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Found 5 results

  1. EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES The Mixing House is proud to announce the beginning of its employment and training program. Our aim is to employ both experienced staff as well as people beginning their journey in the professional world by providing them with a stable work environment, a competive salary, on-the-job training as well as other benefits. If you are interested in a career with our organization, please read on. Bartenders - currently hiring Do you love alcohol? Interacting with people? Mixing drinks? If so, this position is right for you! As a bartender for The Mixing House, you will be responsible with serving alcohol, processing payments, mixing drinks and cocktails and making our guests feel at home! The job is easy but in order to streamline the process, we will provide you with the appropriate training and a booklet containing all of the required information so that you can go on shift with peace of mind, confident in your own abilities. → APPLY: If you are interested in applying, please copy-paste the format below and send it by email at [email protected] (( CLICK )). → APPLICATION FORMAT:
  2. Los Santos Meteor is open under new management and is looking for RELIABLE and hard working dancers, bartenders and security. We will need you to be able to commit to working two hours between (but not limited to) the hours of 8pm and midnight, and we plan to open three or four times per week. Shifts are planned through our own app and work is given out on a first come, first served basis. Pay is competitive and paid at the end of each shift. Please call or SMS Santi on 2802 or email [email protected] ((discord: Reklaw#1909)) for more information. We look forward to hearing from you.
  3. JOB LIST EXOTIC DANCER OPEN Salary: $4,000 / hr + 50% of all tips BARTENDER OPEN Salary: $4,000 / hr + 50% of all tips GUARD OPEN Salary: $4,000 / hr + 50% of all tips PROMOTER OPEN Salary: $4,000 / hr + 50% of all tips ESCORT OPEN Salary: $4,000 / hr + 50% of all tips FOR HIRING PLEASE CONTACT [email protected] ((@nachorn)) with the position you are interested in, or call #12000.
  4. Short description: Basically, I've been bartending a lot, and I thought that a really good idea would be to set up a school for bartenders, and at the end of the "school", you would get a certified bartender license. Business owners will be able to request them to hire bartenders. Detailed description: The way it would work it is this: A certified school with a bartender teacher (me) that would teach people how to bartend, prepare cocktails, learn about the different types of alcohol. The school would offer a course that allows players to obtain information about bartending, and at the end of the course, there will be a final exam. This exam will be prepared by me. If passed, the player will receive a license, a certified bartending license. This license would be mandatory for bars, and clubs, to run properly and legally. In the case that a bartender at a certain club during the night, does not have a license, and the cops show up, and they find that the bartender does not have a license, the club will be issued a fine accordingly. The course will include training, a final exam, and the license. Prices not determined yet. If the course is failed, you can redo the course and the final exam for 50%, and every time you fail, the next price will be 50% of the previous one. Commands to add: Not too sure, since licenses probably have their own commands, but maybe /givelicense bartender (id). Items to add: Bartender License How would your suggestion improve the server? It will add more RP experiences to the community, as well as create more operational difficulties to club owners. Club owners will also face the risk of hiring a licensed bartender for more money, or an unlicensed bartender for less money, but with legal consequences, if caught. I feel like this addition will contribute to the RP of the server greatly. Additional information: Idea by nachorn Francesco Ricci I'm a good bartender, and I have some people that can back me up on that, so it would be good if I could be the head of licenses for bartending. I would first start by myself, and then as time passes, hire other licensed bartenders to be teachers.
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