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  1. *insert generic comment about taking it far and luck* You got this
  2. Rest easy king

  3. This faction aims to portray a community of people that lives in the small town of Grapeseed rather than a group of hard born criminals who just do illegal activities. We promote passive roleplay and individual character development. This can range from your character's family drama, doing some work or anything regarding your character's day to day life. We also do not claim CK perms of the character that are just locals in the faction script, but that doesn't mean that you aren't welcome to post on the forum thread if you wish to. If your character wishes to be involved in illegal activities with the faction, you can always develop your character into that as recruitment is strictly IC.
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    2. Crocker


      turn around, touch the ground, no ur mom, no returns

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  7. When you get angry do you turn to MadManiac?

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