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Found 7 results

  1. Eclipse Penthouse - Floor 24, Room 2 I'm looking to sell my luxurious & fully furnished apartment in Eclipse Towers. Apartment Images: Bidding information: Starting bid: $750,000 Current bid: N/A Buyout: $1,000,000 ((OOC:))
  2. Weazel Plaza - Floor 24, Room 2 Located in the highly sought after Rockford Hills quarter, this beautiful building has been designed with exceptionally high standards to offer luxurious living throughout. Originally designed by Russo Architecture & Design, Floor 24, Room 2 is an elegant three bedroom penthouse apartment on the twenty fourth floor of this elegant, luxurious tower block of apartments, newly refurbished to the highest standards and set behind a magnificent marble fronted period building in the heart of Los Santos. Accommodation includes a large, modern spacious kitchen with a dining area, two master suite bedroom, a guest suite, a large walk in bathroom. Photos Starting bid: $650,000 Bidding Increment: $10,000 Buyout: $970,220 ((OOC Information)) All communication with the seller must be done in this listing, either that or via e-mail. ((Forum PM))
  3. avertisement posted by kostya2021 I'm looking to put my gorgeous second floor, park view, apartment on sale. Bedrooms: 2 Other rooms: 2 (living room/kitchen/bar, office) Bathrooms: 1 Balocony: Yes Parking: Yes Market price: $105,000 Furniture worth: $61,175 Starting price: $180,000 (Minimum) Bid increments: $5,000 Buyout: $250,000 ((OUT OF CHARACTER)) Contact: @areku-san, Ph. 50762049 Album:
  4. A beautiful and unfurnished apartment on the top floor. Includes private parking in front, and an astonishing view of many parts of the city, including the beach. Includes a single bedroom, a large bathroom and a large living room connected to a kitchen. Market price: $130,000 Furniture worth: $43,500 Buyout price: $433,500 Current bid: $200,000 Feel free to bid but please remember that the minimum bid increment is $10,000
  5. I'm looking to purchase any: High-end Penthouse Houses - Any location Please let me know if you are interested in selling yours. Contact information: Michael Beck [email protected] ((Forum PM)) 7739544
  6. Fancy apartment located on San Andreas Ave. very close to Vespucci PD Contains: - 2 bedrooms (main + guests room) - 2 bathrooms (main bedroom bathroom + separated one) - kitchen - living room - office - JACUZZI Photos: **expired link** ((OOC STATS)) Market price: >> $130,000 << Furniture price: >> $130,000 << Starting price: >> $250,000 << Bid step: >> $5,000 << Buyout price: >> $520k << In person visits only between: 2 PM - 8 PM ((server time)) Contact: 407-5365 & 2003
  7. Beach Apartment located in Vespucci Beach. Market Price : 140,000 Furniture Price: 143,000 Starting Bid: 450,000 Buyout: 563,000 Exterior: Interior:
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