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  1. Tell them in LA 1 cop died last year while in Los Santos we had like 3 cop CKs in the last 30 days
  2. A cheap shot/ambush makes no sense if you need to wait for the other party
  3. I am working 8 hours a day on GTAW too. I'm just not doing that actively/onscreen. No one wants to RP a crappy job for 8 hours. But the character still does the work and gets that money. And with that being said, 70,000$ for some cars we have is ridiculous.
  4. A 70,000$ car is pretty low range on GTAW though. Our car prices are out of control. Those 70,000$ aren't real life dollars. In real life you don't pay 60$ for a soda.
  5. You wanna talk realism? There'd probably be military-manned checkpoints when leaving and going into South Central if we were to apply it.
  6. Username: REEEEEEEE Comment: Hopefully the new DA doesn't support the running over of cops by garbage trucks
  7. You can t rely strictly on visuals for some actions because desync and misclicks happen. Emotes let people know that what they see is what you intended for them to see. Also relying on commands means knowing them by heart which is another issue.
  8. I wouldn't mind it if you could track the owner of the rental, which realistically you should be able to. But when all Rental cars have 'RENTAL' as their plates, LEOs can't pursue an investigation in any way. So either make it possible to track criminals using their abandoned rental, or disallow them from crime. But as it currently works, the RENTALs are the peak strategy for crime and that's silly.
  9. Looking to purchase a Benefactor XLS SUV, preferably with performance and security upgrades, though they aren't a dealbreaker. E-mail me at [email protected] (( forum PM )) if you are interested in selling.
  10. Cause the game is terribly optimised and pushes your CPU and GPU like a 2021 game instead of a 2013 one.
  11. Guys it's been a week, can I get an answer please?
  12. Big agree. As a LEO Roleplayer I see way too many youngsters committing crime and Evading cops with mom's car. As long as there's no Child Protection to curb this stuff it's silly to allow minors.
  13. Does this cover LEO characters using the /take command to grab a weapon from a car while in a shootout?
  14. On my LEO character I met a few really good homeless characters that were realistic and relatable without being the typical " Fuck the police I'm gonna shit on your car ". I've also enjoyed helping out characters who've been in an accident, taking them to the hospital and giving them a ride back home after getting treatment. Passive RP as a LEO is great when you have someone equally interested in it on the civilian side.
  15. My FPS in Davis has gone down by 5-10 and it was already unstable. Remove it. RTX 2060S/Ryzen 5 2600 You shouldn't need a 2020 CPU to play a game from 2013.
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