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  1. I wanna try to get back into Illegal RP but I'm too much of a wuss to do so.
  2. Username: Y-Boy Comment: Brah LMAOOO is this some White chick bitching about mean words? I guess this is why they have extremely fragile egos.
  3. A haircut and appearance change later:
  4. Yeah I would try but I don't think I have patience for it neither a character that has motivations to open one up out of passion.
  5. That seriously makes me wanna open up a nightclub that actually is different from the others.
  6. There's too damn many of them. It feels like they're the only businesses open sometimes.
  7. (Excuse me if the quality isn't too good)
  8. This thread will follow Kieran Duke, an 29 year old drifter from Utah that is trying to leave behind his past and start fresh in San Andreas.
  9. Yeah can say I've been guilty of this. Surprisingly saw no one with freckles which one of my characters have.
  10. I'm only asking this out of sincerity since I'm pretty tired of city RP and want to give out county life a try. How would a character that lives in Blaine County be portrayed correctly other than lack of expensive vehicles?
  11. To address the first part I do have an concept of a character coming from Ireland but his parents decided to move to America with him and his brother at a young age because they felt that America was the land of opportunity. The parents made the decision to move to Los Santos NOT HIM. He's also an illegal character but not completely due to some other factors. Sorry if I sound defensive. I can understand where you're coming from with the post. To address the second point, yeah Mary/Garry Sues are hella annoying but I guess people are afraid to roleplay flaws due to the fear of situations not ending in their favor. It just confirms that there is no personality behind the character. Also the language part gets on my nerves. I could have a Portuguese character talking shit about someone else's character that isn't supposed to know their language but somehow they walk up to my character and ask in Portuguese "What did you say about me?" It's honestly immersion breaking unless they can tell I was shit talking them through social cues and body languages. But yeah, I agree with a lot of stuff you said in the post.
  12. Let's call my character SJ: Positives: Outgoing, Friendly most of the time, content Negatives: Lazy, quick to escalate situations, constant smoker, reckless driver, bad with money
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