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  1. [BANNER AD ON VARIOUS WEBSITES] Have YOU been the victim of workplace sexual harassment in the media industry? https://forms.gle/bfEY18kAtymiqYN97 Fill out this anonymous questionnaire today to have YOUR voice heard and to explore YOUR legal options.
  2. Username: LegBeag992 Comment: Live image of this poster formulating this masterpiece.
  3. Posted 21/02/2021 In the past Mayoral Election, 40% of Los Santos voters made the choice at the ballot box to vote for an Independent candidate for an Independent Los Santos. With the introduction of LIne-Voting, every single one of those voters are told a simple message. You directly threatened the establishment. The line-voting system is common in European countries where there is often more than two parties that have a variety of different views, people vote for their unique party for their unique viewpoints and the proportional representation works very well especially in elected bodies comprised of over 40 seats. The Problem Parties choose a line of candidates within their political sphere that represents their values: PARTY A 1. John Smith 2. Jane Doe 3. Jenny Diver These candidates usually have a uniform or similar political ideology so when the voter votes for party name and they only get perhaps John or Jane elected and not Jenny since they only got 2/3rds of the votes, they can rely comfortably on the fact that John and Jane's views are likely similar to Jenny's. Independents however are not a uniform political party. In fact, Independent candidates may differ greatly on issues ranging from gay rights all the way to gun rights. This is why if the State's decision is to lump all Independent candidates into a single voting line they are doing something incredibly dangerous and undemocratic. It puts Independent candidates in a position where they are forced to siphon votes away from major political parties rather than being able to be endorsed by them on a district level. It would force Independents to align with other independents and form a de-facto political party that does not exist much to the detriment of confused voters. Ultimately, with the advent of Line-voting, third parties have become a tactic by the state to disenfranchise voters from the system, to chip away at the Republican and Democratic voting base, rather than to offer a nuanced alternative to the party system. The government's solution to a corrupt mayoral election was indeed to punish the very style of Independent run that managed to take 40 percent of the electorate legally and without bribing community leaders. The real tragedy isn't just the disenfranchisement of politicians, it's the negligence towards voters in districts who need our attention the most. District Negligence One of the major shifts this election cycle is the breaking up of the district system. Elected officials no longer need to look to their own communities, examine the unique issues facing them, and create engaging action plans for dismantling them while also hosting local district-wide events. Now all they need to do is find the neighborhood with the largest number of voters (West District) and tailor their messaging solely to them. Because candidates are not vying for individual districts, it gives them the ability to ignore communities in need throughout Blaine County and the Southside who traditionally don't vote with the same frequency as their counterparts in the West, East and sometimes Central. This is a major problem for the most neglected communities. No longer do they have the odd chance to have light shed on their issues. And issues that are complex, such as housing are going to be viewed through one lens rather than the five lenses they need. For example the Housing crisis is hitting all of Los Santos and Blaine, but it hits various communities differently. Whereas Blaine County has an issue with a lack of physical property to accommodate it's residents, the Southside might just need the properties to be IDed and converted into public housing. These issues have a different fingerprint for each district, and without district based voting all the nuance is gone and politicians can sit neatly on a pack of 'strongly worded' statements showing their unequivocal support for "the right to shelter" without needing to get into the messy business of actually addressing the specific needs of neglected districts. The government's solution to district-based needs was, of course, to eliminate the district representation system rather than to actually eliminate their individual problems. Classic. The Bottom Line I want you to vote this election cycle, like all others. Our democracy depends on your participation. What I ask you to do above all else is to be aware of how changes like this actively harm our democratic institutions and disenfranchise candidates with bold new ideas who may not be comfortable with the two party system and dynamic. Your choices this election cycle matter, but recognize what choices have been made for you. Ask your candidates this election cycle about whether they support line-voting or whether they support a democracy that truly allows candidates to run without a party imposed on them by force.
  4. Username: LegalBeagle992 Comment: Ah yes the classic "Let's show how much I'm not a nazi by exclusively using anti-gay and racial slurs embedded in misspelled and poorly constructed comments." You sure showed her boys! 🙄
  5. Username: MSaleh Comment: @Government LeaksMight want to save your money on this one. He's gonna ask for dough since I didn't pay up his extortion fee. Here's the full story if you'd like it for free.
  6. Username: MSaleh Comment: Yeah so I'm pretty sure this is the dude that saw me get out of the car after me and a motorcyclist hit each other on Forum, took a picture of me rendering aid, and then tried to extort me for $25,000 dollars or else he'd release the attached picture of me helping the motorcyclist. I didn't drink that day. but lying is pretty unsurprising from "LittleWilly007" on Face Browser. The motorcyclist got up on his own, declined medical help as he didn't have injuries necessitating it, and I gave him my info so he could throw me an invoice since I know how expensive repairs can be. Phone GPS data can back that up. You can read the whole situation here. Between threatening to kill me and sending me pictures chock full of his metadata, it makes for pretty light reading and should give the DA something to dig into if I decide to submit this formally.
  7. Used to be Alistair Grout/Jacques Grout back in the day.
  8. I've always roleplayed with reference to Liberty, Vice, SA, and others as inclusive replacements toward their real world counterparts. For example, if another character mentions New York City my character recognizes that as a valid formal name for Liberty City and vice versa. Which one is 'slang' or colloquial ultimately doesn't matter because they manage the same referent. I think ultimately, it's going to be exhausting to have admins try to police RP for references to Liberty/Vice,/Etc and these names within the broader narrative context should be considered to be valid IC colloquial Nicknames. For example, I live in Brooklyn which is also Kings County. It's highly rare that people refer to Brooklyn as Kings County on anything other than legal docs but they both mean the same thing. So for he sake of inclusivity, my main question is whether references to Liberty City etc might be excusable if it's referencing New York City ICly?
  9. username; MSaleh comment; This is what is confusing me as well, I originally thought SA Politics might have been some form of unbiased source but given the lack of authorship... your estimate seems accurate. Sensationalist at best.
  10. Username: MSaleh Comments: Who is the author of SA Politics? Why are they unidentified in this publication? @San Andreas Politics
  11. A New Prosperity in New Chinatown BY RANA KHATI New Chinatown by night. Learning about the different developing communities throughout Los Santos is a rewarding experience for any journalist and LSNN aims to provide you with an inside scoop on how the vibrant diverse communities of Los Santos form, grow, and flourish. Rana Khati took a stroll through the area revently dubbed "New Chinatown", formerly Textile City, and spoke with a group of gentlemen relaxing outside of a local shop, "Lace of Diamonds" Mister Ray Meng, gave us some valuable insight into the particular journey his community has made and where they see themselves moving forward. Mister Meng alluded that the community in New Chinatown already has had great relations with various neighboring communities but he anticipates greater prosperity and fellowship as the community further develops the area. New Chinatown by day.
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