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  1. Cool and SO cute!! ?? ????????
  2. I agree with Fergie, $1200 is ridiculous even on a yearly basis if you ask me. I'd look for another host given the poor responsiveness of their servers
  3. Where do you get this information from?
  4. is that really true? Do people donate solely for that verified icon or the page boosts? I think it's worth putting that to the test
  5. And that's fine as long as they can justify having it IC e.g being an IC celebrity. Should be up to the admins (or IC mods?) to enforce that.
  6. What do you mean? Only way to get that verification icon is to donate as far as I'm aware. edit: that is for personal profiles, for bizz profiles you simply have to request it and do not need to pay ooc money for it
  7. Let them keep it for the remainder of their subscription, then it expires and never becomes available again It really isn't. The verified badge appears on your personal profile only. Getting the verified badge for a business page doesn't involve donating It's just one feature. Imo the page boosts are more than enough incentive for people to donate $5 a month. Especially business owners are interested in this cause it's a great way to advertise their bizz pages. Plus there's always alternative donator perks to look into. I am not convinced Facebrowser is a really expensive platform to host either.. It kind of breaks the immersion if you ask me. On IRL social media platforms you'll only find people of significance/celebrities having the verified status. If we really value RP standards it actually is an important feature
  8. I fully agree with this. This was suggested multiple times in the past but for some reason it never really took off. Having actual ic mods would also be an interesting touch ?
  9. I disagree! Cops have always been on top of their game whenever someone made an extortion attempt at my biz
  10. Short description: Please make phone calls / texts etc save permanently again! Detailed description: Please make phone calls / texts etc save permanently again! I run a bizz and I want the communication among personnel to take place IG as much as possible and that's just not viable right now simply because there's no reliable means of communication. It would be amazing if everything done on the phone could be permanently saved again. If that's not possible maybe just the texts? Commands to add: None Items to add: None How would your suggestion improve the server? Refer to detailed description Additional information:
  11. Hi I'd like to get rid of the ambience gun shots, car horns sirens etc you hear in the background all the time. Is it somehow possible to disable this without getting rid of natural ambience?
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