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  1. This would be a very big concern when it comes to character portrayal, it would also be a breach of powergaming with this line in particular - "It is mandatory to RP fear in situations/actions which you would usually refrain from doing realistically. Repercussions of your characters actions must always be considered, situations which result in death due to a lack of fear RP may result in a CK."
  2. Also try creating an exception for rage.exe in your virus scanner software.
  3. Roleplaying being weak, taking a beating, or other things related all can be very fun in their own right and can even trigger something very big and long-lasting in certain circumstances, I find it very fun at times, while the roleplay doesn't always turn out to be too fun, sometimes its fantastic.
  4. Rest in Peace 💙

  5. @[email protected] @honey. @KinnyWynny @Fireworks For bringing us thousands of new clothing and textures into the game on the next update! incredible work!
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