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  1. alternatively go jogging. make jogging outfits, go jogging down the beach walk in vespucci. anim running1, alternatively, anim copwalk4. i do this frequently among all my characters and i dont get robbed. stay hydrated
  2. I have a beach/canal-side loft available for trade, off of Bay Avenue, interior designed by Davis & Rodriguez. It features a garage departed from the building, a front oceanside patio area, and a canal-side balcony with a view. Here is a full interior gallery: https://imgur.com/a/TzwHO1y I offer this loft, with 125,000 cash. My email is [email protected] , please feel free to shoot me an email for discussion. ((Forum PM.)) Exterior Photos and garage:
  3. I cannot, although your offer will be considered.
  4. Selling my 2021 Pfister Neon, a glimpse of a not-so-distant future. FEATURES: Turbo S Model Performance High-End Aftermarket Locks High-End Aftermarket Anti-Theft Camera Side Mirror option 'Millennium Jade' Paintjob by OVC Registered in San Andreas Only 160 miles on the dial. Quite firm at 475,000. My email is [email protected] ((Forum Pm))
  5. Agree on this one!
  6. Since the last glasses guide hasn't been updated in 2 years, I decided to make a completely updated guide for current version and 1.1, including all new models, textures, and high res imagery at an angle to assist in profile. If there happen to be any mistakes, please feel free to let me know! I intend to keep this guide completely updated. It's about time you become fashionable, x. FEMALE: MALE: Thanks for taking a look! Hope it helps! xoxoxoxo
  7. Interested in buying the Dubsta, I’ll shoot you an email.
  8. is she a lesbian actually though
  9. If you have one available and for sale, please give me an email or ring! EMAIL: [email protected] ((Forum PM)) PHONE: 3100
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