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Found 15 results

  1. Highly Insane Criminals. The Highly Insane Criminals aka (H.I.C) are a peckerwood gang located in Stab City (Sandy Shores). They were formed in the late 1980’s after a group of avid meth users began to dive deeper into crime to fill their pockets and get their fix. Over the years the gang’s grown in numbers and power. The gang was hit with a RICO charge in the early 2010’s, but has since rapidly regained it’s numbers. Neighborhood. The gang’s known to hang out in Stab City, San Andreas. While not explic
  2. This thread will follow the life of 18Y/O Dustin Scott.
  3. Bay City Peckerwoods is a white street gang that derived directly from the since defunct set [or remnants of] Crazy White Boys [C-W-B]. The Bay City Peckerwoods [BCP] formed after a violent coup over the since deceased set leader of [CWB] Joel Smith, AKA - Basher. Supposedly, Shawn 'Crow' Corvus planned with fellow peckerwoods on the fifth of December to strike due to Joel's addiction to money, and the constant chains he gripped over everyone under him. After the fall of Joel Smith and his supporters, the former high command of [CWB] formed the Bay City Peckerwoods, a highly dangerous and orga
  4. POP / Proven On Point is a loose criminal gang of peckerwoods that operate state wide. While most members are serving life terms in maximum security prisons across the state, some are still actively representing on the streets.
  5. Daryl Greene “Do you know where you children are?” - Well known American PSA. TL;DR Extended Backstory Inspiration for this thread came from the younger gang members and Latchkey kids, especially - Evan "Stomper" Ward by @Netsrac
  6. Richard Fitzpatrick is a Peckerwood and Proven On Point member. This thread aims to portray his development after being transferred from High Desert Correctional Facility to Twin Towers Correctional Facility.
  7. Crazy White Boys. Crazy White Boys (CWB) also known as C.W.B or Dubbs is widely known from their sub sets such as Insane White Boys (IWB) or Vicious White Boys(VWB), Crazy White Boys is an extremely ruthless, brutal and highly organized Peckerwood street gang located throughout the street of Southern California. Crazy White Boys was originally formed as a punk gang in California during the late 1980s, due to the high rise in black street gangs, rioting and white people being attacked and victimized in the streets of Southern California the gang was formed together in order to
  8. OOC Section 1 - Joining the faction is an entirely IC process and will require you to plan and create a unique character that adheres to the faction requirements. You are more than welcome to approach us through a Forum PM or on discord at Moe#3686 or Liv#5745 if you would like some guidance, tips, or general information about the Peckerwood culture. We have a multitude of guides, documentaries, and various other tools to help you get the knowledge you need in order to RP a Peckerwood accurately. 2 - Any racial or derogatory terms used OOC at any point in-ga
  9. Name: Mark Bell Age: 18 Occupation: The fuck is that? Oh yeah a nazi? Parents: Mom alive, father dead. Yeah happens. School: Expelled before graduation, anger management issues. Frequent fights. First of all, there are many cliches. And even if you think your life is outside the box, it is not. Yes, many people think they are outside box, no everyone is in some box. Doesn't matter what it is, whether you belong into a box labeled teens with no future, project kids or fucking delta gamma beta bullshit college clique. At some point of your life, there's
  10. Family Affiliated Irish Mafia The Family Affiliated Irish Mafia (FAIM) is a predominantly Irish-American, but not exclusively, peckerwood gang based in San Andreas, which was formerly used by the Aryan Brotherhood to organize street-level transactions throughout low income white neighborhoods within city boundaries of Los Santos. Although founded in Hawick-Alta, activity related to the gang has been found in Blaine County, Vespucci and Murrieta Heights. During the early days, authories say that members made a small fortune during the 1990s selling methamphetamine and investing in l
  11. Joseph "Spinner" Gallagher This thread will follow the development of Joseph "Spinner" Gallagher
  12. Henning

    Aaron Bennett

    Name: Aaron Bennett Age: 25 (03/21/1994) Incarcerated: 09/23/2012 - 09/23/2019 Status: Paroled Early Life Aaron Bennett was born on march 21st, 1994 in Los Santos, San Andreas. Born into a lower middle class family and with parents on the cusp of divorce, Aaron began identifying with the counterculture and punk rock movement of the late 90’s, early 20’s. Falling in with the skinhead scene in nearby Vespucci in his early teens. Punk rock runaway At the age of 16 Aaron ran away from home, sleeping on benches and alle
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