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  1. To make the blood types match up realistically? It should be easy enough but our focus is on getting the blood splatter released in a stable manner so that's likely smth to be looked at later on.
  2. As of now, blood types are randomly assigned and are only utilized by the blood splatter script. The blood type is used in the generation of the "DNA string" for now. We might add the option to set this on start up though in the future alongside possible other features.
  3. Does support count? Most people I banned were folk that didn't know how to read the denial instructions on the application stage, mostly for spamming random shit in their application despite being warned not to do so, such as:
  4. Blood types are purely randomised for now as they are only used internally by the blood script. This is something that can be looked at in future though.
  5. Yes, the withdrawal effect will come if you have not used the drug again within 12 hours. Basically, if I log off and don't come back for another day or 2 then I will feel the withdrawal effects as soon as I spawn back in.
  6. The blood type function is only used internally by the blood splatter script but it is planned to utilise it for other things later on.
  7. That will need an entire inventory overhaul before that's possible (another dev is working on it already).
  8. That need's the inventory update before that can be done. The main focus behind the drug effects was to encourage the drug economy which as of now is non existant.
  9. Feature Showcase: Blood Splatter Information Shooting and stabbing victim's now causes the victim to drop blood splatter which should make crime scene's more interesting. LEO Balance It gives LEO more work to do in order to actually identify a suspect and overall if you shoot/stab someone and didn't get shot or stabbed yourself, your chances of getting caught will not differ as to how they are now (i.e. you won't get caught if you're smart). Also, LEO's cannot identify a person based on a blood type right away as that person
  10. As long as it doesn't provide any advantage, I can't see why not. From a technical standpoint though, it probably won't work due to the fact that RAGE blocks all script and DLL mods by default.
  11. @FearnR Resignation denied, you're not allowed to resign 😭
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