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  1. Interested, please message me if it is not sold yet.
  2. this is everything and more.
  3. Username: LexGarzaComment: You really switched up your comments from proper to hood in five seconds. Zzzz. You're a lame, fraud, and fake. Bye. I'll being waiting for your baby daddy.
  4. *Username: LexGarza *Comment: We are always 100% authentic us. If you don't fucking like it, don't eat my food. Best damn Mexican in the city. Not my problem you have nothing better to do then to flood this comment section. Run back to your baby daddy that never showed up at my door step, you whack ass bitch.
  5. *Username: LexGarza *Comment: I know your musty ass ain’t still trying to come at me. 100% lies. Take your review somewhere else, bitch.
  6. Even though you can’t RP a child that young I believe when it comes to having kids in game or pregnancy rp it’s more of an NPC thing, right? It adds detail to rp especially at home rp with relationships or friends. You can utilize cim’s or /do’s just to simply put that a child is present, etc. Having a goods item and naming it Child just to show it on your person makes no sense when it’s just a simple /do for acknowledgement that a girl or guy may be carrying a baby etc. It’s against the rules to rp something that young, yes for obvious reasons. But, if you desire that rp I don’t think it’s dumb or should be limited to simply just not being able to. It’s about being creative with it rply and doing it in the right setting which is more than likely in private with people that you trust won’t take it negatively.
  7. *Username: LexGarza *Comment: Who the fuck asked you?
  8. Username: LexGarza Comment: Love OUR girl ❤️
  9. Username: SofiaFalzComment: Loved this! I can't wait to make this for my hubby... Come to A Mother's Love some time in Del Perro. I'll make sure to discount you on some items! We have great kitchen accessories. 🙂
  10. Review Submissions *Username: *Rating (( 1-5 stars)): *Comment:
  11. Authentic Mexican cuisine located in La Mesa. Serving your taste buds to the max with our exploding flavors.
  12. Review Submissions *Username: *Rating (( 1-5 stars)): *Comment:
  13. A Home Good's store located in Del Perro. Determined to make your home it's best.
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