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  1. Selling my Pfister Comet SR - unique model. Come with SR performance package and other legal modifications. ((OOC STATS: )) Asking price: $160.000 Contact me via E-MAIL ((forum PM)) or Phone: 7133272
  2. Declasse Burrito Van A great runner for long hauls and moving heavy equipment or just making deliveries. Low Miles and well looked after. Starting bid: $40.000 Buyout: $65.000 Owner reserves the right to sell before bidding ends (OOC)
  3. [SOLD] Karin Asterope RS Performance package Low Mileage Low VIN CALL/SMS me on [email protected] ((Forum PM)) or #6921 More pictures of the vehicle: ((OOC vehicle stats:))
  4. Asking price: $180,000 I am selling my beautiful Declasse Granger 3600LX, well looked after and in excellent condition. It comes with some engine modifications and transmission boost to go with it. When you roll up to an event, people think you're an important individual with this vehicle. It's rarely seen on the roads too. (( OOC Stats: ))
  5. The Rebla GTS has just under 800 miles on the clock, it has one of the best security systems installed. The security includes a remote kill switch and a tracking device. The Rebla GTS also has performance upgrades done such as more horse power and a stronger braking system. Buyout price: $200.000 (( OOC Statistics: ))
  6. 2018 Obey Tailgater S PREVIOUS OWNERS REVIEW: For sale is my 2018 Obey Tailgater S which was orginally on a finance plan over a year but recently got money from family which meant I was able to pay off the last four months of the payments on the car. The car has not been ragged in any sense, it was previously on coilovers but I took them off because it was just ruining the ride completely, but I've thrown 30mm lowering springs on all around which have done no harm to the ride it's self, obviously it's a little stiffer and sits lower, you don't really notice the difference until you're taking corners and it sticks a ton more than it would usually, but I'm willing to include the coilovers in the sale followed by a set of grey RPF's which I had on the car a few months, I'm selling the car mostly because I need something less fancy for the drive that I'm having to do for work every day as it's just stacking up the mileage on the car. Spec list is below. Car: 2018 Obey Tailgater S APR Stage2 (385hp/505Nm, 2.0 Turbo) Performance: 0-100kmh(62mph): Estimated 3.7 seconds Color: Amalfi white Location: Paleto Bay (Willing to drop it off though) Engine tuning: APR Stage 2 ECU, APR Intake, APR Intercooler, APR Downpipe, ECS Resonator Delete Exterior tuning: front lip from Method Effects, rear wing from RW Carbon, Honeycomb Grille. Security: Reinforced locks, modern alarm system which'll notify you if the alarm is set off, it also has a mobile kill switch which allows you to track and turn off the vehicle if it was stolen. Bad points: Admittedly, the car has a few stone-chips in the hood as this car was used to get from Paleto to LS daily, so it's gathered up, I believe the exhaust is slightly blowing from the manifold to the center-pipe as it's gotten a little bit louder from beneath my feet when driving the car, a rather easy fix for anyone who's got time though. The car was also previously in an MVA, where the front-end was mildly damaged but has been repaired to a high-standard using OEM parts besides the grille which is as mentioned before as a honeycomb grille, As the bumper, the left headlight grille and license plate was destroyed or broken beyond repair. besides that the car is solid with zero issues, just had four new tires as the rear two were close to illegal. (These have been noted in the price, what you buy is what you get.) Looking for $120,000 ONO ((OOC Details))
  7. Selling this 1970 Dominator Classic! Full Performance package along with Turbo system! ((( OOC Information ))) Starting Price: $160,000 Buyout: $195,000 Format: Name: Phone Number: Bid:
  8. For Sale 101 Occupation Avenue - Floor 1, Room 14 Sale price: $250.000 $200.000 Offer's considered. No sale can be given until after midnight 08/08/2021 Owner reserves the right to cancel/remove advertisement at will. Located in a relatively crime free area. Close to many shops and bars in the Burton area. ((OOC INFO))
  9. Starting Bid: $240,000 Buyout: $280,000 Selling a beautiful low mileage (100 miles) Pfister Growler, one owner from new and has been regularly maintained and looked after. It comes with Pfister Performance package.
  10. Appartment for sale! Lovely view from the top floor, with an option to rehabilitate the balcony. https://imgur.com/a/6zvgwvZ Market Price: 90,000 Furniture Price: 40,000 Starting bid: $140,000 Buytout: $180,000
  11. Vapid Flash GT Asking price: $155,000 * Custom Plate, Performance & Security INCLUDED If interested or would like to offer, please comment below.
  12. Vapid Scout - Asking Price: $75,000 SOLD Bravado Gresley AWD - Asking Price: $70,000 Bravado Gauntlet - Asking Price: $75,000 SOLD Willard Custom Faction Donk - Asking Price: $75,000 SOLD If interested in a vehicle(s), please comment below.
  13. Ocelot Jackal The Ocelot Jackal is a type of Coupe Vehicle. The Ocelot Jackal is considered as a Coupe although it has 4-doors, suggesting that it is a ‘four-door coupe’ or a fastback sedan. The overall performance of the Ocelot Jackal makes it an excellent choice for a daily vehicle. It corners surprisingly well for such a big sedan. This vehicle comes with Performance & Security package. Asking Price: $88,000 Email me at [email protected] (@Talia) if you are interested in buying this vehicle or Call 6865797.
  14. Single family home with separated garage for sale in Mirror Park. Seller reserves the right to deny buy out offers at their discretion. Until the sale is confirmed, all offers will be considered. Starting Bid: $1,000,000. Buyout: $2,000,000. Any bids with less than a $50,000 increase from the prior will not be considered. (( Marketplace Value: 207,000 - Furniture price: $0 / N/A - Empty interior. )) (( OOC Pinfo AS REQUESTED: ))
  15. Selling quaint two bedroom apartment in the heart of West Vinewood. Apartment has full kitchen, full bath, and a living room to accompany the two bedrooms. Market Value: $110,000. Pictures below! If interested, please send me an email ((forum PM)) to [email protected] Thanks!
  16. Hello everyone, who's reading this. I've got my apartment at one of the most crime-free neighborhoods complexes - Tinsel Towers, that i'm willing to trade or sell. I'm seeking for any standalone houses in Los Santos and any offers will be reviewed. Preferable areas for a trade are: Vespucci Canals, Mirror Park, La Puerta, but any other offers are acceptable for discussion as well. With this offer, i may add extra cash above, so our deal would be more suitable for both sides. Talking a little bit more about my apartment, it contains: 2 bedrooms (master and guest's bedrooms), which are located nearby. 2 dining rooms, separated from each other (one is located closer to the kitchen, another is close to the panoramic window and piano). Huge kitchen area for all your cooking experiments and any desirable dishes, that you may cook there. Magnificently cozy TV area, which mostly looks like Cinema! Office, so you may work right in this apartment. Studio, which contains a bar and a dance floor and real DJ decks and mixer! Another standalone bar, which is located close to the "Cinema area", so you may serve drinks right in the middle of amazing movie for your friends! One bathroom, which contains your very own shower cabin, aesthetic bath and your washing machine (with drying function). Amazing hall with animated screen, so your glance would be attached to the waterfall on it! Automatic lights, which would makes this place even more comfortable and suitable for living. This whole list of places contains just in one place and you may become it's owner today! How? Let's proceed to the circumstances. Trade offers are preferable, as it was mentioned above. Minimum bet is: $700.000. Every bid's step must be raised for: $10.000. Buyout price is now set on: $900.000. Current bid: N/A. If you're willing to place your bet - you may do it below. For any trade offers, you may comment about them below or privately, via phone or E-Mail. Contacts: Phone number: 6-6-6-4. E-mail: [email protected] (( Forum PM )) Exterior picture. Interior pictures. (( OOC information ))
  17. Weazel Plaza - Floor 24, Room 2 Located in the highly sought after Rockford Hills quarter, this beautiful building has been designed with exceptionally high standards to offer luxurious living throughout. Originally designed by Russo Architecture & Design, Floor 24, Room 2 is an elegant three bedroom penthouse apartment on the twenty fourth floor of this elegant, luxurious tower block of apartments, newly refurbished to the highest standards and set behind a magnificent marble fronted period building in the heart of Los Santos. Accommodation includes a large, modern spacious kitchen with a dining area, two master suite bedroom, a guest suite, a large walk in bathroom. Photos Starting bid: $650,000 Bidding Increment: $10,000 Buyout: $970,220 ((OOC Information)) All communication with the seller must be done in this listing, either that or via e-mail. ((Forum PM))
  18. OEM Vapid Performance™ Torrence SSO Asking price: $85,000 SOLD
  19. FOR SALE! RUSH!!! Apartment in 1 Rub Street - Floor 2 Room 6 RUSH!!! STARTING BID: $80,000 BUYOUT: $99,000. Negotiable. Looking to sell spacious 2 room apartment in 1 Rub Street, Floor 2 Room 6 with balcony overlooking the surrounding waters of La Puerta and Rub Street. Leave all offers below! Would like to get rid of this ASAP. Apartment is open for viewing. Email me @[email protected] ((FORUM PM: ogsherm)) for questions. ((OOC INFO))
  20. Modifications: ECU Chipped Ventilated brake rotors Lighter flywheel replacement DCT Transmission Alarm system Upgraded locks ((OOC)) Starting: $160,000 Buyout: $190,000
  21. A beautiful example of a Vapid Caracara 4X4 similar to the one shown in the images below for sale. It has around 200 miles, has an excellent performance & security package + anti-theft system. The truck is in an excellent condition, it's a beast off-road and is cheap to insure ($62 per day). The vehicle has been cared for and maintained by myself, it's been a great vehicle but it is time to move on, I have nothing negative to say about this vehicle other than I would like to sell it ASAP so I can buy my next vehicle. The asking price for this is $120,000.
  22. Market price: $115.000 (( Furni worth: $66.973 )) Starting bid: $190.000 Buyout: $410.000 Apartment The apartment is recently renovated and consists of an open planned living, dining and kitchen area, a master bedroom with ensuite, a guest bedroom and a large bathroom. The apartment also comes with a covered parking spot underneath the property, and a Toshi alarm. If interested, comment below or contact me on my email! [email protected] ((Forum PM )) Area The apartment is situated in the peaceful area of Alta, virtually no crime in the local area and close to all major amenities. Distance to amenities by car Distance to nearest bank: 400m. Distance to nearest hair salon: 380m. Distance to nearest clothing store: 250m. Distance to nearest 24/7: 700m. Distance to nearest hospital: 400m. Interior and documentation: Documentation (( /pinfo )) Interior
  23. STARTING BID: $35,000 BUYOUT: $105,000 CURRENT BID: $60,000 YES ! You are reading this right. One luxury bedroom at the All Swell apartment building, now for auction starting as low as $35,000, easily rentable, or use it for a holiday retreat. You must move quickly ! Email now for an appointment, you won't be disappointed... Email: [email protected] ((DM))
  24. Click here for pictures of the interior! Property Type: ApartmentAddress: 3402 Magellan Avenue Area: Vespucci Beach Description: A luxurious, modern, well-designed apartment designed by Russo Architecture, perfect for those who want both city dwelling and a quick walk down to the beach at a moments notice. The property comes with two bedrooms, a large spacious modern kitchen, lounge, bathroom and a large walk-in closet. Viewings are available, get in touch via #8814 to schedule. Starting Bid: $400,000 Buyout: $500,000
  25. 101 Cougar Avenue, Morningwood, North Rockford. Selling this apartment, discreet location at North Rockford. Asking price is $150,000 Buyout $175,000
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