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  1. "Clean up crew" @KarMagick @tryz0ne @trippy
  3. "Arming up" @tryz0ne @Thrasherman @Gall @Toast666
  4. A Night of Fights @Dougie @tryz0ne @KarMagick @Birdie @Jaskman220 @Dub5ty
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  6. UNCLE BOBBY joined the game.
  7. Getting to know the others While booking a ticket to Los Santos, Bobby didn't have the intention of staying there forever. But once he started hanging out with his cousin, he realised maybe it was time for him to take a turn in his life. So he started helping out JV with some small things. Bobby decided to get a job in a local liquor store, not his kind of vibe but a job nonetheless. He started hanging out with the other members of his cousin's club. They started going on rides, getting into bar fights and all other fun stuff. He was slowly getting attached to this new family in the small town of Paleto bay.
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