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Found 25 results

  1. DOGTOWN WHITE BOYS Vespucci Beach is a hub of delinquency. The streets are littered with graffiti, skaters, and punks. Vespucci High has become a hub for dropouts that continue the cycle of white beach trash. The school is held together by the love of football and alongside the tight-knit community. Local legends like Charlie Wolcott, Raymond Simmons, and Huell Mundy became legends after dropping out. The new generation of local fuck ups rally around a culture of protecting their own. Parker Wilson was assaulted after an away game, Duke Kirkman alongside other Vespucci kids jumped in as they witnessed the event. Parker Wilson suffered a concussion and was rushed to the ER. Duke Kirkman alongside his friends made a pact to look out for each other and other locals after that night. Once Parker recovered the group would roll together and would refer to themselves as what they were Dogtown White Boys. The older members of the small group often commit small-time offenses for the fun of it or to fuel their dirty habits. The formation of the group has been kept on the quiet side, haven’t not many things change within Dogtown. The Dogtown White Boys are known to be a group of like-minded individuals from the Vespucci area. They are involved in the consumption of methamphetamines and various other drugs. The group draws various inspiration from the local White gangs and Sureno sets. THE FORMATION INTO A GANG After the group was set to have another night of band practice. Lucas Becker is flung off his bike by a speeding SUV. The driver further proves that anyone outside of Vespucci does not care for locals within Dogtown. Duke Kirkman witnesses his mentor Raymond Simmons execute the Driver which confirmed to him that Raymond’s way of life was the only correct way. Duke Kirkman gathered his close-knit friends and proposed the idea of keeping their area safe to his friends. His speech down at the bowl persuaded the group to join his cause. The group is known to have violent tendencies towards outsiders dealing in their town using the guise of saying it hurts the town while they peddle any illicit substance or good they can to other locals. Over time, Duke and his close peers gained a small following in Vespucci. Getting multiple classmates and friends to tag along at the skatepark and local hangout spots around the beach. Slowly but surely Duke gained a reputation not only in Vespucci High but in Dogtown as a whole. Pushing “locals only” so much that it influences the local kids to follow in Duke’s footsteps. The saying “locals only” went from a motto to a movement very quickly, with small-crimes erupting throughout Vespucci pushing the movement into a more violent direction. Current Rumors The group has been rumored to recruit new members out of Vespucci Beach High School. The two heads of the group Duke Kirkman and Parker Wilson have known punks within their senior class. Inked members of the group can be seen within classes that harbor Duke Kirkman or Parker Wilson. A video has gone viral of a large group of boys with Duke and Parker amongst them chasing another young man out of the beachfront. Peckerwoods in Dogtown After the build up of tensions with both law enforcement, rival gangs, and pressure from non locals. Hazard and his gang of former punks, reached a plateau. “Hazard” began to link up with other criminal white gangsters and began to adapt to their way of thinking and their way of life. Hazard being mentored by members of Public Enemy alongside Cortes Aryan Skin Heads that kept pushing him drugs and kept cementing the way of life he was taught. The powder keg for these teachings occurred when after weeks of harassment the LSPD attempted to arrest a member of the group. "Hazard" booked inside Twin Towers Correctional Facility reevaluates his motivations before being released. The gang amped up their scheming during Hazard's stint with support from other local white gangsters. OOC SECTION. All racist actions that take place IC is all IC. OOCLY the faction has no hatred to any race. The focus of this group is to portray young Peckerwoods criminals that inhabit the city of Los Santos around the beachfront. We encourage every member of the faction to have a character story. Myself and @Mooseicles have a strict one strike and you’re out policy. Your character may be rejected to join if the backstory or the character is too outlandish. Forum PM @Snoot or @Mooseicles to inquire about joining.
  2. Family Affiliated Irish Mafia The Family Affiliated Irish Mafia (FAIM) is a predominantly Irish-American, but not exclusively, peckerwood gang based in San Andreas, which was formerly used by the Aryan Brotherhood to organize street-level transactions throughout low income white neighborhoods within city boundaries of Los Santos. Although founded in Hawick-Alta, activity related to the gang has been found in Blaine County, Vespucci and Murrieta Heights. During the early days, authories say that members made a small fortune during the 1990s selling methamphetamine and investing in local businesses alongside handling problems outside of federal prison walls for members of the Aryan Brotherhood, which often included murder, drug smuggling, extortion, kidnapping. It started out as a gang banging clique to protect white gang members from black gang members with the goal to sell drugs and make money. Later on membership spread to county jails and state prisons. The gang has the permission of the Aryan Brotherhood (AB) to sport shamrock tattoos. At times FAIM have worked closely with the AB to handle work for them on the street. The founders were John Sanders, Kevin Byrne, Tony Hogan, and Eric Foley. Sanders became the most influential member out of the founders and the de facto leader. Byrne would also have influence and be the leader when Sanders was incarcerated. Members sold drugs in the Hawick-Alta area to make their money. Sander's father was a meth cook who worked with motorcycle clubs. FAIM would use violence in order to get payments and run away rival drug dealers. The gang's main source of bread from 2002 to 2005 was a methamphetamine ring which they operated in the Hawick and Alta areas. The drugs came from Juan Suarez and Eladio Suarez, two Mexican brothers who were connected to the Sinaloa Cartel as well as to Hispanic gangs in Alta. In 2004, Sanders shot and killed Christopher Munson, an Aryan Brotherhood drug dealer. Sanders and Munson were cellmates in prison in 1999. In 2005 the DEA busted the drug ring operation and arrested Sanders, as well as the Suarez brothers. Eladio Suarez became an informant in the case against Simpson and testified against him. Drugs, paraphernalia, cash and a firearm seized during a Family Affiliated Irish Mafia bust (seen above) In 2006 and early 2007, most of the FAIM leadership responsibilities fell to Byrne because Sanders was in federal custody. Sanders and Byrne began to have problems during that period which resulted in Sanders putting out a hit on Byrne in 2007. Michael Iadanza, a member of FAIM, carried out the order by attempting to shoot Byrne outside a bar in Sandy Shores. The hit was botched and it resulted in the accidental death of a bar patron. Byrne was not injured. When Sheriff Deputies showed up, Byrne was arrested on an unrelated warrant. Byrne refused to testify against the gang and Iadanza, instead trying to maintain his status as an active gang member and follow the gang code. During that time he was in jail. in 2009, Byrne agreed to testify, after FAIM members attacked him and tried to kill him while he was in jail. Sanders was convicted of conspiracy and murder charges. He was sentenced to life in prison. Final words heard from Sanders upon his conviction: "You win some, you lose some". In early 2021 the leadership of FAIM was once again shaken, as Weston "Wes" Stigers faced an indictment with suspected AB member Joseph Campbell and Roland O'Kelly. The three inmates allegedly coordinated the murder of a man in Twin Towers Correctional Facility, utilizing the visitation system to carry a message from Stigers to O'Kelly. It is alleged that O'Kelly and Campbell then stabbed the man to death in the chow hall, that Stigers is a member of the Aryan Brotherhood, and ordered the murder for the benefit of said Brotherhood. Around this same period, SADCR reported an increase in the amount of FAIM affiliated inmates in the State Corrections System. The case remains in trial.
  3. Full Name: Duane Rogers Current Age: 21 Ethnicity: White American Duane is the son of the notorious inbred white supremacist Harry Rogers and mother Jenny Smith. Her father was known in the countryside of San Andreas as a dangerous druggie. Duane was only six years old when his father died from a meth overdose. He spent his younger years playing in the desert with his sister Georgia Rogers and studying the hunters techniques for when they grow up. At around the age of eight Duane was introduced to a new father figure which was his mother’s new boyfriend, John “Johnny” Brown. Growing up with Johnny was different to when he was with his dad, Johnny was less biased and racist against other races. Even though Johnny was like that Duane still followed his deceased father’s beliefs that the whites were the one true race and all the rest were horrible people. At the age of ten Duane’s new father figure Johnny had organized a trip to Los Santos to see the big city, unfortunately this is where Duane’s feelings towards black people would pay. Upon arriving they bought a motel room on the eastside of Los Santos, from there Duane would sneak out the motel room with his sister Georgia while their parents were sleeping. They snuck out into the night of Los Santos filled with junkies, gang bangers, and other dangerous people of that sort. While walking around they stumbled into a black gang’s territory known as the East Side Slausons. After moving into there they spotted one of the gang members and Georgia yelled “Look at that n*gger!”. The Slauson then turned around to see the two kids and reached to his waistband for his gun, Georgia ran but Duane fled too late and got shot in the back while running. Medics and police soon arrived after an anonymous caller told the police about the situation they witnessed while walking by. Duane was now in the hospital on life support as the bullet had hit and went into his upper back area near his cervical spine. In order to pay for Duane’s hospital bills and support Jenny had to take up a job as a cashier. After a week Johnny left Jenny and she was left depressed and her will to keep going on started slowly fading. Unfortunately even the job couldn’t pay for all the bills she had to pay and was eventually sued for their trailer in the countryside. They were now homeless and Duane had just gotten out of the hospital and physical therapy. By then a year had passed and they were surviving off donations and trash cans. When Duane was thirteen he was exposed to the white crime world of Los Santos when he and the rest of his family relocated near Dog Town. He soon cliqued with the local tagging groups and skatepunk scenes in the area and was known as “Country Boy”. He made friends with the kids around there and one day was invited to go with them to smash open some gumball machines and steal its cash. naturally as a young boy wanting to fit in he accepted and went with them on the mission. They hit up the first spot near the beach’s tattoo shop then hit up two more at the Cluckin’ Bell. The mission went successfully and Duane decided to start saying that he was from Dog Town. Shenanigans like that had kept going on until Duane turned sixteen and had finally got enough money to rent an apartment for his family and buy a small pistol. With the pistol he guarded his mother and sister from the dangers of the night. Soon enough his sister, Georgia who was seventeen at the time had decided to hang out with him and join up in the crime life. They soon planned more activities to engage in such as muggings or pickpocketing. Soon they decided to do something bigger and had planned to rob a gas station in China Town with two other Dog Town boys. They prepped for it and had bought masks and glasses and everything to hide their identity. When the day came they rode in a four seater sedan to the gas station and walked in brandishing their guns and demanding money. The Chinese man at the register refused to give them the money and thats when Duane shot one of his liquor bottles, the gun shot could be heard around the area and soon police came after them the Chinese man finally gave up the money. Georgia went and grabbed the car and drove it around back as the other two and Duane went through the back door and to the car. They sped off but unfortunately for them someone had taken a picture of their license plate and had reported it. They had made around four thousand dollars from the heist and were living quite lavishly to the area’s standards. Sadly their high life ended quickly as the police had arrived at Duane’s apartment and demanded him and his sister for questioning about the robbery. Their mother wept and cried as they took them away. The two didn’t say a word about what happened in the gas station and were put in jail for the night since they were both minors and it was both their first offence. The next day they got a taxi home and unlocked the door to see the horrific scene of their mother dead on the floor with an open pill bottle. They arranged a funeral for her up in the countryside where they came from where the Dog Town locals and distant relatives showed up. After the funeral they had talked to each other and decided to move back up to the countryside and settle down for a little bit. They moved there and into a trailer where they spent around three years working normal jobs, making talk with the locals, and just “chilling” out. After a while the pair had decided they have had enough of the boring lifestyle and decided to move back to Vespucci and get back into crime.
  4. Michael 'Mickey' Farrell This thread's purpose is to follow the life of Michael Farrell, an El Burro native. Michael Farrell was born into an Irish family. His Mother, Siobhan Kelly now Farrell, married Padraig Farrell when they were just 18. They bought a house in El Burro and started a family together. Their first born Michael proved to be a fairly well behaved child, but maybe that was due to the fear of Padraig belting him if he stepped out of line. Padraig was a hardworking man, who was a professional at construction. It flowed from his hands like it was his God's given gift. Siobhan was a full time Mother and did her best to raise her children whilst Padraig worked hard to put food on the table for them. Years went on and Michael grew older, he found himself in trouble with the law, in trouble at school and fighting almost daily. Majority of his fights were over petty arguments and of course, Michael's pride. The violence left the schoolyard and Michael would begin fighting in the streets. His Father Padraig put him into boxing but it didn't last too long, his coach discovered he had been using his newly learned skills in street fights and for that, kicked him out of the gym. Why did Michael like violence so much? Nobody really knew... It was just Michael. Deep down though? Maybe it's because of his Father. Padraig was never shy of giving Michael a ''good hiding''. It taught Michael to react with violence when he wasn't happy with a situation or someone's behaviour. Michael had always been a fan of art, he drew to escape his troubles at home whilst growing up. It was either drawing, or fighting. Michael almost ruined his career as an artist after he got into a fight with a group of boys at school who had been bullying him since kindergarten, he punched one either so hard, or at a wrong angle, that he got a boxer's fracture. His hand was swollen for over a week and the pain was extreme. He never went to the hospital or received medical attention for it. He thought he'd never draw again but in the end he managed. At the age of 16, Michael would drop out of school and start hanging out in the streets. He'd eventually be arrested and sent to the halls for yet again, fighting. Upon his release, he reconnected with the whiteboys in the area and began to take the lifestyle more serious. Michael's future unfolds...
  5. This thread will follow the life of 18Y/O Dustin Scott.
  6. Michael "Skinny" Turner is a white male in his twenties. After being picked up by a gang of fellow young low-lifes at the age of 17, he started gaining some notoriety in the gang, working his way up the food chain, eventually being put on the Family Affiliated Irish Mafia. (In this thread I will be posting the odd screen of Michael Turners development, starting fairly late into his progression. The character was created on the 2. February 2021, so there's going to be a lot missing.)
  7. This thread follows the development of Rudy “Coca” Newkirk and Daniel “Snoopy” Rooney from the Murietta Valley.
  8. Alan Kelly This thread will follow the story of Alan Kelly, a recently paroled inmate of the State.
  9. This Character Story will follow the FOV of Zack Parsons in the Vespucci Beach area with the local gang called "Dogtown White Boys" and or as most know, "DWB" from June 21st to Present Day.
  10. POP / Proven On Point is a loose criminal gang of peckerwoods that operate state wide. While most members are serving life terms in maximum security prisons across the state, some are still actively representing on the streets.
  11. Richard Fitzpatrick is a Peckerwood and Proven On Point member. This thread aims to portray his development after being transferred from High Desert Correctional Facility to Twin Towers Correctional Facility.
  12. Duke Kirkman The following thread will showcase the life of Duke Kirkman. "He's a punk, he'll never be anybody!" Find the rest of Duke's Dirty dealings on the unoffical faction thread
  13. Scott Rampart, a/k/a Spanky, is a peckerwood gangster from Vinewood. He's a career criminal, drug addict, recidivist, and tagbanger. He's affiliated with the Vinewood Stoners (VWS) and Always There Krew (ATK). Drug addiction (methamphetamine/heroin) and relapsing are recurring struggles in his life that often lead him to incarceration. His criminal career began early as a juvenile offender and carried on into adulthood. He hops from motel to motel, couch to couch, cell to cell, and looks for the next quick scheme to make him some money. His brother is part of the W/S Rebels 13 gang. I'll use this thread sporadically in case I feel like showcasing any developments.
  14. Highly Insane Criminals. The Highly Insane Criminals aka (H.I.C) are a peckerwood gang located in Stab City (Sandy Shores). They were formed in the late 1980’s after a group of avid meth users began to dive deeper into crime to fill their pockets and get their fix. Over the years the gang’s grown in numbers and power. The gang was hit with a RICO charge in the early 2010’s, but has since rapidly regained it’s numbers. Neighborhood. The gang’s known to hang out in Stab City, San Andreas. While not explicitly claiming the trailer park the gang is very defensive and controls Stab City due to it’s tight community and most of the gang’s members living in trailers scattered around the lot. The “Local’s Only” culture in Stab City’s at an all time high, and often the gang will check most newcomers. Membership. The Highly Insane Criminals gang is made up and recruits primarily young Caucasian males with their ages ranging anywhere from 15-25 years old, however they will associate themselves with older locals. The gang, like most peckerwoods, allows female members known as “featherwoods”. They hold no respect and are seen as little over property. The majority of the members are hard on cash and come from drug-dependent households and only know the life of crime. Illegal Activity. The Highly Insane Criminals are involved in numerous illegal activities such as identity theft, credit card fraud, burglary, vandalism, armed robbery and homicide. According to the local police and citizens in the area (HIC) is known to associate with other white supremacist groups. The gang controls the rampant methamphetamine and heroin markets in Stab City. The gang manufactures, sells, and uses methamphetamine. They are also known to deal in a small ammount of firearms. The exact leadership is currently unknown. Tags, tattoos and symbols. As most of the other white street gangs the Long Beach posse expresses their gang affiliation in numerous ways, such as their gang signs "H", “I”, and “C". They are also known to use signs and tattoos such as the initials and other Nazi and prison symbolism to express their proudness of their race. Peckerwoods are highly influenced by punk rock and metal culture and are well known to abuse heavy narcotics on the daily. Modern Day. Today the organization is a very deadly and ruthless organization, which is expanding far too quickly. It’s been proved that the gang has it's hands deep in the weapons and narcotics trade surrounding the region. Members are known to do anything in order to fill their pockets and get their daily fix. The gang’s suspected of multiple shootings across the state and is known for their sheer brutality towards enemies. The gang shows extreme loyalty towards the Aryan Brotherhood both in and outside of prison. From taking hits to dealing the Brotherhood’s products. Highly Insane Criminals work directly with the Aryan Brotherhood and PEN1, as well as other peckerwood and skinhead gangs around the state. OOC Information. This gang is not formed to promote any OOC hate towards other races. Members who join the faction must be willing to follow ALL SERVER RULES and accept the fact that they may be CK'd at any time with proper reasoning from leadership. 1.) Joining the faction is done all IC and the process will require you to plan and create a unique character that adheres to the faction requirements. You are more than welcome to speak with us at any time through a forum message. 2.) You are expected to roleplay to your full potential at ALL times, any major rule breakers will be removed from the faction immediately. 3.) We have high expectations of our group and expect all members who are interacting within the faction (with the intent to join or currently a member) to portray a realistic version of a modern day Peckerwood gang member and affiliate of them. 4.) Just because you join the faction doesn't mean your character development stops; we expect you to continue developing your character along with the rest of the faction throughout your time in the faction. 5) We plan on ACCURATELY portraying a white and Hispanic community in what’s based off of 29 Palms and the surrounding area. This faction intends on igniting the change that many have wanted to see from Sandy Shores, this being the move from extreme characters of rural southerners to a more realistic version of a modern day local. For more information on this faction you are more than welcome to PM me on forums or discord @ (Brandonc96#9677) or @CarlitoRogers ( SnizzySnap#4889) at any time.
  15. William Brumley is a young adult who grew up in Vespucci. He is known for his kind and reserved nature, which can turn negative in seconds. Little is known about his family, the only thing that is known is that his mother died of a meth overdose.
  16. Bay City Peckerwoods is a white street gang that derived directly from the since defunct set [or remnants of] Crazy White Boys [C-W-B]. The Bay City Peckerwoods [BCP] formed after a violent coup over the since deceased set leader of [CWB] Joel Smith, AKA - Basher. Supposedly, Shawn 'Crow' Corvus planned with fellow peckerwoods on the fifth of December to strike due to Joel's addiction to money, and the constant chains he gripped over everyone under him. After the fall of Joel Smith and his supporters, the former high command of [CWB] formed the Bay City Peckerwoods, a highly dangerous and organized Peckerwood gang. The gang is affiliated with other white-based criminal groups, and is suspected in being directly linked with the Aryan Brotherhood in one way or another. The [CWB] clique, also known as Dubbs or D-Boys, was widely know from their sub sets such as Insane White Boys [IWB] or Vicious White Boys [VWB]. Both sets are known for drug dealing and murdering others, which can be seen throughout the various reports on both gangs collected by the LSPD. Crazy White Boys was formally known as Beach White Boys, or [BWB], the group was a punk gang that formed sometime during the mid eighties by Ronald Wiscer, or Ronny. Ronny owned a piece of the Pier, a local bar called the "Shake and Surf", which acted as the headquarters of the gang. The group started as a group of punk music listeners and enthusiasts, banding together for their love of anti conformity and freedom, only becoming more criminally orientated somewhere between 1987 and 1988, which is around the time the group grew into more of a street gang we're accustomed to seeing today. The gang gained the "Crazy" moniker as they turned into a race-based organization that stood against blacks in the late eighties, when there was a massive rise in all black Hispanic and Latino gangs. Because they were outnumbered, the members of [CWB] had to express extreme violence and hate to scare off the much larger gangs by acting "crazy". The new-era Bay City Peckerwoods are listed as the direct predecessor of [CWB], which is expected since they broke away and effectively killed their former set in short, yet violent, civil war. Los Santos, Vespucci, is where you'd find the gang, frequenting the neighborhoods along the coast. The gang itself is based around many of the same values, and even has the same members as their former clique, however, under the leadership of the newly appointed peckerwoods, they aim to reclaim the Beach, continue growth and development of the Beach, and protect the wellbeing of Vespucci. The faction's intention is to realistically portray a white street gang, keeping our roleplay quality high in the process. All of the members are expected to follow the server's rules at all times, we want all of our members to have proper character development. OOC racism will not be tolerated and any member who is found to be racist will be kicked out of the faction immediately. Bay City Peckerwoods reserves the right to permanently kill any members at any time if necessary. Permission to post screenshots must be given by the leadership. For any questions on how to join or any inquiries about the faction, please feel free to contact me on discord. (XIK#1117) or (Ben#9917)
  17. Crazy White Boys. Crazy White Boys (CWB) also known as C.W.B or Dubbs is widely known from their sub sets such as Insane White Boys (IWB) or Vicious White Boys(VWB), Crazy White Boys is an extremely ruthless, brutal and highly organized Peckerwood street gang located throughout the street of Southern California. Crazy White Boys was originally formed as a punk gang in California during the late 1980s, due to the high rise in black street gangs, rioting and white people being attacked and victimized in the streets of Southern California the gang was formed together in order to protect their members from the larger and very well known black street gangs that frequent in the same areas.Territory - The gang is well known for showing and representing themselves as well as committing various crimes around the streets of Vespucci Beach which is where the gang seems to primarily operate out of, however the Crazy White Boys Gang is also known to frequent throughout the county and is linked to various crimes in the county of Los Santos. Membership - The gang is mostly formed of young Caucasian males who's ages can vary but the gang is known to target new recruits who's ages usually range from 14-21 years old, the gang also accepts female members who's ages may vary, majority of members come from very low income families with parents who are abusing drugs, the gang is always looking for new members and is continuing to grow stronger day by day. Allies -White prison and street gangs.Rivals - Most black streets gangs.Crazy White Boys is known for their heavy ties within the white power movement as well as their ties to various Hispanic street gangs and Cartels and tends to only deal with these specific groups. Crazy White Boys generally tend to surround themselves with other Peckerwood and Skinhead gangs. The gang is known to be in very large groups of white men whose affiliations vary and are also known to be armed at all times.Criminal Activity - Crazy White Boys are involved in an extremely wide variety of criminal activity such as being engaged in drug trafficking, vehicle theft, armed robberies, burglaries, identity theft, home invasion, murder, credit card fraud and many other crimes to provide for themselves and their lifestyle, According to the CGTF (California Gang Task Force) the gang has ties to white supremacist prison groups who operate in facilities across the West Coast of the United Sates. The gang is known for dealing in large amounts of various drugs and carrying firearms. There are many rumors of Crazy White Boys being connected with underground fights and being involved in some of the most notorious drug trafficking operations. The higher ranking members are known to be very stealth about their movements and operations and are known to usually send lower ranking members out on the streets to handle business before showing their own faces on the street.Identifying CWB - As with most white street gangs, the Crazy White boys usually express their gang affiliations in various ways, the gang is known to throw up gang signs with their hands such as throwing up a C and W or A upside down C to represent Crazy White Boys the gang also uses symbols and tattoos such as the initials C.W.B and swastikas along with various other tattoos in order to help promote white supremacy throughout the area. Peckerwoods are heavily influenced by punk rock and metal culture and are well known for their use of drugs and partying.Crazy White Boys are usually known to associate themselves with the color white by doing thing such as driving white cars or wearing white clothes however this is not mandatory and this information is only known because the members like to wear their favorite color "White".Modern Day CWB - Today, the gang Crazy White Boys is a very dangerous up and coming gang operating out of Vespucci, members were originally Insane White Boys and gained enough rank in order to become Crazy White Boys. Crazy White Boys only have intentions to get money and get high, they are known as some of the grimiest, most savage White boys on the streets and are a very large threat to black gangs that attempt to intrude on their territory or interfere with their business, the gang is suspected to be involved in various shootings and multiple members have large criminal records, the gang is known to be very vicious, brutal, and unforgiving to anyone who they feel are standing in their way. OOC Information -This gang is not formed to promote any OOC hate towards other races. Members who join the faction must be willing to follow ALL SERVER RULES and accept the fact that they may be CK'd at any time with proper reasoning from leadership.1.) Joining the faction is done all IC and the process will require you to plan and create a unique character that adheres to the faction requirements. You are more than welcome to speak with us at any time through a forum message.2.) You are expected to roleplay to you're full potential at ALL times, any major rule breakers will be removed from the faction immediately.3.) We have high expectations of our group and expect all members who are interacting within the faction (with the intent to join or currently a member) to portray a realistic version of a modern day Peckerwood gang member and affiliate of them.4.) Just because you join the faction doesn't mean your character development stops we expect you to continue developing your character along with the rest of the faction throughout your time in the faction.For more information on this faction you are more than welcome to PM me or @CarlitoRogers at any time.
  18. OOC Section 1 - Joining the faction is an entirely IC process and will require you to plan and create a unique character that adheres to the faction requirements. You are more than welcome to approach us through a Forum PM or on discord at Moe#3686 or Liv#5745 if you would like some guidance, tips, or general information about the Peckerwood culture. We have a multitude of guides, documentaries, and various other tools to help you get the knowledge you need in order to RP a Peckerwood accurately. 2 - Any racial or derogatory terms used OOC at any point in-game, on the forums, or on Discord, will result in an instant blacklist from the faction without warning and will be reported to the server administration team to be handled accordingly. 3 - You are expected to roleplay at all times in-game, and keep yourself to a high standard with minimal OOC communication. If any server rules are broken at any point during your roleplay, you could face expulsion from the faction depending on the severity of the rule break. The faction leadership reserves the right to character kill any of the faction members if deemed necessary.
  19. Name: Mark Bell Age: 18 Occupation: The fuck is that? Oh yeah a nazi? Parents: Mom alive, father dead. Yeah happens. School: Expelled before graduation, anger management issues. Frequent fights. First of all, there are many cliches. And even if you think your life is outside the box, it is not. Yes, many people think they are outside box, no everyone is in some box. Doesn't matter what it is, whether you belong into a box labeled teens with no future, project kids or fucking delta gamma beta bullshit college clique. At some point of your life, there's a turn, a twist. For some people it comes sooner than later and usually, not exactly pleasant twist right. In US specifically statistics show Children in military families experience high rates of mental health, trauma, and related problems. About 30% reported feeling sad or hopeless almost every day for 2 weeks during the past 12 months. Nearly 1 in 4 reported having considered suicide. Yeah what they do not tell you though, that usually boys tend to follow in their parents footsteps. And maybe even more depressed when they are rejected. Yeah that's the story, not entirely original, but no story is. We all seen it at some point, either here and somewhere else. Rejected due to poor anger management and racist comments right in the recruitment office? Mark wasn't even considered as a candidate not even for a split second. That's the first impression he left. And so it's back to arcade games on the pier. Yeah play a game for bit, but don't lose, cause it may cost the proprietor his machine and you maybe nothing if you manage to get away. Or back to bike jumps in the park or at the beach. Or maybe even bit of vandalism to vent out the frustration. Yeah that's how this story begins, it begins with an end.
  20. Trupiano

    Aaron Bennett

    Name: Aaron Bennett Age: 25 (03/21/1994) Incarcerated: 09/23/2012 - 09/23/2019 Status: Paroled Early Life Aaron Bennett was born on march 21st, 1994 in Los Santos, San Andreas. Born into a lower middle class family and with parents on the cusp of divorce, Aaron began identifying with the counterculture and punk rock movement of the late 90’s, early 20’s. Falling in with the skinhead scene in nearby Vespucci in his early teens. Punk rock runaway At the age of 16 Aaron ran away from home, sleeping on benches and alleyways in Vespucci Beach. He soon found himself surrounded by kids in similar situations, mostly runaways and drug addicts the group would commit petty crimes to get by, pick pocketing tourists and breaking into parked cars. Eventually the group graduated to more serious crimes, including muggings and burglary. On the night of August 20th, 2012 Aaron and three other street kids were attempting to break into a beachfront property off the Del Perro freeway. Unknown to them, the property had been equipped with a high end silent alarm system. As the teens searched the house for valuables the building was quickly surrounded by police and the boys arrested while attempting to escape. Bolingbroke Penitentiary Aaron Bennett was sentenced to 5 years in the notorious Bolingbroke Penitentiary. While prison is meant to “reform” an individual, Bolingbroke did the opposite to Aaron Bennett. Participating in several riots and becoming associated with members of the Aryan Brotherhood and member of PEN1 Arthur “Buddha” Krause. to earn his keep, Aaron would smuggling drugs and committing beatings for the notorious prison gangs and although attempts were made to keep Aaron Bennett incarcerated (Aaron was accused of murdering a black inmate but the chain of evidence was mishandled and the case was dismissed) He was released from Bolingbroke on Parole in September 2019. Present Day Aaron Bennett went into Bolingbroke a petty criminal and emerged a hardened ex-convict. Having used his time behind bars to educate himself and learn from his more experienced inmates inside. Aaron has the full intention to return to Los Santos and continue with his life of crime.
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