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  1. Leave the Davis Mall as is. Change the unfinished houses in Mirror Park though. More houses are welcome.
  2. Brazilians. We need to see a community of them of some sort.
  3. I'll admit I'm guilty of this only because I don't really know how to properly send off a character I have no interest in any longer.
  4. The hardcore and badass males/females. We get it. You love to be intimidating to those that intentionally and unintentionally get in your way or inconveniences you. Fuck being a normal person! We get it. You have no fear and most people are cannon folder to you. No one dares disrespects you! We get it. You have to be Aiden Pearce because you're a "concerned citizen". We get it. You gotta show off how much of an badass you are by carrying everywhere you go. We get it. You can speak 7 fucking languages and work as a trucker, model and bartender all at once. We get it. You have no personality and base your traits off John Wick, Frank Castle and all those other badasses on TV. We get it. You're an edgelord.
  5. This is from hours from multiple characters. Many of which I deleted over the years.
  6. I wanna try to get back into Illegal RP but I'm too much of a wuss to do so.
  7. Username: Y-Boy Comment: Brah LMAOOO is this some White chick bitching about mean words? I guess this is why they have extremely fragile egos.
  8. A haircut and appearance change later:
  9. Yeah I would try but I don't think I have patience for it neither a character that has motivations to open one up out of passion.
  10. That seriously makes me wanna open up a nightclub that actually is different from the others.
  11. There's too damn many of them. It feels like they're the only businesses open sometimes.
  12. (Excuse me if the quality isn't too good)
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