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  1. mafi maloom arabi

    1. Skript


      ayyyy sup xx

  2. my mate @LilManiac going up the ladder. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🥳
  3. LSRP @ the guy with 4 characters with same first name on each: Valentin aka Script
  4. This is beautiful! Keep it going lads. 👏👏
  5. I've known you for far too long to know that if there's one thing you're really good at; it is how to run a MC properly. Beautiful first main post, man. I loved reading the little tale of Jesse. I'm sure this will go far and you'll put in your all in running it. Good work, mate.
  6. Congratulations @Shanks and @Sharvit
  7. I remember you, Andreas. It is nice to see you here. I hope you remember me too. This is Script. I used to be on PRRP too, from 2009-2017 Oh hello, Hossy! Nice to see you here!
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