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  1. Very nice I am proud of u both!! xx
  2. Family Above All 最重要的家庭 April 23 The Shao Family have always been very close and supportive of each other. Family came first, business came second. All good things come to an end, however. The family gather up for a final picture together, before their flights depart and each go on their own way, seeking a new path of success and adventures. Oliver and Mina Yun both departed to study at the University of Hong Kong, becoming part of the elite students and receive the finest education thanks to the wealth of their family. After their marriage
  3. Finished cozy interior, can make pictures if interested.
  4. Interested in a trailer at Sandy Shores?
  5. Interested in a trailer at Sandy Shores?
  6. Another OG dead Rip Reek 🙏
  7. One of the best south central chars I’ve witnessed.
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