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  1. @tomatozthe best fruit man @effionmy favorite ex-boss
  2. I'd say no to this kind of system personally. I'd love to see more restaurants and food options rather than the normal bars/clubs, but forcing people into a food system won't solve that problem. I don't see a reasonable balance to be had, as others have mentioned you would have to have food sold somewhere NPC'ed so it isn't going to really increase the restaurant situation. The people who want to RP at restaurants will go to the smaller amount of ones we have now, and the people who don't now still won't they'll just use an alternative that doesn't take them out of the RP they want to do. The
  3. No from me. I don't really see enough of a justification, there is plenty of profit to be made on both designing of houses and selling them if you made a nice map. If 3x MP + the furniture isn't enough then I think you might be greatly overfurnishing whether it be size or fanciness for the space your in. If a building has a greatly off marketprice your free to contact PM to inquire if it is correct or not anyways. Large buildings, fancy ones, clubs, businesses, etc all usually have fairly large marketprices. I don't really want more encouragement to flip and buy properties just to resell them
  4. dont burn the house down @tomatoz
  5. No from me. This is a video game, if you can get around all of the other aspects, graphics, desync, typing, etc and still have immersion then I don't see how you can't manage to get around people posting pictures that your not forced to look at.
  6. the superior way to play squad
  7. I personally see no issue with the current rule and I think that keeping them in the real world helps 1. Keep the size realistic, and 2. Keep everyone from having a balcony when there are often limited numbers of them on a building, it makes it clear which are taken and where your apartment is supposed to be mapped. The only real change I would propose is allowing people to utilize exterior furnishing outside of a smarttp if possible which I don't believe is currently a thing so that you'd be able to put whatever you'd like on your balcony.
  8. Odin

    A Racing Script

    No from me, this covers it.
  9. Odin

    [4SALE] Michelli GT

    Am selling this again after a break.
  10. Congratulations everyone, totally deserved. Thanks for always answering my dumb questions and being so helpful @[email protected]@Bombie
  11. Odin

    [4SALE] Michelli GT

    I tried calling you, I'll call again later or tomorrow.
  12. Odin

    [4SALE] Michelli GT

    No thanks. Lowballers can pay retail. Go pay 120k at a dealership without any aftermarket work.
  13. Selling a Lampadi Michelli GT painted a vibrant red color. Vehicle has had at least two owners, including myself. Under 1000 miles total. I have not modified it but the prior owner did do some work on the car including lowering the suspension and doing an engine/transmission swap. Vehicle has been maintained well and has never been in any significant accidents, new brake pads. Can work out renewal of insurance prior to purchase if preferred. Can have a mechanic of your choice inspect it prior to purchase. Vehicle costs $120,000 with registration. Asking $100,000 due to the conditi
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