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Found 11 results

  1. It’s that time again, keep it civil please. For a long time, years even, this community has constantly consolidated around asking for a state police agency (no disrespect intended to SASP/SADCR/SANFIRE) with the capability to aggressively crack down upon one of the biggest issues that plague the server and have for a long time: traffic enforcement. With the most recent updates on the server supporting VIN numbers on vehicles and license plate theft, as well as stricter laws being introduced by the legislature to condemn street racing and poor driving habits, an opportunity presents itself for de facto agency to step into the spotlight finally in a limited capacity, at least to begin with and that is the San Andreas Highway Patrol. SAHP for a lot of us is a pipedream; it’s aesthetically defined from the current slew of agencies (navy, tan/green) with their tan/tan uniforms and black fleet with a legendary reputation in the law enforcement community, the culture surrounding the SAHP is extremely unique and not one you’ll find in either of the agencies we currently have now as well and we must remember that the chief goal at the end of the day is to portray and explore concepts we may not otherwise be able to, and the state trooper experience is one of those that is in high demand yet sordidly lacking here of all places. Other GTAW communities likewise have it within their purview and manage to maintain it alongside their much smaller playerbases in conjunction with the other agencies they have and with us being a server that regularly tallies over 900 players on average per night during the peak hours surely wouldn’t shift the meta dramatically to allow people to explore a concept they’ve desperately wanted to. I believe SAHP would be a fantastic addition to the law enforcement community and complete the trifecta of what we have now, as well as providing a more comprehensive solution in-character to aggressively targeting traffic infractions, patrolling the highway system, acting as a force multiplier in pursuits and investigating car theft rings. They could also have the added ability to provide protection and security to state government officials and state buildings as they do presently IRL. And yes I know H platoon exists but the actual executive protection of the capitol and state officials is left to CHP in the real world. Thoughts?
  2. This discussion thread aims at putting forward the community's ideas for businesses. Here are some optional questions to help set the tone: 1) - What sort of business do you find yourself wanting more of on GTA World? 2) - What types of businesses aside from clubs and bars would make the city feel less empty in your opinion? 3) - Are you pleased with the current state of the GTA World business scene? 4) - Do we need more server-owned businesses with some ''RPG'' elements to them? Or are player-owned businesses strictly the best option, or would a mix of both be better? 5) - Should businesses/companies move towards the county? Do you believe this would increase county RP's popularity? Whether or not you answer those questions, feel free to leave your business ideas below so that people might be more encouraged and share your thoughts!
  3. What are your thoughts on road traffic in GTA W? What's the biggest problem, to you? 1 - Should changes be made to traffic rules? 2 - Do you think vehicles should get a handling/speed revamp? 3 - What could improve general quality of life while on the road? Of course, these questions are optional, your opinion is what I'd like to hear first and is most important. Let's keep it civil please.
  4. Let me preface this by saying what I really shouldn't need to say; With that disclaimer out of the way though, let me get into the meat and potatoes. There's a very huge issue with balance that is being completely ignored in favor of a harmful mentality of cops versus robbers roleplay over realism in general. I do not speak for myself on this matter, I am writing this as a consensus for a very large group of friends and fellow players who have grown jaded and completely disillusioned with how utterly one-sided this server has become, and is continuing to become. Nearly every update is for the benefit of either Law Enforcement or Criminal roleplayers, with those QoL updates for the neutral side of things such as the Economy Update coming with some sort of price-tag. I have played on GTA:W since July of 2019, in all forms of RP: Illegal, LEO, Security, corporate - I have a character that directly benefits from the crime rate as a journalist. I am not speaking from inexperience when I say that the server, as of right now, is the worst it has ever been for anyone who is not roleplaying as a law enforcement officer, gangster, or a member of an organized crime group. The sole exception to this are those who log in solely to go to a nightclub, dance for a few hours, then bounce to the next. Those with blinders on don't count, as they're not the demographic on the server here to roleplay neutral characters that have actual development put into them. But for everyone else: We're out of luck, in every sense of the phrase. Make no mistake: This is not me shitting on illegal roleplay as a whole. I desperately want to see a GTA: World with an overwhelming abundance of good criminal roleplay. Those of you who are good criminal roleplayers know who you are. Your characters have development, feelings, they feel fear and shame for their actions, and they co-exist among the populace just fine. Many factions fit this bill, and the character stories section is full of these fantastic examples, yet the community is becoming more and more marginalized and split, even on an OOC level. Discussions such as these turn into shit-flinging competitions because it would "negatively impact" one side or the other, without consideration that there should be no sides. It's become almost entirely impossible to realistically portray a normal civilian doing normal civilian day to day things. You can't hang out in public unless you're in a big group, or you'll get kidnapped or robbed. You can't really open your business without a security guard of some shade present or some sort of dubiously legal muscle, as there's become a higher probability of being mobbed upon by a street gang for questionable reasons and having it written off as 'realistic behavior'. Squads of fearless fourteen-year-old warriors prowl the streets in blacked-out sedans with automatic firearms, waiting to jump out on the first unwitting individuals they find trying to go for a walk. Street performers don't exist because they'd get mugged every time they try to set up. Believe me, I have tried. The only place you're even remotely safe from any of this is across from the bank in Pillbox Hill, and even that's a toss-up recently. How are we meant to portray our characters, then, other than becoming shut-ins and living in fear of the third-world levels of street crime that have absolutely no end? Law Enforcement can't really do anything to stop it, and aren't always on to begin with. If a neutral character attempts to run away from MASK_1234_ABC, it's considered poor fear roleplay. If a neutral character uses their CCW to defend themselves, it's considered poor portrayal, because they should have just 'gone through with it'. But after the eleventh robbery or time being chased down by a gunboat- who wouldn't? How exactly are we meant to have our characters treat the abhorrent crime rate? Ignore it and move on? When even LSFD are overwhelmed with how bad it is, how are we as civilian roleplayers meant to treat it? Taken directly from the IFM census: The suggestion is always to 'take it IC and get your law enforcement to step it up', but LEO factions get so cucked with what they can do and swamped with work that that's a non-suggestion. I've been in one for a year, and have now left because I couldn't justify continuing to roleplay a police officer in a place with more deaths per capita than an active warzone. Crackdowns can't happen (Yes I know about the Chamberlain raid, first one in months), because it would be 'unfair', even if they're warranted and the parties being raided were being reckless enough to warrant it. Districts don't seem to matter in the slightest in regards to how horrible the crime has become in Los Santos. Rockford Hills is just as bad as Strawberry, the only difference is how far the Buffalo full of MASKs needs to travel to get there. There's no such thing as robbery-free zones; when a suggestion was made to IFM to propose one be established along Portola Drive and at Legion Square, it was shot down with the response that it was "realistic" for there to be this much crime anywhere on the game-map whatsoever, with articles linked to about the sparse robbery occurring on Rodeo Drive or in Echo Park as justification. Crime-free zones are basically ignored in entirety anymore. Ever since this ruling from IFM, robberies and kidnappings have gotten to a point to where there is little reason to exit one's home anymore, go for a walk - or do anything in public, for that matter. Quality has gone down, while quantity has skyrocketed at an alarming rate. "If a criminal perceives that the risk of robbing a target is too high, then they will not conduct a robbery" is wishful thinking at best, and geography absolutely does play a part in crime- but this was a decision made out of the hands of the community. The fact of the matter is, while being robbed does not take very long, it provides the party being robbed next to no development and is so over-saturated it's become tedious. This is why you don't see many businesses stay in business that aren't either fronted by law enforcement in some manner or somehow connected to an illegal faction- It's simply not worth the trouble anymore. While I hate to agree with ThatDutchPerson on anything, they were completely correct with this prediction in May. It's the new-year and that's exactly what happened. The majority of those who actually care who are caught in the middle are completely unhappy with how the server's going and has been going for at least the past year. Punishments for intentional bad roleplay, metagame, and powergame are light-handed as we're on a "learning server". Not long ago, my character was chased down and attempted to be killed with carbine rifles over stopping at a red light, because the gun-boat that saw them do it thought they were opposition for getting too close to the car they'd just shot to pieces five minutes earlier. The tail smashed their car into a concrete wall, was brake-checked and spun out, and promptly /vparked and /vg'd their vehicle (video enclosed), only to be handed a warning for this malicious behavior. Cases of looting dead bodies are so common, some don't even know it's against the rules. Fistfights escalate straight into gunfights when one side or the other starts to lose. What's the end of all of this, exactly, other than those who aren't involved with the ceaseless street-wars becoming uncomfortable with playing their characters, as many already are? The crime is so bad it's become a meme, both IC and OOC. Los Angeles is not a homogeneous place, it's a veritable city-state. There are differences in districts, every district is distinct- to the point that some districts are considered completely separate cities within the city. Realism should not be pick-and-choose dependent on how it best effects the 'cops vs. criminals' meta - and unrealism in crime impacts everyone, even and especially other criminal roleplayers who get grouped up with those who play the server like an RPG with civilian NPCs. There's another group that keeps getting either left out or ignored in these discussions, though: the monkeys in the middle, those who have noone advocating for them whatsoever. I patiently await this thread being locked after being bombed with toxicity, but it doesn't matter anyway. GTA: World is very unlikely to change for the better for everyone until something is actually done to come to compromise. EDIT: 19 hours in and we get our first few here who didn't bother to read OP and assumed this thread was unfairly targeting illegal RP. Thanks to everyone who have contributed to the thread so far, it's been much more successful this time around than any time before- and it's owed to productive discussion. Hopefully something's done about it for the sake of those who have been here a while, but especially newer players who will get bad first impressions. EDIT 2: It has been 24 hours since the posting of this thread. We have: 183 replies 6,451 views 69 positive reactions to the OP Had numerous great ideas crop up through discussion Had roleplayers from "both sides of the fence" agree there is an issue Had numerous staff members and retired staff members agree there is an issue Great progress has been made, but progress isn't progress unless there is a solution. I anxiously await an official ruling and I hope it's favorable for everyone. This isn't just a neutral roleplayer issue, as much as the thread's about it. Bad crime roleplay/crimegrinding negatively impacts illegal RP just as much, if not more- because it forces an 'us versus them' mentality upon those who are sick of it and assume all criminal roleplay is like this. Make no mistake: that was me a few months ago, until I left PD and tried it out myself. I then realized this wasn't a criminal roleplay problem, this was a shit roleplay problem. Please - for the sake of the future of GTA: W, start handing out harsher punishments for intentional rulebreaks and give us some low-crime or robbery/kidnap-free areas we can RP in. EDIT 3: Response from IFM. Good work everyone, we'll see how it goes!
  5. Whether you found it funny, weird, bizarre or interesting; What's one interaction you've had through RP with one or more people that you can think of at the top of your head? (If you have screenshots, even better!), stories are more than welcomed.
  6. What Graphics mods do you guys use for this server? I've tried NVR, and Mehikos modpack and the game closes without an error every time it is loading in.
  7. How do you guys feel about the cost of living being automatically taken from your characters bank account in order to simulate real life expenses, increase the value of money, and stimulate job roleplay? Discuss
  8. Hi! I just want to hear the player base's opinions on adding obligatory medical fees to healthcare. I saw some people mention the topic in other threads, but I've yet to find a recent one with a focus on medical fees specifically. It's not a suggestion yet since I've yet to hear sides to it I probably haven't thought of. (There's also some brainstorming about it already, I hear, but I received no response to my inquiries and still wanna' see what's up!) I feel like it would encourage being more careful of one's health, stimulate roleplay, make people's financial statuses more realistic, and in general, bring immersion. At the moment, healthcare is free unless a player roleplays having them and doing /charity to self-inflict a financial hit. This sometimes results in the person suing another for the fees, but that would border in powergaming since the player is the one coming up with the costs. Obviously, since Los Santos is based in the United States, this isn't exactly realistic. Imagine what an utopia it would be if professional healthcare was free and accessible! This is what I have had in mind: Fees for ambulances and medical care: > The ambulance could have a base cost* somewhere between $500 - $3,000. This would encourage those roleplaying poor to rely on other options to get the care they need, such as calling a cab or having a friend drive you instead. This actually happens IRL! // *EDIT: I realize the FD is in need of roleplay. The fee could either be low or 0 - I don't personally mind, as long as some other fee system regarding healthcare is implemented. I thought this would be fun and immersion-bringing, but may have less amicable OOC consequences. > The bills for healthcare would depend on what injuries are upon the character, roleplay- or scriptwise. This would require an on-duty FD, medic or other hospital staff member to assess it (according to a set procedure) in order for the cost to be realistic and non-PG, but a script 'base' price could be implemented for cases of emergency where this isn't possible. The passive roleplay would stay the same, but actually having money come in through the hospitals could invite people to roleplay staff. Someone detached from the situation counting the fees makes suing others for the costs more fair. > Private healthcare providers are given more range in the way they handle payments. Because non-roleplay hospitals are free and there are no 'waiting lines' or difference in quality of care, it doesn't make sense for roleplay-run healthcare providers to charge actual rates for their service. > Bills would have a time frame which they would have to be paid in, like citations. Insurance: > The fact that money actually has to go towards their well being would invite people to invest in health insurance. Wealthy or just comfortable characters could easily afford a monthly payment and dodge the worst of medical fees when it comes to it. The most basic form of health insurance could be a script implementation like car insurance, but because it's not obligatory, it could also encourage people to set up insurance companies with better benefits. Exceptions: > PKs; because a PK is always disorienting to go through and a character obviously cannot remember what led to them ending up at the hospital, they could not seek reimbursement for any medical fees. Still, some service fees could be applied so the point of looking after one's health is not completely lost, these still being lower than the 'base' fee for an injury one would survive. > 'Passive' healthcare like cancer treatments and other non-emergency, ongoing care taken to non-roleplay hospitals could also have set fees that one pays as they go, or could simply be roleplayed as this is a choice made by the player and not something that occurred through interactions with others. I'm not sure how this would apply into the system, if at all. I usually play somewhat poor characters as the struggle for money gives me incentive to act even in times where I don't feel particularly creative, and seeing money be so available and scarcely lost on things that would really damage your economic situation IRL is immersion-breaking, personally. I have no issue with people who roleplay being rich, but getting above the middle-class line is much, much more difficult than GTAW would make you believe, and I think some sort of medical bills system would bring at least some reality into the mix. Even the tips that show when loading up GTA tell you that having a dangerous lifestyle can get expensive because of the cost of healthcare... I want to hear suggestions, ideas and criticism from the other sides of the server, please! This is all based on my views of the situation.
  9. Please keep this discussion civil, as I'd rather encourage an open dialog rather than getting this closed in less than 24 hours. Tagging @Keane as this is part of what I feel should be more of a discussion of role play quality, rather than a suggestion. I put it in general so that this could be more of an open discussion rather than just suggesting a concrete rule change in the rules section. Two parts to this issue, one is not portraying the economy correctly and the other is businesses selling items at unrealistic prices because of the business bonus. This may be just me, but I'm going to put this out here anyways. Most businesses (bars, coffee shops, nightclubs, etc.) that have access to the business bonus sell products at or near 100% loss. Why isn't this an issue? Bartenders keep all the money from alcohol sales as their salary for the night. How does that make sense? Beers that sell for $60 in an alcohol store are sold for $30 or less in some places. Coffee shops sell products far below their actual value. For example, coffee shops selling coffees (custom made items) for $4, when they cost more to actually make the item through the custom item script. Donuts and sandwiches being sold for less than $10 when they cost much more than that in a 24/7. Business owners have no care in the world to sell these items at a realistic price point based on the GTAW economy because they don't care about the loss. This is not how businesses are supposed to run, in GTAW or otherwise. I believe this creates confusion as to how this economy works and leads to people expecting real world prices. This is why you see people complain about a $400 door fee, when in actuality $400 is nothing in the GTAW world. This is why you see people complain when a drink is $200 in a bar, because other businesses sell them for much less at a complete loss (because pricing doesn't inherently matter with the business bonus). It's not supposed to be based on a 1:1 real world dollar to GTAW dollar. For me, this is a huge issue and I believe it creates a continuity issue for this economy. If we're role playing inflated incomes (paychecks at $500+ an hour), we should be role playing inflated price points for everything else. If a sandwich costs $90 in a 24/7, it shouldn't be sold for $4 in a business. That's just stupid. It should be one or the other in this case. If GTAW administration is going for an inflated economy where it isn't a 1:1 real world to GTAW dollar ratio, then everything after that should be enforced as a role play quality standard. Businesses should not be selling items at a complete loss, they should be selling at realistic prices based on what they actually bought the item for in order to make a profit. That's how business works. Businesses should not be selling items for real world prices, they should be inflated to what GTAW administration have established as realistic within our in-game economy. If people want real world prices, then the economy needs to be revamped to reflect real world incomes and many other factors (which I don't think is feasible). There needs to be some intervention here as I have seen this get more and more common in-game with expectation of real world pricing, whether it is door fees, drink prices, custom product prices, etc. Discuss.
  10. Hello there fellow experienced gamers, I'd like to discuss this topic today to do a fair comparison between the two types of keyboards vastly available worldwide. I'd like to hear your points about the advantages and dis-advantages of using these two types, and I'm sure comparing them would be a good idea. I myself have been stuck with membrane keyboards for over 8 years now and I finally think it's the best if I upgrade to a mechanical. I'd really love some advise on this, such as what's the best starter mechanical keyboard and such! Any help is appreciated, a comparison would be the best. Thanks!
  11. I know this has been discussed at length in other threads, but what I'm trying to do here is come up with a legitimate system that ends with a compromise regarding PK's and value of a person's life. A player's value of their own life doesn't seem to have any sort of bearing on behavior in most illegal RP when you look at situations with gun fights, gang disputes, shootouts with Police, evasions, driving recklessly, etc. Why? The end result is a PK that is ultimately temporary and players OOC are aware they will just be able to /acceptdeath and start right back up again with zero consequence besides losing their items. So, in a gang shootout, players have no real value of life because a PK is just a PK. They forget it ever happened and go on about their day. Now just to note, I am not in support of getting rid of PK's in favor of CK's. I believe both of these tools have their uses in a role play server and as such function well here (CK application notably). I don't feel this server is hardcore enough to warrant just using a CK system. I do believe that there should be a split in the PK rules to allow for a "Value of Life" addition which compromises with both legal and illegal role players. The current rules discuss role playing fear, but they don't specify that there should be a value for one's life requirement. Here's where I'm going with this: Scenario A: I'm an innocent bystander riding my bike through gang territory. A gang shootout happens and I end up getting killed in the crossfire. Nothing really happens besides items lost. This is not a situation where fear RP occurred because it was basically collateral damage. This is a standard PK, through which current rules apply just fine. Scenario B: I am a gang member who has initiated the shootout in Scenario A. I have pulled my weapon and started shooting at other gang members over a territorial/gang dispute. Other gang members in turn, start pulling their weapons and shooting back rather than running for cover in fear of losing their lives. At this point, these players have disregarded a value of life rule in favor of engaging in a shootout rather than running for cover and getting away from imminent danger. Scenario B is where I'd like modified PK rules put in place for violation of a value of life rule. People could argue that shooting back was for the reason of fear for their lives, but I could argue that running for cover and preserving their lives would be the appropriate reaction if they didn't want to die. Choosing to engage in the shootout is a blatant disregard for their lives. I believe a PK is still the right thing to do, but I think there should be more harsh consequences involved for this specific scenario where there was a disregard for value of life. Here is where I feel there should be a middle ground compromise between a normal PK (server desync, bug, error, accidental shooting, & a number of other situations) versus a PK that involves a disregard for value of life. What those consequences are? I'm not quite sure. That's why I want a discussion about it. I believe there should be way more thought put into one's actions before deciding to act in a manner that would jeopardize their life. The "Value of Life" rule should specifically state that one should always value their life and if that value is disregarded, harsher punishments should be put into place. Discuss.
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