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  1. If they were in a music video would that video be removed also?
  2. Blood Moon Brewery is dedicated to creating unity through the creation and distribution of alcohol all across Los Santos. We pride ourselves on offering a friendly, non discriminatory service for local bars, clubs, and venues across the city. By using locally grown and produced ingredients we continue to support other local business. A percentage of our earnings go to supporting local causes to further unity across the community.
  3. It’s pretty clear that a large majority of the population is in their early twenties. That being said, many of these people own a fair amount of businesses around the city or have high valued jobs in the city. I guess the question that has been pondering me is “Is someone in their early twenties who owns a business realistic?” I know this isn’t impossible yet something about it doesn’t feel accurate. I feel the same way when I see someone calling themselves a CEO while being only 22. Aside from this thought, I also feel like there isn’t enough age diversity in the city. I RP as so
  4. I honestly love his character. Karen however did not lol
  5. Is there at least some leniency if your character is based off a stereotype? I feel like it’s difficult to avoid it if you are truly trying to RP that character.
  6. I totally remember this interaction!! I’m pretty sure I was laughing OOC as well on this one.
  7. Awhile back I was RPing on a character where the whole basis of her was that she was a “Karen”. She was essentially an RP machine as she could go anywhere and stir up drama. Honestly, the most fun RP I ever experienced was playing on Karen. I had established a solid backstory and overall was very thorough with my RP. I had a lot of people PM me talking about how much they love the character and how they hoped to have more interactions in the future. HOWEVER, I would also get a bunch of messages from other players telling me that the character is stereotypical, a joke, and should be deleted. Pe
  8. Strengths: -I’m pretty good at including others in RP whenever I see a chance. -I create unique characters and ideas for RP. -I use Facebrowser as a tool to generate unique RP rather than shitposting. Weaknesses: -I have trouble describing things or coming up with good adjectives. -I’m fairly shy irl so it’s hard for me to figure out how to approach strangers ig in a natural way. -it’s difficult for my characters to make friends
  9. I was REALLY looking forward to getting into something like LSNN. I work for a news station irl as a camera man so I’m somewhat familiar with the writing styles and ethics that go into it. It’s really sad to see LSNN fade out of being relevant. On another note, what’s the deal with Weazel news? I remember someone saying something about how it’s off limits for the foreseeable future but is that true? I’ve had some ideas for a produced news show involving anchors, reporters, and producers but the lack of interest from other players makes me think it would be a wasted effort.
  10. My ideas: -all female biker gang - some form of cult - homeless camp -hippy camp
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