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  1. I couldn’t say it better!
  2. I think the falling through the ground can be fixed and it's not a "nothing" there. It's a little community where you would be able to roleplay that you're going in a vacantion or, who knows maybe settle down there.
  3. Alright, not Cayo Perico but what about Ludendorff?
  4. So by any chance it won't be possible to be added?
  5. As you can see in the video, it's not that hard, and it's possible as I heard. It's all about an IPl.
  6. Detailed Description : In my opinion, this island, Cayo Perico would help both direct and indirect character development of the players on this server. First of all, it would be a benefit for players playing in an illegal faction such as a mafia/MC, even gangs. That place could be a very good source to get drugs and even some weapons. Secondly, on the other hand, the island would be a very good place for people willing to roleplay as fishermen. Being an island, they would be able to catch different species of fish, species that would not otherwise be found on the San Andreas coast. Thirdly, the island could be a suitable place for people who would like to role-play as a scuba-diver. In a place like this you can find quite a lot of interesting stuff underwater, but you can also find it on land, if you don't want to roll as a scuba-diver, just as a simple person on a holiday. Relevant Commands/Items : Nothing.
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