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  1. I mean it's not really on the level of breaking the RP experience for everyone but I would agree the character description is funny as fuck to read but also cringe. Still though it ain't much of a big deal unless the description actively sexualizes a minor.
  2. Yeah but in the case on this server unless one party drew a lethal weapon with the intent to harm then the escalation to shooting is unrealistic.
  3. As far as unrealistic escalations I'm talking about situations where it can be a small argument and then it turns into a brawl before eventually ending with 2 or more parties shooting at each other. Have you seen something like it or similar?
  4. I usually don't insert my dominance but when I do I change my clothes.
  5. In your opinions, what are some underrated vehicles that many people don't pay attention to?
  6. If you're a man with long hair without a beard be prepared to be mistaken for a Woman.
  7. *A user on Youtube named IronDeth61 uploads a Video* Video: https://streamable.com/aikelo Title: Group Brawl in Little Seoul Description: People sure like fighting in this city.
  8. A guy randomly provoked and started a fight with me at a bar for no reason. I won the fight but now I learned that he is a high ranking member of an gang and his friends are now searching the whole city for me just for that incident.
  9. *A user on Youtube named IronDeth61 uploads a Video* Video: https://streamable.com/qshr35 Title: Fight outside Eclipse Lounge Description: The hell even happened lol?
  10. The "hunt you down with their pf guns" type that goes after you for insulting them?
  11. Honestly it's because many players want to be the intimidating, top dog kind of guy that no ones dares to fuck with. They're the ones that beat up random people just for going near them and always expect their victims to lie down and just take it without retaliation.
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