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  1. GTAW has the advantage of having been around a long time plus people's time/monetary investment into the server itself. I think other servers probably would attract those that are banned/constantly get banned from here and personally I think it'd be a good thing if they left. Maybe it can lead to less dogwater unofficial groups that are full of players like this and we can get some better factions up.
  2. Username: big_fwp Comment: my homeboy was at the protest with a bag of groceries for his abuela and these cops shot him pointblank with a beanbag and i aint seen him since. think they kidnapped his ass dog wtf!!! DEFUND THE LSSD!!!!
  3. People are way too obsessed with realism. It's a roleplay server and of course the crime rate will always be way higher than most real life places because that's a lot of people's fun. The issue, as mentioned, is always the poor quality of roleplay for the crimes being committed. I think teams like IFM need to be way more proactive in controlling these groups and factions that come out the gate engaging in shit roleplay, but they aren't because they're really understaffed with only a handful of members in IFM for the server's population. Admin punishments are also CRAZY lax to what they used to be. People brazenly and knowingly breaking rules get off with minor ajails instead of bans, I could have sworn when I joined the server admins were dishing out bans left and right to people just not being up to server standard. (Ofc what that standard is is super vague, especially now.) Bad 'illegal' rpers do paint the rest in a bad light, just like robo-cops paint a lot of leos in a bad light. There are plenty of good factions out there but the ones that are shit drag the rest down and spoil the bunch. As for 'civilian' rp in general? I always hated the lines being so rigid with 'legal' and 'illegal' characters. As if a criminal can't have a normal job, or a lawyer can't bend the law occasionally. This divide only creates an us vs. them mentality among players, and in my experience, I've seen 'legal' characters think they're actually policing the server from real criminals and criminals who larp as gang bangers like their characters are. Civilians are caught in the middle and often considered to be 'mallrats' because the only thing they can do is go clubbing and jack off over their cars or something. But that being said my advice to people wanting to be a civilian is not to think of it as black and white, that if you're not calling the cops instantly to report someone selling drugs, or do something a little bit outside the law, that you're no longer 'good' or any less of a 'civilian'. If members of my faction went around robbing random people on the street, they'd quickly find themselves being kicked (because these are the same types to be driving sports bikes around and other shit because it's the meta to get away quickly). I don't think robbing entirely random people in the spur of the moment ever creates good or memorable rp for anyone, and the best RP experiences come from slow build ups to create more of a story. A lot of robberies are just rushed because ofc, the robber doesn't want to get caught, and the person being robbed just wants it to be over.
  4. People probably don't want to truck anymore because it's a script job that doesn't offer much in terms of roleplay. Like a lot of script jobs people only do them until they have enough money to pursue something else. Can't force people to work script jobs which is why it's detrimental to have businesses rely on truckers to get components, I think they should make buying components an automated process and keep trucking separate to it to avoid situations like this.
  5. Ernest Mosley is a monhster. 🔥 looks epic.
  6. I think having routing numbers is a big hassle. Compared to the old /banktransfer (amount) (firstname) (lastname) system, it just feels really clunky to have to ask for a routing number now. It was fine before imo. All the business bank stuff is rather annoying too, as far as I know there's no way to take money from a business bank as cash, even though it'd have more potential for RP with business owners having to carry their money to the bank (could set up some well thought out robberies with this).
  7. As far as I know for the gun maintenance side of the update, it won't be implemented for LEOs because of how the script works for them to get their guns which is sort of counter intuitive because it's not criminals often using the same guns (definitely not enough to reach the 3000 bullet threshold to start needing repairs). Most guns would end up lost or taken by police far before they reach that point so I see this number being drastically reduced to not make the update pointless. The recoil on underage characters is a pretty funny "IC" fix to the OOC problem of little kids running around and starting shit where they shouldn't be. I personally don't like the existence of child chars at all and think they should be removed. Gangbanging definitely isn't a child only thing even though that's the age most people are inducted and exposed to the gang lifestyle, it's a roleplay server and it's fantasy for the most part, doesn't have to follow the real world 1:1 and shouldn't try to, due to the numerous people breaking rule 19 and shit? People obviously can't be trusted to RP children. Glad the criminal points have decay on them, only long term criminal rpers were really effected by this while other bad RPers would simply eat all their charges and name change into another character to do it all over again. The money update's great, I love that it's an item and there won't be any rob limit. However I do hope the bank account thing isn't too confusing, and I also hope there's no implementation of any IRS faction, because it just simply wouldn't work on the server. (I could say my business made 100k in one night and nobody would be able to prove otherwise because there's no records, and I sure as hell am not gonna start keeping a spreadsheet for a RP server business)
  8. Child chars are innately cringe, shouldn't be allowed in the first place lmao. As mentioned they just act like other adults, cold hearted killers, and I don't think they're necessary to facilitate gang roleplay. A lot of things happen IRL that aren't allowed on the server, don't see why people are so adamant on the need for child chars when they ultimately add nothing and only serve as a big warning to those around them that they might do something stupid. There's been many questionable people banned for trying to engage in sexual roleplay with a minor, or as a minor character, an easy solution would be just to remove them entirely IMO. On topic though, a child char being convicted of a crime should definitely go the route of an undocumented person, CKed and sent away to be in the system or something if they don't NPC parents. But even if they do maybe their NPC parents should send them off to live with grandma or something.
  9. Username: fucktom Comment: if only he knw she was on th corner in davis slanging her pussy for a 2 piece fried chciken
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