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Found 5 results

  2. ((A photo of the writer, taken in the deep concrete jungles of LS)) Chapter 1: First Things First This is a crazy city but just like any other I must survive and get to the bottom of it just like any other city in America. I immediatly rented out a Blista from the Airport with an empty check. It'll take them some time to find me. I made my way to some motel in the back streets that would put the whorehouses in Banghok to shame but we'll talk about this later. After settling down in my room, I was hungry for some action and some high-quality Mexican blow, but more of the blow. I made it out with my Acapulco shirt and shorts and made my way in to the city. The first person I meet is some brown guy, that called himself Rakama or something, that was trying to push me these Punisher shaped X. I'd be happy to pop a couple but I was coming down from acid from the blotter I took in the plane so I didn't really wanted to mess up with my high BUT this was a great opportunity to get into the side of the town I was interested in and also to get a ride in to somewhere in town, my legs were fucking killing me. Turns out our little pusher-boy works as a Barista so we go to his workplace to drink some beans harvested by Latin-American slaves. Fucking fascist pigs... Anyways, the cafe is fucking closed but Rakama has a solution. Five minutes later, I'm on the phone with the owner of the place. A fat dyke called Madson or Madison or something. She's obviously uncomfortable but must be a greedy cow because she comes to open his shop in couple of minutes. After getting inside, I order a black American and of course the fatso gets offended. I remembered why I don't like this town straight away. I drink it as soon as possible and walk away like nothing happened. I have no money at all, and definetly no money to waste on shitty caffeine. After I leave with some free coffee in my belly some punk kid hits a car with his bicycle, while the owner is there. This is when my vulture insticts kick in. I ask for some compensation for the man so that I can pocket some of it as a good samaritan. My investigative processes need some investment after all. This midget starts talking some kind of a knock-off trap rapper straight away: "Nigga" this "nigga" that. I can't take it anymore so I give him a surprise pocket baking-soda rather than sand (we are not in LS after all) and get the hell out of there. Luckily I got a box of this stuff from some Indian corner-store. I went back to my motel after this and surfed the web for some bikes. Some bastard from Redneck-County asks me for thirty-one large ones so... I tell him where to shove it and hang up. After getting some rest and getting boozed on quart of Rum, I leave my room and get a taxi. I tell her where can I get wasted, fuck, snort and scratch some fleas all at the same time. She obliged and we made our way. I wasn't planning to pay her but she wasn't the smartest one to remember to turn on the counter. Stupid twat. While cruising and chatting, some Chink hits our car and just like before we are out of the car asking for compensation. I like this girl so I'm more inclined to push him more. His accent is really doing my head in and one thing leads to another, we start exchanging hands. Everyone knows that Chinks can't fight so his friends jump in. I get couple of punches in but I am in no hurry to get knocked out in my first days in LS. While this is happening, I realise this girl, Ivy, has more balls than all these Chinks combined. She takes out a big, fuck-off size, bat from his taxi and starts breaking some cock-sucking heads but like I said the yellow man are not really the bravest so the moron pulls out his piece in the middle of the street. While all this is happening, a fire marshal comes by but like we all guessed she can't do anything. She goes ahead and TAZES the wrong fucking guy and the Chink makes a run for it. I always said I hate pigs and they won't dissapoint all the time. I think this is all for now. I think I like this town. There will be more dark, head-ache inducing to come and I will of course write no matter what. Stay strong, fuckers.
  3. *In your character's bored browsing of the internet, they find a mysterious link to an independent local news project simply titled: 'PARADISE'. The website is quite plain; white background and black text accompanying a slew of images that are blurred until clicked. Everything is center-aligned. There's an imageboard comment section below.* My name's Ash. I'm an independent crime photojournalist. I've run pieces on Flint, Detroit, Baltimore, and Portland. None of those places hold a candle to the island of Los Santos in the slightest, but they don't pretend. Los Santos may be fake, but the images you're about to see are 100% real. This is an uncensored look into what the news media won't cover. Your sunny tropical paradise in its naked glory. GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING - 18+ 04:00 AM AUG 04 2021 First impressions weren't great. I landed on the island and got in my waiting van, needing to travel through the fabled South Central to make my way to the city's center. On my way, I noticed something peculiar in an alley to my right. A man was there with a few more. He had an UZI sub-machine gun in his right hand, pointing the muzzle at two guys he'd proned out against the wall. An armed robbery less than an hour in was how I knew I'd struck my grim gold. I booked a room at a motel I'll neglect to name and got a horrible few hours of sleep. Fucking jet lag. 09:33 AM AUG 04 2021 Street fight in El Burro Heights, at nine in the morning. You'd think these kids would be in school, but not here. Learning isn't necessary for the unfortunate life most are living in Los Santos. Held down by the government's ineptitude and false promises. Social programs that never come to fruition. I watched these two duke it out for three minutes. 10:38 AM 04 AUG 2021 Three guys hit the novelty shop together. They parked on the walkway and bought ski masks. I love a good masquerade. 10:43 AM 04 AUG 2021 The desperate and the dispossessed of Mission Row was one of the few truths this city had to offer me. Though, it didn't seem as bad in person. Maybe Los Santos projects its hate here and blames the homeless for the problems in the rest of the town. That's just an opinion. 10:00 PM 04 AUG 2021 A group gathers around the 24/7 I caught that fight at. Seems there's some kind of Sheriff's scene here. Couldn't tell you what about, I wasn't able to get close enough for that kind of blurb to put here. 10:11 PM 04 AUG 2021 Los Santos Police Department... tactical? Staging for something. Might have been something big. Didn't take the risk in following them there. Those SWAT guys don't play around. 10:33 PM 04 AUG 2021 Found this guy shot to death in the middle of the street. People were driving around him like he wasn't just lying there bleeding. One guy ran over his legs in a delivery van. Come rain, shine, or gore, the package got there, I guess. I called for Fire Department, but they didn't arrive in the ten minutes I waited. There were motorcycles swarming me so I left. 00:45 AM 05 AUG 2021 Some kind of police operation behind the Pillbox Bank. Probably a search warrant, if the last image is anything to go off of. I climbed a fire escape to take these pictures. Someone followed me up- homeless guy. He took one look at me leaning over the edge with a camera and left. He didn't even say anything. I don't blame him, honestly. Fucking weird. 03:34 AM 05 AUG 2021 Blood in the streets in the district of Rancho. Brass litters the blacktop like glimmering gold. No-one cares, and the world keeps turning. Somewhere out there, someone has been shot. Maybe we'll never know. 03:55 AM 05 AUG 2021 Two guys try to strong-arm me into not taking any pictures of the car accident they're involved in, for some reason. They were stuffing a motorcyclist into the back seat of a white car. I'll film where I please, unless there's a sign. Sorry, gents. Just the way the cookie crumbles. If you don't like film you shouldn't have moved to LS. 04:14 AM 05 AUG 2021 I found this girl shot outside of a strip club. One in the stomach. She was still conscious and lucid. She complained about the photograph until I started dressing her wounds and called EMS. Fire Department arrived and took care of her. I hope she's alright now, because she sure wasn't looking good when I arrived. 04:18 AM 05 AUG 2021 I was interrupted from helping the Fire Department by gunfire on an adjacent street. Twelve shots. Then six more. The rounds were going off even as I was driving toward the hair-raising reports of two or more handguns. When I arrived, I found another man lying face-down in an alleyway. He'd been shot to death, there was no way around that. I took a picture. As I was adjusting my focus, another man walked up and began running his pockets. I'm pretty sure he took everything. Sheriff's Department caught the guy being a vulture. He had a gun on him. Maybe it's an open-and-shut case. Maybe he's just a buzzard. 04:41 AM 05 AUG 2021 This deputy begged me to put him in 'the paper.' I didn't get a very good image because they were leaving anyway. Some kind of gunfight happened under the Strawberry Overpass. Right in the heart of the homeless camp, too. 06:09 AM 05 AUG 2021 A trucker is beaten up while making a delivery on the beach. Such a pretty view to be jumped to. That trucker should thank the attacker for such a thrilling and beautiful experience. 08:04 AM 06 AUG 2021 Two men get in an ego battle outside the bar I was at. Fists start flying while my camera's rolling. Checkered shoes won, and then he took it further. He stomped the guy on the ground until I saw blood leaking from his nose and he stopped groaning. Guy just walks off. It's only a murder of a dude you don't even know. Don't worry, scumbag. You'll get yours one day. 06:14 AM 07 AUG 2021 I foolishly go back to that bar the next day. When I'm just about to pull up, I hear shots pop off around the corner. I waited a few minutes then pulled around. There was a guy there- he'd been shot at least a dozen times. I couldn't help him even if I tried. The only way I can help him is by making sure he's not just a number in a drawer. This image makes him immortal. 06:23 AM 07 AUG 2021 Another body, less than five hundred feet away. I passed by him as I was driving away from the first one. He looked like he'd been there a while, and he'd been beaten to death with something. My guess was a brick or a bat. Who could tell? People kept using the clothing store, walking right around him like he didn't exist. People have a habit of that in LS it appears. 07:43 AM 07 AUG 2021 Yet another body outside this goddamn clothing store. This time, someone appeared to give a shit, but only because he was blocking the glass doors from opening with his inconvenient dead self. I'm sure they would have gone around otherwise. Los Santos is such a beautiful hellscape. Enjoy it while you're here, and remember, life is short and can end at any time. The photographs you've seen today were taken in only three days of roaming Los Santos. Every minute, every hour, something like this is happening. It's up to you whether or not you want to acknowledge it and push for change, or keep drinking the nightclub kool-aid and push those rose-tinted glasses further up on your nose. I'll be back for volume two at some point. PARADISE VOLUME II: SODOM & GAMORRAH PARADISE VOLUME. III: STREETS OF FIRE Donate to help me afford bills, equipment, and repairs: Every bit helps and is put toward my cost of living. I make zero revenue from PARADISE publications. Bitcoin Address (Bech32): bc1zg4tskar7xfwivy5l643lydlw9re59gtyzwf5mdq ((/banktransfer XXXXX 010003978 Paradise Donation)) -COMMENTS ARE ENABLED- Username: Comment: ((Character Thread))
  4. *In your character's bored browsing of the internet, they find a mysterious link to an independent local news project simply titled: 'PARADISE'. The website is quite plain; white background and black text accompanying a slew of images that are blurred until clicked. Everything is center-aligned. There's an imageboard comment section below.* My name's Ash. I'm an independent crime photojournalist. I've run pieces on Flint, Detroit, Baltimore, and Portland. I'm documenting my finds in Los Santos thus far, currently now nearly a month in to my stay on the island. This is what the major news networks won't cover- Crime on the day-to-day. A raw look into the real Los Santos, behind the mask of Vinewood glamour. GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING - 18+ 08:17 AM AUG 13 2021 I start my day off strong and early. Slept well for once. Davis is full of three-and-four deep sedans. Everyone's all masked up and ready for action, and it's a Friday morning. Somewhere along the line I find one of those cars flipped. Guy inside had been shot a few times, and the car rolled over on its roof. His friend ran off and left him- there was blood leading from the car across into an adjacent alley. There's not much he could have done for him, anyway. The deputy in charge of the scene was helpful in this case. Fisher or Fischer or something like that. 02:02 AM AUG 15 2021 I walk outside of the apartment block a friend lives in and spot a man lying face-up in the parking lot. Called for coroner's and police, but they didn't arrive until around 4:15 AM, where I caught them on my swing back around. Lots of bodies, not enough time. 02:28 AM AUG 15 2021 Bomb threat at the Yellow Jack Inn. All I wanted was a drink, but I got pictures, instead. Spoke with an officer of the LSPD for a few minutes while I was up on a billboard getting good angles. Turns out the whole thing was a hoax, guy caught charges for making threats on top of everything else he'd racked up. 05:18 AM AUG 15 2021 A teenager mourns the loss of his friend outside a block on Forum Drive, Chamberlain Hills. I arrived right after Coroner's were taking him away. Sad reality of life in South Central. 05:26 AM AUG 15 2021 Not too long after I'd taken that photo, police were back on that block- this time arresting a murder suspect. They sounded pretty sure they'd caught their guy. He had been stopped in the act, with the body of the victim right next to him. Two murders in thirty minutes, less than twenty-five feet apart. The density of homicides in South Central is unrivaled. 06:09 AM AUG 15 2021 Traffic stop on a four-occupied sedan on the Jamestown projects block. Law enforcement are very careful around these parts, and for good reason. The place is an ambush waiting to happen. 06:54 AM AUG 15 2021 Less than two hours after I'd seen him at a scene on Forum Drive, a deputy is shot dead in the middle of the road. Co-workers frantically work to save his life, but he didn't roll away in an ambulance. Death will come when you least expect it. 09:50 AM AUG 15 2021 Standing around in the parking lot of the block my friend's letting me stay at when a Dominator comes screeching up, nearly hitting us. My partner tells him to watch his driving. He gets out in a bulletproof vest and motorcycle helmet and says "he's debating whether to kill us or not." For a brief moment, I consider running him over in my car. He pulled a gun on us, then shoved it away and walked off. Cops were called, since he'd done it in front of quite a few witnesses who didn't take kindly to having pistols waved at them. Sheriff's Department pulled out the big guns on him. Good shots from above. 4:47 AM AUG 16 2021 In a particularly wild twist, I witness the guy in the orange hoodie here steal a masked biker's motorcycle and speed off on it. Around thirty minutes later, I spot orange hoodie in an alleyway with some friends. I pull aside. Gunfire erupts. When I return, one's dead on the ground, with orange hoodie bleeding out, and a third wandering around the scene. Sheriff's Deputies arrive in force to take control of the situation, placing the third suspect under arrest shortly afterward. Seemed to me like our masked biker is some sort of vigilante. If he's a good enough shot to kill two in a three-on-one gunfight and survive, he's doing something right. Can't endorse vigilantism, though. Bad for one's health. 9:35 AM AUG 16 2021 Myself and a few friends make the mistake of cruising around old abandoned industrial areas in my van. We head to Elysian Island- there's a trucking depot there with posted signs, so we go to a lot that doesn't belong to them to drive around and check out the old docks and machinery. A green Gruppe Six pickup truck starts chasing us before long, from Elysian Island all the way through Cypress Flats, El Burro Heights, La Mesa, and finally Mission Row Station. When the guy gets out of his truck he introduces himself as a "Protections Officer." It was ruled a 'misunderstanding' by the Police Department. What confuses me the most is the audacity to chase civilians in an unmarked car... as private security. Professional standards, right? 6:18 AM AUG 18 2021 Traffic stop on the Los Santos Freeway. Guns are drawn and both driver and passenger are brought out of the vehicle. No good details on this one, but I have a feeling it had to do with a situation I'd seen earlier where a deputy was shot near the Chianski mountain range. 9:23 AM AUG 18 2021 This is broken, can I return it? Two people are shot inside a car on Roy Lowenstein Boulevard during broad daylight. No further details about the shooting could be dug up, but they both left in Coroner's vans. 11:56 PM AUG 18 2021 Street fight in Chinatown erupted down the road from a bar. Guy on the ground was brutally beaten and had his money stolen right out of his wallet. The thief threw the empty billfold in the victim's face and ran off after kicking him in the ribs. I didn't stick around to try to talk to anyone. When I tried to offer medical aid they didn't seem to want it. 11:15 PM AUG 19 2021 I get pulled over on Forum Drive, probably matching a suspect of something or another. While I'm sitting there getting ready a gunfight erupts less than thirty feet to my left. I get let go from the stop, pull on my press badge, and film. Gangster shot down an LSPD canine handler, and in turn, the deputy who pulled me over shot the gunman dead. Neither of them made it. 11:52 PM AUG 19 2021 I walk outside my friend's apartment again and two people are shot in front of me. I lift my camera as the gunman runs past- he doesn't notice me, tunnel vision, I guess. It probably helped I was behind something, anyway. He zooms past me, gun in hand. I'd later film this same guy killing a third in not long after these pictures were taken. 1:06 AM AUG 20 2021 LSPD operation at a block I've unfortunately been to one too many times by now. SWAT were outside holding the door. Couldn't get much closer than I did here, didn't want to, either. 1:50 AM AUG 20 2021 The same guy from earlier shoots at someone out front of the DMV apartments and hops in his buddy's sports car to get away. Unfortunately for him, he did not get away, as he was killed by police during the pursuit after exchanging gunfire with them. If you'd believe it, we were just about to leave this location on merit of nothing happening, too. Lucky find. 2:17 AM AUG 20 2021 Los Santos Sheriff's Department in hot pursuit of... A taxi. Hazarding a guess he did something to warrant such a response. I was reeling video when they passed, and it came out wonderfully. 2:20 AM AUG 20 2021 I take a bathroom break inside a 24/7 on Davis and Macdonald Street. When I'm on my way out, a gunfight erupts a block over, near the public library. I used the digital recorder I bought at Seeker's to get a quick snip of the ambience of Davis. Blood and brass on the steps of the public library- A deadly reminder of how violence has taken precedent over knowledge. 4:39 AM AUG 21 2021 Another massive brawl, this time outside a corner store on Strawberry Avenue. Fists and feet fly. A passerby starts kicking one of the guys who'd lost the fight in the head. Our masked vigilante whips a Glock out on him and makes him back off, then picks all the injured up. Everyone goes about their day like that hadn't just happened. I'm not gonna get preachy at the end of this issue, I've had two before this to do that. By now, anyone who's regularly read these articles understands my prerogative. I want change. I can't force change, but I can try, by exposing reality. The island's gorgeous, but it's wasted potential. A dying flame. Gone are the days of movie studios and superstars. This is the here and now Los Santos. But it doesn't have to be. PARADISE Vol. I: First Impressions PARADISE Vol. II: Sodom & Gomorrah PARADISE: Dangers of Society Donate to help me afford bills, equipment, and repairs: Every bit helps and is put toward my cost of living. I make zero revenue from PARADISE publications. Bitcoin Address (Bech32): bc1zg4tskar7xfwivy5l643lydlw9re59gtyzwf5mdq ((/banktransfer XXXXX 010003978 Paradise Donation)) -COMMENTS ARE ENABLED- Username: Comment: ((Character Thread))
  5. *In your character's bored browsing of the internet, they find a mysterious link to an independent local news project simply titled: 'PARADISE'. The website is quite plain; white background and black text accompanying a slew of images that are blurred until clicked. Everything is center-aligned. There's an imageboard comment section below.* My name's Ash. I'm an independent crime photojournalist. I've run pieces on Flint, Detroit, Baltimore, and Portland. I'm documenting my time in Los Santos thus far. I'm two months into my stay here on the island. This is a raw look into the star-studded hell on Earth Los Santos has become. All images are free for use by anyone for any reason. GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING - 18+ 8:23 AM AUG 22 2021 I'm roused from sleep by the chatter of gunfire outside my apartment. All brass, no blood. People can't aim. A drive through Davis wouldn't hurt anything, it was eight AM after all. I made my way there and was graced by a street fight as I arrived, more than I could have asked for on such a hushed morning. It didn't last particularly long. 8:48 AM AUG 22 2021 I make my way down the street to Little Seoul. There's a cruiser in the road with a few deputies surrounding it. Deputy-involved shooting, he had no chance. His life was taken for a traffic stop. I helped how I could and left. 5:34 AM AUG 23 2021 High-speed chase through the county with a company Burrito van. Some real acrobatic shit was going on. Against my better judgement I got close enough to film more or less the entire thing. A deputy blocked me off so I wouldn't be hit by the van. Thanks, deputy. You're a champ. 12:34 AM AUG 23 2021 Civil dispute at the local occult shop on Mission Row's Atlee Street. Neither side could really decide who was in the err so they were made to go their separate ways. I stood around and watched for a while. The two guys being trespassed claimed the owners were racist, and the owners claimed the two men were sexist. What a gargantuan mess. 3:07 AM AUG 23 2021 One hell of a scene outside The Vault at Pillbox Hill. Police trucks and all. Couldn't get close enough for context. 8:43 AM AUG 24 2021 Deputy went missing at a scene in Strawberry. During all of that, there were repeat incidents of hammer attacks around Davis from presumably the same guys who initiated the first call. They caught at least two of them to my knowledge. I caught pictures of the third biking all over Davis. Brazen, you have to admire the balls on the guy. 8:45 AM AUG 24 2021 Escort services are abundant in Los Santos, both on street corners and on public advertisement agencies. I offered these two cash in exchange for an anonymous interview, but they called me weird. So instead, I took their picture. Guess I am. 9:47 AM AUG 24 2021 Traffic stop right outside the cheapo plastic surgeon in Mission Row. The driver must have had warrants, because they'd got her in a high-risk formation, led her out of the car- the whole shebang. I feel the most sorry for the car itself. That red is gorgeous. 11:55 PM AUG 25 2021 Another scene on Vespucci and Strawberry. A road often traveled means a road often prowled around. 11:18 AM AUG 27 2021 Gang activity and an argument at a 24/7 leads to deputies pulling up in force to investigate. Things thankfully went back to normal when they left, but the tension was thick enough to be cut with a knife. I expected blood. 6:46 AM AUG 28 2021 A shooting in Davis leaves one dead and a car filled with holes. I received a tip from a reader that there was something going on, and arrived just in time to speak with some of the deputies onscene and get some details. Based on the evidence we all saw, it was probably a drive-by shooting. Killed without a chance to react. He didn't know what hit him. 1:30 AM AUG 28 2021 Hot pursuit through Davis. This guy must've cut twenty different alleys trying to escape. No idea if he did! It was entertaining while it lasted, though. 11:26 AM AUG 31 2021 Someone gets blasted outside the nightclub I was outside of. Didn't catch the shooting itself, only the aftermath. Right in the heart of Rockford Hills. Bullets don't discriminate where you're from or where you're at. You are not safe in your ivory tower. A fire marshal was trying to save his life when I got close enough to see what was going on. 2:22 AM SEP 01 2021 Two guys creeping around in a black car with hoodies, masks, and gloves. Certainly not up to no good, and no cause for alarm. I took pictures and called it in. They didn't come back when cruisers started swinging through. 6:18 AM SEP 01 2021 Some guy's beating the shit out of another guy's Baller with a wrench. The owner shows up, wrench guy runs at him, and gets blasted out of his socks with a .45. The guy with the wrench's friend there starts shooting at the Gallivanter's owner. Then me. He didn't make it far. I must've called the police four times, my friend another two. Nothing. 3:23 AM SEP 02 2021 Sheriff's dominate a scene on Forum and Carson. They used the less-lethal on the guy in yellow. He fell down. 3:40 AM SEP 02 2021 Just down the road, police shoot the hell out of some guy in his car. They pushed up behind a cruiser as cover. He didn't make it out of there alive, a coroner's van took him right across the street. 12:59 AM SEP 03 2021 Trouble in Jamestown. When isn't there? Particularly today. From my perch I saw a shooting, a fight, and enough police presence to make Times Square jealous. A Los Santos Police helicopter was spying on the people scattered around below. 12:59 AM SEP 03 2021 More hell on Roy Lowenstien Boulevard. The citizens of Jamestown can't catch a break from flashing lights. SWAT and SWT were swarming the place like a Hispanic Bin Laden was holed up inside that house. They left empty-handed. A starless sky overcasts a starless city. A place where some dreams are made, and most dreams are broken. I'm not sure how to wrap this volume up other than scratching my head and wondering what led to it all. How could a place with such massive potential crumble and fall? History repeating itself? How could a city filled with millions feel so empty and desolate? Enjoy it all while you can. After all, "When in Rome..." PARADISE Vol. I: First Impressions PARADISE Vol. II: Sodom & Gomorrah PARADISE Vol. III: Streets of Fire PARADISE: Dangers of Society Donate to help me afford bills, equipment, and repairs: Every bit helps and is put toward my cost of living. I make zero revenue from PARADISE publications. BTC (Bech32) ((this is not real, use the /banktransfer!)): bc1zg4tskar7xfwivy5l643lydlw9re59gtyzwf5mdq ((/banktransfer XXXXX 010003978 Paradise Donation)) -COMMENTS ARE ENABLED- Username: Comment: ((Character Thread))
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