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  1. I was about to suggest this. I think if this happens then someone should put in charge of running it this time so it doesn’t end up abandoned again. If ran correctly, think it would be a good way for players to run a business without totally needing to depend on /bad.
  2. Check out our official Freak Fest 2021 Photo gallery! https://imgur.com/a/EUUw2iM
  3. Fantasia is honored to celebrate it's 1 year anniversary serving the community of Los Santos. We'd like to thank everyone who has supported us throughout this past year. As we look ahead to another year we plan to offer the community more unique event opportunities, memories, and experiences. Thank you all for turning fantasies into realities.💜
  4. 1314 Palomino Ave - Floor 3, Room 1 Looking to sell my beautiful and fully furnished apartment located in Little Seoul. Offers off street parking along with pool access. Starting Price: $260,000 Buyout: $400,000 Call or text 4144 or reach out to my email at [email protected]((ChickenOffSky)) Interior & Exterior Photos ((OOC))
  5. With the addition of new clothing items a few months back we can no longer copy the server file clothing mods and transfer them over to singleplayer. I understand that some of the current clothing mods are in fact paid mods so it’s understandable that the files can’t just simply be given out. However, I think it would be beneficial for a list of all the clothing mods be made so that if people wanted to get certain clothing items into singleplayer they’d be able to find them.
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