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  1. i think this could help with those large scale scenes especially with a bunch of people around, gets very easy to get lost in the text. Also due to texture loss in large groups of people on these large scenes, people tend to go invisible and makes it so you can't really see who they're facing in order to know who they're talking to. This just makes it easier so that you can understand when someone is talking to your character. Nice quality of life change, +1.
  2. you'll be missed Patrick, you were a great person to work with while we had all of those meetings for JSA and SD's creation back when I was head of legal. One of the best people to have a discussion with over anything really and was a pleasure to have had the chance to meet them. Rest in peace patty.

  3. shit lets start our own party?
  4. SpawnMatrix


    welp i guess we all gotta go touch grass
  5. my fps jumped from 120ish to like 160-170 with just turning vsync to fast for the two exes, nice. on max as well
  6. congrats all and welcome to the newbies
  7. https://streamable.com/jflpvo https://streamable.com/gpfomd https://streamable.com/1hl8l1 https://streamable.com/llqvkr heres a couple decent ones from valorant
  8. Just a friendly reminder that this is a faction thread, not a discussion thread. If you have criticisms or reports about the faction, by all means, report it to my inbox in a proper manner and following the faction report format. Thanks, don't sidetrack the thread again.
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