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  1. Rage is very unoptimised, I would recommend limiting your FPS way, way below 160FPS. As long as your FPS isn't capped, your PC will put in every resource available towards getting to your target FPS ( in this case I assume it's your refresh rate so 240 hz ) Pretty much any game that isn't CSGO or League ( with very low graphic requirements ) is going to heat you up when your target FPS is 240. I'm playing on a 144 Hz monitor but I limit to 60, which might not be what you want to hear, but I find that I don't need the extra FPS as much as I would in League or CSGO, where twitch reflex matters.
  2. So by this logic why are IFM admins allowed to take reports from other IFM admins? Or do we only employ 'fairness' when it comes to players?
  3. Wearing a mask while driving is incredibly suspicious, what?
  4. This isn't abuse of power, it's the law, dude. This is minor police brutality which is allowed. If a suspect gives cops trouble he can expect to catch an elbow or two. And what should they be scared of? We don't have bodycams. That's a two sided blade. Means criminals who shoot us get away with it and we also get away with some stuff. You don't have the right to see a lawyer on GTAW unless we question you. It would be completely impossible to play a LEO if you had to wait for a lawyer for 1 hour every time you arrested someone. In real life I'd just grab and/or tackle you but we don't have those ingame. Game concession. You can always report. But as a LEO for 3 years now I can assure you criminals PG while driving far more often. Anyhow, this server has so many restrictions towards cops and so much crime that it's only natural cops are overly zealous when doing their duties. If anything we don't have enough corrupt cops. When a cop lies on the stand or plants evidence it's treated as something incredibly rare. It should happen far more often.
  5. It's not an IC issue. It's an OOC one. This doesn't happen IRL.
  6. Those RPG-like systems become a chore in any game once the novelty wears off. It'll just be an item you consome and forget about.
  7. The type of person who thinks that emote is too long isn't a roleplayer and is only here to play himself as a cop/gangster. Just go to a Cops and Robbers server bro
  8. No, he just thinks it's some sort of ''gotcha'' moment. Damn bro it's almost as if civilians don't shoot at cops and murder randomly
  9. And I've had criminals who used /changechar and teleported somewhere else to avoid capture. And they lied about it in the report. And they got a warning. The only ones who get ridiculous punishments when they break rules are cops.
  10. Lmao are you for real buddy? How many real life tools the police has are disabled here so that criminals can get away with crime? - Most cameras are disabled - No facial recognition - OOC rules for helicopters - no phone surveillance - DNA/fingerprint gathering is pretty much non existent Criminal roleplayers break the rules more because y'all instigate. No cop or civilian ever shot a guy randomly.
  11. If it works like Names, it'll be almost impossible to [Low] talk to people in a car. I'd say just lower the range, making it LoS might screw things up.
  12. If you spent 5 minutes in the Player Report section you'd see how hilariously wrong this is. Illegal roleplayers get reported more because you get into pursuits and shootings more. And this is where most rulebreaking occurs.
  13. It's not an 8 digit code to activate it my guy.
  14. Huh? Bodycams would make getting away with crime way harder to the point where they're disabled for balance reasons.
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