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  3. This is really fantastic. Eloquent east LS roleplay that easily defines the section itself. east LS needed this.
  4. there are many players who come to gtaw exclusively for the car culture, and they passionately enjoy the in-depth mechanic rp they perform for themselves and others. i think its incredibly selfish to devalue ones roleplay as simply irrelevant or a waste of time. you describe rp to be about interaction, but you fail to realize that interaction isnt exclusively with other people. interaction is with the environment as well. and for this point: 'A lot of the errands in real life and server aren't really relevant' understand that going and getting your car painted, customized, or upgraded in any real scenario is not just a normal errand. its clear that the concept of a garage to you is one in which fixes an oil leak, which yes, i agree is completely an irrelevant errand of life. but what players are asking of mechanics to perform on the server is not that in any form. for a community that is so quick to latch onto and villianize lack-luster or hastened roleplay, this thread really does encapsulate it's own hypocrisy. let the mechanics roleplay. if youre so impatient, focus on your idea of realism, and do what you'd do in real life: something else. walk away. dont watch over mechanics like a hawk. leave your car there, and go roleplay.
  5. i'd like to know what you classify as a relevant errand then, if garage rp is below your interests and expectations
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