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Found 8 results

  1. Welcome to The Sportsbike Community Of Los Santos. We represent the sport side of Motorcycles, and wish to spread the word that we are trying to get everyone that rides a sport bike together. We mainly do meetings, long rides through Los Santos, Sandy Shores and Paleto Bay, our Community is not Involved in any Illegal activates, this is just for hobby, If you are interested, find us! ((No Faction, or MC affiliated, this is ONLY a Community for ALL Sports Bike riders.)) ((You will see most of our Meeting and Ride activities here.)) ((Our Discord if you wish to meet us IC, https://discord.gg/8CeQQgtWS4.))
  2. After the CK of my main character, Antoine Vallois, a new one will arise and this thread will follow his journey in the ranks of the Los Santos Police Department and his life around it.
  3. This character thread will follow the development of John "Scatter" Madeira, and may touch on some darker subjects, you've been warned! Born March 21st, 1984 in Dallas, Texas, John's only sister, Adeline, followed a few years after. Their father, Adrian, was a stonemason, a hard working man on a nine to five grind, and while he may've had little education outside of it, he was the type of wise that a long, troubled life may land you, while their mother, Jane, was left to be a stay at home mom, one to resort to alcohol in turn to her own long, troubled life. The moment things got stressful—with two kids to manage, they got stressful a lot—she did just that, and in turn, violence frequently followed. As wise as this man was, he was blinded by a love for his wife, John speaking up on his own with Adeline too scared to follow doing him little favors in convincing him of who his wife had become, yet he always stuck by her side. "You're no son of mine", years later, the last words spoken to John by his father and the last words he needed to hear to know it wasn't worth the effort, the death of his sister, having turned to drugs, breaking apart the family as it was. John, on the other hand, turned to the army, Operation Iraqi Freedom, MNF-I; perhaps they were both distracting themselves from the past, just in different ways. From 2003, it was 2006 when the impact caused by the force of a IED explosion shot out his back. Though he temporarily lost the use of his legs, he considered himself one of the luckier ones. This left John medically discharged and turning to Los Santos, Sandy Shores to settle. A few months later, he met a woman, Linn, one that he grew quite fond of and started to see. She lived with her father in Stab City, Harold, AKA "Hardy", a member of the Lost MC, of course, she only introduced him as she was already expecting their daughter, maybe not the best start between John and Harold, though respect was enough to fix that. Adeline was their daughter's name, named after John's sister, John, much like his father, taking a nine to five in a construction company, where he'd often head to the city to do so. With John pushing himself, the old injury began to act up, so he carried on after in the less legal route, gaining further trust with Linn's father, "Hardy", by assisting him in his drug trafficking, though a dispute between club and client, one day, wound up with Hardy's death and one very distraught daughter. This and the whole illegal employment was enough to push Linn away from John, saying she needed time, and so she left the father and daughter duo on their lonesome, in no mental space to look after her. Though it's not like John's much better off, his daughter was and is his world, vowing to himself he'd never fail in protecting her or being there for her, even with his many, many flaws, trials and errors.
  4. Ricardo Alvarez The brat of the Martinez family. Facing anger problems every day, has many struggles living with his mom due to her restrictions. As he grows up, starts to break more and more of her restrictions, grows the balls to talk against her. Is obsessed with music: makes beats and slightly raps. Attributes Age: 15 Physical shape: 5'9", skinny. School: Davis High school Facial features: A lot of acne. Maribel Alvarez NAME: Maribel Alvarez ALIES(ES): Marie AGE: 13. PLACE OF BIRTH: Central Los Santos Medical Center HEIGHT: 4'9" WEIGHT: 85 lbs. BUILD: Slim EYE COLOR: Brown. HAIR COLOR: Black. Facial Features: She wears eyeglasses and has braces on her teeth. Vibe
  5. Then. Grew up with a humble upbringing in South Philadelphia to Philip & Valerie Martorano. Humble it was, until Philip got convicted for tax fraud in 2008 for five years, leaving her without a father-figure at the age of 10. Valerie, the mother of three left all by herself to take care of the kids, collectively decided with Phil it’s best for Ellie to live with her brother, Roy Casella in Staten Island. Watching Roy come home late and often bicker with her wife, Ellie at an early age started picking up she wasn’t born to a family of saints. Although, spending most of her key teenage years in a relatively urban setting compared to Philadelphia, she quickly caught and adapted to the change in lifestyle New York threw at her, becoming more outgoing while developing a keen interest in sports & business. Ellie moved back to Philadelphia after his father’s release. Missing the main growing years of his children, Philip now finally had the chance to spend time with his kids and be there for them, however the damage of a father-figure missing when needed was already done, be it Ellie or her siblings. With her father having moved from Philly to LS in the ‘expansion of his construction company’, as soon as she finished her high school, she decided to move and settle in with him, finishing her Bachelors in Business Administration at the ULSA. The thread will follow her development. I've been playing this character for a few months now, although I always wanted to do a topic, kept putting it off, but here we go now. I'll start with some notable scenes from when I started this char that have been a part of her development!
  6. Under No Debrief Evolution Failed In Navigating Every Destination Anything posted on this thread, should be kept on the thread. Posts may vary from detailed to blank depending on the situation. This is to prevent Metagaming. Any concerns can be directed to my DMs.
  7. The Woods Family Family history, and a little legend... The Woods have lived in Sandy Shores for generations, tracing all the way back to George Woods, who allegedly settled in Blaine County after a string of bank robberies and heists across the Eastern half of the United States. George hid his ill-gotten goods somewhere in Blaine County, however died before he could tell either of his sons, Houston or Earl, where the treasure was buried. The mystery of it consumed the brothers, though Earl far more than Houston. Earl went mad and never had the time for a wife or anything of the sort. He died diving into the Alamo sea, convinced his father's treasure was there. Houston on the other hand went on to have four boys, and the current day Woods family's all descended from him. The Woods are known as rambunctious trailer trash, getting into loud domestic arguments, and fights. Their fleet of junk vehicles, old trucks, bikes, and ATVs usually litter in front of their multiple trailers along Smoke Tree road. Crazy personalities, family drama, and rumors of that long lost treasure, the Woods are living the American dream. Meet (some) of the Family: (This thread will follow the story and development of the Woods family.)
  8. Leonard was born in South Omaha Nebraska, in a little town called Riverview just beside the Niobrara River in the Midwestern USA. In 1956, Leonard was born to an Angelo & Patricia Cicciarello who are now both deceased, thanks to old age. He graduated high school in 1974, when he was 18. He finished high school and started working as a bookmaker for a local Riverview Luppino soldier named Martin Langella. In 1975, Leonard became officially connected in the Paparello Crew, in Paul Luppino's era. Leonard never got to do too much talking or socializing with Paul, but Paul acknowledged Leonard as an associate in Carlo Paparello's crew and kept their relationship rather distant. Leonard also met his wife Lucia this year, as she was still a sophomore in High School, a 3 year difference. Leonard was starting to learn that he was persistent around this age, and refused to take no for an answer upon being scrutinized by the love of his life. He persisted, and they officially started dating the same year they met each other. Six years would pass, Leonard had stayed loyal to Lucia, as she did to him. Leonard's relationship with Lucia grew to a level of no return and Leonard eventually proposed to her in 1981, when she turned 22. By this time, Leonard was a 25 year old hustler in Nebraska's underdog crime family. Paul Luppino himself attended Leonard Cicciarello's wedding, after 6 years of loyalty Paul started to open up to Leonard. Paul never got incredibly close to Leonard because Carlo Paparello, Paul's captain, was very strict about his men mingling with the higher ups. But Paul Luppino donated $30,000 to Leonard at his wedding, as a wedding gift. He also left Leonard a personal handwritten letter expressing how proud he is of him, and suggested that he had confidence that Leonard had what it took to be one of them. Obviously, the letter had to be vague, but he sure enough acknowledged Leonard and expressed his mild appreciation for him. In 1983, Paul Luppino died from complications of diabetes. Leonard was never able to develop the relationship he wanted to, with Paul. But instead, Paul went down as a legend among the men of Leonard's time. He was remembered as a dear leader and a friend of all wiseguys in North and South Omaha, family or not. Luppino captain Carlo Paparello, Leonard's superior, assumed power without forgiveness. He basically threatened the other captains by promising to start a war with the Biase organization if he wasn't picked. Carlo Paparello hated the Biase organization and he didn't keep it much of a secret, and he also expressed his disdain for Paul Luppino for being "too easy" on the Biase organization. None of the other captains dared to get in between Carlo and his self affirmed claims, and power shifted directly over to him. This made life hard for Leonard, at the ripe age of 27, but as a member of Paparello's crew before he assumed the boss position, this meant certain induction in the next coming years for him. Unfortunately for the rest of the family, Carlo Paparello was their boss for 34 whole years, from this point on. In 1985, Leonard Cicciarello assisted in the murder of associate-turned-informant, Patrick Garrety. Leonard was responsible for taking the informant into a whorehouse where he was murdered and made an example of. A day after the murder, Pat Garrety was found in a bush under an overpass hogtied by yarn & shot twice in the back of his head, a signature execution style for Midwestern gangsters. In 1986, Leonard masterminded a $230,000 drug heist in North Omaha. Leonard's gang, associates in the Langella Crew & Martin Langella all jumped out on a heroin deal Leonard set up. After the drugs were stolen, Leonard told the drug dealers that this is what they deserve for selling in their city without permission. The drug dealers immediately left Omaha without an ounce of trouble or pushback. In 1987, everyone was already calling him "Cici." It was a street name that stuck with him for the rest of his life. Leonard Cicciarello was well known and well respected among the members of his family. Martin Langella proposed sponsorship of Leonard to become an official soldier in the Luppino Crime Family. The new boss, Carlo Paparello accepted, having been familiarized with Cicciarello over the years. Cici would go onto blend in well as a soldier for 5 years. He'd spend his time mingling with his own family as well as members of the Biase organization who took a liking to Cicciarello. Before he knew it, he had a whole bunch of names now. "Cheech," "Lenny Riverview," & of course "Cici." A small handful of people started calling him "Skippy" because he'd never pay his tab at the local bars after he got made, but that nickname was short lived after he made it known that he hated that name. 1991 comes along and this is where life started to change for Leonard. Tony Biase, long time friend of Paul Luppino & lifelong kingpin of Omaha Nebraska, passes away just years after his release from prison. As the Omaha underworld began to gather around in mourning, Carlo Paparello, the infamous, makes a disrespectful remark about Biase, at the man's wake. Perplexed, shocked & extremely insulted, the Biase organization members force Carlo & his men out of the wake in an intense moment of resentment. Some would say this was the beginning of the end for Luppino, this very day. The start of a very slow, very sour collapse. Nine years go by. Nine Hellish years, for Leonard. Leonard, as a soldier under Paparello's command was always checking his corners and watching his back. Leonard has already lost friends as a result of Paparello's misbehavior and disrespect. Nine years of losing friends and losing business, before something finally paid off. At the cost of a dear friend, Leonard's life changed once again. Martin Langella was killed in a car accident by a driver hopped up on Methamphetamine and that man was immediately imprisoned for Manslaughter. With Martin gone, Carlo Paparello figured Leonard for 44 years old, married for 19 years, 2 kids with Lucia. It has been decided that Cicciarello has paid his dues. He was promoted to "captain" in the year 2000. In the year 2004, he busted out a local bathhouse, when the owner couldn't pay his debt for a loan. Raymond Murphy was a drug addict who pushed H through the joint. Leonard took over his rackets and ran up the check on the business, making it his place of operation for 8 whole years, out of his 12 year run as a captain. In turn, Leonard managed to keep the bath-house open, but Raymond Murphy was not satisfied with his wages and decided to turn Leonard in to the authorities. Leonard was arrested on federal money laundering and fraud charges. Leonard's reign as captain came to an end as he was sentenced to 5 years in Nebraska State Penitentiary. Leonard served his 5 years without saying a word to anyone although he was under suspicion of having ties to Omaha's Cosa Nostra. In 2012, the storm came. Ties with the Biase Family have finally snapped after 21 whole years of tension, paranoia, deteriorating respect & even violent fistfights between members. A war was afoot, and everyone in the Midwest knew it. The Civella Family and the Biase Family gave Carl Paparello his ultimatum. They said to leave Nebraska and never return, or face their wrath. Of course, as expected, Carl Paparello told the board members from these families to go fuck themselves. Verbatim. Over the course of 5 years, from 2012 to 2017, covert tactics were used against Luppino. Dirty, covert tactics. People were manipulated into ratting out members of their own family. The police were tipped off to wiretap all of the Luppino owned establishments & homes. Sting operations ensued, testimony shot through the roof and by the start of the very last quarter of 2017, Carlo Paparello and his ENTIRE board, were indicted, tried and convicted on federal racketeering charges. 25 years to life for each member, pretty much sentencing them to death at their age. Carlo Paparello serves 25 years without parole, destined and certain to die in a maximum security prison. The Luppino Family was rendered finished in Omaha. In September of 2017, Leonard Cicciarello finishes his 5 year stretch. He is released back out onto the streets with 2 felony convictions and a wife & family who picked him up from the pen. He came home to a Biase controlled neighborhood, not used to seeing what seemed like new faces, but were actually old faces. Confused, perplexed and befuddled, Leonard managed to get in contact with a Biase family member in the neighborhood. Out of respect for Leonard, the soldier told Leonard about everything that happened while he was away. He even agreed what happened was out of favor with the local wiseguys, but what's done is already done. He was given a phone number of a board member in Chicago's Outfit. He received the blessing to start operating in Los Santos and Leonard decided not to stage any pushback against the Biase family. Because of this decision, Leonard became respected among other bosses and the leftover members of the family, eventually landing him at the very top of Luppino's new ranking system. In late October, shortly after his release and realization that he had no more future in Nebraska, he had his sights set on Los Santos. He worked his way into the streets from scratch, with the men he considered dear. He managed to make contact with a few other "friends" in the city, outside of their organization, not their society. He then would go on to reorganize his ranks with the key people who voted him in as new boss after Paparello & his entire board's indictments. Jerry Delfini, Larry Corvotti, Georgie Calcagno, Phil Romano, all recognized names in Nebraska's criminal society. All of these men reorganized their organization within two weeks. Larry, Lenny's old cell-mate came out of prison around the time Lenny did, and started the Luppino family's very first crew in Los Santos, in the third era. Jerry Delfini took council, helping out with the hard calls and keeping the rules advised and on the table. Phil Romano served as the family's Underboss in these times of recovery, advising and overseeing the growth of the first crew. Larry brought in a guy from Youngstown, Pete Romagnoli. He brought in a kid named Francis Marchetti, from Los Santos and guys like "Gio" Cullotta straight in from the other side. All of these names eventually grew into the organization that made up today's Luppino organization. Moving and avoiding retaliation against the Biase organization's covert tactics, it wasn't easy for these boys, despite their progress. For Lenny and his group, it was a hard pill to swallow. Besides that, the new people were showing up late or not showing up at all, weren't paying tribute to their higher ups, it was a shit show. No respect, he'd figure. But just as things seemed to be getting either much much better or a little more worse each day, things most certainly got much much worse for this group of struggling outcasts. They had a run in with one of the Bonnanos in Los Santos, one that ended out of both of their favor. Far far away from home, Leonard thought. The soldier in the New York family drew his gun on Leonard Cicciarello, not 1 month after he made his presence known in the new city. This started a major, major issue for the family and Leonard himself, unbeknownst to him. When a 62 year old man, seemingly at the end of his rope goes into a dark place, the lights go out and darkness takes over. This cornered old man went into that darkness, and came out with eyes as black as night. No question, it was obvious to even his own members, Ole Cici was done being pushed around. He really went into the darkness, they say. Leonard organized a strategic place to stay while he started making ultimatums and playing with this guy's head. Delfini and Corvotti coordinated outside moves to reach out to their reserved group of friends. He used his temper to confuse and manipulate the members of the said crew. He made phone calls and started rumors as if he was picking away at his prey before his meal. And in just one very long, very drawn out month, 6 people, 4 of which were Luppino affiliated were murdered. It got ugly enough to make a lifetime stink over, as he dispatched his very few scouts and hitters. As the shit began to hit the fan, out of the endless blue, members of this so called "crew" had somehow ceased to exist. Paranoid for several weeks, holed up in the same house, staring at the same walls, he'd soon come to hear that there is no longer any trace of this rivaling crew. Not a single person has seen a single face for two weeks. It was official, they ran. Word got out, bosses contacted Leonard and set out to meet with his Consigliere to get the scoop. After a very short lived debate on the meaning of this chaos, they decided to give Leonard a pass, in regards to his recent complications. They asked that Leonard try to promote growth, now that they're out, and let all the bad blood die, should they ever return. This meant victory in the eyes of the stubborn, jaded old man. Coming out of his shell, Leonard capitalized heavily and eventually took over Los Santos's Cosa Nostra underworld, assuming the role as Capo Di Tutti Capi or "Boss of all bosses." He spends his days waiting for someone he approves of to sit on the board with him, to expand opportunity for Cosa Nostra as a whole in the city. Re-establishing, Leonard formed an alliance with other groups in the city, outside of their own. He did right by a few folks who meant something, they did right by him right back. As new relationships developed, this group slowly formed into what's known in Los Santos's streets today as "the council." A multi-organization super alliance, bound by rules and standards set by all parties involved, for a better class of their city's gangsters. This became the nail in the coffin, Leonard Cicciarello has fully and officially rekindled the Luppino family, with the help of the people he spent over fourty years of his life with in Omaha. Today, Leonard Cicciarello spearheads the organization, while his members develop a reputation of their own. He is totally unknown by authorities and has not developed a single criminal charge since his release six months ago. He spends most of his recent days with his wife Lucy, and his daughter Dianna, keeping tabs on his close and valued friends. Having avoided war twice, one by choice, one by coercion, he continues to expand his empire using the business fronts his family took up for legal income, leading a double life as a friendly midwestern family man, and the boss of Los Santos's brand new addition to the long list of organized crime groups. The Luppinos have successfully set up rackets and fronts all over the city, thanks to their loyalty and teamwork. Construction, drug trafficking and arms trafficking earned them their nut in the beginning, until they got into gambling, prostitution, porn, car theft, money laundering, loansharking, blackmail, fraud, extortion, kidnapping for ransom against their enemies and of course, murder where it was deemed necessary. Rumors in the street suggest that the "italians" are suspected to be responsible for at least 10 to 12 gangland murders since their 5-6 month arrival in late october. In just 6 short months, they doubled, then tripled in size. Leonard Cicciarello is Los Santos' "Boss of all bosses."
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