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  1. One time is one time too many, even if it's hilarious
  2. we are a learning community !!!!!!!
  3. Alright, so I'm honestly not shocked it's happening, but a thread to address it is better than nothing. What the hell's going on with the new fishing script and people loading onto speedboats to rob trawlers? Do we live on the coast of Somalia or the cape of Africa, or a major American city? I was under the impression we had a rule for this, and I suggest anyone who tries to roleplay a fisherman and is robbed by MASK_ to put in a report on it. I don't even want to take the presence of pirates IC, it makes no sense. - Driving into the county as a gang member in South Central to conduct a robbery in Paleto Bay for no sensible IC reason (e.g. your path has not realistically led you to Paleto Bay for any discernable reason, this would be a significant drive on an IC basis)
  4. roleplaying proper wealth/success without being under 30-35 years old and owning multiple sports cars, owning a house without a mortgage off the money made from owning a coffee shop, or who is an avatar of ideal self the vast majority of "rich" characters i've run into have been so egregious it makes playing a wealthy character suck because guilt by association gatekeeping is cringe so I let people do what they want it's just an eye-roller homeless RP or low-income RP in general is super underrated and very fun as well, one of my characters lives in a garage, good stuff
  5. Hunting as a job really isn't even something that should be considered so I'm going to brush over that as plenty of other people have addressed it and I shouldn't need to. My concerns with SAPR are a fundamental lack of policing knowledge and a lack of understanding of the penal code. This would be absolutely fine if they existed in a capacity that I thought they would be- patrolling the forests and engaging in passive roleplay with hunters, and doing wildlife conservation, search and rescue, et-cetera. However, I've witnessed them turn more into an alternative Sheriff's Department with less training on the nitty-gritty of LEO work which results in strange interactions such as traffic infractions being levied on people's vehicles, people being arrested on hearsay... The other day, a park ranger began questioning a suspect before he was even Mirandized, and a PD Detective Lieutenant had to interrupt and quickly do so. While that could be taken as an IC issue, they teach you these things as a law enforcement officer right off the bat, it's one of the first things you learn- caselaw and how it applies to the job, and practical application of that and the penal code. These examples are not indicative of the whole of Park Rangers, but the fact they are examples at all shows a problem in of itself. Either SAPR needs to focus more on being park rangers and handling wildlife efforts and targeting poachers, OR they need to focus on being state park police. Once they figure that out, training can be pressed further toward whatever is chosen as their specialty. As for an SAPR Tactical Team - If that's true, I don't really know what to say. Not here to faction-bash. I think Park Rangers have their place I just think they've strayed from their original path and it's a bit disheartening to see.
  6. I think this was the intention of the suggestion anyway
  7. Some of the replies on this are eyeroll-inducing. The player's just suggesting some kind of gate to prevent the three-deep sedan kidnappings of random people off the street most of you who are against this don't even participate in, because you're better roleplayers than that. But, along with the piss-poor robberies many people complain about, shitty kidnappings are absolutely things that happen. Just because you don't see it happen because your faction is better than that doesn't mean it isn't a thing- That's the same as saying there can be no police brutality because the cops you know are nice people. It's pretty obvious based on the explosion of responses and my familiarity with some of the users here that this thread bounced off a discord and is being bombed, but instead of just saying 'no' or trying to grill them over it, offer something constructive instead? "I think this is a bad idea because it makes gang roleplay more complicated." That's entirely valid, and is one of the first replies. I think this guy put it best, instead of a rule where you need to report prior, just require people to need a proper reason to do so. Fishing for wallets ain't it.
  8. I would if someone didn't already RP that brand as their own sort of thing, yeah. I'll add it now, anyway!
  9. Those are bollards, to prevent cars from running over pedestrians
  10. With all due respect after seeing the horrific things some people platinum map outside of their properties even now, I do NOT want the average player on this server having access to placing objects wherever they want outside their properties. It would result in a huge amount of abuse and inappropriate mapping (the person who mapped a claw machine in the middle of the sidewalk outside mission row, or the person who mapped a valet parking sign outside playa vista, or that time someone made their grove st house a bunker) I dont wanna see DarkRP bases in South Central
  11. they do it irl both due to incompetence and to burn budgets so they're not forced to downscale with budget cuts, it's very west coast
  12. already possible through plat mapping, wouldn't be added due to that reason
  13. The abundance of "wealthy" characters who are sub-25 years old, own five Comets or Pariahs or whatever, RP as a bartender/mechanic/whatever, and do nothing but paycheck farm make it extremely difficult for people who put genuine effort into playing a character with development into the corporate sector to obtain their wealth to be taken seriously. The fact of the matter is, there will always be blurred lines in that regard because these people who buy Paragon Rs and work at 24/7s, at bars, or as strippers have next to no upkeep they need to pay unlike business owners who need to pay for component costs and booze, as well as pay their employees. This is why I try to stay self-aware and provide a lot of self-deprecation about my only wealthy character out of six 'being a snooty corporate bitch' in my emotes, so people know it's a trait. My approach as of late is to completely disregard the existence of some of these characters by writing them off as 'trust funders' IC and just ignoring them. Everyone here is so eager to press more upkeep on business owners, yet they forget that most of these people are not business owners. They don't want the responsibilities associated with running a business on this server, they just want all the "fame" and glory associated with a character who's built a brand and earned what they own. The easiest way to make these people go away is to not pay attention to them. They just want to be noticed for driving their Pariah they got from flipping houses. Ignore them or file an RPQM report on them. Ignore their burnouts, two-stepping exhausts and attempts to inject themselves into the server 50-100 hours in as 'celeb-status'. It's an OOC flexing thing. By giving them your mind and playing into their urban fantasies, you feed their fame.
  14. To everyone experiencing serious FPS loss- Check the following settings in your 'advanced' tab. turn 'high resolution shadows' off turn 'long shadows' off These two settings MASSIVELY impact performance, especially with this mod (where more dynamic shadows are being cast.)
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