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  1. you'll be missed Patrick, you were a great person to work with while we had all of those meetings for JSA and SD's creation back when I was head of legal. One of the best people to have a discussion with over anything really and was a pleasure to have had the chance to meet them. Rest in peace patty.

  2. shit lets start our own party?
  3. SpawnMatrix


    welp i guess we all gotta go touch grass
  4. my fps jumped from 120ish to like 160-170 with just turning vsync to fast for the two exes, nice. on max as well
  5. congrats all and welcome to the newbies
  6. https://streamable.com/jflpvo https://streamable.com/gpfomd https://streamable.com/1hl8l1 https://streamable.com/llqvkr heres a couple decent ones from valorant
  7. Just a friendly reminder that this is a faction thread, not a discussion thread. If you have criticisms or reports about the faction, by all means, report it to my inbox in a proper manner and following the faction report format. Thanks, don't sidetrack the thread again.
  8. You'll need to follow the process for getting a faction, information can be found in this thread.
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