IC point of view and cared more about not getting his license suspended than hoping that nobody would pass away.
  8. +1 Let the people at least disable it, it's weird to get used to it when you've been closing your chat mid sentence with escape for 2 years
  9. HappyGecko


    By far the best thread out here. Keep up the hard work.
  10. shoutout @Akiba @jesscatXD @Pepper @mj2002
  11. I mean let's be real there's probably less 'Americans' in all of Los Santos than foreigners (Europeans etc). I do agree with some of the things the OP stated. As a Blaine local you'll run into a few people who watched trailer park boys too many times and replicate it. However I myself don't see it as that much of a problem. No matter what Sandy might represent, given the physical state of most buildings around and the general trashy and poor atmosphere it does makes sense to have a handful of uneducated 'hillbilly' type people around. The 'hatred against city folk' some
  12. Username: Big Becks Comment: Them damn Polish folk always causing trouble.
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