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Found 4 results

  1. NEWS • Politics Written by Yunisa DELGADO-FLORES • May 19th, 2022 9:35AM Abortion and religion, thoughts by Edward Ulf, Senator Lu and GOP's Jonathan Spencer The debate surrounding abortion in the state of San Andreas rages strong. Democrat Senator Jackie Lu, SAGOP Chairman Jonathan Spencer and former senator Edward Ulf shares their thoughts about religion, while Spencer and Lu gives details as to their plans for future legislation. Edward Ulf (left), Senator Jackie Lu, (middle) and SAGOP Chairman Jonathan Spencer (right) - courtesy of Edward Ulf, the office of Jackie Lu, and Jonathan Spencer respectively. Edward Ulf, back in late 2021, proposed a bill dubbed the Woman's Health Act of 2021. The act served as a piece of legislation that aimed to protect women's access to abortion clinics; enshrining the Roe vs. Wade ruling into law. Roe vs. Wade is a US Supreme Court case which ruling still is felt to this day. The ruling deemed state legislation that forbade abortion without regard to a fetus’ development, a woman’s health or to be unconstitutional. This, in addition to a ruling made in Planned Parenthood vs. Casey which strengthened the case, meant states cannot give a blanket ban abortion nor make legislature or institutional policies to create any 'undue burden' for women who wish to carry out an abortion. However, due to a leaked opinion draft which shown that the majority of Justices intend to reverse it, many worry for its future. The Women’s Health Act of 2021, if passed, would have locked the Roe vs. Wade ruling into the San Andreas legislature. Since the act did not pass, there is no legislation currently within San Andreas that either protects or, if Roe vs. Wade were to be overturned, restricts abortion. The bill failed to reach the floor. Senator Adrian Rossi, majority leader of the Senate (R), reported that the reason for this was due to the existing ruling still withstanding. “The Women's Health Act of 2021 did technically fail though it wasn't voted on the floor.”, Sen. Rossi shared in a previous written statement to the Daily News. “This is because the case-law of Roe vs. Wade exists, and that was simply a restatement. Therefore, other bills were given priority as there were many important pieces that we focused on.” Edward Ulf however alleges that the reason for the bill’s failure was due to alleged negligence from a state attorney, as well as alleging due to his fellow senators neglecting to remember. “It was ignored and put away on the shelf despite it getting voted out of the committee and into the floor but stopped there because the state attorney ‘wanted to review’ it.” Edward Ulf told the Los Santos Daily News. “She did. Did not tell anyone about it. Then when attempts [were] taken to get it voted on, it was again shelved because ‘nobody remembers that it was voted to the floor’.” The Daily News has reached out to the office of the State Attorney for a comment on May the 16th. ADDED 05/22/22 10:15PM by Chief Editor Yunisa Delgado-Flores The State Attorney's office issued a response to Edward Ulf the following week to this article being published. The response denied the claims that the bill was left indefinitely in review. "In regards to the Women's Health Act of 2021, the bill was merely put on hold for 24 hours to be reviewed by the State Attorney's Office, which consisted of my staff reviewing it to ensure it had all it needed to continue. It was released back to the committee to continue onto the Senate floor with full knowledge of both the Democratic and Republican parties, and their respective leadership." The State Attorney's office further distanced itself from Ulf's claims, saying that his allegations are "complete hearsay". "If Senator Ulf wished for the Women's Health Act of 2021 to be taken back onto the State Senate floor, he should've brought it back up on behalf of his constituents." Senators and leaders from both parties have announced an intent to submit legislature surrounding abortion, however the contents of either drafts remain unknown. In a prior statement from SAGOP Chairman Jonathan Spencer to the Daily News, he stated that he and his party will submit a bill that includes ‘bipartisan points’ and says they are “seeking to make it as fair as possible to men and women across San Andreas” “I'm unable to comment on it at the moment due it being unfinished currently, and would prefer to comment on it in its fullness at a later date once it's complete. However, I would like to make clear we are indeed including bipartisan points in our draft and are seeking to make it as fair as possible to men and women across San Andreas.” Sen. Rossi, when asked about the SAGOP's plans for future bills in a previously written statement, noted how the SAGOP's legislation for abortion would only be submitted if Roe vs. Wade were to be reversed. "To further answer your question, the GOP does plan to submit a bill regarding abortion should the Court overturn Roe v. Wade." In an interview with Senator Jackie Lu (D), when asked if there are any plans for any bills to be introduced surrounding abortion, she stated that she “intends to do something about it.” “Women should assert their rightful place in society.”, wrote Sen. Jackie Lu. “And I have not and will not forget about them; We will not be denied the authority to make choices about our own bodies. I will not stop working until everyone, and I mean everyone, regardless of poverty, zip code, or race, has access to safe, legal, and accessible abortions. “If [women] are not prepared. How can you maintain a child if you are still in education with over more than $50,000's in student debt? The correct response is no; you cannot.” When reached out for a comment regarding what he believes the senate should do in regards to abortion legislature, Edward Ulf was highly critical of the current make-up. "I suggest they, both sides, actually bothers to talk to the people they are supposed to represent instead of going to bars, clubs, yachts or hang out in their Mansions in Vinewood." Ulf wrote in their statement to the Daily News. "I suggest they worry less about the stakeholders and what people will think about them and work towards a better future for the entire state." Edward Ulf currently serves as the CEO for a local web-hosting company named Dot IT Hosting. Dot IT Hosting’s and Ulf's stance on the topic of abortion was shared through a public post on its Facebrowser page on May the 5th, two days after the leak. A screengrab of the post by Dot IT Hosting and Edward Ulf from Dot IT's Facebrowser page, May the 19th 2022 One of the core issues surrounding abortion is the religious ramifications where differing religious views - both within Christianity, between religions, and between theists and atheists - debate at what point a fetus is considered to have life, and whether or not abortion is equal to the act of killing. SAGOP Chairman Spencer equates abortion to “murder”, citing the federal legislature Unborn Victims of Violence Act, and explains how his religious beliefs has shaped this opinion. "Even though the victim is yet to be born, it is unethical to kill an innocent human being. Unborn babies are considered human beings by the US government." Spencer detailed how exactly the Unborn Victims of Violence Act operates. "Under federal law, anyone intentionally killing or attempting to kill an unborn child should 'be punished... for intentionally killing or attempting to kill a human being', according to the federal Unborn Victims of Violence Act, which was enacted 'to protect unborn children from assault and murder.' The act also states that an unborn child is a 'member of the species homo sapiens.' Multiple states have passed similar fetal homicide laws." In accordance of Roe vs. Wade, the Unborn Victims of Violence Act specifically excludes abortion. It notes that the legislature cannot be used to prosecute either the woman undergoing the procedure or the medical practicioner performing it. Spencer’s argument for abortion equaling murder also derives from a biblical standpoint, where he notes how the language used in the bible doesn’t distinguish between a fetus and an infant. “The killing of a human being contradicts God's word; the Bible does not distinguish between fetuses and babies, using the Greek word brephos to refer to both an unborn child and an infant. God recognizes a newborn by the time he or she is conceived, as Jeremiah 1:5 demonstrates: ‘Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee.’” Spencer explained to the Daily News in a written statement last week. “The Sixth Commandment of the Bible’s Old Testament, ‘Thou shalt not kill’ (Exodus 20:13), applies to all human beings, including unborn babies.” Democrat Sen. Jackie Lu however, a fellow Christian, holds a different perspective. They believe that God would be understanding as to the reasons a woman would want and need to get an abortion. “I am a religious person, but I am confident that God understands why we think this is a good idea” Lu shares. “Having children is a life-altering decision, not a simple choice. And when you can't even say anything about it, the situation gets quite nightmare-like. It will make your life 10 times more difficult, so I think it's a fantastic idea for women to be able to remove it. "I believe that rituals and customs contribute to local culture and are an integral part of who we are, but we must abandon those that are obstructive and demeaning." Pillbox Medical Center, Alan Kim. May the 15th 2022 Former Senator Edward Ulf stands with an atheistic viewpoint, where he dismisses the notion that religion should be regarded in abortion legislature. “Personally? I follow the consensus of the scientific community, when there is a heartbeat.”, Edward Ulf shared when questioned about what point he believes a fetus has life. In an ultrasound, a heartbeat can be discovered as early as five and a half weeks after gestation, but is usually found six and a half to seven weeks in. He ended with “I do not believe religion should have any say in this.” Sen. Rossi’s resolution to condemn the US Supreme Court leaker, Resolution 28, is set to take the floor towards the end of this week. Editor's Note: 22/05/2022. 10:15pm At the time of this article being released, the state's attorney's office was unable to provide a comment regarding allegations of negligence from Edward Ulf. This evening, at 6:00:AM, the state's attorney's office issued the following response. The article has been amended to include these comments, read as the following: Comments are enabled: Username: Comment: ((monster is the GOAT))
  2. Pax Christi, Praised be God Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening and Good Night!!! Greeting brothers and sisters from my plane from Rome to Los Santos, where I have been working for the last 7 years as a member of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints. More about that work later but for now I wanted to just introduce myself and let you get to know me a little. My name is Father Logan Price, I've been ordained as a diocesan priest in the Roman Catholic Church for 19 years. I'm originally from a small rural village in Mayo, Ireland where I was ordained when I was 25 years old. I'll talk more about my journey in a later blog post, but as you can guess I moved to Rome after some years working in a parish in Ireland. After many joyful years helping to progress the many claims of sainthood, I felt God was calling me to return to the life of a parish priest and after many hours of prayer and reflection with friends, I've decided to return to my old life. This has been both an exciting and difficult decision. As you can imagine I had many friends and roots settled into my current life, but often God calls us to ensure we aren't becoming too complacent! I'm very excited to begin my new assignment and to get to meet you all in person and enjoy the community life I've heard so much about. This blog I've set up is an aim to communicate with you a little more personally about my inner life as a priest, living in a modern city in the 21st century. I hope I can inspire you, regardless of your own beliefs and practices, as well as share whatever turbulence and joys my life brings. So if you see me around town, say hello! I love to meet new people! I'll be sure to upload a photo of myself soon! And looking forward to many more posts. I have some exciting ideas for our parish! Wishing you all the best and God bless! Yours in the faith, Logan. P.S Here's one more image of the beautiful city of Rome, ah Rome! 😃
  3. HOME The Nation of Islam is a religious group. It was founded in Detroit, Michigan, in 1930 by Wallace Fard Muhammad. The main goal of the Nation of Islam is to improve the spiritual, mental, social and economic conditions of blacks in the United States. The teachings of the Nation of Islam are inspired by the writings of the Holy Quran. Since 1981, the group has been led by Louis Farrakhan. Notable current and former members include professional boxer Muhammad Ali, civil rights leader Malcolm X, and recording artist Snoop Dogg. The ultimate goal of the nation, according to founder W.F. Muhammad, is to teach the downtrodden and defenseless Black people a thorough Knowledge of God and of themselves, and to put them on the road to Self-Independence with a superior culture and higher civilization than they had previously experienced. The Los Santos branch was established in early January after a five-month plan and ministry ordainment by Dr. Barack Hakim. Important Figures Wallace Fard Muhammad Wallace Fard Muhammad, addressed in his letters as W.F. Muhammad, was the founder of the Nation of Islam. Born in 1877 as Wallace D. Fard, Muhammad was raised in the rural south. At the age of 53, Muhammad began teaching idiosyncratic Islam to the black population of Detroit Michigan in the early 1930s, after migrating. He taught from 1930-1934, gaining over eight thousand followers and supporters. He mysteriously disappeared in 1934 after boarding a plane in Detroit. He was presumed dead by 1958. W.F. Muhammad originated some of the nation's signature teachings, such as the study of the Quran, the University of Islam, and the stories of Yacub. W.F. Muhammad is widely considered by the Nation of Islam as the human embodiment and second-coming of Allah. Elijah Muhammad Elijah Muhammad was born Elijah Poole in 1897. He was born in Sandersville, Georgia as the seventh of thirteen children. Like his predecessor, Poole migrated to Michigan from Georgia in the First Great Migration, searching for safety and employment. He attended a speech by Wallace Fard Muhammad on Islam and Black Empowerment at the repeated request of his wife. Poole would soon join Muhammad's cause, and would quickly become one of his highest ranking advisors, and a close personal friend. He would eventually be given an Arabic name, Karriem Muhammad, at W.F. Muhammad's behest. Soon after, he took over leadership of Muhammad Mosque No. 2, in Chicago. His younger brother Kalot Muhammad would become the leader of the Nation's paramilitary wing, the Fruit of Islam. Elijah established the Nation of Islam into a powerful empire in the United States, with the Nation owning multiple banks, bakeries, land holdings, and nightclubs among other businesses by 1970. Elijah popularized Nation teachings of black empowerment, hegemony, and fundraisers. Elijah died in 1975, of Congestive Heart Failure. Louis Farrakhan Louis Farrakhan was born Louis Walcott in The Bronx, New York, in 1933. Farrakhan's parents separated before he was born, and he never met his biological father. His father was named Gene Walcott, and he is presumed to be of Jewish descent, something which would contradict with Farrakhan's personal beliefs heavily. Louis was a skilled musician from an early age, receiving his first violin at the age of five, and touring with the Boston College Orchestra at the age of twelve. He graduated high school with a track scholarship at Winston-Salem Teachers College, and started his professional music career in 1950 under the stage name "The Charmer." He toured through the midwest United States, also often using the nickname "Calypso Gene", an homage to his father. Louis first became familiar with the teachings of the nation in February of 1955, at his Calypso Follies show in Chicago. Walcott and his wife were invited to the annual Saviour's Day Address, given by Elijah Muhammad. Walcott grew interested in the Nation, and fulfilled the requirements to become a registered believer, by memorizing and reciting the ten questions and answers of the NOI Student Enrollment. After this, he wrote a "Saviour's Letter", which is a letter which must be hand-copied and written in handwriting identical to that of Elijah Muhammad. After nine months of being a registered believer in the Nation, Walcott was renamed Louis Farrakhan by Elijah Muhammad. Farrakhan is an Arabic term, meaning "The Criterion." Louis Farrakhan separated from the Nation after it was attempted to be re-branded by Warith Al-Deen Muhammad, who was trying to convert it into a Sunni Islam group. Warith's efforts eventually died out, and Farrakhan became the official head minister of the Nation of Islam in 1978. Louis Farrakhan has ruled as the Honorable Minister of the Nation of Islam since 1978. He is responsible for the nation's teachings of financial investment into Black America, The Million Man March, and a connection of Dianetics from the teachings of Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard, among others. Minister Barack Hakim Barack Hakim was born as Barry Robertson in 1979, in Nashville Tenessee to a two-parent household as the second of four children. Hakim's father was an attorney and businessman, and his mother was a Librarian. Hakim grew deeply interested in religion at a young age, becoming an altar boy at his local Protestant church for an African-American congregation. It was here where Hakim studied the bible and its teachings passionately, completely absorbing himself in the scripture. He soon rose in prominence around his hometown as a skilled public speaker, and as a nutritionist and dietician. Hakim graduated highschool with an honor-roll recognition for his high-level academic marks. He was quickly offered a scholarship from a historically black college in his hometown of Nashville, Fisk University, and he returned a letter of acceptance without a second thought. Hakim studied psychology for twelve years at Fisk and opened up a private psychology practice in Nashville, where he focused on mental health for black families in low-income areas. He practiced in Nashville for three years, before moving to Chicago, Illinois and attending a Sunday worship meeting at the Maryam Mosque (Temple No. 2) Hakim, still Barry Robertson at the time, was instantly moved to tears by Louis Farrakhan's address to the congregation. Hakim then dedicated himself to the Nation almost completely, working multiple fundraisers, marches, and community outreach events as he gained good-standing and made many friends throughout the nation. He was given his Arabic name in 2016, Barack Hakim, by the board of directors. It translates to "Blessing, Healer", which is related to his Psychology studies and work as a dietician. Hakim began working closely with the board of directors on the establishment of a Nation of Islam branch in Los Santos after he moved, and was successfully approved in early January of 2020. CONTACT To contact the Los Santos branch of the Nation of Islam, for business inquiries or enlistment inquiries, you can follow the contacts below. FACEBROWSER: MINISTER BARACK HAKIM https://face.gta.world/BarackHakim EMAIL: NATION OF ISLAM- LOS SANTOS BRANCH HERE ((Forum Private Message)) TO BEGIN ENLISTMENT IN THE NATION, PLEASE SUBMIT A QUESTIONNAIRE AT THE FOLLOWING LINK. CLICK HERE
  4. SADIE HENNESY BACKSTORY Sadie Hennesy spent most of her life looking after her sister Ava, a role she was not prepared for after the passing of their mother who died of Cancer, leaving the two early on in life. Sadie lives by the word of God through the teachings forced upon her by her Father, twisted to fit his own narrative and rules. She wants nothing more than to please her Lord while helping those around her as best as she can. Sadie learned to cook over time as she took care of Ava, a skill she uses in her day to day life currently while working for The Sixty-Eight on Route 68. She had the unfortunate experience of watching her father fall deeper and deeper into madness due to his crippling dept and obsession with meth and cheap whiskey while also having no job or no other income coming in. Sadie often recalls the better times when she was younger, her Father would take her hunting and fishing, just the two of them. This only helped to deepen her passion for the great outdoors and also increased her skill with cooking whatever she caught. These were the good times for her and is often a place she finds herself daydreaming about when distracted or alone. Her Father would later commit suicide in front of the two, blaming them both for not worshiping the Lord enough, a price they'd now have to live with and make up for. The double barreled shotgun laying next to the headless corpse of her Father is an image Sadie will never forget, both girls kneeling on the floor beside them, faces spattered with blood, silent. Since that fateful day, the house was repossessed by the bank and the two girls found themselves homeless in Blaine County. Camping became the familiar and hunting for food was how these two would survive until Sadie was able to secure a job working as a cook at The Sixty-Eight. She'd save her paychecks for a while before buying a rusty old RV the two could live out of. Sadie now has ambition to become ordained, currently studying out of the University Of Los Santos, taking trips into the place she was taught to hate from as a child but was willing to push that aside to make her dreams a reality. Dreams of spreading the good Lord's name and helping those who'd need the help, feeding those that needed to be fed. "Deuteronomy 31:6 “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” Sadie would eventually obtain her Master's in Pastoral and Bible studies, thus qualifying her for a role as Pastor at the local Church in Blaine County.
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