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  1. OPENINGS Nurse Practitioner - Nursing degree and NP degree required, training in aesthetics will be provided Nurse - Nursing degree required, training will be provided Medical Assistant Reiki Healer Acupuncturist Director of Marketing, Outreach and Patient RelationsNaturopathic Doctor or Nurse PractitionerPersonal Assistant / Front Desk. Send resume over email ((PM)) or contact 3494 with interest!
  2. Interested in viewing this. Text me at 3494
  3. Looking for an apartment with amenities, two bedrooms in a good area along with a duplex or house. Open to price.
  4. Politics, Financial positions, accounting and real estate being required. As a former Investment banker IRL I find it insane that there is no duo diligence when companies are acquired here.
  5. The Executive Assistant to the Dean of Medicine and Student Health will provide administrative and logistical support to the Dean and serves as an important member of the cohesive team of faculty and staff serving ULSA's educational and research mission. The Dean is looking for a self-motivated, bright and organized individual to really thrive in this position. Responsibilities : - Performing secretarial and administrative duties. - Typing, formatting, and editing reports, documents, and presentations. - Entering data, maintaining databases, and keeping records. - Managing internal and external correspondence on behalf of the clinic and medical school. - Scheduling appointments, maintaining an events calendar, and sending reminders. - Copying, scanning, and faxing documents, as well as taking notes. - Observing best business practices and etiquette. - Taking patient phone calls to schedule appointments. Requirements: - High school diploma or GED. - Extensive experience in creating documents and spreadsheets, using office software such as MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. - Advanced typing, note-taking, record keeping, and organizational skills. - Ability to manage internal and external correspondence. - Proficiency in appointment scheduling and email software such as Google Calendar and LS.mail - Excellent written and verbal communication skills. - Exceptional interpersonal skills. - Availability during the morning and afternoon. Benefits include payed time off, health insurance, Flexible and remote working options along with professional development and mentorship. Call or text 3494 or email ((Forum DM or Discord Bluecowgirlboots#5121)) with interest!
  6. The hair editing script to be totally changed. I hate it
  7. One thing I would really want is more leisure activities or a focus on it. My character and her boyfriend recently bought a sailboat and it has been a blast. I would love if the Country Club opened and you could play Tennis, golf and there would be events there. Lately club roleplay has been such a spam fest for me. Here are some more: your actions having consequences. I love medical roleplay (My current character is a doctor) and having things like vaccines, STD, accidental pregnancy and addiction would be great and would bring sooooo much roleplay. If you're at a club during flu season for example... you have a chance of getting the flu.. and much more. More economic and financial service opportunities. Having legit mortgage companies, investment bankers that help with business or asset transactions or mergers Real Estate Agents - it kind of bugs me that you can easily just purchase a property and there is no one facilitating it.. Pregnancy bellies/mods Divorce and Marriage Legal - Sharing assets (unless you sign a prenup of course)
  8. *Username: S.Carlucci *Rating (( 1-5 stars)): ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ *Comment: Fantastic service! Ella was incredibly helpful and I love the variety of stock they have! Will no doubt be coming back.
  9. Willing to negotiate the price. Text/Call 3494
  10. Hi guys, I came across this topic As I have run into this issue as well, the exact one. I want to be able to stream music.
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