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Found 8 results

  1. "He said to them: I am the bread of life; he who comes to me will never be hungry; and whoever believes in me will never thirst." Edgar Padilla Edgar Padilla also known as "Acid" was born October 22, 1983 in West Las Vegas, Nevada, ex-gang member that was well known for being involved in a various criminal partnerships and activities, such as kidnapping, armed robbery, human trafficking and furthermore instilled criminal actions. Biography: Edgar "Acid" Padilla was once one of the more notorious members of the HPS13 gang in Las Vegas, known for his violent temper and quick trigger finger. Born and raised in the tough streets of West Las Vegas, Naked Street. Edgar grew up surrounded by poverty, crime, and violence. He dropped out of school at an early age and joined the gang to find a sense of belonging and protection. For years, Edgar was a feared and respected enforcer for the gang formed, responsible for carrying out hits, extorting businesses, and trafficking drugs. He was known for his fierce loyalty to the gang, his brutal tactics, and his willingness to do whatever it took to protect his money. However, as Edgar got older, he began to see the toll that the gang lifestyle was taking on his community and his own life. He started to question the senseless violence and the constant cycle of retaliation that only seemed to perpetuate the gang culture. He realized that he wanted a better life for his children, who he rarely saw due to his frequent incarcerations. After spending several years in prison for drug trafficking and assault, Edgar decided to turn his life around. He started slowly working his way out of the street as civil conflicts were at an all time high. He began working at a local metal fabrication and repairs shop at just around the corner from Naked St. Various years later time was spent in prison for drug trafficking, assault, and further issues arising. Edgar decided it was in his and his families best interest to turn tides and work his way along different means of income, professionally. After years of civil conflicts rising in his own gangs ranks there was only one way to go, and that was out. After finalizing a few last promises out in Nevada he turned haste towards Los Santos to meet with his cousin that eventually got him a job working for a garage out north. Months passed and he started to get a cleaner reputation around his end of the street, dipping his hands into business and more lucrative and organized terms of income. Personal Information: Name: Edgar Padilla Gender: Male Nick Names: Acid, Eddie, Ed Current Age: 39 Zodiac: Libra Current Address: █████████ Place of Birth: ████████ ████ Height: 6'0ft Weight: 210lb Blood Type: A+ Family: Henry "Slick" Cano ( Cousin ) Maria Fuentes ( Cousin ) Vanessa Montenegro ( Cousin )
  2. The Life and Death of Clayton Reeds A Character Story by Crisis
  4. This thread will serve the purpose of showcasing Juliana's struggle in Charleston.
  5. welcome to the hustle zone.
  6. John "Summit" Luther Jefferson OOC Notes: This character was created to portray the life of a former gangbanger in his early 60's. John was created to offer an alternative approach on illegal roleplay. I strongly thrive to surround John's roleplay-scenarios in the passive part of hood-roleplay, adding an extra dimention to the different portrayals surrounding the character and the active area. Background: Born in Chamberlain Hills, 1959, John lived his first ten years in a hostile, poor environment including petty crimes. At the age of thirteen, 1972, John took his first step into organized crime backing up childhood-friend Darius "Shottie" White, 17, to unite several like-minded Chamberlain Hills street-gangs, setting up the first foundation in Chamberlain Hills for future Crip sets. The Chamberlain Hills Crips Riders worked as a medium scale umberella for local Crip sets. John was declared second in command, OOG, in 1976 at the age of seventeen as Darius "Shottie" White's brother passed away during an ongoing burglary. After the tragic death of Raymond Lee Wasnhington, 25, the Chamberlain Hills-Westside alliance broke up in 1979 resulting in internal and external conflicts between the sub-sets and rising rival sets. In december 1979 John, 20, received a lifetime imprisonment sentence after battling two murder charges of the first degree. Imprisonment: Now a life-timer, John quickly throws himself in the illegal operations within his current federal prison. Due to consistant transfers John, 22, loses his ability to operate CHC Riders and the umberella is disbanded, allowing power-changes within the Chamberlain Hills area. Eleven years later, John's sentence is reduced to 41 years and 299 days (15 273 days). Release Jan, 2021: John, 61, gets released and taken to his family property inside of the Tahaitan apartment complex, now claimed turf by the Barrio 13, a gang loyal to the notorious Mexican mafia. With diplomacy as a key opponent through his whole life, the people of Barrio 13 would become far more than just a neighbor. Surrounded by his new people, John quickly realized that as society changed on him the streets never did. Power and greed where yet again to blind his original vision of a united neighborhood. If you would like to follow John's journey in a different perspective than shown here, please visit the Barrio 13 faction thread HERE.
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