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  1. I deal with inconsistencies in general by just going along with it without complaint. I understand that the time differences can be jarring, I tend to roleplay a day as a day but if you want to do something different I'll just go along with it because I'm not here to invalidate your fun, lol. It's better to think of this place as a canvas rather than a coherent world, in general there's very little consistency across the server. Factions operate in entirely different worlds from each other a lot of the time. The difference in tone and seriousness from one faction to another can vary massively. For example, comparing one of the gangs that you see in Davis/Rancho, where you get a sort of gritty portrayal of a L.A street gang and then comparing that to some of the more fluffy, slice of life type roleplay you see in a lot of nightclubs/cafes/bars; it's impossible to acknowledge both of these things happen in the same world.
  2. Username: Phoebe H. Comment: The decision to ban/delete HoodTapez was one of Facebrowser's worst to date...
  3. LATEST | NEWS Jamestown Projects enjoys an unusual quiet after Varrio Rancho 13 goes dark Targeted action by local law enforcement brings what seems like an end to one of Los Santos’ most dangerous street gangs. Is this a turning point in the city’s war against gang crime? By PHOEBE HOLTER LOS SANTOS - In the parking lot of Jamestown Projects, detectives from the LSSD’s Operation Safe Streets detail reflected on what was described as “years of campaigning” as one of Los Santos’ oldest and largest street gangs, Varrio Rancho 13 (often referred to as VR-13), appears to have finally caved under the pressure piled on by local law enforcement. Once the largest sureño gang in Los Santos, the street gang which once originated from the Jamestown Projects has recently been severely hampered through an effort which according to detectives has included “back to back arrests' ' targeting key leadership figures. “We've been applying the pressure, been going after their leadership, had a few CI's [Confidential Informants] relaying information our way” - Det. Leroy Miles, LSSD OSS The now, seemingly empty Jamestown Projects VR-13’s impact on both the local community in Rancho and further afield (both city and state-wide) is hard to summarise. Like most gangs in the area, activities included drug pushing, prostitution and involvement in robberies. Regular confrontations with rival groups, including other street-gangs such as the Rolling 90s Neighbourhood Crips, the Segundo Village Swan Bloods have often been bloody, violent and visible on social media platforms. "Naybahood Rulettes & Swanettes packing the FUCK out they enemigos, Rancheras. Left that bitch out COLD." - HoodTapez, Facebrowser High profile incidents have included involvement in the last year’s death of fifteen year old Nancy Rosales, who according to court documents was “a confidential informant for the Sheriff’s Department” and was “actively informing on the gang’s structure and leadership, as well as locations of stash houses”. Rosales was believed to be a member of the street-gang and was killed after having been pushed out of a moving vehicle on the I-4. In the gang itself, notable members have included Yvette ‘Lenta’ Rocha, leader of the female clique the Frontlike Lokas who was killed in a warehouse shootout with law enforcement earlier this year. She was believed to be involved in the killing of Rosales and originally charged with Capital Murder, but charges were dropped following a plea deal. Patricio Jiminez was another key player identified by law enforcement: “he had soldiers under him, he recruited everyone in the varrio” commented Sgt. Jonathan Medina. Jiminez was killed this summer during a similar shootout with law enforcement. Nineteen year old Anthony Ramirez, another member of VR-13, was the last person to be executed in the State of San Andreas before the death penalty was abolished in September. He was sentenced to death by lethal injection after having been found guilty of first-degree murder of a police officer. Standoff on the Davis side of Roy Lowenstein Boulevard, showing South Los Santos still has its issues “I can proudly say I put a couple rounds in her myself.” - An anonymous law enforcement officer commenting on the death of Yvette ‘Lenta’ Rocha But despite passing what seems like a significant milestone, there was little room for celebration, as the struggle to keep Varrio Rancho 13 under control has been a costly one for the department. “We lost our Sergeant to this street gang, believe it or not, it used to be unbelievably dangerous out here”, Det. Leroy Miles said as he somberly reflected on the efforts by the department to hamper the operations of VR-13. “Sergeant Bradley Pulento, may he rest in peace.” “Thanks to his (Bradley Pulento’s) sacrifice, people can now walk freely around here without having to look behind their backs.” - Sgt. Jonathan Medina, LSSD OSS Jamestown Projects residents (faces blurred) While absence of one of Rancho’s most prominent gangs may provide some temporary respite; in the greater bloody tapestry of gang crime in South Los Santos, it is little more than a temporary lull. Even though the Jamestown Projects may now be quiet, law enforcement is under no illusion that this is permanent. It is understood that the “last pockets the Rancho trece” are still active and a resurgence of gang activity in the area is possible. Eyes are cautiously locked on a number of other local gangs, with one gang in particular who lost a supply house during drug bust on Capital Blvd earlier this month being labelled as “a petri dish for the next Rancho 13” by law enforcement. “I don't know how this will ever end. This gang violence. Hell, I can't tell you if it ends, but where it started? Right here. Rancho, Jamestown.” - Sgt. Jonathan Medina, LSSD OSS . Do you have a story? Get in touch at [email protected] (( @books )) The Los Santos Tribune is a product of LSNN. Comments are enabled on this article Username: Comment:
  4. most of the riots that happened this year, most memorable one being when the lspd precinct got stormed, lol interesting mass events like that dont really seem to happen anymore, rip
  5. the rule needs officially changed to you can void it if both parties consent without an admin being involved, because that's how it works in reality and the current rule is kinda useless because nobody actually follows it and it's unenforceable when nobody involved actually wants to follow it
  6. LATEST | NEWS Ghost Guns: Vespucci raid highlights the difficulties of keeping up with Los Santos' firearms black market After a LSSD raid on a believed gang-affiliated property off Vespucci Beach returns a haul of untraceable 'ghost guns', we take a look at the efforts being made to keep illegal firearms out of the possession of local gangs By PHOEBE HOLTER LOS SANTOS - A noise complaint made by concerned local residents during what was believed to be a targeted burglary by a rival gang on a quiet apartment overlooking Goma Street led to a haul of ‘ghost guns’ being seized from the property by local law enforcement. Los Santos’ perennial affliction with gang crime has a visible impact on almost every corner of the city and the busy back streets leading off the city’s famous beach make up one the Los Santos’ many hotspots of gang activity. The collapse of two notable Sureno gangs (Goma-13 and Vespucci-13) following targeted arrests made by the LSSD Operation Safe Streets gang unit brought the area some respite from gang related violence, but the recent break-in and subsequent firearms seizures has concerned authorities of what what has been described as a “resurgence” of gang activity in the area. “About a year ago, Vespucci was flooded with violence... we, Operation Safe Streets, we put an end to those violent gangs by taking out their leadership.” - Det. Leroy Miles, LSSD OSS OSS personnel photographed outside of the Goma St. property October’s raid on the apartment by local law enforcement marks just another in a line of properties targeted by authorities such as the LSSD as Los Santos struggles to get to grips with the worsening proliferation of illegal firearms in the city. Included in the haul were several handguns (including a TEC-9, H&K P2000 and a H&K P7) along with numerous boxes of ammunition. “These could do some real damage on the streets” , said Det. Foster as the seized firearms were being displayed. “Lives are being saved here”. But while there was room for celebration at successfully busting and interrupting gang activity, those at the scene such as LSSD OSS Sergeant Jonathan Medina, were upfront about the difficult realities they faced in keeping illegal firearms off the street, describing the haul as “just the tip of the iceberg”, “Job's never done, in the grand scope of things, this ain't even a dent, not even a scratch” explained Det. Leroy Miles. “I wouldn't even say it's a dink”. Inside of the raided Goma St. apartment Fuelling gang violence in the city is the increasing number of illegally obtained firearms which end up in the hands of gang members. Semi-automatic rifles such as AR-15s are often straw purchased out of state, modified and then distributed around local gangs. “Not too long ago, we had a shooting in South Central involving up to three automatic firearms, one being a long arm” described Det. Rameriez. “Those sorts of weapons are typically rifles taken out of state”. But Los Santos is facing a new trend in firearm trafficking which is also being felt nationwide: the proliferation of so called ‘ghost guns’. Ghost guns are partially assembled firearms that can be purchased as kits online, lacking a serial number and therefore being untraceable. These are often sold legally as “80% receivers”, where the final 20% of the lower receiver is all that is required to be added for it to be fully functionable, so long as you have the rest of the kit and can piece them together (typically the trigger mechanism, barrel, stock and upper receiver). “We also got the eighty percenters, ghost guns that can be bought in pieces online, unserialized, untraceable and unregulated. The vast majority of firearms out there are ghost guns.” - Sgt. Jonathan Medina, LSSD OSS Alternative angle in the apartment, photographed right: Detective Leroy Miles The firearm kits enjoy a different level of legal scrutiny over the traditional routes, meaning those capable of sourcing the additional parts can essentially bypass existing restrictions in purchasing a firearm with the DIY kit. This is a key selling point for gangs, along with the absence of serial numbers. "In my own experience? Gun violence, violence using automatic weaponry, that's only escalated in gang infested areas. They feel the need to escalate." - Det. Rameriez, OSS LSSD detectives outside of the apartment. Left to right: Det. Burke, Det. L. Miles, Det. R. Foster, Det. A, Thomson, Sgt. J. Medina, As gang presence continues being an ever present issue in the city and certain areas (such as Vespucci Beach) are showing signs of resurgences of violence; the increasing presence of ghost guns is not at all welcome news to local law enforcement. “Intelligence, we've been building our arsenal by gathering information…” explained Detective Miles as he explained how the department can combat the current situation. “It's a walk, not a sprint”. The Los Santos Tribune is a product of LSNN. Comments are enabled on this article Username: Comment:
  7. the server is really heavily relying on strip clubs rn, it honestly feels like 3/4s of job ads are to work in strip clubs and 3/4 of active businesses are strip clubs lol pls give more options other than roleplaying sex workers there's just like nothing there
  8. I sort of get what you're saying but after having had a character in a company they hated, working alongside people they despised but still clinging onto their job because they felt they couldn't quit... I don't think I'd go through that again. Yeah, the conflict can be interesting initially but it turns toxic and unproductive after a while. There's always something else you could be doing with your time, so unless you're purposefully seeking out this sort of roleplay experience then I totally understand why someone would go 'yeah, not for me' when they find themselves in that situation. I don't think I agree with this. The vast majority of of job ads I see are for sex workers and night club staff. I've seen people involved in these small IC disputes just leave the server entirely because they feel there's no room for them elsewhere so I don't think this has to do with the job situation; just more people not willing to involve themselves in endless conflict roleplay.
  9. Echoing those who said they just want to see more political roleplay. I think I wasn't around when the political roleplay stuff on the server really peaked in terms of activity (that seemed to be with the mayoral elections), but I've seen a lot of interesting stuff since joining. The State Senate is a really well thought out project and I enjoy following it even as someone who's not involved in the SAGOV faction, it adds a great deal of depth and the server would be a lot worse off without it. It's one of the main reasons I've spent time playing here. I think my main issue is just that the politics that should fuel it seems to have fizzled out a little. I suppose that seems to really have stemmed from both the election just never happening and administrative intervention killing off bills that were polarizing/generated controversy. Over time it seems to have morphed into something that suits those involved in the day to day roleplay in the faction better (which has been said above), which is great in its own way. It's just unfortunate that the drama, controversy, and all the things that make politics gripping doesn't seem to be around so much. When I look through the recent bills I see a lot of things that yeah provide utility to other factions for sure (a lot of the more LEO focused bills are a good example of this), but also don't really have the same draw to them in the same way that the sex work legalization bill did, the abolishing the death penalty bill did or the marijuana legalization bill did in terms of political involvement. At that point I begin to wonder if there's much point in having the two parties, what big issues are they actually opposed on? Maybe you should consider moving away from the party system, rather than having characters switch parties randomly/not really seem to have actual party affiliation in terms of political stances? Extreme politics could be interesting but it'd be out of place were it near the Senate. If I was to suggest anything to spice things up, maybe just throw in some more polarizing politicians. We need moderates and we need people who really aren't so moderate, it mixes things up from a spectator's viewpoint and adds further depth. They don't even need to be actual Senators, even just candidates or party figures could do that. I really hope we do see elections again before the new year, at the very least a repeat of March's system couldn't go wrong.
  10. Pretty much all of them outside of nightclubs and government jobs? The server economy is set up so that the only people getting regular income are those who receive the government 'budget', whereas everyone else has to fight for scraps from LFM. A great example of this is that one PR guy in the LSPD gets more than the entirety of a legal factions monthly budget from LFM. There's really what, two legal factions that aren't related to the government? Then there's about 8-10 government related factions and about 20 illegal ones + all the groups? The 'legal roleplay' scene doesn't really exist on this server and that's because there's not really interest in supporting it by the management team. At this point it feels like your RP options are: stripclubs, nightclubs, LEO/EMS or being a criminal; there's very little actual depth to the server.
  11. the other issue from the perspective of a newer player is it's really hard to learn from good roleplayers when things are like this, but at the end of the day it's a game and forced interactions really are fun for neither party so if you want to just stick to your own thing then you should
  12. I really like the people who roleplay independent private doctors/general practioners/therapists. They're easier to access and I've only had positive experiences with them, I just wish there was more of them.
  13. There's about three people involved in press roleplay on the server despite the player base being roughly 2,000 people. Instead of sniping from the sidelines, why not actually approach these people personally and raise your concerns? I'm not involved in that faction. Nor am I involved in anything to do with that article. The constant OOC hostility the people who roleplay characters in this scene face is a little tiring, even when if it's not directed at me personally.
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