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Found 14 results

  1. ((This thread will follow the story and activities of Isaac Hamaguchi)) Back Story Early Life: Isaac Hamaguchi is a 3rd generation Japanese American. He was born and raised in Little Seoul, where his grandfather, Haruto Hamaguchi, primarily brought him up. With his family being in poverty and falling just short of the living wage, his parents were always working desperately, trying to keep themselves afloat and food on the table. Leaving Isaac when he was not in school with his Grandfather Haruto, a retired mechanic. His time with his grandfather was an escape from reality until he got home. Since he was so young, he didn’t understand that this was wrong; to him, it was normal. Teenage Years: In Isaac’s teen years, his parents put more and more pressure on him, when he did not meet their expectations, he was greeted with scorn and disappointment. He understood why but it made life hard. He started to become closed off isolated, and he bottled up his emotions to the point where he only felt frustrated. The only time he felt at peace was when he was with his grandfather. As he moved into high school, things didn’t get much better; he struggled to make friends and was often bullied for his worn attire; in combination with his home life, he could only bottle up so much and began to lash out, he felt like nobody understood him, whenever teachers tried to talk to him he couldn’t express how he felt or why he felt the way he did, to them he was just another troubled boy to far gone to save. The only person he could confide in was his grandfather, but even then, he wasn’t able to tell him everything. As the years passed, Isaac became emotionally detached, having no empathy, but clung to things that were most dear to him, afraid of letting them slip away. A constant emotional battle in his mind, on the outside he was cool and calm, on the inside he was battling himself, unsure how to feel, and unable to let it out. As the years went on the divide between Isaac and his parents grew. The more they tried to push him in one direction, the harder he pushed back, doing the opposite of what they desired purely to spite them. By the age of 16, he had been kicked out of his parent’s house, they were unable to cope with him any longer. So, he moved into his grandfather’s house. It was at this time Isaac found his enjoyment in cooking, Haruto teaching him traditional Japanese meals, and dishes, alongside this Isaac and his grandfather, spent their free time working on his Sultan Classic, his pride, and joy. As a result of this, Isaac began to excel in his culinary classes and mechanic classes. Life seemed like it was looking up for Isaac, but the hard truth settled in very quickly, his grandfather couldn’t afford to keep him. This began to show after a few weeks, Isaac would see his grandfather having smaller meals just so Isaac could have more, it broke his heart seeing the one person he truly cared about giving up his health, just because of him. Isaac asked his grandfather about their position, and why he wouldn’t sell his car and use his money to live happily. To which he answered, “To take away what I have had for so long, will take away a part of what makes my living happy”. Isaac felt useless. He was determined to help his grandfather, he felt guilty. He knew there were drugs being sold around his school, and he knew that the kids who did it always had cash, he wanted a piece of that. Isaac began speaking to the dealing kids, putting up a charismatic front. He began to get friendly with the group over time, after a few months they brought him into their little enterprise. They believed Isaac was their best friend, the truth was Isaac didn’t care much about them, they got him where he needed to be, that was all he cared about. When the cash started coming in, he used it to help his grandfather, buying food, water, everything he needed. His grandfather questioned where the cash was coming from, but Isaac just shrugged it off and said it was a support fund from the school. He kept this up until he finished school, he had saved up enough to last him and his grandfather a while. Satisfied, he took a step back from selling, his group wasn’t impressed but Isaac convinced them to allow it, reminding them that it was more money in their pockets. Adult Life: By the time Isaac was 24, he and his parents stopped communicating altogether, it was just Isaac and his grandfather until he passed away that is. Haruto became suddenly ill, he tragically died, leaving Isaac feeling isolated and alone once again. The government took his house back, the only thing that his grandfather was able to leave him, was his Sultan Classic. By this time his savings were dwindling, he couldn’t look after his grandfather anymore, it was only him. Like Haruto once did, he refuses to sell the Sultan, seeing it as the only piece of his grandfather he has left. Now he sleeps in his car, using the money he had left for food, and fuel, with it quickly running out he needs to try to find a way to keep on living.
  2. Ronald 'RonBrazy' Stokes Appearance: Ronald has a tall and skinny frame, built similar to NBA player Brandon Ingram. His hair is sported in a low bald fade. He has a slight gap between his front two teeth and his nose is crooked at a slight angle due to an altercation with rival Rollin 90's Neighborhood Crip gang members. He dons a facial tattoo which highlights his allegiance to the set. The letters F.R.G are tatted above his right eyebrow paying homage to his clique Forum Drive RydaGang Background: Charismatic and troublesome, Ronald was raised in a happy two parent household on the 1799 Forum Drive Housing Projects. Despite this, his entrance into world of gangbanging can easily be explained. Growing up, Ronald had multiple cousins and uncles that were of the lifestyle. His uncles Earl ' Tiny Stretch#4' Banks and Emmanuel 'Big Escalade#1' Williamson were both affiliated to Carson Mafia Gangster Bloods. Ronald also had a number of friends from Davis High affiliated to various blood sets such as HellBoy and Von Brazy from the Black P Stones and StandOut from the Harvard Park Brims. Ronald's early life would soon be turned upside down as his father Dexter Stokes who worked at the Autoholics garage was caught in the cross fire between rival gangs during a New Years Celebration at BJ Smith Recreational Park. The unfortunate circumstance of his mother having no assistance with the child rearing meant a happy and stable childhood was never an option. Despite her best efforts to support Ronald, Ronald found himself loitering around the recreational park with the neighboring blood sets with no intention to be put on himself. Schooling Ronald and his close friends from the 1799 Housing Projects attended a school with a large number of crip affiliates. M-Face, MadMaxx, CrashOut, Bambino and BroadDay were all tormented by rival Neighborhood Crip members who attended the school. This lead to many insults and disrespect being thrown at the groups direction. Despite the group not being put on and being more known around the neighborhood for their BMX and skate clique, the rival Neighborhood Crip members at the school would treat them as blood affiliates. At first, Ronald's coping method would be to cry in the school bathroom. However, he soon found out that this would cause more bullying and torture. Then came a turning point in the Davis Middle School cafeteria where the bullying became all too much for Ronald and his group of friends. Having balled up years of hate, he snapped at a classmate who disrespected his mother which resulted in Ronald getting expelled and for the first time in his young life he realised that the threat of violence was key in getting what he wanted; which was for the bullying to stop. The bullying did stop after this and it was a clear indication to Ronald and his group of friends that violence was the answer in gaining respect. However, after that pivotal event in his young life, he would leave a trail of violence everywhere he went. Blood Affiliation Age 16, Ronald would serve 6 months in Central Juvenile Hall following a brutal assault on a West Grove Hustler Crip member outside the Davis LTD. This was captured by shocked bystanders on their phones and Ronald achieved a degree of hood notoriety for this, garnering the nickname Ron Brazy from his homeboys and neighboring blood sets who acted as big homies to Ronald's clique. After his stint in Juvenile Hall, he would spend most of his time putting his hours in and resorting to squabbling at any sign of disrespect no matter how petty. Ronald's group of friends formed the MurdaParkRyda Gang which despite being a BMX clique to start with now served a different purpose, to protect members from the 1799 Housing Projects. However with the put on of gang members such as FKrooga who lived on 1803 Housing Projects and Tone who was from Crystal Heights. The clique referred to themselves as Murder Park Family Bloods highlighting the tight loyalty they have to each other and picking up the red flag after being heavily influenced by their neighboring sets. Present The combination of anger towards the loss of his father, the constant threat from Neighborhood Crip gangs and the vow he made to his clique to be a notorious set and to never be disrespected again has molded RonBrazy into a very troubled teenager. Now age 17, Ronald has been in and out of juvie, but still remains in high school albeit with a low attendance rate. Ronald resorts to drug deals to keep money and food on the table. Through the Murder Park Families, Ronald finds family and a place to call home. As of now, Ronald navigates the streets as the self proclaimed general of the Murder Park Families, pledging allegiance to his set. Rap Career After the announcement that he was expecting a newborn son. RonBrazy turned to Orlando 'Lando' West for an opportunity to be signed to his upcoming label Ski Mask Records. Lando and RonBrazy and history as Lando had signed now deceased local rapper ParkBoy Nell who was RonBrazy's little homie. Lando offered RonBrazy the opportunity to be signed to the label and Ronald released 'Welcome 2 Murda Park' which received critical acclaim from the streets when it dropped. It was played all over the blood neighborhoods of the Chamberlain. 'Murda Park Ryda Gang' the main clique of the Murder Park Family Blood Gang (2021) (left to right) Royce 'BambinØ Red' Weathers, Christopher 'M-FacKe' Hampton, Keyvonte 'MadMaxx' Maxwell, Frederick 'FKrØØga' Gordon, Ronald 'RØnBrazy' Stokes. Ronald 'RonBrazy' Stokes and Christopher 'M-Face' Hampton - Original Members of the Murder Park Families (top row) Taymor '136Shotz' Bradley, Davion "BroadDay" Bridges (middle row) Quadrees 'Reese' Brown, Dru "RedBull#1" Richardson, Keyvonte "MadMaxx" Maxwell, Christopher "M-Face" Hampton, India "Lady RedEyez" Banks (bottom row) Ronald "RonBrazy" Stokes.
  3. Askari 'MARLINk REDDBØY#1' Moore (Placeholder Image) Askari Moore is characterized by his profound desire to integrate himself into the narrative of his neighbourhood. Visibly he can be identified by his surprisingly short stature, standing at 5'5'' with double strand twists and a thin build. Audibly, you'll notice him from a mile away with his shrill voice, cracking whenever he gets too excited. Born into a family jammed up with gang affiliates, notably RonBrazy from Murder Park Families & OnSight from 74 Hoovers Criminals. Askari was guided into the gang life with ease, to the point some might say he is over-confident in his ability to control oneself in the ordinary stresses of the life. Despite this, he almost never takes himself seriously and is generally considered to be a non-factor. This doesn't stop him from yearning for the attention of the Murder Park Families big homies, going lengths only classified by crash dummy activities. His close family history is monotonous with a nuclear family facing similar pressures to most in the neighbourhood. Askari, deeply stimulated by the gang activity of his cousins and friends is pushing for his put on to Murder Park Families. Way before he expected anything to occur, Askari is met with a put-on as a result of tensions rising in South Central and his connection to RonBrazy, rather than the recognition of his devotion and stripes for the gang.
  4. Police Artist drawing from mugging incident- Volgograd 23/06/2011 Kirill Sorokin and his family are from Volgograd, one of Russia’s most important industrial powerhouses. Growing up on the outer edges of the city poverty was rife, the men working long hard days in factories and chemical plants while the stayed women at home taking care of the children. Kirill and his younger brother Slava did not have the best upbringing, ever cast in their oldest Sister Natasha’s shadow. Kirill and Slava where forced into labour at a young age doing mediocre jobs in the plant factories, crawling into small spaces, attaching small bolts, their child hands being put to good use. Natasha however received better treatment, being the family’s ticket to a higher class. In school Natasha excelled, outshining the rest of the pupils, receiving great commendations from teachers, and students alike. Her parents put all their spare money into Natasha’s health and education, feeding her more food than her brothers, buying her new books leaving Kirill and Slava with hand me downs, and worn clothes. This reality carried on into Kirill’s mid-teens where he began to forge his own path along with his younger brother, sick of his parents neglection, rather than following his Sister up the ladders of greatness, he stepped down the stairs into the criminal underworld. He began creeping the streets at night mugging and robbing helpless tourists, with his partner in crime Slava. During his time, he made some close friends in the underworld, not just associates friends for life, Yuliy Safaryan and Fyodor Arseneyev. Yuliy was the duo’s close friend and means of escape, Yuliy was a corrupt cab driver, extorting tourists by overcharging, and pickpocketing, he helped the duo by picking them up a few streets away after the incident. This continued for some years, the duo delving deeper and deeper into the void of crime. They progressed from street muggins to grand theft auto. However, their small criminal world was flipped upside down. By the time, the duo was in their twenties, the unlawful brothers were experienced in their craft, what was once a side job, was now a profession. The duo was stalking a well-dressed middle-aged couple, they clearly had some money, the perfect target, Kirill and Slava waited till the couple reached a dark spot, then they attacked. They done the same thing each time, Kirill would do the talking, Slava would stand behind them ready to strike if necessary. Unfortunately, the man had company, before Kirill could even finish his first sentence, there was a thundering boom, too stunned to speak all he could see was Slava’s shocked face, and a thin line of blood dripping down from the small hole in his head. His brother collapsed to the floor; all Kirill could do is watch as the well-dressed man nodded his head to two burly fellows dressed in black behind him. Kirill ran like a coward, chased by the two men he used his knowledge of the streets to his advantage evading death, leaving his poor younger brother behind. Upon returning home he told his parents everything, they blamed him for his brother’s death, they told him it was all his fault, he should never have gotten into crime. Kirill pleaded for their forgiveness and their mercy, but he was shunned, they disowned him. They did not call the police for they did not want to ruin their precious daughters’ reputation, in fact they wanted nothing to do with Kirill or Slava at all anymore. Guilt ridden, Kirill stopped his crimes, he went back to labour work, landing a job in a chemical plant, he tried his best to live a regular life, constantly reminded of his actions, having friends helped distract him, but in the end, he was still alone, he needed to leave this city, start a fresh, leave behind what once was. Now Kirill is 28 years old, it has been 7 years since the incident. Seeing online that there was an influx of people going to America looking for work, he began saving what money he could, starving himself some nights for that little bit of extra money. He applied for a working visa in America putting down that he has experience in plant production and factory work. After a lot of fees and meetings in the US Embassy in Volgograd his working Visa was accepted, this was it, his escape, his fresh start, his chance at living a life far from his guilt, and far from crime. He packed little what possessions he had, resigned from is job, said his farewells to Yuily and Fyodor and left Russia, ready to start his new life. He does not know just how deluded he is... Kirill's Plane Ticket
  5. Hello everyone! The previous topic I made (HERE) was made in a rushed manner, and I had it locked when it became horribly outdated. With the new fishing update, maritime has gotten a big overhaul and I feel like a topic like this is warranted. It is important in that the community as a whole is able to give their input about this niche subject of roleplay in roder for us all to improve on the matter! People will be able to leave their feedback here, negative and positive. Just please be courteous; no bashing or nameshaming! ❤️ Before the fishing update, the Maritime sector was, quite literally, dead. We ofcourse had the Los Santos Marina Yacht Club, but that was about it. Their purpose was to provide a home and a roleplay environment around yacht ownership, which was and still is an amazing concept. But before the fishing update, this was the only Maritime activity we had. When the fishing update was deployed, the Tug saw its major entry for real into the maritime sector! Yes, its been in the server for a while, but this was the first time a boat was given a functional purpose. This made way for the Maritime sector to florish, and boy did it florish! The waters are more active than ever, even now after the big hype has calmed down a bit. We also saw the first introduction of the first real Maritime orientated business; Seo-Hee Min's Maritime (yes, self promote much?). This business is focussed on providing a roleplay environment around an actual naval business model for both legal and illegal roleplayers. What do you think about the current maritime improvements? What could be improved? What do you think should be long and short term plans? Personally, I saw the fishing update as a good basis to expand further on. It was a great addition, but there is much more that can be done. There are countless suggestions that deserve their attention for this sector, which will be linked below. So go ahead! Post up your opinion, your view, your feedback on this topic. Lets see what we can accomplish together with this. Add Marine VHF Radio Fix the fish selling point at Paleto Bay More low-end affordable boats. /Depositfish & /Withdrawfish Cruise control for tugs and bigger boats Make Tug fishing more profitable Add a boating license Fish Deliveries unrealistic & some changes for the Tug boat Add a depth indicator for boats. Add an official Maritime Authority Fishing Improvements Seo-Hee Min's Maritime San Andreas Park Rangers The Port of Los Santos
  6. COMPANY OVERVIEW Pacific Ventures, Inc. leverages new market opportunity in Blaine County by utilizing our I.C.E. Strategy. Innovate - Leverage the internal traffic platforms of various high-demand industries, with the expansion of new ideas to assist with the establishment of further development in the region. Connect - Through means of connecting with angel investors and business owners down to the various consumers, we look to further bring economic stability to at risk regions of San Andreas. By connecting the dots, business owners will be able to expand already solid foundations whilst offering passive income to investors - further developing career opportunity for residents. Economic Opportunity - With the deeply rooted network, a wide range of possibilities are offered to expedite growth of our acquired brands to assist with companies in reaching their goals quicker. WHO WE ARE Taking the community developmental venture capital approach to assist developing communities of Blaine County of stepping further into the future. Most venture capital firms have a bottom line focus of raising cash-capital for various acquisitions to make the investor happy. At Pacific Ventures, we go a step further. We also want to supply community's of Northern regions, specifically underinvested areas to further develop the economic growth of those specific regions. Through such investments, we strive to create additional entry-level employment as well as further development into the ever so-expanding blue collar industry. Community economic development is fundamentally about making things happen that would not happen without third party intervention. When a small business wishes to expand, it may struggle to do so off of liquid cash/debt alone; it would need sufficient equity capital to expand further. Traditional venture capital is nonexistent in such communities. At Pacific Ventures, we're the link between angel investors and the community. Through our acquisitions, we seek to offer proper financial backing directly into these on-the-rise geographical areas. Our CDVC Fund goes directly into the business of choice for the investor.
  7. VoodooC


    Frankie Bertelli is a thirty-nine year old from San Fierro. His grandparents on both his paternal and maternal side are Italian immigrants. Frankie has worked on and off jobs his whole life, usually on or around the minimum wage, occasionally dabbling in very small amounts of crime, such as buying a quarter of cocaine and selling it to his close friends and colleagues. His parents always opposed the criminal lifestyle and hoped this would rub off onto Frankie. However, he is well known amongst his friends and family for being the black sheep of his hard working family, both a reckless drunk and a very greedy man. He currently is not in touch with his elderly mother and father after borrowing $10,000 from them to pay off a loan and blocking their numbers.
  8. This thread will show the further development of Tomas Rivera.
  9. This thread will show the development of Jorge Jiménez
  10. Yuliy Safaryan is a young man born and raised in Volgograd, growing up in the harsh outskirts of the city was not easy. His family tried to escape the poverty-stricken city by immigrating to America, in search of the American dream and a better life, however on 01/05/2011 the visa for his family was denied due to his father having a criminal record, leaving the family stuck in their harsh world. When he was older Yuliy made his living as a taxi driver, but he abused his position to make some extra money. He would extort visiting tourists by overcharging them for the journey, threatening to have the police involved should they not pay, the tourists often wanting to avoid any trouble would grudgingly pay. During some jobs he became close friends with a pair of brothers Kirill and Slava, the pair were thieves, robbing tourists and stealing cars. Yuliy began helping the duo, being there escape driver, he would park a few streets away from where the duo were, and when ready Kirill would give him a call and he would get them out of dodge, for a cut of course. When Yuliy turned 25 and was an independent man living alone and providing for himself, still sick of the city he called home he thought he would take a chance and immigrate to America. Much to his joy this time he was accepted, thanks to the fact he is no longer associated to his father in all but name.
  11. Full Name: Pierce 'Douglas' O'Reilly. Weight & Height: 6'4" Tall | 174 lbs Location: Los Santos Origin: Co. Kildare, Ireland. Licenses: - Driving (Advanced). - Taxi License. - PF Permit. - CCW License. - Guard Card(Armed). Occupation: Board of Directors for Integrity Holdings Incorporated, Directing operations at [IHI] Integrity Transit. Kildare, Ireland. Based more inland than Dublin, Co. Kildare is a wide ranged greenland occupied by many farmers, traders and seamen. The people here are accustomed to early rising and late nights as they hold a monumental role in the country's resource manufacturing and trading as there are many large farms and warehouses around the county. From the age of 8 years old Pierce's parents often sent him and his younger brother the long walk into town to go to the shop for groceries. The walk from Pierce's farm to town took around 45 minutes on a rocky country road through fields of farmland. As he grew older his pop began to entrust him more with responsibility and he started to ride the horse too and from town each day - before long he had a job in the local butcher and got a car. Before Pierce was born his mum and dad worked for his grandfather (mother's father) on his farm in Co. Meath. They had always been saving to move and start a family and when it was time for Pierce to come his grandfather - as a wedding gift - gave the rest of the money to buy this farm outside of Kildare. Pierce grew up on the farm and worked without complaint until he was 16 years old and got a letter from the Irish Army (National). He decided to pursue his dream of joining the armed forces, where he served 9 short years. After spending 12 months at the Cúrragh camp a few miles outside of Letterkenny Pierce passed his training and was promoted to the rank of Dara Leifteanant (Second Lieutenant) within the marines. He was dispatched to domestic patrol and assigned his homebase where would be his home on and off for the next 3 years - 6 months at a time. When Pierce was not deployed on duty he was back home at the farm, helping his parents to continue running it - though they had to hire some extra hands as he was away so much now. The first 3 years of service was mandatory as Pierce had signed the contract however when that term was up, his decision to sign for another 3 years surprised even himself. He found something other than farming, a mission - something to be apart of bigger than himself. A week after his first deployment after re-signing, he was contacted by the regiment's Briogáidire-Ghinearál (Brigadier General) for a meeting. This was his first face to face meeting in his 3 years of service with anyone other than a Captain. Due to Pierce's developed people skills and his natural strength - result of working with farm labour his whole life - he was promoted to Ceannfort (Commandant) of his own Platoon 'R' and assigned 18 men and women. This was the biggest challenge he had ever faced.. Platoon 'R' became one of the most active domestic units within the country. After 3 months of intense drills, training, early morning runs and relentless effort Pierce has pushed his team to become a solid unit within the Irish National Army. Their team began to respond to domestic disturbances in Dublin where Riots had broke out and even once to Belfast to support in a fight for terriroty between paramilitaries. When his third contract was completed and his 9th year in the Military was over Pierce headed back to the farm to consider another run with what he has came to love so much and be apart of. He was home not 48 hours when his pop took a heart attack while out filling the morning troughs and died instantly, leaving his mother to own the farm with the 3 hands she hired-.. and Pierce. The decision was enough for him to make. He was honourably discharged from the Irish Armed Forces as the rank of Coirnéal (Colonel) and took away many happy memories and traits. Not even a year went by after his father passed and Pierce's mum fell sick with pneumonia and could hardly get out of bed. She was lost to him a few days later as her immune system was just too weak. They had of course left Pierce everything, the cars, tractors, harvestors, horses, farm and surrounding lands-.. He tended to the farm for another 2 years while he settled and thought what to do with life.. He was nearly 30. He came to the decision that Ireland had offered all it could, it was time to leave the small Island and explore the rest of the world.. Starting with Amerca! Pierce landed in Los Santos on 24/MAR/2020 and went to check in at a motel. Now he needs to figure out what the plan is, he has enough money to start him in a direction, the question is which one... First day in Los Santos He woke up early, not accustomed to the new humidity in the air and constant whirl of the motel's air con. Opening his curtains and seeing rows of run down shacks with crowds beginning to congregate at the corner houses.. It was not even 7am and the streets were alive. After getting washed, dressed and grabbing a cheap sandwich from the motel's 24/7 he set out to the licensing office which google maps showed was only a few blocks over. After completing the Irish license transfer form and completing a short test he walked out with his Driving license though he had noticed Taxi licenses were not too expensive - that was noted for later. It was a 10 minute walk to the vehicle rentals where they offered him what was considered a fancy car in Kildare, taking it he began to drive around cautiously, looking with amazement at the 100 foot or more skyscrapers that painted the horizon in every direction.. bar the mountains. He was completely dumbfounded, unable to make sense or gain direction of the city. There were continuous news advertisements on billboards, the radio, in papers that the Romanian brought you while sitting at the traffic lights. One thing came completely apparent within only a few hours and it was that in order to survive it was about who could be the loudest and flashiest-.. or so it seemed. He heard an ad about a local real estate manager that worked in a block he passed not long ago, so circling round he went to visit this office. After a little chit chat and a quick viewing he procured himself a nice 2 bedroom apartment in Alta where he began to settle in and make home. Walking round the neighbourhood gave him the realisation that this place wasn't like back home, there was no sense of street community, no "Hi, how do ya' do?" when walking past eachother. No-one cared who you were and you didn't care about them.. that was cold. I need a job A few days he settled in and Pierce was out in coffee shops, bars and a few restaurants asking about work or reading the job section of the paper. It wasn't before too long he got an interview for a Thomas & Kanzas trucking company. It was really basic stuff like he was doing back on the farm, picking and placing heavy objects and transporting them to businesses.. like the cow shit to the slurry pit (and cow shit weighed a lot). The "Speedo" was the name of his new office, taking around 8 parcels at a time he was making alright money, though what began to eat at him was an earlier dismay - every time he met a fellow trucker at a loading or dropoff sight they rarely so much as waved hello. The place was cold and for this Irishman he needed somewhere he could express himself. On his 53rd job route, a few weeks down the line Pierce had enough of the constant muling of different items - he left Ireland to stop the physical labour involved with running a farm and that was not to start running supplies for businesses in Los Santos. At the end of that shift, he handed his gloves, hardhat and high vis' vest into head office with a brief exchange of words and took his new car down to the licensing office to purchase a taxi license. He had saved up over 20 grand with the government bonuses helping him out so he brought himself to a local dealership, Hawk's motors where he purchased a used cabby. There was no plan for this, no original thought, just the memory from walking out of getting his driving license and seeing the sign about the taxi licenses. It was an instinct-.. what else could he have done with no friends or contacts. He paid Lia Volkov cash for the cab, having it towed back to his apartment where he went to work dusting and cleaning the cab, thoroughly washing the inside and outside - he remembered a fonaCAB picked him up in Belfast one night when he was at a stag due, the taxi smelt like kebab and he never wanted to get a taxi again - this wasn't going to be a kebab cab. First night out Still he had no friends, no contacts, not even an add on facebrowser. The cab had sat in the drive way for three days after going through an intensive cleaning, it was time to bring it out and get to know the city. Earlier that day he went to a tailor and had him size something of a formal attire, waistcoat, shirt and trousers with nice loafers though in his eyes, it was just a fancier version of what he wore at home. As soon as he left the store people looked at him with a weird expression - obviously his fashion taste attracted attention though he didn't mind that.. Us Irish are attention whores. Again Pierce took off cruising around Los Santos, stopping occasionally to tap around on the taxi dispatch console screen, it was a weird system that he put down to being designed by Americans - as was often his usual retort for dysfunctional items. The streets were generally busy though at the same time, they had a quiet feeling about them which would be the no friendly faces thing I mentioned earlier. He was parked up beside a gas station in Strawberry, zooming in on the GPS map as he tried to navigate street names to learn his way around when the meter lit up beeping. He pushes the "Accept" button quickly in reflex and the GPS started calculating a route-.. he had his first job. ((To be continued / updated )) ... Music is a large part of culture in Ireland, it's not only how people express themselves but it's also the only medium in which some of our most important history is spoken off. Pierce had a very targeted ear towards music as there was a fine line between Rebel music and Irish music. Pierce is not a rebel as he was lived and served the National Irish Army, Free Ireland.
  12. Bella Rosa Violante Name: Bella Rosa Violante Nationality: Italian-American Date of Birth: 16/MAY/1991 - 27 Y/O Gender: Female Race: Caucasian Height: 5' 6' | 167cm Hair color: Naturally dark brown Eye color: Dark blue Languages: English, Italian and Latin Occupation: Sergeant in the Los Santos Police Department Relationship status: Single Sexual orientation: Heterosexual Personality Bella is one thing throughout her whole personality and that is a mirror, if you're hostile to her she is going to be hostile back with the exceptions for her amusement. While she can come across cold in her actions it's never her intention to but she doesn't consider for a second to waste her time on someone who wouldn't listen either way. As for those who she holds dear, she puts them above all else, those who she trusts she will open up and show her vulnerable side, being someone that they genuinely enjoy to be around. Likes: Dogs Socializing Clubbing Martial arts People who can take jokes and have a sense of humor Adrenaline and taking risks Exercise and sports Loyalty Gum Dislikes: Liars Two-faced people Racism and bigots Ignorant people Bad coffee People with bad fashion Push-overs Background Bella Rosa Violante, born to Isabella Rosa and Kane Violante in the early months of 1991, was considered a blessing to her family, her eyes from the moment she was born beamed blue with promise. Her parents, both living in Milan, Italy at the time, were American-Italian citizens as they were each other's high-school sweethearts, married as soon as they came out of college, chasing their dreams together before Isabella fell pregnant with baby Bella. The sweet love-story of her parents didn't last, they began to argue and often fought in the early years of Bella's life which in the end caused their divorce, her father, Kane, returned to America and took Bella with him as he raised her with the support with various nannies, his attention mainly focused on his medical career. Desperate for the recognition of her father, she'd study endlessly in order to be top of her class from a young age but even after all her efforts her father paid little attention to her activities, caring more about progressing himself, becoming engrossed in his work with no care for family connections. As for her school life, she had no trouble making friends, if anything she found it easy, trusting them was the hard part. Eventually, Bella became numb to her father's ignorance as she simply lived each day as it came by with no end goal in mind, studying medicine and psychology but not being able to feel herself getting attached. It was only when she was out at night with some of her friends in Miami and their drinks had been drugged did she wake up from her fantasy and reality settled in, rarely does she speak about what happened that night. That is when she came across martial arts, she began to learn how to defend herself and what kind of self defense techniques she could use to her advantage when typically she might've been at a loss. She found herself signing up for the New York Police Department, passing through her academy with flying colours, soon graduating and working harder then she ever had before. As stress took a toll on her, she picked up nasty habits, smoking was her main one which didn't help her relationship with her father at all, he attempted to stop her addiction but as time went on he decided Bella wasn't worth his troubles. Kane discarded her as his daughter, shouted obscenities, degraded her with each word. Everything became too much for her, she wanted to escape it all which was why she planned for a transfer to the Los Santos Police Department. The move was anything but easy, learning the city along with the people and colleagues was another thing entirely, either way she decided that this time she is just going to be herself, no matter the cost. Turns out being a hot-headed Italian female costs a lot. Si dice sempre il lupo più grande che non è - Lying a little might make the story better.
  13. Height 5 '10" Weight 147.1lb Body Type Ectomorph with a bit of mesomorph. (Slim with a bit of muscle to the body) Hair Brown Eyes Light brown Race Caucasian Birthplace Paleto Bay, San Andreas DOB April 22, 1987 Nationality American Alias John, Johnny, Jon, or J Past Occupations Independent Real Estate Agent, Miner, business owner, Interior Architect/Designer. Past businesses The Mighty Bush, The Doppler Cinema, Pitchers... Ups Deep thinker, motivated individual that can organize and set goals, financial experience, consistent sometimes, decent communication, calm in some situations. Downs Issues with trusting people, depressing or even suicide thoughts, emotionally soft or unstable sometimes. Backstory Episode Log
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