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  1. Speaking completely on my personal opinion here. I don't think this would really make me enjoy playing more, I think I prefer the idea of CKs being forced in situations that require it as we do now. I don't know about everyone else but I've spent over a year playing one character primarily, I have made plenty of friends, connections, and I like not being some random person in PD where I rp primarily. If I just CKed because I died to someone wanting a shootout because they get caught it'd make me feel pretty bad to lose all of that. I don't like the idea of losing all of my work without me really doing something to cause it (ignoring fear, reckless, etc). I would just find it hard to see any motivation to spend a lot of time developing characters which can be CKed at any moment especially when I rp a riskier job. As Syrike said it sounds good in theory and initially it would sound like it makes people RP realistically, but I think it would just make a bunch of unhappy people and hurt development of characters and factions.
  2. Congratulations all and don't burn the house down @Wirbelwind
  3. I don't think you know the kind of community this is. This isn't GTA World as in all things in the gta world, we are a roleplay community on PC. I'll be locking the thread. Please refrain from just joining our community in order to advertise for your outside groups and nothing else. We welcome people trying to find others to play with and our players play other games all the time, but joining the forums with the strict intent of advertising 5 minutes after isn't really the purpose of our forums and there are better places to do that considering we are only PC anyways.
  4. If you lost a weapon via a now voided situation with them being banned you would most likely get it back via a refund request, but it depends on the specific situation. Even if you do not have screenshots of it I would recommend speaking with the administrator who voided it and or request an administrator check logs to see what happened to your firearm for evidence if possible.
  5. congratulations and welcome recruits
  6. Email has been sent to bidder, awaiting a response. Accepting other offers until a response is given. May contact at 27942969 or list a bid until then.
  7. Phone Number: 27942969 Market Price - 115,000 Buyout - 325,000 Starting Bid - 200,000 Please leave a reply or email if interested, include your phone number on any bids along with your email. All reasonable offers will be considered, and if one feels right at the time I will take it. Freshly renovated interior with high end design on a one bedroom and one bath. Property is located on Alta Street in Eastern Vinewood. Private exit leading to an external staircase. Full private balcony Top floor, with a convenient pool just outside.
  8. No to wipes as almost everyone else says. I like so many others have spent vast amounts of time developing my characters story over more than the last year. I don't see any benefit to this. The economy on here is fine and is in a state that encourages people to not focus on RPG jobs but rather giving us enough money to actually afford somewhere to live and a reasonable car. If you want a business, you can apply for businesses or buy one of the huge amounts already out there. I just don't see how removing everyone's progress will make roleplay better. All this would do is make a significant portion of our playerbase angry and quit/take a break and make everyone focus on moneymaking instead of RP in order to fund their RP again.
  9. Vehicle sold. Archived.
  10. Vehicle Sold. Archived.
  11. Vehicle bought. Archived.
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