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  1. when i open up rage mp, no servers are shown And when i try to direct connect, i get this ive tried reinstalling several times, a vpn, all that
  2. You have to roleplay it, just like anything else, how you decide it causes your character to behave / develop after the fact is all on you. I don't want to roleplay my car being wrecked or injuries because a ricer comes and smashes into my car while I am going 40 MPH and causes me to do ten flips in the air, I don't wanna roleplay that because its happened to me a million times, do I have a choice? No, just like anything else you have to roleplay it.
  3. In my time on this server, I have noticed that illegal roleplay characters seem to be far more realistic and developed than civilians ones. There are a lot of bad illegal roleplayers who just want to dm or chain rob, but illegal rp also has a lot of 1+ ooc year characters that are extremely realistically developed as apposed to civilian roleplay. Most legal characters just seem to be job hopping from one job to another while also driving a very expensive car or the club goers who only wish to get into a relationship, or just straight up parody characters who are very troll characters that are praised for being unique.
  4. tortilla flats, i love the rp there and find it a joy to roleplay with @rambo @Phil @PrinceMalickand @Hanz every single day!
  5. ccw should be very strict, pf shouldn't... california has some of the harshest gun laws and i think the ccw system in game should reflect that, currently its super easy to get a pf/ccw
  6. It wouldn't be so bad if the rules weren't so complicated, they need to be simplified a bit..
  7. Everyone including civilians wore these pre-covid, especially if you had a flu or something like it, its common place to wear one of these.. Its not "suspicious" to wear one of these, especially due to growing pollution.
  8. There are 15,000+ robberies per year in LA, in 2020 there were 15,221 reported robberies... That means that there were 42 robberies a day that took place in LA, I doubt that GTAW experiences too much over that
  9. (M) characters are portrayed unrealistic! too much shooting! too much robbing! Every thread, you can't miss it..
  11. In my opinion /bad is fine, maybe make it so you can pay for /bad with in game money but have it be a decent amount so that it can't be over done.. As for mapping slots, if anyone has tried to map with only 50 slots, its rather difficult to do so, bump up furniture slots to 100 or 150 for non-donors and then if people want to do large projects or very detailed house mapping, they can do so by donating. I believe these two are the fairest options, rather than making it so you have to pay to equip a rifle...
  12. Any cop death should be a CK and any death to cop should be a CK.
  13. I'll speak on factions, because that's what I am most familiar with.. Some factions (illegal) only want people who are very skilled and have experience roleplaying whatever concept it is they are trying to portray, and there's nothing wrong with that. The way around this is joining factions that don't have this barrier and are more friendly to noobs and willing to help, a lot of times these factions are horrible due to the amount of noobs, but at least they are trying to teach them. For illegal RP most base ideas of a concept can be explained to a noob within a few days of roleplaying with them. As for jobs and stuff like that, I don't really understand the point of making a character already have the experience before getting the job, it could take maybe an hour to give a basic rundown of what you're supposed to be doing on the job, some such as PD/SD/FD you need to do prior research, but it shouldn't be nothing too tiring, just a few hours of research and you should be good for entry level positions. A good rule is to always research what you are trying to portray before you're doing it, so if you wish to roleplay doing a certain job, do a small amount of research so you aren't completely oblivious to the terms and stuff happening around you.
  14. Had a good interaction today with you guys today, keep it up dude! 😁
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