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  1. AP Pistols are banned by FM for various reasons, so this suggestion won't come through.
  2. Shanks

    Los Santos Coin

    We don't allow cryptocurrency on gtaw. Fictional or not.
  3. Removed the FM restriction on fires in a faction v. faction setting. This can now be handled in game through regular admins as well.
  4. Unlocked after a clarification on location.
  5. Due to the continuity in the area you roleplay we do not allow groups to pop up without an IFM review of them first. With that said could you please submit this group as a faction request to IFM so we can properly review your current status and members. This was done to previous groups and factions in the area after the closing of Rancho and we will continue this a little longer for now. Topic and group is locked until this is done and reviewed.
  6. Edit to reflect changes made within FM to try and combat the PF abuse we have seen as of late. If you now wish to use PF weapons for other means, contact the FM Team through the link above with a reasoning. Edited in regards to rape roleplay to avoid possible scenarios in-game happening when we do not allow this type of roleplay to begin with.
  7. Updated in regards to FM's involvement in arsons.
  8. FACTION GUIDELINES / CREATING A FACTION ILLEGAL FACTION MANAGEMENT FACTION / GROUP GUIDELINES AND EXPECTATIONS A faction differs from an unofficial group (https://forum.gta.world/en/forum/936-unofficial-groups/) where they are scripted into the server, are more robust and long lived, and have proven themselves to meet or exceed the community's standards in that area of roleplay. While not always the case, factions are granted this status under the assumption they will act as a local power when dealing with similar unofficial groups throughout the area. As the standard bearers for their specific area, both factions and groups are required to abide by the following rules: Leadership is responsible for the roleplay quality of all invited members and must ensure that repetitive or especially egregious breaches of the rules are dealt with with internally as well as by management. Leadership is responsible for removing players who do not fit the OOC roleplay standards of the faction and failure to do so will reflect on the leadership. Leadership is response for ensuring the portrayal of the faction remains realistic to the setting and is within the specific requirements setout by Illegal FM, Continuity, and Management. Enforcing clear and heavy handed rules surrounding the separation of IC and OOC, metagaming, and roleplay quality. Leadership is expected to maintain cordial OOC communication with "rival" factions / groups and work to resolve any OOC issues as much as possible. Be completely open and transparent for any Illegal FM audits of your roleplay, transactions, or OOC dealings. (Factions must provide IFM full access to their Discord server) Groups or factions who breach these rules will be subject to sanction by Faction Management which may include a warning or outright closure of the faction, depending on the severity of the offence. While the first goal of FM is to guide and help improve roleplay, FM reserves the right to shut factions and groups down for the breach of any of the above rules without notice. Faction or group leadership teams whose project is shut down by faction management may not create or be involved in the creation of a new unofficial group for four months. Note: Legal groups portraying Government Agencies, Law Enforcement, etc may not be formed without the express consent of the head of Faction Management. STEPS TO CREATING YOUR FACTION Create an unofficial group thread. All factions are required to create an unofficial group to showcase their concept, roleplay quality, and activity. Frequent screenshots are encouraged to showcase what you do as a faction and ensure that your members are accurately portraying what the faction as a whole intends. Groups will be under constant scrutiny by Illegal FM and must meet the above requirements. Submit your faction thread. Once faction leaders meet the following requirements, they may submit their faction thread here: https://forum.gta.world/en/forum/722-submit-your-faction/. Only staff and the player who posted the thread can see the application and any questions about the faction from FM will be asked there. Prior to applying, the following requirements must be met: Your unofficial group must have been open for 4 weeks and have shown consistent, reasonable activity since then. (The open date will be the date of your faction thread being posted.) Your group must have a minimum of 5 dedicated, active members. Your group's administrative records must be reasonably clean or have shown recent improvement (~no major punishment 2 months), and the faction leaderships' admin record must have no history of severe breaches of the rules including but not limited to: hacking, bug exploits, OOC gun dealings, severe faction wide metagaming. Leadership should aim to have no recent major punishments (ajails / bans) on their record for 3+ months though this will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Faction Management will discuss your application and ask any questions: Please wait for 2 weeks since your application date prior to submitting a follow-up. FM will take between 1-2 weeks to discuss, review, and audit your faction members. At this time your roleplay quality may be observed so ensure that your members are on their best behavior. If you are accepted, you may get your faction scripted in: Once accepted, /report in game for a level 3+ or Illegal FM admin to script your faction. In the event your faction is denied, submit any appeals to @Shanks and the relevant leader (@honey. for illegal factions, @cxn for legal factions). Illegal Faction Management (all questions and concerns should be addressed in a forum PM) General questions & concerns: @harrison @Igloo @lambchops @slothy @Groz @Jonesy Head of Illegal Factions: @honey. Legal Faction Management General questions & concerns: @Storm @Moe @Biscuit @Keane @JimmyCZ @Banks @Orbit @Doosty @Zani Head of Legal Factions: @cxn
  9. @[email protected]@LennyBE This was added in refernce to the above after a discussion. Thanks for bringing it up as well.
  10. 15) Scrolling Weapons It is allowed to scroll weapons without roleplay for the following weapons & situations: Small melee weapons. (Knife, Hammer, Bottle, Dagger, KnuckleDuster, SwitchBlade, Flashlight) Small handguns. (Pistol, CombatPistol, Pistol50, SNSPistol, HeavyPistol, VintagePistol, Revolver, APPistol, StunGun, FlareGun, Glock, Sig Sauer, M&P 9 Pistols.) Small thrown weapons. (Grenade, SmokeGrenade, BZGas, Molotov, Flare) Other small guns that can be concealed easier on your body. (MachinePistol, MiniSMG, MicroSMG) If you're actively being the target of shots in a firefight, pursuit, driveby, or the like, you may directly scroll your weapon without writing out the required /me roleplay line. It is not allowed to scroll weapons without roleplay for the following weapons and situations: Larger melee weapons that would be harder to conceal on your body. (Machete, Fire Axe, Crowbar, Battle Axe, Hatchet, Golf Club) Scrolling a gun in a vehicle will require roleplay regardless of the weapon, this due to the lack of animations in these situations. Larger caliber and sized weapons such as rifles and shotguns will require roleplay before being scrolled. (PumpShotgun, SawnOffShotgun, DoubleBarrelShotgun, Musket/HuntingRifle, CompactRifle, Assault-/CarbineRifle, SMG, SMGMk2, CarbineRifleMk2 etc.) E.G. Player scrolls a Compact Rifle without roleplay in any situation. Player scrolls a Pistol50 while in a vehicle as either the driver or passenger.
  11. You have to type the line out and then scroll the weapon, yes. Yes, anytime you're in a vehicle you should roleplay scrolling the weapon. As do the ones you're pursuing.
  12. 15) Scrolling Weapons It is not allowed to scroll weapons without roleplay with the exception of the following weapons: It is allowed to scroll weapons without roleplay for the following weapons: Small melee weapons. (Knife, Hammer, Bottle, Dagger, KnuckleDuster, SwitchBlade, Flashlight) Small handguns. (Pistol, CombatPistol, Pistol50, SNSPistol, HeavyPistol, VintagePistol, Revolver, APPistol, StunGun, FlareGun, Glock, Sig Sauer, M&P 9 Pistols.) Small thrown weapons. (Grenade, SmokeGrenade, BZGas, Molotov, Flare) Other small guns that can be concealed easier on your body. (MachinePistol, MiniSMG, MicroSMG) E.G. Player scrolls an assault rifle. Player scrolls a Tec-9 It is not allowed to scroll weapons without roleplay for the following weapons and situations: Larger melee weapons that would be harder to conceal on your body. (Machete, Fire Axe, Crowbar, Battle Axe, Hatchet, Golf Club) Scrolling a gun in a vehicle will require roleplay regardless of the weapon, this due to the lack of animations in these situations. Larger caliber and sized weapons such as rifles and shotguns will require roleplay before being scrolled. (PumpShotgun, SawnOffShotgun, DoubleBarrelShotgun, Musket/HuntingRifle, CompactRifle, Assault-/CarbineRifle, SMG, SMGMk2, CarbineRifleMk2 etc.) E.G. Player scrolls a Compact Rifle without roleplay. Player scrolls a Pistol50 while in a vehicle as either the driver or passenger.
  13. SUPPLIER PROGRAM ILLEGAL FACTION MANAGEMENT The Supplier Program offers a platform for standalone players and players in official factions who wish to become a cigarette courier, electronic devices supplier, drug supplier, or firearms/melee weaponry trafficker so long as character continuity allows. Suppliers will receive their cigarettes, electronic devices, weapons, or drugs from Faction Management via quality roleplay scenarios that relate to the submitted background story and are from that moment on free to sell them however they wish within reason. One of our main priorities is to create a healthy market for players to obtain guns or drugs in. This is why we require creative and active players to be members of the supplier program. Those selected for the program must have a flawless concept and sound reason for pursuing such routes. We're constantly looking to improve the quality of roleplay within organizations themselves, and for illegal organizations, the drug/firearm trade can be detrimental - please ensure you put a lot of thought into this before applying as it comes with great responsibility. If you believe you can positively contribute to the aforementioned, you can sign up for a position of supplier by filling out the application at the bottom of this post. A new change to the supplier system is now the introduction of major and minor suppliers. This means that we are changing some of the roles, as well as adding on some other supplier roles that we consider minor. The minor supplier roles will not receive as large an amount of items as the major ones, or they will be considered not as influential - and by that rule not be something we need to regulate or limit by faction as much. And factions will be allowed to have 1 major and 1 minor supplier in their ranks. This does not mean we look at the minor supplier applications with less quality control than a major one, but we open up for different fields of RP on the server through these roles. Supplier Information: OPEN — MINOR - Tobacco (closing date: n/a) The tobacco supplier role can be obtained by any character and is exempt from the regulations of a faction only holding 1 major and 1 minor supplier. This supplier gives discounted rates on cigarettes but also opens up supply avenue for cigars which can be requested. OPEN — MINOR - Electronics (closing 25/MAY/2022) The electronics supplier role enables approved applicants to request bugs, wires, card skimmers, device scanners and vehicle trackers. OPEN — MINOR - Melee (closing date: n/a) The melee supplier role gives approved applicants access to a wide range of melee weapons. OPEN — MINOR - Weapon Specialist (closing 22/MAY/2022) The weapon specialist supplier role gives approved applicants access to clean serials from guns and set their firing mode. CLOSED — MAJOR - Small Drug Supplier CLOSED — MAJOR - Small Gun Supplier CLOSED — MAJOR - Gun Supplier CLOSED — MAJOR - Drug Supplier Regulations You must have a relatively clean administrative record. Your character cannot own a Purchase Firearm (PF) license if you intend to become a weapon supplier. Stockpiling is not allowed - You are supposed to distribute your stock and IFM will check up on this. You may only be supplied every 4 weeks and all stock must have been sold before you can request another. Factions can only have one major & one minor supplier in their ranks, You are not allowed to apply on alt characters. You must agree to follow internal supplier program policies and regulations at all times. By applying to the supplier program you accept that Illegal Faction Management can remove your strawman position if they believe you are no longer fit for the role, if you leave the position that generated application acceptance or you are punished for breaking server rules.. Anyone who meets the above criteria may apply to be a supplier. Character Background In your application, you should clearly state how your character has gotten into the business and how they would obtain the contraband from an in-character point of view. Be creative but do not exaggerate, you will not receive more weapons because you claim to be a South American Guerrilla soldier. Stay within the boundaries of realism as far as realism goes in small time supplying. Applications Note from IFM — Updated 05-MAY-2022 Due to the current dynamics of the server, we are really looking for more independent melee and tobacco suppliers in order to boost the economies of these areas of the market. Process Create a thread in this section: https://forum.gta.world/en/index.php?/forum/773-submit-your-supplier-application/ (only seen by FM) Title your thread [Supplier Application] [<DRUGS, WEAPONS, TOBACCO, WEAPON SPECIALIST, MELEE WEAPONS, ELECTRONICS>] Firstname Lastname Your thread will disappear and be made invisible from you since we will be discussing it Format for weapons, drugs, tobacco & electronics suppliers: Format for weapons specialist job:
  14. ILLEGAL REQUESTS BOARD FORMATS ILLEGAL FACTION MANAGEMENT One of Illegal Faction Management's primary goals and motivations is to further expand on the potential roleplay opportunities criminal role-players have within the server. The IFM requests board is in place to facilitate this process where anyone can have a direct line of communication with an IFM member and hash out details on a specific request. Below are formats for common requests. Post these in this section of the forums: IFM Requests & Reports - GTA World Forums Contents: 1 — Shanks / Smuggled Phones 2 — Heists 3 — Schemes & Requests 4 — Jail CK 5 — Sawnoff Shotgun 6 — PF License Authorization for Distribution (Rule 13) 7 — Faction Submission Shanks / Smuggled Phones Inmates within TTCF may request to have a shank supplied to them after conducting the appropriate roleplay inside the facility and providing all relevant logs of the process. When requesting a smuggled phone to be spawned, you must include all roleplay of the phone being smuggled into the jail past the staff. Evidence of the prior roleplay is NOT required. This can now be reported for and be handled through an in-game report instead of the forum requests, any admin can handle this report for you. All shank requests must fit the following criteria prior to being accepted: The shank be made out of sturdy material realistically obtainable in TTCF. Hard plastic, metal, etcetra. (Eg. a sharpened toothbrush on its own would not hold). (Please note we understand shanks have been made out of softer materials but due to the infinite amount of uses due to script limitations, we have to ensure they're realistically strong to last a while ICly.) Items from commissary must be purchased and in your inventory when you make your request, the responding admin will delete them from your inventory in response. Admins reserve the right to deny shank requests as needed. Individuals affiliated with one of the prison "cars" may request one without specific reason provided they have received instruction from a shotcaller or other ranking member affiliated with the car. Proof must be provided and this screenshot must come in the form of a shotcaller / authorized person telling you to make one ICly. This extends down to factions that are subservient or affiliated with the car (ie: sureno gangs under La Eme, white gangs and the White Car, etc). Each car is responsible for deciding who can authorize its members to make / requests shanks and shivs. Individuals unaffiliated with one of the cars or making one without the permission of their car must demonstrate specific and verifiable reasons for needing a shank. (Screenshot proof of threats being made, needing it for a specific attack, etc.) Heists Players planning to conduct a large scale business robbery (otherwise known as a heist) must obtain permission from Illegal Faction Management. These requests are not for a quick and easy gas station stickup but instead intended for elaborately planed and sophisticated robberies. Do not expect to have a request accepted with minimal effort, planning, or if the participants have recently poor admin records. These are very high risk, high reward scenarios. Ground Rules: Death to police during these may result in a Character Kill for any participants. Participants may not be involved with the business on any other characters. If the business belongs to another faction, participants may not be involved with that faction on any other characters. Items will not typically be spawned, what is present within the business is what will be available for the taking, unless the property contains a custom item script. Schemes & Requests These requests open up the realm of possibilities by letting players expand their avenues in which they can make profit. These are intended to be very roleplay oriented and lean away from reliance on the script. Schemes can range from something as simple as card skimmer usage to more complicated and detailed ventures. While there are some limitations, you as a player are always welcome to bring up an idea you may have with these requests and get IFM's opinion on it. Note: IFM Schemes and Requests are not guaranteed specific rewards, whether that be monetary, drug related, or item related. The reward of whatever kind is determined by the handler of the scheme based on various internally measured factors. Handlers have full discretion over the management of these schemes and by submitting a scheme under IFM, you agree to understanding this fact. If you have an issue with your scheme handler, you should contact @honey. through Forum PMs with details of the issue. Common Schemes Card Skimming / Fraud Methamphetamine Psilocybin Mushrooms Grows Metal work / collection Burglary schemes Common Requests Crack Cocaine Production FAQ (Updating Overtime) When it comes to card skimming, we require that the participants have card skimmers as (Goods). IFM will not spawn any of these for anyone as suppliers are already given these items by IFM. Any none IFM spawned skimmers will be considered faulty and useless. We do not accept any sort of NPC cartel, dark web or cryptocurrency roleplay at the moment. This is subject to change. Marijuana Growth Scheme This is a unique scheme in which Illegal Faction Management provides a player with X amount of marijuana seeds per 28 days for them to grow and then sell off. This growth process will be done via the weed farming script. Preference and priority will be given to current south central roleplayers, but not exclusive to them; there must be some form of interior mapping; seeds must not be sold off and are for the scheme requester's growth benefit only; someone who is a currently major supplier may not apply, but someone else in their faction, if applicable, may; you do not need to be in a faction. You must submit the below in order to apply for this scheme. Crack Cocaine Production Format This format should be used when you're roleplaying making crack cocaine as this is all the information we need in order to process your request and ensure that you are given the appropriate crack cocaine for the roleplay provided and the ingredients used within the cook. Jail CK Request If a character is conducting themselves unrealistically when faced by internal jail politics, shot-callers may request a specialized jail CK to be enforced on that character. The CK permission may be applied retroactively or may be enforced as a regular CK. A shot-caller is the only party eligible to make these requests, and generally must be a member of one of the "big three" prison gangs. A shot-caller can have someone else conduct the hit on his behalf. The characters conducting the CK are not at risk of CK if they die. Generally, the following criteria make someone eligible for a jail CK: The player is roleplaying an unrealistic character in the setting and doesn't roleplay continuity The character is not fearful for their lives when they should be The character has bad charges (e.g. sex offenses) or is prior law enforcement The character has cooperated with law enforcement or testified on behalf of prosecution The character is involved in internal jail politics and has offended the wrong people The character is part of a greenlit organization or group Generally, proof does not need to be as detailed as a regular CK request. In some cases, a jail CK may be issued without screenshot proof. Shotcallers should use the following format. Sawed-off Shotgun It doesn't take a genius to be able to saw off the end of a shotgun. Once you have completed this roleplay, you can request to have your shotgun swapped to a sawed-off version. The only restriction here is that your shotgun must not have a serial number on it, it must be removed beforehand scriptly. PF License Authorization Admins stay out of the way of the distribution of legal firearms or ammunition unless one of the following happens: a player makes a character just to sell PF weapons, but does nothing else on that character; a member of an illegal organization uses PF weapons to supply their group rather than making IC contacts for illegal weapons; the sale of PF weapons (or weapons in general) has OOC involvement, rather than being a strictly IC process. the sale of PF weapons happens without FM approval for your character to actively use the license for the sale/providing of weaponry to others. This is to avoid the PF license abuse and this being used as a get-around for the weapon supplier role. You will now need official FM approval if your PF weapons are being sold or handed off willingly. Request permission here: https://forum.gta.world/en/forum/844-ifm-requests-reports/ This only applies to people who actively want to use their license to SUPPLY/DISTRIBUTE weaponry OR attachments. Faction Submission To be posted here: https://forum.gta.world/en/forum/722-submit-your-faction/ Faction Name: <name> Thread Link: <link unofficial group thread, must be 4 weeks+ old> Discord Link: <permanent Discord link, you'll need to set up a role for "IFM" which has "Administrator" ticked on for auditing> Leadership: Character Name — UCP - Forum Name - Discord Character Name — UCP - Forum Name - Discord Members: (add as many as needed) (Rank, if applicable) Character Name — UCP - Forum Name - Discord Concept: <write your concept and how it fits, do not copy paste from your existing thread, include any in-character lore that has been developed as well, this is basically your "pitch" as to why your group needs/deserves faction status.> Plans / Future Goals: <where you want to take this group, what goals do you want to achieve, give us an idea about how you guys want to progress> Additional Comments: <anything you want to add that wasn't included in the above, your area to "speak your piece" if you want anything clarified.>
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