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  1. Digital Den in Mirror Park is hiring a manager! Looking for a dedicated manager who's knowledgeable about electronics to run the store and take care of day to day operations! You'll receive a good salary, commission off of every product sold and weekly pay (inquire for more information) Send an email with the following format if interested: Name: Date of Birth: Address: Phone Number: Experience: ((Being able to use /bad is a must))
  2. Los Santos Transit is hiring experienced drivers! Apply on our website here: - The only city subsidized public transport in Los Santos. - 90% commission rate for all taxi fares (with an added four thousand dollars an hour of time spent on duty) - Bonuses every week for driving bus routes! - A great team to join and experience a safe and supportive work environment. - Career opportunities to advance!
  3. Our first bus routes have been announced!
  4. Our First Group of Bus Routes We are proud to showcase our first bus routes that will begin to be serviced throughout Los Santos. All rides are free thanks to the city of Los Santos! In the future we here at LST plan to add more routes to encompass all of the city and also into the county! So stay tuned for those updates! Happy riding - the LST team.
  5. We here at Los Santos Transit understand that travelling is an important part of daily life, and so that is why we set out to create the best experience possible while you're travelling. With our fleet of buses and taxis, our biggest concern is ensuring you get to where you need to go in a easy, affordable, and safe way. We take pride in being able to provide quality service, and also to serve our communities with our free bussing and other services. We look forward to serving you, thank you for choosing LST. The only public transport service subsidized by the City of Los Santos. Our 'Bullet' buses aim to provide bussing free of charge throughout Los Santos. Each of our drivers receive extensive training in order to provide the best service. Safety is important, which is why our buses undergo regular maintenance checks. Public cleanliness is a must, each of our buses is cleaned regularly to ensure the health of all passengers. Numerous bus routes across the city to provide access across the entire city. (See below) Need to go somewhere specific? LST also offers taxi services to get you anywhere in San Andreas. Luxurious cabs provide the most comfort and will get you to your destination safely. Experienced and licensed drivers able to make your journey easy. Affordable rates so you can travel anywhere and not hurt your wallet doing so. ❔ Have any questions, comments, or concerns? Feel free to email us at [email protected] ((forum pm to @nwah_)) ❔ Curious about employment options? We're looking for bus and taxi drivers. Follow our application template down below. Send completed applications to [email protected] ((forum pm to @nwah_))
  6. She's got a booboo now... might have to shave the brow in half
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