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  1. I didn't say its the only way. You can use /gps as well. But I bet if I did a research study on the net profit of businesses with /bad and businesses without, those with /bad have much more profit.
  2. I get it that it gets suggested often, and that is very important. People want change. So we should just not silence ourselves, but keep pushing for change.
  3. Flex items such as number change, or plate change, are fine, and they do not give you a competitive advantage over others, but this does. This gives you the ability to earn more money than someone else by exposing yourself more, also it shows up on discord.
  4. Short description: Remove /bad from donator perks and make it available to everyone. Detailed description: We have all scrambled last minute to find a donator so that they can do a /bad for our business, whether its a restaurant, club, bar, book store, etc. I feel that this server is really good managing donators and making it not a P2W (Pay-to-Win). But this perk gives donators an IC advantage over non donators. In order for your blip to show on the map and have people easily navigate to your business, you need to pay. This limits a lot of the community in their pursuit to becoming successfull business owners. Some people can't afford to spend 15 euros a month in order to advertise their business on the map, which is really important to the success of a business in GTA World. If your business doesn't have a blip on the map... barely anyone is going to find out about it. I think that this would be a big hit for Nervous, since I feel that this is one of the main perks that people look for in donator packages, which would reduce sales, BUT, it limits the RP capability of some players, giving advantage to those who pay. So what can you guys do about it? Instead of making it a donator perk, you can drastically increase the price that the /bad costs. If you want a blip in your map, maybe pay $1,500 dollars for it, or a value that you guys think should be fair but expensive. This will level out the playing field, and allow people who can't donate, to compete with those that can. A RP server shouldn't limit your RP capabilities by making it P2W. /bad being a donator perk does limit the RP capabilities of players, as they cannot attract enough players to their business, to earn money. Commands to add: None Items to add: None How would your suggestion improve the server? I pretty much detailed it above, but long story short, it will allow any player to compete with each other without having to invest real money into the server. Increase overall RP quality. Additional information: None
  5. San Andreas Ave - Floor 3, Room 3 Vespucci Canals Pictures Information of the apartment: Starting Bid : $ 220,000 Increments : $ 10,000 Buyout Price : $ 275,000
  6. Sure I'd love some free WP.
  7. nevermind thought it was a house
  8. nachorn

    Formula 1

    Yeah I feel that Sainz must be regretting changing... I feel like next year McLaren will be in the top field, as they are basically top of the midfield right now.. And Ferrari seems to be going down... so I don't know.
  9. nachorn

    Formula 1

    I'm really liking the looks of McLaren for this season... as an Alonso fan, shame to see it happening now and not before
  10. Good luck selling for 150, I've bought one at 105.
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