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  1. To many guns and weapons available. Literally people start shootings over petty shit. The server would be more fun if it it was more centered around melee, bats and other weapons. Realistically have a brawl instead of a death squad killing up a block every 15 mins. Block wipes are absolutely disgusting. You'd be so fucked irl if you did that. If you drive around LS at around 7-8 PM ingame before the server safe, all you find is bodies, not just in south central but pretty much everywhere except for the county.
  2. As long as they don't break the rules, they can Ignore all they want. Its up to the ignored party to come up with ways to get interaction from the other party. Depending on your relation, if you are enemies and the guy turns around to walk away from you while you are speaking to him, Take it IC and show that your characters feels offended. Roleplay actions, For example grabbing his arm to stop the other party from walking away from you to stop them from ignoring you. They can't ignore those, as that would be against the rules.
  3. Just adding the DLCpacks in the folder above should work.
  4. Yeah, there are less robberies because people rp indoors due to them, but in turn that makes the server feel less alive.
  5. Username: Christianbeliever56 Comment: No offense, but these men and woman working for LSSD, in particular in TTCF are angels send from above to keep these devils away from population!
  6. Bid: 84.000 Number: 55267869 If you can't find someone to buy it from you for you chosen price. This offer stands. Contact me, if interested.
  7. Not experienced this myself, but I found this to be hella funny. https://streamable.com/sc8kuu
  8. I would love to see some more civilian jobs within the faction.
  9. I still think the amount of people that smoke Marijane in LA is still a minority compared to people who don't don't smoke. So roleplaying not doing drugs because they don't want to break the law or want to do drugs is quite realistic.
  10. Most overly played form of roleplay, People who still think Los Santos represents Los Angeles. For example, Canabis is still illegal in the state of San Andreas, While in Los Angels its legalized. Part IV - Category D Controlled Substances under Category D are: Cannabis Cannabinoids 506. Possession Of A Controlled Substance (M) Any person(s) who knowingly or unknowingly possess any controlled substance except when dispensed or prescribed by or under the direction of a person licensed by the state to dispense, prescribe, or administer controlled substances. The highest category in possession determines overall penalty.
  11. Love the system, I always come around to read cases. Wish I could be a part of it. in fact, if there was an actually existing Law Firm in game with a big office, That hired investigators and do depositions. I'd probably hop on that rp train, starting as a paralegal perhaps, just to get a feel for things. I have been enjoying the defense cases from @Power They have been really solid!
  12. This is really a bad way of seeing things. Roleplay does not improve based on the mentality of "Its just a game". We have a capable court system and government system. With your mentality these factions would never see the light of day. Realism is what drives roleplay servers and it is what most of us are yearning for when we roleplay, crime stats are the life line of any police department.
  13. Ryoichi


    Why are names hidden when one uses a payphone, but not when using a mobile phone?
  14. The only thing that bothers me about being robbed; they steal the phone with the number and contacts. This is just highly annoying. idc about the phone itself just let me keep my number and contacts T_T
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