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  1. +1 the people who act dumb with them are able to be easily dealt with by the staff team. No harm in leaving them in for those who don't act dumb.
  2. Congrats to all new! and @dawpi
  3. No. This is an RP server and making it go press y at points to drop drugs/make money as a script job is something a fivem gangrp server would have. I also don't think doing something like making identifiable crates for PD to recognize them as stolen goods is just low-rp. Just apply for an IFM scheme or go with one of the already many options.
  4. Odin

    Map changes

    Contingent on performance not being majorly affected as said above. Nobody uses the mall I see no reason to keep it over this.
  5. I'll go ahead and archive this, I'm not sure if you have us mixed up with someone else but we're a text-rp community we don't make episodes or do this kind of thing.
  6. I think this would be a pretty good idea. Realistically it's only 10 hours capped and it gives you the motivation to use jail as some sort of way to develop a character slightly rather than just logging out and coming back to the character when your out to rejoin your group with nothing inbetween. Increasing the RP for those in TTCF will also be nice. It's also a decent middleground where it increases the level of punishment/want to be careful with your crimes, but isn't overly punishing if you get caught imo.
  7. What's your reasonable proposal then? I find it unreasonable to tell 1000's of players their character will be deleted whether you/I dislike it or not. It's getting to levels of micromanaging that I'm not really comfortable seeing if we have to tell people they're not allowed to RP realistic characters just because proportions are off (and if they're unrealistic its an easy RPQM report as is.) I personally dislike the proportion a bit but it doesn't impact my character development because someone RPs having an accent nor should it. I RP a full born American that's a descendant of immigrants like most modern Americans, so its not like I'm even on their side here. The proper thing to do is get a notepad and draft a reasonable set of outlines that address the issue and put it in the suggestions area.
  8. I don't see a good way to solve the issue at hand. Banning people RPing anything other than pure American just won't happen and it'd require deletion of 1000's of characters on top of the backlash it would have from huge portions of the community playing these characters who don't want micromanagement. If someone acts dumb, RPQM them.
  9. good job @Brian3898 my favorite tekken player :salute:
  10. Never had or seen or heard of this happening. I don't think its that prevalent of an issue and most people who go afk are going to the bathroom, getting a drink or something reasonable. If your rping with someone who just decides to go afk for 5 minutes at a time repeatedly then just report them and move on if you don't want to accommodate it/speak to them about the issue.
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