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  1. There has to be a balance, it’s not fun when 4 (m) from Davis hop out of a car and instantly “Pat your waistband down” because everyone is gun hungry instead of actually rping a robbery by taking someone’s wallet / chain and then taking off. I’d say a balance is making it so no firearms can be robbed if using a vehicle. (of course everyone would rage because the entire point of 90% of robberies on this server are for firearms) No gang members robbing people in real life are gonna go pay someone’s waistband down while robbing them in public although it’s a common trend on world. Robberies in public with firearms should be quick, and planned. Not just “ay bro look at dude right there let’s go”. But actually scoping a victim out etc, having a reason to rob said individual because of what they’re wearing, the location they’re in not having a high risk for getting arrested, but unfortunately people can’t actually do this so they just go jumping out 4 deep with guns in the middle of the Rockford hills driving the fastest script vehicle they can get that isn’t a super car (usual a buffalo or the interceptor) robbing people and then jumping in a car taking off back to Davis and logging off after 20 minutes of afking in their apartment. I see the positives and the negatives, although the negatives highly outweigh the positives in allowing vehicles for robberies. Just my two cents.
  2. I'd prefer a backyard bare knuckle boxing personally. Lack of glove options on the server and would be cool for the gang members to be able to get involved.
  3. Narco


    cant you just go into mapping mode in an interior with a group of your friends and spawn furniture temporarily?
  4. Nobody wants to wait for deputies to get online to roleplay, ooc restrictions doesn’t resolve the issue
  5. a deputy isn’t going to interfere with a stabbing realistically, they’re going to call for backup therefore a /jevent after the stabbing can suffice. making players depend on law enforcement to be online is goofy. Hence why nobody wants to rp in the jail in the first place
  6. Nah let people rp what they want as long as it doesn’t violate rule 19 -1 from me
  7. It’s no news that SADCR is in the works (prison), the current jail rules are completely goofy, and unrealistic. You shouldn’t need x amount of guards online or in the facility to do a hit, regardless of if the prison or jail would be “staffed” technically. Having to type a command to notify law enforcement is essentially the goofiest thing on the server as it 100% entices metagaming. There are blind spots all over jails and prisons, along with in cells. Typing /jevent is essentially like pressing your button in the cell to say “HEY CO/DEPUTY, IM ABOUT TO STAB THIS DUDE UP” - 100% goofy There are circumstances when a jcat or a snitch needs to be removed, or taken out immediately which often happens in jails and prisons all over California. A fix to this? allow the leadership from a prison car (group) to enforce hits on their own people / race / gang, this way randoms won’t just go around stabbing people up for fun, and everything will properly be ran by prison politics. the current groups which will be in SADCR will be the Nuestra Familia, La Eme, the Aryan Brotherhood, the paisas, the black car and the others. these groups all have very heavily validated leadership members which are all vouched and have been put in position by IFM for the most part. Allowing staff members which have little to no knowledge of how a prison / jail runs when it comes to politics essentially makes players not want to roleplay in jail or prison. You essentially have to wait for x amount of guards to be on meanwhile some snitch or rat in the pod is just immune / invincible because of OOC rules. Bodies are often not found until count time for the most part regardless. give the illegal community that roleplays in an already heavily restricted environment the ability to run a prison/jail how it’s really ran rather than promoting metagaming / silly rules. (I’d also like to mention that in the security level of the prison we’ll be rping, there’s virtually no guards really ever in the unit besides for count / chow, they stand in a guard tower) - remove /jevent unless it’s required AFTER the hit (command is unrealistic and promotes metagaming) - remove the rule of x amount of deputies required (completely goofy and unrealistic too)
  8. We're working on stuff now, shouldn't be too long as bisggit said.
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