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  1. Will you dare enter our beer chugging competition?! At 7 PM on Thursday May 19, we will be opening our doors for contestants that truly want to test their limits. The contest is simple: chug down four glasses of our American Icon® Freedom Lagers (5% ABV) back-to-back within 2 minutes, and win the grand prize of $3000. The rules: 21 year minimum-age No spillage No throwing up Glass must be emptied with one chug attempt (( Contestants must /roll 1 10 for every glass they drink in order to roleplay succeeding or failing to chug it. 3+ required for 1st beer. 4+ for 2nd beer. 5+ for 3rd beer. 6+ for 4th beer. )) Location: American Icon Brewery, Grapeseed, Los Santos County Interested in ordering beer or liquor? We provide for the best quality and the lowest prices! Delivery service included. https://forms.gle/m74g4GnTkVMe4gDP6
  2. PH is 1269 first come first serve (( Gamble#3316 ))
  3. Sure, we can do that unless other party bids higher.
  4. Reach out to PH: #8504, first come first serve.
  5. Lowering price to 80. Still for sale if interested.
  6. Thank you for the great memories, Joe. You were a great friend and a brother to many of us, and you'll be dearly missed. Rest in peace ❤️
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