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  1. Here I will post screen shots of my RP enjoy😁😁
  2. OOC Information: We are portraying a fictional and naturally developed gang of white criminals in Blaine County. The faction's focus is on developing realistic narratives, using crime as a platform for our individual character and faction development. All recruitment is conducted ICly. If you have any questions, contact @Mellowhype or MN#2838 on Discord.
  3. Family Affiliated Irish Mafia Dogtown FAIM is a subset of the Family Affiliated Irish Mafia (FAIM), a large and predominantly Irish-American peckerwood gang based in San Andreas. The gang was formerly used by the Aryan Brotherhood to organize street-level transactions throughout low income white neighborhoods within the city boundaries of Los Santos. The Dogtown subset came to be as a result of members from the Vespucci based Dogtown Whiteboys being employed as drug runners and street muscle by the likes of Weston “Wes” Stigers and Roland “Ginge” O’Kelly. With the eventual induction of senior members of the Dogtown Whiteboys, notably Duke “Hazard” Kirkman, Michael “Skinny Mike” Turner, and Owen “Vandal” Moore, the gang's reach expanded to Vespucci and its surrounding area. In the early spring of 2021, the group's notoriety skyrocketed as a wave of violence and gang-related shootings rocked the neighborhood. Cementing themselves as a force to be reckoned with, members of the Dogtown Whiteboys waged several one-sided wars against their rivals on the beach, driving them out of the area or eradicating them completely. Emboldened by their recent endeavors, the group continued to ramp up their presence until inevitably they appeared on Operation Safe Streets radar. Following a series of crackdowns, several members of the gang were sentenced to lengthy prison sentences, adding to FAIM’s already substantial presence in the San Andreas Correctional system. What originally started out as a gang banging group of white beach bums morphed into a tight-knit network of money-motivated career criminals with ties to various groups around San Andreas, most notably the Aryan Brotherhood (AB), from whom certain members of the Family Affiliated Irish Mafia have gotten approval to sport the shamrock. The group, like its parent gang, have at times worked closely with the Aryan Brotherhood to handle work at a street level. Originally being small-time drug dealers and petty thieves, Dogtown FAIM has become an entity that runs a large-scale methamphetamine production and distribution ring, alongside several other profitable ventures which fuel its members various drug addictions and degenerate lifestyles. Capitalizing on the work put down by its senior members and the reputation it earned the gang, the current generation of white gangsters have expanded their network and capabilities, resulting in more sophisticated and lucrative crimes. With the recent elevation of a prominent FAIM member into the Aryan Brotherhood's ranks, the group has deemed it necessary to open up to more seasoned and established white criminals, taking a step away from the indoctrination of the local youth that the foundations of the gang was originally built on. A mixture of Dogtown Whiteboys making up the bulk of FAIM’s presence left on the outside, and a wish to increase the gang's numbers and profits has seen people often regarded as outsiders accepted into their ranks. Like their namesake before them, Dogtown FAIM seeks to increase its reputation, notoriety and reach by inducting established gangsters from a wider area into its fold. Present day After a stretch of time, the streets were cracked down on by Gang Unit, putting a lot of stress on the gang itself alongside putting big names behind bars. One of those names was Weston Stigers, he did a six year bid in High Desert Facility for aggravated battery with a gang enhancement added. During his time inside, activity on the streets started to decline, due to the loss of members through either imprisonment or getting killed in gang related incidents. Weston was able to get in front of the parole board and be accepted for parole after getting denied the first time. He was released on December 5th, 2022 and immediately got back into action. Getting reconnected with old contacts and the remaining members of FAIM on the streets. ((OOC Section)) All racist actions that take place IC are not a reflection of this factions OOC mindset. Any racist action that takes part OOC will result in an immediate removal from the faction. The focus of this group is to portray "Peckerwoods", white criminals that inhabit the city of Los Santos. We encourage every member to write up a brief character story. Myself and @snakecharmer have a strict one strike and you're out policy. Your character my be rejected to join if the backstory is too outlandish. The faction is INVITE only. PM @Mooseicles , @snakecharmer or @carga
  4. 17-year-old Bryan Troxell was born and raised in Vespucci where he shared a mediocre two-room apartment with his lower class family. Bryan, who got kicked out of school due to his insubordinate behavior, was left with no other options but to start looking for a job at the age of 15. His father was a drug addict who spent the majority of his life behind bars. The mother of Bryan, Kate Troxell, was no exception. She was a heroin user and would squander the subsidies provided by the government on narcotics. Bryan Troxell ended up being placed in foster care. The fact that he grew up in such an environment would sabotage his perspective on greatness. He had the distinct impression that society abandoned him and he considered himself as a victim of the system. Bryan Troxell was cornered and had to find a solution to fix his life and get back on track. He ran away from out-of-home care and never returned, following the his parents' footsteps without realizing it. He would hang around his native neighborhood, hoping to make a quick buck and desperately trying to find ways to survive on these unforgiving streets. Eventually, Bryan would make new acquaintances. He linked up with a group of individuals from the same social class and it was an instant match. A pack of hounds who specialize in petty thefts and drug trafficking amongst the infamous Vespucci Beach. Bryan's accomplishments in street fighting earned him the moniker "Basher." He made his bones by taking advantage of his physical shape to protect himself and his brothers.
  5. OOC-Info: This thread is going to showcase the internal development aswell as other content focused around a sub-set of Peckerwoods called "Grapetown Posse" from Grapeseed and the nearby area. The crew is part of the "North County Peckerwood" group. If you wanna get involved with the concept Forum-PM Mellowhype or me directly. We hope this will be entertaining for people reading and actively engaging in roleplay with us.
  6. Will Ziegler is originally from Medford, Oregon, He was involved in a botched robbery, leading to two arrests, Ziegler managed to avoid incarceration, and quickly fled the state. This thread will showcase Ziegler's progression as a character.
  7. This will follow the story of Jimmy Graves, a new local Tweaker in Sandy Shores. The story will follow the abusive of methamphetamine, exploring the 1% life style, and overall complete destruction of ones life. (Present day Jimmy Graves) Jimmy Graves (40) was born and raised in the rough and tumble neighborhood of Vespucci, a sprawling metropolis known for its gritty streets and tough-as-nails residents. He grew up alongside his two brothers, Nicholas (33) and Rowan (22) Graves, in a small house on the main strip of Bay City Avenue. From a young age, Jimmy was drawn to the world of motorcycles and the sense of freedom they represented. He would often sneak out at night to watch the local motorcycle clubs ride through town, their engines roaring and their riders clad in leather jackets and bandanas. It wasn't long before Jimmy became involved in the world of motorcycle clubs himself, joining the notorious Saxon Raiders at the age of eighteen. The club was known for their rough-and-tumble reputation, and Jimmy quickly became a respected member among his peers. But with the allure of the club came the dark world of drugs. Jimmy was no stranger to substance abuse, and he quickly fell into the trap of methamphetamine, a drug that would ultimately become his drug of choice. Despite the dangers and risks, Jimmy couldn't resist the thrill of the lifestyle he had chosen. He was young, reckless, and determined to make a name for himself in the motorcycle world, no matter the cost. As he cruised through the streets of Vespucci, his leather jacket emblazoned with the Saxon Raiders emblem, Jimmy couldn't help but feel invincible. But little did he know, the choices he was making would ultimately lead him down a dark and dangerous path, one that would ultimately land him behind bars. The sober part of Jimmy's life would never end up happening. The Phases of Jimmy Graves If it was one thing that Jimmy loved, it was drugs and pussy. His addiction had also caused him to become unreliable and often missed meetings or arrived late, which infuriated his brothers in the club. They had always prided themselves on being punctual and dependable, and Jimmy's behavior went against everything they stood for. But they knew he was struggling, and they didn't want to turn their backs on him. Despite his flaws, Jimmy was still a respected member of the club. He had proven himself to be a loyal and dedicated brother in the past, and the club was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. However, they knew that something had to be done to help him before it was too late. One of the senior members of the club took it upon himself to have a heart-to-heart talk with Jimmy. He laid out the consequences of his actions and the impact they were having on the club. He reminded Jimmy of the brotherhood they shared and the importance of putting the needs of the club before personal desires. Jimmy was initially defensive but slowly began to see the error of his ways. He agreed to seek help for his addiction and make amends for his past behavior. The club rallied behind him, providing support and encouragement, and together, they helped Jimmy overcome his demons. In the end, Jimmy emerged stronger and more committed to the club than ever before. He had conquered his addiction and was once again a reliable and valued member of the brotherhood. His story served as a reminder of the importance of brotherhood and the power of redemption. The end of the Saxon era. Brother hood never dies. The end of the Saxon's, a club where Jimmy was a member, was a significant turning point for him. It was not just the loss of a social outlet, but also a source of income and identity. The closure of the club triggered a series of events that led to Jimmy's drug habit escalating to a dangerous level. He had several overdoses, and the third one proved to be the turning point for him. He realized that he needed to make a change in his life if he wanted to survive. The fallout of the club's closure affected each member differently. Some left the state, while others stayed and made a name for themselves in different ways. However, Jimmy's addiction prevented him from taking any meaningful steps to move forward. He continued doing side-gigs for various contractors, mainly roofing jobs in the countryside and parts of the city. These jobs provided him with the money he needed to fuel his addiction. But life was never easy for Jimmy, and he faced numerous challenges along the way. Jimmy's addiction took a toll on his life. He became homeless, couch-surfing, and living on the streets for extended periods. The challenges of being homeless and addicted were something that he was not prepared for. Every day was a struggle to find food, shelter, and his next fix. His addiction had taken over his life and left him with nothing. Despite the hardships, Jimmy never gave up. He remained determined to survive and continued to chase after any dollar he could get to fulfill his addict needs. However, the road to recovery was a long and difficult one. Jimmy needed help, and he knew it. With the support of his family and friends, he started the journey towards sobriety. It was a challenging process that required a lot of hard work and dedication. Jimmy had to overcome his addiction and rebuild his life from scratch. But he was determined to do whatever it takes to get his life back on track. In conclusion, the end of the Saxon's was a turning point for Jimmy, which triggered a series of events that led to his addiction escalating to a dangerous level. His addiction left him homeless and struggling to survive on the streets. However, with the help of his loved ones, Jimmy started his journey towards sobriety, and he remained determined to rebuild his life from scratch. Recovery Stages. Fuck a six month chip. Jimmy had hit rock bottom, and the only way he could see out was by getting high again. His experience at the sober living facility was not one he ever wanted to repeat, and the withdrawals were something he never wanted to go through again. The pain and misery of addiction had taken over his life, and he felt like he was drowning with no one to save him. He stumbled upon "The Dive" while hopping from bar to bar in Sandy Shores and Harmony. The place was a real dive, with peeling wallpaper and a strong smell of stale beer. But it was a haven for those who were looking for a good time, and Jimmy quickly found himself fitting in with the rough crowd that hung out there. It was there that he met the Mongols, a local motorcycle club that frequented the bar. At first, Jimmy was hesitant to get involved with them, but he soon realized that they were a brotherhood, a family, that he had been missing for so long. They took him in and treated him like one of their own, and for the first time in a long time, Jimmy felt like he belonged. The Mongols were a rough and tumble group, but they had a code of honor that Jimmy respected. They didn't judge him for his past, and they didn't push him to get sober. They simply accepted him for who he was and let him be himself. Jimmy found himself doing odd jobs for the Mongols, running errands, and helping out with whatever they needed. He felt like he was part of something bigger than himself, and it gave him a sense of purpose that he had been missing for so long. As time went on, Jimmy found that his addiction wasn't as strong as it once was. He still had cravings, but they were more manageable. He knew that he wasn't fully cured, but he was in a much better place than he had been before. The Mongols played a big part in his recovery, giving him the support and encouragement he needed to keep going. They didn't enable him or let him slide back into old habits, but they also didn't judge him or push him too hard. They simply gave him a safe place to be himself and helped him find his way back to a better life. In the end, Jimmy found the strength to overcome his addiction, thanks in large part to the brotherhood he had found with the Mongols. They had given him a second chance at life, and he was determined to make the most of it. Mongol Nation It's a Mongol Nation after all. Jimmy had proven his worth to the Mongols and had earned the trust of his fellow brothers. He had shown his loyalty, determination, and grit, which were highly valued qualities in the club. Jimmy was not afraid to take on challenges, and he had a reputation for being a tough and skilled fighter. As a newly patched member, Jimmy quickly proved himself to be a valuable asset to the Mongols. He was willing to do whatever it took to achieve his goals, even if it meant participating in violent and illegal activities such as gun running, drug smuggling, and murder for hire. These actions may have gone against the law, but they were necessary for the survival of the club and the advancement of Jimmy's position within it. As he climbed the ranks within the club, Jimmy continued to prove his loyalty and dedication. He became known as a fierce and ruthless member, willing to do whatever it takes to protect his brothers and ensure their success Once Jimmy earned his full patch, he was given more responsibilities within the club. He worked hard to make sure that the Mongol's Death Valley Chapter regained its former reputation as a force to be reckoned with. He led the charge in taking out rival gangs and securing new territories for the club's operations. In addition to his accomplishments as a member of the club, Jimmy also became a Cabinet Member of the Mongols Motorcycle Club. This was a prestigious position within the club, and it came with a lot of responsibility. As a Cabinet Member, Jimmy was responsible for overseeing various aspects of the club's operations and making sure that everything ran smoothly. Jimmy's hard work and dedication had paid off. He had achieved success in the criminal underworld and had risen to the top ranks of the Mongols Motorcycle Club. He was now living a life of luxury and power, with access to money, drugs, and weapons. However, the life he had chosen was dangerous and risky, and he knew that one mistake could lead to his downfall. But for Jimmy, the rewards were worth the risks. He was a man on a mission, and he was determined to succeed no matter what. Black Spade Tattoo Studio Ink to the bone. Jimmy was a man of many passions. He loved to draw and create art, and he also had a dark fascination with inflicting pain on others. It was a strange combination, but for Jimmy, it was a perfect match. He spent most of his youth honing his artistic skills, and over time, his talent grew like a fine wine or cheese, aging to perfection in a barrel or warehouse. Despite his artistic prowess, Jimmy's life took a dark turn when he landed himself in Twin Towers in 2021. It was there that he learned the art of inking inside the walls of his confined space. But for Jimmy, there was more passion and meaning in the work he was doing for his brothers in the gang. This experience only fueled his desire to create, and upon his release, he continued to do private ink work for club members and other individuals in the area. Despite his growing reputation, Jimmy never sought to make a name for himself or establish a studio for his work. However, all of that changed when he met the Death Valley Mongols. They saw his talent and offered him the chance to earn and create a new name for himself. With their support, Jimmy was able to earn a significant amount of money from both illegal and legal work. In the early spring of 2023, Jimmy finally had the opportunity to establish his own studio. He acquired a building off of Joshua Road near Grapeseed and called it "Black Spade Tattoo Studio." This was the beginning of a new chapter in his career. Jimmy focused on specializing in inking fellow gang members, as well as individuals from outside the state. In San Andreas, getting specialized ink was nearly impossible due to law enforcement crackdowns, but Jimmy wasn't afraid of the local cops. He was determined to continue serving his white men and provide them with his unique, personal touch. Despite the risks, Jimmy found a sense of purpose in his work. His love for art and his passion for inflicting pain may have seemed like a strange combination to some, but for him, it was the perfect expression of his creativity and his devotion to his gang. With Black Spade Tattoo Studio, Jimmy had finally found a place where he could showcase his talent and create a lasting legacy for himself in the world of ink. Death Valley Woods (D.V.W) White Power Death Valley Woods is a notorious gang that originated in Sandy Shores, and its members are comprised of individuals who share similar beliefs and agendas. The group was first established by Chandler Walker, Malcolm Walker, and Joseph Lyon's, and it began to take shape after Joseph's departure from the Mongols Death Valley chapter. As more members of the Mongols Motorcycle Club and Chandler and Malcolm Walker's associates joined the group's hierarchy, Death Valley Woods began to grow in size and influence. The gang's members shared a common bond, a sense of brotherhood, and a desire to assert their dominance in the criminal underworld. The idea of making the group official emerged after a visit to the Twin Towers Correctional Facility in Los Santos, which houses some of the most dangerous and notorious white men in the world. The experience had a profound impact on the members of Death Valley Woods, and it fueled their determination to become a powerful and respected gang. Over the next few months, the gang's members continued to grow in number, and they began to establish themselves as a significant force in the criminal underworld. Despite some internal tensions and power struggles, Death Valley Woods remained united under the leadership of Chandler and Malcolm Walker. Jimmy, a member of the Mongols, eventually left the club and pledged his loyalty to his fellow white men in Death Valley Woods. With the Mongols being a predominantly Hispanic club, Jimmy saw an opportunity to align himself with a more like-minded group. As the gang continued to expand, it eventually adopted a different name, although it maintained its reputation for violence and criminal activity. Today, Death Valley Woods is considered one of the most dangerous and influential gangs in the region, with a network of criminal connections that extends across state lines. Affiliations (Group that Jimmy Graves is associated with) White Car - Thread Death Valley Woods (Old) - Thread Death Valley Peckerwoods (Old) - Thread Aryan Brotherhood (Old) - Thread Saxon Raiders Motorcycle Club (Old) - Thread Businesses Graveyard Ink - Thread TBA Story collection (This will house all important chapters in Jimmy's life, for ease of access and development. Not all screenshots will be listed here as some do hold irrelevant information) Chapter 1 - Page Chapter 2 - Page Chapter 3 - Page Chapter 4 - Page Chapter 5 - Page Chapter 6 - Page Chapter 7 - Page Chapter 8 - Page Chapter 9 - Page Chapter 10 - Page Chapter 11 - Page Chapter 12 - Page Chapter 13 - Page Chapter 14 - Page Chapter 15 - Page Chapter 16 - Page Chapter 17 - Page Chapter 18 - Page Chapter 19 - Page Chapter 20 - Page (Please note this thread will go through several revamps and updates as time goes on, I am also a spastic and sometimes can't spell)
  8. The Death Valley Woods is a clique of white criminals situated in Sandy Shores and Harmony. This collective comprises various groups that have merged into one large gang. It was established in 2023 by the Walker brothers, Malcolm and Chandler, who were later joined by two members of the Mongols Motorcycle Club, Joseph "Reader" Lyons and Jimmy "Jimbo" Graves. As the four gang members engaged in criminal activities together, their involvement with the clique gradually evolved. Sharing similar ideologies, they officially formed the Death Valley Woods. The primary focus of the gang is drug trafficking, narcotics production, murder for hire, and other violent crimes. All current members have prior felony convictions and have served time in Twin Towers Correctional Facility. This thread will track the development and ultimate fate of the gang. Death Valley Woods is a notorious gang that originated in Sandy Shores, and its members are comprised of individuals who share similar beliefs and agendas. The group was first established by Chandler Walker, Malcolm Walker, and Joseph Lyon's, and it began to take shape after Joseph's departure from the Mongols Death Valley chapter. Chandler and Malcolm Walker's associates joined the group's hierarchy, Death Valley Woods began to grow in size and influence. The gang's members shared a common bond, a sense of brotherhood, and a desire to assert their dominance in the criminal underworld. The idea of making the group official emerged after a visit to the Twin Towers Correctional Facility in Los Santos, which houses some of the most dangerous and notorious white men in the world. The experience had a profound impact on the members of Death Valley Woods, and it fueled their determination to become a powerful and respected gang. Over the next few months, the gang's members continued to grow in number, and they began to establish themselves as a significant force in the criminal underworld. Joseph Lyons and Malcolm Walker, continued to hold the keys to the gang. As the gang continued to expand, it eventually adopted a different name inside the county jail CWB, although it maintained its reputation for violence and criminal activity. Today, Death Valley Woods is considered one of the most dangerous and influential gangs in the region, with a network of criminal connections that extends across state lines The Death Valley Woods aim to portray a realistic peckerwood gang, following similar ideology as to certain real life peckerwood gangs. The group currently role-plays out of Sandy Shores and Harmony. However, the group in-game may portray a white supremacy gang, out of character there is a zero tolerance for OOC reflection of character actions or views. Anyone who wishes to join the faction is welcome to do so but are encouraged to research accordingly and have some knowledge of the area of roleplay they will be engaging in on an OOC level. Contact @BenjiGB or @Menace. for any OOC leadership questions or concerns. And contact @Broown for any lifer characters are wanting to join.
  9. Gangster White Boys (GWB) consists of a clique of teenagers located on Vespucci Beach, that all share a common interest: Skateboarding. Most often they are seen at the Vespucci Beach skate park doing tricks, smoking weed, tagging the bowl, and pestering nearby locals. They're mostly known for property damage, hooliganism, and partaking in house robberies after closing hours. Due to their common interest in skateboarding their clothing would identify them easily. https://face.gta.world/wicked_wood https://face.gta.world/Waynes_World
  10. Bay City Peckerwoods (BCPW) is a white criminal gang located in the heart of Morning Wood, also referred to as “Murder Wood '' from the amount of violent crime that goes on and the surrounding areas. Bay City Peckerwoods can also be found in the Twin Towers Correctional Facility, where one of their top shot callers, Joseph “Slick” Nicholson can be found. Bay City Peckerwoods were formed by the previously mentioned Joseph “Slick” Nicholson, Samuel “Misfit” Waters, Keiron “Knuckles” Baker and William “Gonzo” Percy. The name Bay City Peckerwood is named after the street in Morning Wood, Bay City Avenue. The Beginnings The idea first came to the mind of Joseph “Slick” Nicholson and Samuel “Misfit” Waters when they were on the phone to each other. Joseph “Slick” Nicholson is currently locked up on a First Degree Murder charge and is serving all day. Slick introduced the idea to Misfit, and he reached out to some friends he knew of from around the county and the city. That’s when the loosely knit group of white criminals began running with each other. They all moved to an area called Morning Wood, and decided to name themselves the “Bay City Peckerwoods”, named after a nearby street “Bay City” where they hang out. Present Day The present day Bay City Peckerwoods are maintaining their presence in Morning Wood actively. The crimes that Bay City Peckerwoods are involved in include: Drug trafficking, weapon smuggling, murder, extortion , robbery, car theft and a range of others. The Bay City Peckerwoods main goal is to profit off their crimes. They will normally have racial issues but the reason why most of them are involved is to maintain an income through any means necessary. The Bay City Peckerwoods are often identified through tattoos such as woody woodpeckers, 100%, 23/16 and 14/88. OOC INFORMATION This faction aims to accurately portray a modern day Peckerwood Gang in the city. We aim to keep our roleplay realistic and unique. The Bay City Peckerwoods are looking for quality role players, who would like to build development. Our main goal is character development, and we will be enforcing this throughout the roleplay, while keeping it fun. You will need to fill out Character Kill Permissions upon joining our discord. Any questions, concerns or interest can be sent to @Finesse@cartii.
  11. New Times World Wide Crime and Public Safety Latest News Crime Politics Environment Science Education Health Transportation San-Andreas Nation NEWS > CRIME AND PUBLIC SAFETY 19-year-old Vespucci man arrested on suspicion of selling narcotics By AERIUS ENTERPRISE-RECORD | PUBLISHED: August 28, 2021 at 4:32 p.m. | UPDATED: August 29, 2021 at 5:38 p.m. VESPUCCI — At least one man was arrested after Butte Interagency Narcotics Task Force agents served a search warrant at an San Andreas residence as part of an investigation into a number of Fentanyl overdoses by young adults. Corey Parks, 19, was arrested July 22 when BINTF agents, along with Butte County Sheriff’s Office Investigations and Special Enforcement units, searched a residence in the Perrera Beach Motel, in the Bay City Avenue area. Corey was arrested on suspicion selling Methamphetamine and narcotics to minors, then while being transported to the Butte County Jail, officers alleged he attempted to escape custody by running away from and resisting officers, according to a press release from the BINTF. The BINTF has continued to warn residents against the use of all illicit prescription medications, many of which are now being counterfeited and often contain Fentanyl, which can cause overdose and death in minute qualities. Earlier in July, BINTF Commander Mike O’Brien reported there were 75 overdose deaths in Butte County in 2020, marking a 34 percent increase from 2019. Of the 75 deaths, methamphetamine was involved in 54, opioids (excluding Fentanyl) were involved in 17, while fentanyl was involved in nine, O’Brien said. Del Perro Peckerwoods and general information Del Perro Peckerwoods is a typical Peckerwood gang, located in the Del Perro/Bay City Avenue area, an area known for drug use and crime. This small group is fairly new as they started off as a punk group called "Gunhill Alley" and later on switched to Del Perro Peckerwoods as they got more and more involved in the drug trade around them. Compared to other pro-white street gangs in the area, they would be small in number and would be rarely seen alone, their internal politics would make the group more exclusivist then others and they would be hard to approach or be recruited into. Members primarily sell meth-amphetamines and commit residential burglaries alongside other crimes. The 19th century saw the invention of the word Peckerwood. It was a disparaging word that Southern blacks used to refer to rural or economically disadvantaged Southern whites. Black people saw the blackbird as a depiction of themselves, whereas white people saw the red-headed woodpecker as a symbol of themselves. Early in the 1970s, white prisoners who were prepared to fight to escape being raped or robbed were referred to as "wood" in San Andreas prison slang that originated in the 1940s. The phrase "peckerwood" gradually became a source of pride for inmates. The recruitment of young people into many of the nation's prisons in the late 1980s contributed to the rise of Skinhead-like pro-white street gangs. Women in this movement are called Featherwoods . The typical Peckerwood gang has 5 to 20 members who range in age from their early teens to their mid-20s. The majority of these gangs lack direction and organization. The Peckerwoods display the traditional Aryan emblems in a variety of ways to show that they embrace the philosophy of white supremacy. They frequently have the words "Peckerwood," "Pure Peckerwood," "100% Peckerwood," "Pure Peck," "Pure Wood," "Peckerwood Inc," "Peckerwood Tribe," or pictures of the woodpecker bird in their tattoos to denote their allegiance with a particular set. Peckerwoods like to get tattoos of Woody Woodpecker and the "Mr. Horsepower" logo by Clay Smith. Except for one significant distinction, Peckerwoods and Skinheads are very similar. Drugs. Skinheads who identify as Neo-Nazis are categorically opposed to drug use. Like other street gangs, Peckerwoods primarily profit from the selling of illegal substances. The "Peckerwood look" is influenced by both Skinheads and Latino gangs (Pendleton shirts and baggy pants) (Doc Marten boots, flight jackets, and in some instances, shaven heads). Theft, burglaries, vehicle thefts, accusations involving weapons, as well as the possession and sale of illegal drugs, are among the criminal offenses committed by Peckerwoods. They have also been linked to numerous killings and attacks with racial undertones. OOC Information Perrera Beach Motel is a notorious area in Del Perro for its high crime statistics. Prostitution and heavy drug abuse is common in the area. We strongly recommend every character that wishes to join us to roleplay as someone renting a room or living in the area. Our faction is heavily focused on each and every single character created for it and we strongly recommend creating character background story and thread. All racist actions are not a reflection of OOC racism and we don't condone any OOC racism in our faction, any members that get involved in that will receive an instant kick. All and every rule break punished by admins will result in a kick. All recruitment is done in game, you can PM @delperropeckerwoods if you need any help on approaching us ICly.
  12. This thread will showcase the adventurous life of Kevin "Juggernaut" Whittaker, a young adult of Irish roots, in his attempt journey of climbing up the ranks and getting the recognition he always sought in Los Santos. Nothing is to be taken In Character from this thread.
  13. This thread follows the Tattoo Parlor of Bastard Art
  14. Name: Mark Bell Age: 18 Occupation: The fuck is that? Oh yeah a nazi? Parents: Mom alive, father dead. Yeah happens. School: Expelled before graduation, anger management issues. Frequent fights. First of all, there are many cliches. And even if you think your life is outside the box, it is not. Yes, many people think they are outside box, no everyone is in some box. Doesn't matter what it is, whether you belong into a box labeled teens with no future, project kids or fucking delta gamma beta bullshit college clique. At some point of your life, there's a turn, a twist. For some people it comes sooner than later and usually, not exactly pleasant twist right. In US specifically statistics show Children in military families experience high rates of mental health, trauma, and related problems. About 30% reported feeling sad or hopeless almost every day for 2 weeks during the past 12 months. Nearly 1 in 4 reported having considered suicide. Yeah what they do not tell you though, that usually boys tend to follow in their parents footsteps. And maybe even more depressed when they are rejected. Yeah that's the story, not entirely original, but no story is. We all seen it at some point, either here and somewhere else. Rejected due to poor anger management and racist comments right in the recruitment office? Mark wasn't even considered as a candidate not even for a split second. That's the first impression he left. And so it's back to arcade games on the pier. Yeah play a game for bit, but don't lose, cause it may cost the proprietor his machine and you maybe nothing if you manage to get away. Or back to bike jumps in the park or at the beach. Or maybe even bit of vandalism to vent out the frustration. Yeah that's how this story begins, it begins with an end.
  15. Eastside Valley Peckerwoods (EVP) are a predominantly White-American collective of white supremacists and gangsters from the entire East Valley but reside generally in the El Burro Heights neighborhood. The group was founded by a group of local punks, skaters, and blue collar townies who were influenced by local regional Chicano culture. The group’s main way of gathering funds is running a ring of cat burglaries, car theft, drug manufacturing, trafficking, and distribution, illegal firearms possession and sales, and more. The founders of the organization found themselves becoming friends meeting in the Los Santos Youth Authority; While serving numerous charges amongst the crew’s first handful of hardened drug-fueled members they grew into system hardened dangers to society. The views of the organization range depending on the character, values, and background of each individual; as some Woods carry a hatred, some pride, but all just the goal of wealth. OOC Information: This faction is meant to portray a region based group of Peckerwoods comparable to the real organization, the SFV Peckerwoods. Our goal is focused on creating interesting and realistic portrayals, with the respective & conscious thought of keeping it enjoyable for players. If you are a player interested in joining or just roleplaying a local, our discord is joinable by leadership via PM. @[email protected]
  16. This thread follows the life of Alex "Fiend" Barrow
  17. This thread will follow the development of Sergej Magazinovic, a character I have been playing for seven months who has moved from an unaffiliated minor-league drug-dealer to an affiliate and violent member of the White Car, having beat his murder-case on a Law Enforcement Officer to be released from the Twin Towers Correctional Facility after seven years. I'll be showcasing old and new screenshots.
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