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  1. Congrats @cactus @SidePleb @secretamerican @NickyW Real wise Guys Now.
  2. To me, the 200k starting bonus is perfectly fine, and there's really no reason to remove that. I think it'd just create more people grinding jobs that don't fit their characters. The 200k is obviously designed to help get you started in properly roleplaying your character, getting a car and a home/whatever so you can get to playing. When I first joined the server this was a breath of fresh air, having come from communities where you HAD to grind, or AFK-paycheck farm to get what you wanted, this was great. I personally hate grinding, and couldn't imagine spending hours a day fishing or truck driving, or anything else with minimal RP effort. Of course people want to cut these jobs and encourage players to join player-ran businesses, and that's great but I think trying to make it harder to earn money will only lead into an increase in robotic characters that'll do anything to gain more. At the end of the day GTAW's economy doesn't matter, it's a sandbox (imo) and all the money I've accrued across my characters isn't always IC, but there to help supplement my roleplay and encourage it for others. Some of my characters are dirt poor, and others are rich through IC means. I honestly wouldn't have fun being FORCED to roleplay being dirt poor every time I made a new character. It's less of a server-side, admin issue, and more of a playerbase one. If you're here to see a number go up instead of making an interesting character to develop/have fun roleplaying, you're probably on the server for all the wrong reasons. There's nothing wrong with people wanting to roleplay a rich character, what becomes a problem is how they roleplay that wealth (20 year old girl with 4 businesses and 10 cars) but that's a RPQM issue.
  3. This community can barely handle virtual dogs I don't trust anybody to roleplay a minor not to get into some stupid shit. Just ban all minors imo.
  4. Congrats to everyone. Well deserved all around. 🙂
  5. Less immigrants from Australia, Britian, or Europe in general. Every time I come across a character that's from those backgrounds they're most usually self inserts, which is weird. More Americans in America, please. 🙂
  6. Name: Carmine Gallo Email: [email protected] Amount Donated: $30,000 Message: Digital Den is proud to make a donation towards combatting cancer.
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