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  1. This thread will follow the story of a Timothy Warren, a qualified Librarian and dedicated Grandfather, in his final years before retirement.
  2. Fair enough. I'm just not sure if this needs ooc regulation and more so just reporting individuals.
  3. In the grand scheme of things, does it matter? As with most things, the people who do this unrealistically will just find something else to do unrealistically if this is regulated OOC and the people that use them properly are the ones that it effects more. People wear dumb shit sometimes. Ive seen people in shorts and vests during snow, ive seen people in hoodies and jeans and wrapped up in layers during heat. Is it common? no. Is it possible and due to personal preference? Yes. If you see someone dressed stupidly just take it IC and laugh at them or tell them to remove their mask in your businesses. Dont think it needs ooc regulation. See really bad portrayal? Report it like with other things.
  4. I don't think you've read the OP - the entire point of this discussion thread was to say "just because you can, doesn't mean you should." This isn't about never using a gun. OP is trying to tackle the problem of those who DM and use their gun for everything rather than being more creative with it. That's it.
  5. Now you're just nit-picking and I'm not even entirely sure what point it is you're trying to make. Not too sure if we agree or not so let's leave it at that - my point from my first post still stands. Person A insulting Person B, and Person B resorting to violence by instigating a fight with A, and then one of them pulling a gun over an insult is petty as hell. The only situation I can justify this is in gang culture where it's mostly immature teens who do behave recklessly and are more prone to using a gun.
  6. Well of course, goes without saying that any type of serious harm is bad whether its with fists or a knife or a bullet. But I think you missed the point and took it a little too literal within the context of this discussion. Hence the second part of that paragraph where I say that "shooting should be a last resort" - e.g. fearing for your life. Someone getting into a harmless drunk brawl at a bar or using a fight to knock out some frustrations shouldn't always end in a dead body tho, just like it doesn't irl. Think most of the world would be dead if every heated conflict turned into a shoot out based off of "fear of life".
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