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  1. Sure you can, they re called server rules. You can t make server rules forcing people to be straight.
  2. That's not what causes 3M house sales. The lack of a cap on them does. The new player with 200k has to play for 2 years before he can afford the Mirror Park House
  3. Ah yes because 4 man deep cars with auto rifles shooting cops is so realistic in 2022
  4. Sure, it is. But the question was: " Is the server realistic? " You saying it's a video game doesn't change the answer. It just provides an explanation for it.
  5. Dunno why you're taking it so personally. The thread asked if the server is realistic and the answer is no.
  6. No. A rookie cop sees more bodies/murders/shootouts in a month than an LAPD Officer does in years. The property market is absolutely FUBAR ( 300K houses selling for 3 million all the time ) EVERYONE in Davis has a gun. EVERYONE. Murders in broad daylight. Teenagers having no issue getting into shootouts with the law, when in real life it's very rare for cops to die to homicide in Los Angeles. They've lost more officers to COVID than they did in a decade of shootouts.
  7. If anything the 200K is too low. AM I just supposed to roleplay being homeless until I have enough money to buy a place? Properties are crazy expensive, houses go for 3 million. With a job like a LEO that pays 160k a month, you're looking at roleplaying here for 2-3 years before you can afford a house. That's insane. PM needs to start taxing people with multiple house HEAVILY and establish more rigid limits on how much you can sell a property for. A house that cost 300,000 $ when the server opened selling for 3 million is ridiculous. That's way too big a growth.
  8. A lot of people on this server have this attitude against detailed descriptions. Roleplaying is about writing not about playing yourself as a gangbanger. You're writing a story with someone else, and making use of the English language to develop your character through facial expressions, change of tone, small details like describing small flaws in their clothes or car or whatever should be the standard. People here are afraid of writing more than 250 words in an emote.
  9. Because a LOT of the roleplayers here had GTA RP as their first experience. They didn't go through communities like ESO/WoW/FF14/BDO where roleplayers write entire paragraphs and engage in detailed descriptions of characters, places, body language and so on. The amount of people on GTAW who can do that stuff is probably in the dozens.
  10. It's Powergame if you don't ERP My character. Why? Im just sexy, im alluring, im just perfect, You cannot deny that your character doesnt find my Character sexy, beautiful and just fucking beautiful. Like im just so fucking hot and sexy and silky and Perfect. You cannot Resist my allure, Im Tantalizing, so ravenous just fierce and passioniate of the fires. So you don't want to Erotic Roleplay Me because I'm a Male in real life? Lol, Talk about Powergame? Talk about Self Insert? You are such a loser if you DOnt Erotic Roleplay My Character, Honestly, I'm a female character. You're a male character. Duh, you want to Have erp with my character? Who cares because Im a male OOC? What does that change? What is that fair? Why are you trying to Cross the briges of Love between eachother
  11. MOST people break the law every once in a while. No human is truly perfect.
  12. IC. Not OOC. You don't ask for someone's anime backstory when you sell a house IRL. This is just state sponsored metagaming.
  13. Curvy doesn't mean anything anymore, I swear 90% of the server uses the big ass jeans be they 18 year old 50kg hood rats or track athletes or cops
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