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  1. Esc

    The O'Neill Mob

    The O’Neill Mob, or sometimes referred to as the O’Neill Gang is the name of a criminal organization of county-based criminal elements and profiles gathering together under leadership from old-timer Reinhart ‘Rhino’ O’Neill. The organization holds base in Blaine County and is known to take part in anything varying from weapons- & drug-running, prostitution, gambling, robbery & murder. With most members and associates being found as locals within Blaine County, the members of the organization would generally be seen as members of the lower-income part of society. The group itself can be considered somewhat similar to the Dixie Mafia in many senses of organization and process. But they do not claim to be part of it or even affiliate remotely with them. The fact of the matter is that many Southern states originated criminal organizations get the term used about them, as a general reference. The roots of the organization lay many years back when Reinhart got discharged from the army. A dishonorable discharge for sedition. Reinhart will never admit to this though and holds fast that he left honorably at the rank of Sergeant. As a result of this, Reinhart got involved in a smuggling ring, traveling from state to state, crossing the lines in order to move whatever goods got moved. It was during these times he ran into three like-minded men and small-time criminals; Judge ‘JC’ Carter, Cash ‘Money’ Bennett & Hunter ‘Kenny’ Jackson. This was the beginning of the group or the mob as they liked to call themselves from time to time. A traveling group of criminals performing crimes as they passed through different states in search of an easy dollar. A charismatic Reinhart convinced the men that he could lead them to a life of wealth and respect, should they only follow his path of utilizing every member’s various skills for monetary gains. Very much so in the line of various categories with criminal elements of course. Reinhart’s violent past and nature caused the younger men of the group to follow his lead, and their loyalty gave the group their reputation. Reinhart likes to see the organization as one big family, and associates of the group get pulled in or even lulled into the family aspect of it all, where they force upon them their traditions and values. Not so much a brainwash, as bringing people in to be a part of something bigger - something of a collective. Taking outsiders and outcasts and bringing them into the arms of a welcoming organization that could provide them with help and home when needed, were always strong arguments for the man on his path to glory. Shaping and forming the organization along the way. The only price to be paid by members is that they make their worth and value to pay for what they’re given by the group itself. Protection and support at a very low cost. The organization performs a variety of illegal elements to fund its projects. They keep their strong family standards high and value their structure as a group more than anything. But on everyone’s mind in such areas, money stands tall - and the end game for many of the members is to make enough money to get out of the current life they hold. By any means possible. But many of the older members of the organization have found this to be the way of life, and merely seek to uphold what has been started, keeping the continuation going. Life of crime and violence has become every-day life, and although they shape themselves to modern times, the widespread county allows them to perform various actions without much policing and oversight to stop them. The group has used and continues to use this to its advantage. “They were just a loosely knit bunch of thug guys that got together that robbed, murdered, and killed. Anything that they could for a dollar they did.” Although leadership is loosely based within the organization. As every prominent member may call shots to different situations, the structure comes down to who holds the most influence and money to make things happen. Family ideals at heart, it is still widely recognized that when a prominent member orders something done, it gets carried out and the order does not get crossed. The group does hold onto Southern heritage and pride strongly. This probably derived from Reinhart’s strong opinions on the matter. Forcing his thoughts and ideas on the leading figures. Although not every member is discriminating when it comes to outsiders and other groups, the mob as a collective is known to throw both racial slurs and have strongly negative opinions in regards to outsiders in the sense of both trust and social actions performed. The organization finds itself focused mainly around their businesses around Sandy Shores & Route 68, but their associates and members have been known to spread all over Blaine County and take advantage of the widespread and empty land. Not all members hold a criminal record although many of the prominent members of the group have found themselves in constant trouble with the law due to their acting out. Out of Character The O’Neill Mob is attempting to portray a realistic environment for people that wish to roleplay within a county-based community. With both aspects of crime and legal enterprises at hand for any and all members, the aspect of the faction will always be within the bounds of an outlaw group based in Blaine County. The faction wishes to uphold and create RP within the county for anyone that wishes to be a part of it. We seek to entertain and create a roleplay environment and community for those of you that want a change from the city environment. Although loosely based around the Dixie Mafia structure and heritage, this is by no means based around that and will be considered more of a group of people getting together as a community of various personalities. The faction reserves the right to character kill people involved with it so long as the reasoning behind it is there. We will never character kill without reason and it will always be considered the final option. It is expected that people associated get permission from a full member before any screenshots are posted. Portrayal and quality stand high within the faction, and all members are expected to uphold these standards at all times. We welcome locals of Blaine County to also tag along in our roleplay, being a local does not give us the right to character kill your character. We invite everyone that wishes to tag along to get involved. Questions or the wish to join the discord can be directed to @Esc & @Nos.
  2. COMPANY OVERVIEW Pacific Ventures, Inc. leverages new market opportunity in Blaine County by utilizing our I.C.E. Strategy. Innovate - Leverage the internal traffic platforms of various high-demand industries, with the expansion of new ideas to assist with the establishment of further development in the region. Connect - Through means of connecting with angel investors and business owners down to the various consumers, we look to further bring economic stability to at risk regions of San Andreas. By connecting the dots, business owners will be able to expand already solid foundations whilst offering passive income to investors - further developing career opportunity for residents. Economic Opportunity - With the deeply rooted network, a wide range of possibilities are offered to expedite growth of our acquired brands to assist with companies in reaching their goals quicker. WHO WE ARE Taking the community developmental venture capital approach to assist developing communities of Blaine County of stepping further into the future. Most venture capital firms have a bottom line focus of raising cash-capital for various acquisitions to make the investor happy. At Pacific Ventures, we go a step further. We also want to supply community's of Northern regions, specifically underinvested areas to further develop the economic growth of those specific regions. Through such investments, we strive to create additional entry-level employment as well as further development into the ever so-expanding blue collar industry. Community economic development is fundamentally about making things happen that would not happen without third party intervention. When a small business wishes to expand, it may struggle to do so off of liquid cash/debt alone; it would need sufficient equity capital to expand further. Traditional venture capital is nonexistent in such communities. At Pacific Ventures, we're the link between angel investors and the community. Through our acquisitions, we seek to offer proper financial backing directly into these on-the-rise geographical areas. Our CDVC Fund goes directly into the business of choice for the investor.
  3. Hi, I'm Elwood Murphy - Owner and Operator of Murphy's Roadside Repair & Towing 'MRR&T' is a small operation proudly servicing the Blaine County area with their roadside automotive needs. Sometimes you don't need to be hauled off by a truck and spend hours waiting for an expensive mechanic to finally service your vehicle, only to find out it was something minor, Sometimes it can be more serious and towing IS necessary. The bottom line is your money and Time is precious, so why waste it? I'll Fix it or get you where you need to be quick! Call 782-950-18 today and forget about paying top dollar! Like us on FaceBrowser Today! https://face.gta.world/pages/MRRT All inquiries to be directed to [email protected](([email protected]))
  4. I'm only asking this out of sincerity since I'm pretty tired of city RP and want to give out county life a try. How would a character that lives in Blaine County be portrayed correctly other than lack of expensive vehicles?
  5. Lucas Joseph Conley was born 22nd May, 1998, starting his life in Blaine County and the arms of his single Mother, Lily Conley. He would go on to spend his childhood and adolescence growing up in Stab City, sharing a one-bedroom trailer with a woman who was only ever home from her two, low-income jobs to invite men willing to pay for her services. This thread will follow the life of Lucas Joseph Conley. May include mature content. Early life Lucas experienced his first abandonment before he was even out of the womb. Lily had a habit for choosing rich, but uncommitted men, trying to marry herself out of the poverty that she had experienced her entire life. This proved to be the first bad decision she made as a Mother. Not even a couple of months into the pregnancy, she was alone again, up until Lucas was brought into the world at Sandy Shores Medical Center. Despite his Mother's struggles to financially support them both on her own, his situation could have been a lot worse. He was fed, clothed, and generally looked after, even getting his first ever bicycle on his 9th birthday. When he wasn't outside with his friends, he would hide away in the bathroom with some crayons and paper and draw for hours, plastering the worlds inside his mind onto paper to distract himself from the reality coming from the bedroom. Nevertheless, he never saw this upbringing as abnormal, and admired his Mother for always working hard for them and teaching him the value of money. Adolescence By the time he was 13, one of Lily's gentlemen visitors had become a regular, so much so that he had started to have a personal relationship with Lucas. Darryl Patterson was a man from Los Santos - a man with so much money that he didn't know what to do with it, and a wife that stayed with him out of pure reputation even though she never believed any of the frequent 'business trips' he would take. Lucas had no idea that his Mother was just a side-fling to him, however, and started to see him as the father figure that he craved. He would bring gifts for Lucas whenever he arrived, gifts that he had never experienced so frequently before. On top of this, he would give him school advice, and sometimes take him camping or fishing to give Lily the opportunity to have some time alone. It was a dream come true, a sweet haven for both of the Conley members, until Lucas learnt that Darryl wasn't much different from the man who abandoned him almost 14 years ago. Lily was pregnant again, this time with a little girl later to be called Willow, born 8th August 2012. Darryl had left to never be seen again after Lily told him, an action that sent his Mother on a downward spiral. She didn't want to go back to being alone, now with the responsibility of two children instead of one, and subconsciously blamed them for it. She became entirely consumed by her rage and postnatal depression, especially towards Willow. Lucas would often have to take the role of caregiver, and during an argument about his responsibilities, was the moment she hit him for the first time. The shock of what she had done to her child snapped her out of it for a little while, just enough for her to buy him a puppy (a golden retriever known as 'Bear') as an apology, but this was a temporary fix for a much longer cycle of abuse that only ended when she committed suicide. One page of many from his old journal: Aged 18, Lucas tried his best to convince social services to let Willow stay with him, a plan that didn't work out due to his financial situation. He would have done anything for her, and instead they passed her onto a random family in the city that didn't love her like he does, or that's what he thought about the situation. Present Day Lucas is focusing on bettering himself to be the kind of brother that can take care of Willow, getting her everything her adoptive family can get her, and more. He wants to be the parental figure he never got. A motivation that is easier said than done for a man with no qualifications apart from his ability to draw a cartoon occasionally and an attitude to life that makes doing anything other than drinking, smoking and seeking the next adrenaline high almost impossible. ((First time doing this so taking any constructive criticism in PMs, thanks for reading!))
  6. Looking to buy a property out in Blaine County. Please E-mail all offers to [email protected] ((Forum PM)) Regards Elwood Murphy
  7. Only know about YouTool? Driving 10 miles to pick up a door lock? Worry no longer! A bored player (Me) has taken the time to check every hardware store to see which ones are open, and to show you the prices! Locations: Prices:
  8. "Hello there. I'm Osarios Dionicos, and I'm tired of living in an RV. Do anyone sell any properties in this area? I'm willing to pay maximum thrice the original price" **Just comment on this post when "sending a text" cause I'm obviously not online 24/7**
  9. Mission Statement We produce extraordinary moments with Character Mount Gordo is different, self-willed. We call it character. Character is not getting lead by others but having the confidence and conviction to choose your own path. Being who you are: real, sincere and authentic Here at Mount Gordo we believe that authenticity enriches the world. Truly enjoying the moment every once in a while. Taste, realize and experience. Every sip you take. For every occasion a fitting beer or liquor. Brewed & distilled with passion and craftsmanship. Mount Gordo is ambitious: we want to win, to be the best. For our customers, for our consumers and partners, to make a difference. We focus on results. We work with clear goals and feel responsible for our achievements. We think in growth, possibilities and innovation. We like a challenge and inventive solutions. With conviction and courage, we choose our own path. Authentic and driven. We say what we believe and believe in what we say. Core Values Honour Our Customers Deliver Quality Work as a Team Do Our Best and Next Time Do It Better Build a Healthier Society Celebrate the Culture of Beer, Whiskey & Rum Own It Our Distributors: Velvet Lounge (Los Santos) The Malibu (Los Santos) The Garden (Los Santos) Bandito's Strip Bar (Sandy Shores) The Zone (Los Santos) Bahamas Mamas (Los Santos) Omega (Los Santos) Luxor (Los Santos) Pipeline Inn (Los Santos) The Garden (Los Santos) The Coffee House (Los Santos The Big Puffa (Los Santos) The Hotline (Los Santos) Our produce: Mount Gordo Beer | 4.5% ($80) 20 bottles of each = $8190.00 (You save $455.00)40 bottles of each = $16380.00 (You save 1820.00)60 bottles of each = $23205.00 (You save $4095.00)Supplying your business with our spirits, beers, or both comes with many benefits such as free deliveries, having more options for your customers, assistance in marketing your events, and most importantly, a portion of our profits go into supporting community growth by investing in sponsoring talented athletes, artists, and various organizations across the state. To place an order or learn more, email us at [email protected] ((Forum pm Briutas)), or call us directly: George Woodrow - Owner - Ph. 94444 Peter Bosco - Sales Representative - Ph. 018-636-36 We are proud sponsors of: Los Santos 4x4 Freaks! (The one and ONLY 4x4'ing Group in San Andreas. Come on out and let their experienced Trail Leaders show you the Country side!) Check out their Facebrowser page HERE! Stay up to date with Mount Gordo Brewery on our Facebrowser page! https://face.gta.world/pages/mgb Beer Serves America According to beerinstitute.org for every one job at a brewery there are 45 jobs created in supplier industries and in local communities across the country. Directly and indirectly, the beer industry employs more than 2 million Americans, and contributes $248 billion to the U.S. economy. The impact from beer goes beyond the name you see on the label of your favourite brand. As a local brewery we try our hardest to employ variety of people to ensure our operational success and contribute to local economy and community development. We're constantly on lookout for freelance videographers, photographers, graphic designers, organisational psychologists and other. Meet our staff & Contact Details (To be updated) George Woodrow - Owner - Ph. 94444 Peter Bosco - Sales Representative - Ph. 018-636-36 Tom Lopez - Financial Analyst Organisational Chart Last updated 12/2020 Currently Hiring (as of 09/01/2021) : Marketing Assistant, Marketing Campaigns Manager, Production & Delivery Coordinator, Brewery Technician, Taproom Manager, Bartender, Financial Analyst. To apply email us at [email protected] ((Forum pm Briutas)). We only apply to professional job applications that display your literacy and motivation.
  10. As the title of my ad suggests, I'm looking for a house or apartment in one of the above areas, My maximum budget is 400.000 Criteria for houses: Must be stand-alone. Garage or driveway. In a low crime level area. Criteria for Apartments: Stand-alone preferred. Garage or driveway. In a low crime level area. Please include links to sales pages & pictures of interior and exterior. Contact: EMAIL ((PM))
  11. Wyatt was born in Blaine County, southern San Andreas, the second of two sons of Bailey Colton, a trashy negligent white mother that had left him unsupervised before he had time to reach puberty. Delroy's father is apparently also listed in files as Wyatt's, though a couple of family members have often expressed suspicions that Wyatt was fathered by his mother's own abusive father, Abner Colton. He had never dug back on it nor brought it up, the same goes for certain traumatizing events that he had experienced during his childhood including the fact that he might have been sexually assaulted. The result of it was him thinking negatively on the world and himself while growing up, he had hobbies and dreams and the trauma didn't help but make him lose interest in whatever the younger him used to enjoy. During his late teens he learned to cope better with his anxiety and anger and had been having less hard time concentrating on tasks and work, deciding on working on a personality instead of letting the past shape him forever, which it still does. By the age of nineteen he was already living "independant" with his brother in Stab City. Wyatt, Delroy and their cousins had all learned what value money has through the economic deprivation they went through, he had experienced things he cannot re-experience often without money and he knows he'd do anything for a dollar, excluding what you just thought off right there. Not facing consequences and getting away with things did the opposite but help stop him and his family from taking a criminal road, "jobs" on the side every now and then had helped keep him fed and pleased yet it was never enough for them. He was failed by his "father", mother and grand-parents, leave the rest to whoever is running town in the shadows. ((OOC Warning: This thread won't contain anything too graphic or vivid but some of the RP may be considered offensive, triggering or "too weird" for certain people, please view at you own discretion.))
  12. Tongva Nation History In 1542, the Tongvan People, known as the Gabrielino People, were initially colonized by Spanish missionaries, being forced within missionary camps known as “Mission San Gabriel” and “Mission San Fernando”, which were intended to civilize and assimilate the Tongvan people into Christianity, gradually deteriorating their roots to their Native culture. In fact, the term “Gabrielino” originated from the missionary school named “Mission San Gabriel”, further separating the Tongvan people as “Tongvans” with their new name, “Gabrielino”. After the Spanish were defeated during the “Anglo-Spanish War” in 1604, the Tongvan people began to adopt Anglican-American ideals, shifting away from both their indigenous roots and Spaniard influence. To this day, many Tongvan people remain assimilated into the U.S., maintaining their Colonial-Spanish family names while adopting Anglicized first names. For over the past twenty years, the Tongvan people, also known as the Gabrielino People, have been forcibly removed from a strong residential and agricultural region of the Tongva Hills and Tongva Valley by countless lawsuits and many disputes upon what land should be sold for the beneficial growth of the city, only to have many more towers, architecture and superstructures to be built within the years coming, business always growing. Most managed to preserve their strong sense of heritage by living in the Tongvan Valley or the surrounding areas, camping on the road-sides, small communes and gatherings, roaming around as nomads, hunting, fishing, working what they could for little money. Many of the Tongvan found greater heights and promising futures, leaving their land behind and making anew inside the city, growing with the speed of the city, hoping for prosperous futures by integrating with the more rich and well off. However, recently, the Tongvan have begun to take pride and slowly start to restore their roots, returning to the Tongvan territories to rebuild their nation: Tongva Nation. Present Forwarding into the present time the tribe’s numbers are lessened greatly, leaving many of the previous and new Neo-natives in distrust and depression towards the government of San Andreas due to the mistreatment, neglect and poor social-pressures, though many of the natives today have adapted to the on-growing issues, leaving their say behind. Plenty have been throwing their chance in the fairs of playing their words into political views and events, taking the stand for council and committee that has reigned over various acts that could change among their people, better or for worse. Though many of the Tongvan people have grown into the new-norm of taking their names and history, shoving their heritage further back to get by, many are still distrusted and dumbfounded roaming around Sandy Shores & Blaine County, making money in any means necessary to reclaim what sorts of respect they had left, from land, trailers to deeper and more questionable acts. Many growing into outlaws, being known and pursued for crimes influenced by smuggling guns, distribution and sales of illegal substances. The Tongvan people are known to be reckless, careless and violent among many. Information The faction is attempting to realistically portray a modern-day indigenous nation, known as the “Tongva Nation” within Southern-California. It does not aim to strictly prioritize on either legal or illegal role play, as it’s aim revolves around portraying the various diverse struggles, different paths, and lives of the indigenous communities throughout the United States of America, making the focal point around the “Indigenous Struggle” in the context of the Tongvan people. Overall, we’re attempting to frame a community, rather than simply a gang or organized crime group, causing both legal and illegal elements to exist within the faction. It’d be highly advised to conduct a bit of research on: a) How indigenous people live on the reservations in America. b) How the indigenous people live along the countryside b) How the indigenous live inside the city, businesses, casinos, etc. Only to get a greater grasp on how to role play as one, we prefer to see realistic actions and scenes over little to no thought being taken into your character. It as well would be beneficial to study the political, cultural and socioeconomic conditions of the Tongvan citizens throughout Southern-California on an urban, rural, and reservation level. Nonetheless, it varies, from person to person depending on their background and financial situation. Only RECENTLY have most Tongvan people decided to restore their heritage, as most of them are heavily integrated into the U.S society, adopting rural and urban “American” slang with minimal understanding of indigenous customs. Rules Recruitment is strictly done through in-character means. Once you join the faction, you agree to a Character-Kill whenever the events lead to it. Faction Hoppers, Griefers & Trolls are not welcome. If you’re going to roleplay with us, please make sure you stick to your character and the concept within the faction. You Must abide by the rules of the server and Rules of Engagement to the fullest. All players will be expected to sign their name, on Discord, proclaiming that they have read, understood, and will abide by the rules of the faction, rules of the Discord channel, and rules of the server. If you don’t follow the rules, then you’ll be either disciplined or removed from the faction. You should have some basic knowledge about organized crime, business, and indigenous research before creating a character. We’re respectful, as must you be. Always respect everyone inside the group OOCly, as well as those in the community and server. Once inside the faction “DLimit”, alongside with other leaders of the faction. reserves the rights to character-kill your character if deemed necessary. If you’re wanting to be a stable and growing member we would love for you to show your growth if you’re willing to, we won’t force you. In order to post screenshots on our thread, you must first be given permission. Please send a PM to ‘Rum’ and ask for permission or ask inside the discord inside the “screen-shots section” If you possess any other questions or concerns that are unanswered, please contact DLimit on the forums or Ras#4049 or Delta Pud#5894 on Discord.
  13. Contact us or visit our website for more pricing details. This truly is way to conveniently own your own food truck legacy fast and efficiently! What are you waiting for? Give us a call TODAY! ☎️ 3435 [email protected] ((forum pm @ChaosOne)) FaceBrowser
  14. A brief backstory Robert "Bobby" Colton, some people call him Colt, was born in Jefferson, Texas. Not the brightest nor the talented type, he was just a random nobody. Born to the underachieving members of a large family of elites, he was usually treated as an outsider. When most of his cousins enjoyed a decent or luxurious life, his family struggled to survive each day. Combining that with the rejection from his own kin, made him hate the elite class of the society. The guy he looked up to Jesse "JV" Vaughan was the eldest of his bunch of cousins. Born to another set of underachievers in the family, JV was 10 years older than Bobby. Both of them grew up together, helping each other in their struggles. JV was the only one among the cousins who truly cared for Bobby and inturn Bobby had great respect for him. But after some drama in his life JV decided to leave the state and moved to San Andreas. Feeling left alone Bobby started to get more and more antisocial. After spending a few more years in Jefferson, he eventually got a call from Jesse, who asked him to move into San Anne. Maybe this is the turn he was looking for in his life.
  15. Hello there. I'm Osarios Dionicos, and I'm tired of living in an RV. Do anyone sell any properties in this area? I'm willing to pay maximum thrice the original price.
  16. Looking to buy a cheap property in the heart of Blaine County. I have a budget of 150 grands. Hit me up if you've got any offers. Phone number: 7440-1158.
  17. Rex's Diner Davis Quartz & Senora Way [GPS] For inquires, call ☎️3435 or email [email protected] ((forum pm @chaosone))
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