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  1. THE RANA REPORT Your source for the latest Los Santos news, investigative journalism, and city-wide updates. INTERVIEW: LSFD Junior Journalist Edgars Gudlevskis kicks off campaign for state office BY RANA KHATI Edgar Gudlevskis (R) The airwaves have no shortage of offers, deals, and sparkling advertisements, but Edgars Gudlevskis is the only candidate for an as-yet-undetermined State office who has begun to sell his campaign in the early month of January
  2. THE RANA REPORT Your source for the latest Los Santos news, investigative journalism, and city-wide updates. BREAKING NEWS: Two detained in LSPD raid on Sabella's in Mirror Park BY RANA KHATI LSPD Tactical Team initiating the raid on Sabella's On Thursday January 21st, 2021, a tactical team was deployed and raided a Mirror Park/Murietta Heights bar known to locals as Sabella's at around 8:00 PM. The teams were tightly or
  3. Username: RKHATIComment: Thank you ! My Cashapp is @KALIMAMA62 This will help with overhead cost of business cards and keeping my husband from seeing red when he sees my expense at end of month! ((/banktransfer [AMOUNT] Rana Khati [comment]))
  4. THE RANA REPORT Your source for the latest Los Santos news, investigative journalism, and city-wide updates. 'Vibe Check' for the New Year: Street Interviews BY RANA KHATI Los Santos lit up at night. A common sight for a city full of night owls. It's been 21 days since the New Year dawned on Los Santos and the city simmers in a state of quiet uncertainty. Recent events have seen the Mayor imprisoned and State officia
  5. Username: RKhati Comment: Thank you! I read much of your work and it inspired me to go back to journalism, young lady!
  6. THE RANA REPORT Your source for the latest Los Santos news, investigative journalism, and city-wide updates. Former LS COO Charles Lockhart confirmed as State Attorney General BY RANA KHATI Alta City Hall. On Wednesday, January 20th, 2021, the Senate Public Safety and State Security Committee convened for the confirmation hearing of Mr. Charles Lockhart for Attorney General. Mr. Lockhart was most recently the City Operations Officer for the greater Los Santos area.
  7. ((Excuse formatting glitches. Trying to fix them)) ---------- Dining Review: Exclusively Packed, Noisy, and Sweaty Dining at "Nobu" Rating: πŸ’‹ πŸ’‹ When I heard that someone bought out the owner of LettuceBe, I have to admit I was a bit sad because it was the best vegetarian restaurant in Los Santos with the best price points, wonderful staff, and phenomenal dΓ©cor and atmosphere, I outline all of that in my past review (wink wink nudge nudge). Most of my joy with LettuceBe was that it was a place that stuck out like a sore thumb in the incredibly vapid corri
  8. Username: LSVIXENComment: Honey, you might not own the club but you owned the club last night πŸ’‹β€οΈ Will add a correction though to make sure the overlords don't get salty! *VPN based in Morocco*
  9. The hottest tea, the spiciest gossip, the fiercest commentary and no fucking censorship. We are the Los Santos VIXEN. Buckle your seat-belts, fuckers. Letter from that bitch editor: Sis, stop reading the story and BE the story. Submit your gossip to our handy and under-fucking-utilized gossip submission form. Chop chop. Also Like, Subscribe, Share, is this your first time online? https://face.gta.world/pages/LSVIXEN KISS KISS XOXO ❀️ Club Review: The Malibu fucking owns! Rating: πŸ’‹ πŸ’‹ πŸ’‹ πŸ’‹ πŸ’‹ (Photocred: Elizabeth Rankin
  10. Username: LegalBeagle992 Comment: Always going to be people who try to pit neighbor against neighbor, worker against worker, citizen against citizen. Best thing to do in response is to make sure your friends and neighbors are well taken care of. The closer we are to recognizing our neighbors as allies in a broader fight for decent living conditions, the fast we see things like this dissipate.
  11. Username: LegalBeagle992 Comment: Until the State Gov't can review our electoral processes, we're going to all have to stick together and take care of our neighbors best we can. Contact your local representative if you have any issues and make your voices heard as uncertainties arise.
  12. November the 11th, Year of Our Lord Two-Thousand and Twenty Prophecy of Fire and Wailing I slept as any other night, restless, the murmurs of the dead singing in my ears, crying out for comfort or reprieve. My heart steeled against such clamor, I let them fall upon my ears to no avail. Yet one voice stuck out, it was a child's voice. He begged that he had lost his way too early and did not deserve to die young. My heart wrenched to and fro in my chest and I froze myself in the agony of indecision. The old Stone... the Old Elias... we would have spoken to this spirit.
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