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  1. I can't fathom why a security company would tow vehicles, just a bit mindboggling for myself.
  2. Any MLB fans here? What's your favorite team?
  3. By getting banned for getting too unmotivated and acting idiotic every 5-6 months. But seriously? probably by taking breaks, play a few other games that interest you. Runescape is fun to me, BF2042.. etc
  4. no. let people enjoy things.
  5. The grind don't stop baby
  6. Supported. These are rather very common here in California and definitely would be fair for legal and illegal roleplayers as all it does is make a pistol automatic. If approved I'd suggest that the recoil is VERY high as shooting these in real life at a rapid rate has so much recoil to the point you'd barely even be able to hit a target while firing rapidly.
  7. Supported 100%. There are phones in all areas of a prison / jail IRL, from protective custody to segregation.
  8. Needs to be more to do in the county, maybe a country club or something of that nature. I do recall there being a casino that was in the county (not paleto) which was pretty good.
  9. This pretty much sums it up. Anytime I'd try my best to respond to serious 911 calls while out at one already I'd get hit with "don't be a robocop".
  10. Hope this gets implemented. My first week playing on the server I shot some dude a bunch of times in the head and he roleplayed having a "grazed ear".. which entirely just took the continuity out of the situation completely. Majority of the time a player is using a firearm in a situation with proper reasoning and the other times they go to forum reports, therefore I can't see how this could be abused whatsoever as it only keeps continuity up to par and improves realism as a whole.
  11. Sounds like someone should post a forum report if that's the case as there's server logs.
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