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  1. Try PMing a large group of people with the same message something important when a single /b could easily suffice, I'm still going no.
  2. I'm personally gonna say no to this as /b, despite sometimes being disruptive can be used to relay important OOC information in an active scene which could otherwise end up not being noticed by people who have /b disabled and thus causing more issues than needed.
  3. Implemented and should be available on next update.
  4. Implemented and should be available in next update.
  5. Added support for faction abbreviations in next update. Also added support for /setdep LAW to send a message to PD, SD and SFM only.
  6. Feature Showcase: Departmental Radio Information New Departmental Radio where you can talk to specific factions instead of all factions. What is the benefit of this? Less spam which means you get to focus on roleplay more. Can I still broadcast globally to all factions? Yes, you can still using /setdep all. How do I know what each factions can be broadcast to? You can use /depfactions to see a list of factions that can be broadcast to. Do I still need to state my faction nam
  7. Feature Showcase: Facial Expressions Information Facial Expressions to show your character's mood! How do I use this? You can use this by typing /face. How do I stop a facial expression? You can use /stopface (or /spf) to stop a facial expression or "Stop expression" from the menu Commands /face (or I -> Social Styles) - This will open the facial expressions menu similar to /anim. /stopface (or /spf) - This will reset your facial expression to the neutral expression.
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