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  1. Topic has been edited. Following additions have been made; We are also adding in the following new minor suppliers: This means all electronic devices will now come through the minor supplier instead of the major weapons suppliers. However until we have set a base of people RPing these suppliers, weapon suppliers may receive them in drops.
  2. Although I was getting informed this faction was being closed on request, new evidence has surfaced in the last day or two regarding the faction and leadership within it. This faction will receive 3 strikes immediately following a result of OOC influencing, OOC dealings in general as well as toxic behavior from the leadership. This means the faction will be effectively closed and unable to be opened again in the state it currently is in. Server bans will be handed out to the members and leadership that was involved in this and has admitted to said doings in private conversations. This
  3. I don't know who's informing you about IFM policies or the way we handle CK's, but people are constantly informed in their CK apps that come in to go to other lengths before the murder is even considered on people they extort. As these are situations they create themselves and I fully agree, normal citizens would call the police, and there's plenty of ways to handle that outside of the murdering rush. Which we do enforce. People don't just randomly get CK applications approved off of a one time incident of someone going to police over a situation like that. Applications require build-u
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