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  1. Davis Architecture and ALYX Digital proudly announce Davis & Rodriguez Studio. Now conjoined under one name to output the highest quality project results available in the state of San Andreas. From paramount Architectural design to cutting-edge graphics, find your personal or business identity through Davis & Rodriguez Studio. The future of design begins today, exclusively through Davis & Rodriguez Studio. Request our services today. [WEBSITE]
  2. i love this!!! big support!! seriously is she lesbian though
  3. this is actually so nice, thank you so much!!!
  4. Username: johnnydang Comment: ((A video would be attached.)) https://streamable.com/up4s82
  5. Username: johnnydang Comment: this shit is so retarded im about to respond in another language 你知道我可以在哪里安装一些裸露的修改吗
  6. I'm a baker by career. I carry a firearm with me every day of the week. I don't live in a particularly dangerous town, nor do I do dangerous work. It is merely something I practice for a sense of security and safety for myself and my co-workers and family. It's an American right to bear arms.
  7. Username: johnnydang Comment: how much did he pay you for this comment
  8. Username: johnnydang Comment: alright boys lets take bets, whos 'suicide' is gonna be more real, epstein or oswald
  9. Looking to buy a Cheval Fugitive, preferably modified! Contact me! : [email protected] ((Forum PM)) PH: 3100
  10. This thread has a harsh lack of credit for who’s actually the talent and effort behind the mapping.
  11. two more!! im very proud of how these came out for the promo series, and im especially proud of selena for her work on her image!! Selena Winslow i only had very little editing in this one, mainly around color adjustment. but it was entirely created by @Selena , and im insanely proud of her for how well she quickly grasped photo manipulation! its one of my favorite in the series thus far, and i couldnt have asked for it in a better way. Brooke Taylor this one was really fun for me! i was very inspired by the icarus cinematic in Deus Ex, and S
  12. and so begins the promotional series for my salon, ICHOR Beauty. im suuuper proud with how these are coming out, i have quite a few lined up of many characters! its been super fun working with all these wonderful creators, but as a start to my promo ad series, i began with my own work: source image: post edit: i am immensely proud with how this came out, and i've held onto it for quite a while! (because i wanted to make sure i had a few more promos lined up before i started releasing them, leading up to ICHOR beauty's opening day.) so far i actually have
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