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  1. Beautiful apartment in the 13th floor of Dream tower with a great view on Los Santos. Asking price is 200,000$, I'm open for offers, and I'm not in a rush to sell. ((Interior is placed above the tower)) ((OOC: ))
  2. Renovated apartment smack dab in Downtown LS. Real close to the DMV. Starting bid: $160,000 Buyout: $210,000 Minimum Increments: $5,000 Interior: Gallery OOC:
  3. LCS Nightblade Send offers below Performance Package and upgraded security ((OOC VSTATS))
  4. 🌟 Exclusive Luxury Living Above the City: Your Dream Apartment Awaits in Eclipse Tower! 🌟 Step into a world where opulence meets comfort in this spectacular apartment situated in the illustrious Eclipse Tower, nestled in the coveted locale of Rockford Hills. This rare offering is an embodiment of luxury and sophistication, with awe-inspiring views of the iconic Vinewood sign and the effervescent city below. Unparalleled Living Space Immerse yourself in the expansive 2-bedroom penthouse, each bedroom a sanctuary equipped with ensuite bathrooms, curating a private haven with high-end finishes and plush fittings. The elegant master suite provides a breathtaking panorama of the city, while the second bedroom affords tranquility with its thoughtful design and luxurious amenities. Dine with the Stars Experience dining on another level in a sophisticated dining area, where every meal comes with a picturesque backdrop of the renowned Vinewood sign. Enjoy breakfast with the sunrise, lunch under a sunlit sky, and dinner with the twinkling lights of the city - a truly unparalleled dining affair every day. Lavish Living Area An inviting, spacious living room becomes the heart of the penthouse, featuring floor-to-ceiling windows that bathe the space in natural light while offering an uninterrupted, cinematic view of the vibrant life below. It is a perfect blend of luxury and coziness, making it an ideal spot to unwind or entertain in style. Productivity in Luxury For the modern professional, the sleek, private office space cultivates an environment of productivity and focus. Conjure innovations, seal deals, or enjoy a quiet read, surrounded by inspiring views to spark your creativity. Wellness at Its Peak Prioritize your health and wellness with an exclusive gym area. Exercise in privacy while soaking in the inspiring city views, ensuring that your fitness journey is anything but ordinary. Elegance at Every Corner With an additional guest bathroom adorned with chic fixtures and finishes, you and your guests will revel in unparalleled comfort and style. An Iconic Locale In Rockford Hills, immerse yourself in a neighborhood synonymous with luxury and exclusivity. With proximity to high-end shopping, gourmet dining, and entertainment, your social and leisure needs are met and exceeded. 🌟 Embrace Luxury for Only $25,000 per Week or $90,000 per Month🌟 We understand that value is paramount, and we assure you that every moment spent in this splendid penthouse is a testament to unrivaled luxury and serenity. Your investment not only affords you a residence but a lifestyle that is immersive, indulgent, and above all, exquisite. Here’s your chance to live in a residence that mirrors the star-studded streets below. This penthouse is not just a home; it’s a statement, an experience, and a lifestyle, all wrapped into one. Revel in the luxury you deserve and step into a world where every day is extraordinary. 🌟 An Exclusive Offer: Become the Sole Owner for $1,350,000 🌟 We are delicately offering the esteemed possibility of ownership for this unparalleled apartment, ensuring that this haven of luxury can become exclusively yours forever. Envision a life where every day awakens with breathtaking views, immersive luxury, and utter tranquility, all encased within the walls of your very own penthouse. Owning this illustrious property is not merely a purchase; it is an investment in a lifestyle adorned with opulence, privacy, and meticulous design. It's a step into a world where every detail is a testament to luxury and every moment resonates with unparalleled serenity. Should the allure of ownership entice your senses, we invite you to engage in a private discussion with us. Our dedicated team is poised to curate a seamless experience as we explore this extraordinary opportunity together. We eagerly await the chance to assist you in navigating through the delightful possibility of calling the Eclipse Tower your forever home. To further discuss the details and facilitate a seamless journey towards securing your new home in the sky, our dedicated team is on hand to assist you. We invite you to connect with us at your earliest convenience to explore the endless possibilities that await at the pinnacle of luxury living in Eclipse Tower. Pictures (( /pinfo ))
  5. Starting Bid: 100,000$ Current Bid: N/A Buy out Bid: 184,500$ (May change if the CB is acceptable) Call: 58992570 Or Respond to the thread with your number.
  6. Looking to sell this beautiful fully furnished apartment in Little Seoul, right across the street is the Little Seoul LTD! Price set at 350.000$ or the highest offer, if multiple people are interested. Perfect for a single person, couple or turn the gym room into another bedroom for your roommate! Entry door - Goes right into the kitchen Kitchen - Big enough to actually cook, and with all the equipment you'd need! Living room - Just past the kitchen, big comfy leather couch with a smart TV on the wall, easy to bring whatever for guests from the kitchen! Small hall - the 2 other rooms are here, along with the bathroom at the end, basic equipment like the washing machine and dryer Bedroom - Double bed, a desk with a computer (I'll leave it all here for you :D) along with a little couch for a pet! Home workout room - Can always be turned into the second bedroom or an office! Bathroom - Bath for long, warm or romantic with a view to the outside! Shower also in the corner on the right. (The window has blinds to close) (( OOC informations!! ))
  7. Albany Alpha! Selling my Alpha with a heavy heart. This car has served me well, but time to move on as it doesn't meet my needs anymore. Noteworthy upgrades: -Swapped the engine for a bigger one. -New transmission -Turbo Installed -Lowered Suspension -Racing Breaks -Tinted Windows -Aftermarket Alarm -Aftermarket Lock -Antitheft Technology About the car The engine is in good condition, as I recently swapped it. The car itself has 490 miles on the counter as of writing this, could be slightly higher when sold. It runs on petrol, so no electric crap breaking down on you when you need it to just work. Insurance just expired, if I reinsure it, I will let you know. Price - Starting Bid: 80.000 - Buy Out: 120.000 Contact Information Phone: 19006969 Photos ((Vstats))
  8. Jax


    Selling a well kept Karin Ariant. Registered & insured. Security measures pre-installed n' renewed. Four door vehicle. Asking price: $70.000 (( OOC INFO: ))
  9. So as it states 37 Grove street for sale Price is to be auctioned off Starting at 100.000 USD buyout:450.000 Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/0QbxVnu
  10. (( )) Starting Bid: $170,000 Buy-out: $225,000
  11. Weazel Plaza Apartments, the pinnacle of good taste. 1 Bed, 1 Bathroom Washer/Drier in building Private parking garage for tenants Market price: $250,000 Furniture worth: $325,364 Starting bid: 750,000 Buyout: $1,075,000 EDIT: SOLD Exterior pictures: This apartment is situated on the twentieth story of the beautiful residential complex Weazel Plaza in an ideal location in Rockford Hills, at the crossroads of Portola Drive and its designer stores and the vibrant and pedestrian North Vespucci neighborhood.The building is accessible solely to tenants with a keycard, and the lobby is continuously watched by CCTV. A built-in alarm system provides the unit with the highest level of security. Accessible through a private elevator landing and elegantly set back 217 feet from the street, this property offers breathtaking views of the city of angels from its four double-exposure corner rooms. This bright unit is distinguished by its airy atmosphere and the continuous illumination that warms the surroundings. The penthouse's floor-to-ceiling triple-glazed windows allow the owner to enjoy living on the top floor without being bothered by the sounds of the city. This luxurious duplex-style penthouse on the top floor incorporates raw materials, such as concrete and genuine bricks, in a mid-century influenced interior design. Internally, the apartment keeps the magnificent industrial character of the building and adds a touch of flair with gorgeous dropped ceilings and original pipework. The apartment is great for entertaining thanks to its open layout, polished oak parquet floors, and marble countertops. The wide, bright, south-facing kitchen features large, towering windows with views of Rockford Hills and plenty of natural sunlight. The mahogany cabinets cover the walls elegantly and conceal the appliances for a unified appearance. Bottom level pictures: The penthouse's upper level is a place of seclusion and leisure. In addition to a tiny sitting area next to one of the unit's characteristic towering windows, there is floor-to-ceiling storage in an invisible walnut closet. After passing through the door, a walk-in closet large enough for him and her leads into the spacious bedroom, which is once again bathed in natural light due to the double exposure. Again, there is an open floor plan, as the master bedroom confronts the gorgeous marble bathroom, both with breathtaking views of Los Santos. Upper level pictures: To avoid getting caught in Los Santos traffic or having to circle the neighborhood in search of a parking spot, the building provides its residents with a private parking garage. It is the most secure and practical option to keep your vehicles safe. Parking garage pictures:
  12. 2362 Bridge Street Floor 2, Room 3 A beautiful apartment outside a ten second walk to Mirror Park. Safe neighborhood. STARTING BID: $350,000 BUYOUT: 640,000 BIDDING ENDS: 4/1/23 @ 6:30 PM CDT INTERIOR PHOTOS BELOW. (( OOC: Property below.))
  13. Selling a beautiful beachfront apartment that's situated right along the boardwalk in Vespucci. It offers many local amenities. Fully furnished with two bedrooms and one bathroom. Starting bid: $288,262 Buyout: $528,262 Exterior: Interior: OOC INFO:
  14. A P A R T M E N T F E A T U R E S Located on Integrity Way, bordering Pill Box, this spacious apartment with two bedrooms and one bath is perfect for new aspiring parents whom have Wednesday Adams for a kid-- though not only limited to that. This apartment has a great creative atmosphere and is located right next to the hospital in case you are unable to make it to the hidden room. It could also be ideal for any aspiring criminal because of the hidden room feature, wink wink. All furniture is included. 12th Floor Exterior: [Outside] Interior: [Combined] S T A R T I N G BID : $ 550,000 B U Y O U T : $ 693,275 If you have any question regarding this post, do email me. ((forum direct message))
  15. Taking offers or alternatively e-mail via [email protected]. (( Forum PM ))
  16. It looks like the image above. It has all the latest security features, and much more... so you can park in Vespucci without fear. Starting Bid: 200k Buyout: 235k ((OOC STATS BELOW))
  17. Property Listing: 1243 vespucci blvd - floor 3, room 7 Property features: Spacious and modern living room, along with a kitchen. Beautiful and cozy bedroom, as well as a guest bedroom. it is also equipped with a security camera facing the entrance and higher security locks. Property Information: Starting Price: $200,000 Buyout: $300,000 Interior Pictures:
  18. This property has been sold. The listing has been removed per the new owner's request.
  19. Looking to sell this beatiful Cheetah Classic. This vehicle has top of the line parts, engine wise and security wise. STARTING BID : 450,000$ BUYOUT : 550,000$ Contact can be made through email. (( forum pm )) (( OOC ))
  20. Obey Argento Asking Price: $400,000 Low mileage! 201 miles! Plates "2 QUICK" Premium lock, alarm, and anti-theft systems installed! Premium performance package installed! Gallery: (( Vehicle Stats ))
  21. Pfister Growler For Sale Price : 200.000 $ Contact Me with offer ! Text me at : 6979497
  22. 2003 Karin Sultan Tuned by the original owner of Zazen Arts himself! Car parts acquired from Spitfire Automotive! A custom license plate to boot! Bid Increment: 1'000$ Starting Bid: 75'000$ Buyout: 100'000$ Additional Information The car has been well maintained throughout the years and extensive tuning has been done to make sure it performs better than the average Sultan. I know the asking amounts are pricey, but I have a sentimental attachment to this car and do not wish to part with it for a measly sum. With that in mind, any offers under the starting amounts will be ignored.
  23. Selling decently sized apartment in Vespucci. Address is 2 TUG STREET. The apartment is located on second floor. There are parking lots in front of the building, there's an underground garage ((uncscripted)) and the building is surrounded by marine. Selling the apartment because I'm moving to a house. Current price: $90 000 Pictures of the building Pictures of the room (( OOC Details ))
  24. LCS Nightblade Asking price: $50,000 - negotiable ((/vstats:)) Western Wolfsbane Asking price: $40,000 - negotiable ((/vstats:)) Contact 666505 or email ((Garrix#2569)) for more info
  25. Bravado Gauntlet V6 new gen, stage 2 upgrade, brand new 20 miles Starting bid: $70.000 Buyout: $115.000
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