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  1. On May 2, I announced internally in the faction Discord that the faction would archive in the near future. This was the result of many simultaneous happenings, including Richard Castellani's CK and the waning motivation of faction leadership/numerous soldiers to continue pursuing the concept. For a time, this was delayed on paper to allow those who wish to continue the concept and/or their characters ample time to prepare. I have had a great time in the faction for about ten months, as have many others for as long as three years. Thanks to all of you who contributed to making Conti what it was, including all 276 pages of history and lore recorded on this thread. @Ohngesicht
  2. Username: solosuck25 Comment: if districted attorney spent less time being gay and wasnt in hide none of this would happened
  3. Every player on the server should be mandated to drink 3 liters of water every day and see at least thirty (30) minutes of genuine sunlight or be banned.
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