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Found 12 results

  1. This thread will follow Pearlette "Auntie Pearl" Clary — an elderly native of Davis, South Central. (WIP)
  2. The E/S Charleston Projects Hustler Crips are here to create the realistic atmosphere for an predominantly African-American community & LA Crip gang. Despite this concept being fictional real life elements are influenced through lore and structure. New members will expect to grow and showcase their development, with their start being an poverty stricken community. Members ideally will have basic knowledge of LA gang politics, whilst taking a chance to learn everyday. Those who don't abide by the concept's or server's rules are liable of being removed from the concept. Ideal members will be able to juggle a slow burn development whilst abiding by server/concept rules & guidelines. You may PM @Kemet @Elmxr @FatBoyTrell @phixion if you seek admission into the concept.
  3. السلام عليكم In the Muslim world, there are over 10 million Muslim refugees and an additional 14 million internally displaced individuals. Notably, Los Santos hosts a thriving Muslim community of more than 500,000 followers, making it the fourth largest Muslim population center in the United States. With a rapidly growing Muslim population of over 4 million followers in the U.S, this community signifies a significant continual expansion in Los Santos. This community tracks the growth of a Sunni Muslim faction in San Andreas. All Muslims In Character are welcome regardless of their race. We encourage participants to create characters who have long-standing U.S. ties or are first-generation family members. While diverse backgrounds are embraced, many active members have Saudi Arabian roots, we highly encourage players to consider roles as Middle Easterners in the San Andreas region for a richer experience.
  4. ((Showcase of Victor Graham - Aim to show some rp around South LS))
  5. Koreatown (Korean: 코리아타운) is a neighborhood in Los Santos, San Andreas, centered near Palomino Avenue and Vespucci Blvd. Koreans began immigrating to the United States in the 1960s en masse. Many of these migrants opened businesses along Ginger and Decker Street, as well as sections of Palomino and Vespucci Avenue, also bordering the then unincorporated Little Tokyo district. These areas would later become the neighborhood of Little Seoul. Despite the name suggesting it is a traditional ethnic enclave, the community is multicultural and pluralistic. While the neighborhood's culture was historically oriented to the Korean immigrant population, Korean-Americans are creating stronger ties to the Latino community, as they make up the majority of its population - 51%. In recent years, a large influx of other Asian minorities have begun to settle in Little Seoul, creating a smaller northern enclave of Chinese and Hongkongese known as Kowloon Corner. On March 16, 1991, a Korean store owner, Soon Ja Du, shot and killed a 15-year-old Black customer, Latasha Harlins. Du accused Harlins of stealing orange juice, and after watching her put down the jug and turn to leave, shot her in the head. Some historians view Du's posting bail as the breaking point in tensions The 1992 unrest stimulated a new wave of political activism among Korean-Americans, but also split them into two camps. The liberals sought to unite with other minorities in Los Angeles to fight against racial oppression and scapegoating. The conservatives emphasized law and order and generally favored the economic and social policies of the Republican Party. The conservatives also tended to emphasize the political differences between Koreans and other minorities, specifically Blacks and Hispanics. Despite this divide within the Korean American community, the 1992 riots also inspired further efforts to build coalitions. The 1992 Koreatown Peace Rally was a record-setting demonstration with over 30,000 attendees representing intergenerational and interethnic solidarity. The devastation caused by the 1992 L.S. riots especially caused damage to Little Seoul. A week-long riot and constant looting ransacked Koreatown and destroyed much of it - up to 50 million USD worth of damage, primarily affecting Korean business owners. During the riots, roads between Koreatown and the more affluent neighborhood of Rockford Hills, provoking derision from local residents. Many believed they were being abandoned by the LSPD in order to protect the largely white suburban communities past the Del Perro Freeway. In a symbolic display of unity between the Korean and Chinese communities, Chinese locals banded together in volunteer groups - mostly unarmed - in order to fend off looters. The Suey Sing Association also raised funds for rebuilding efforts through lobbying in Hong Kong and stateside. The effects of the riots and looting, which displaced Korean Americans and destroyed their sources of income, combined with little aid having been given to those who suffered, are still being felt today as LA-based Koreans continue to struggle with poverty. Koreatown has largely recovered from the riots in terms of practical damage, however, the economic consequences still persist after over thirty years. While commercialization has been successfully, poverty and crime is rife, and tabloids note that the area is one of the most dangerous places in Los Santos. Families struggle under the poverty line while local disaffected youth turn to crime and anti-social behavior. The local Chinese and Korean criminal groups have, in the past, warred with each other. An influx of deaths in the area in 2022 can be attributed to the local gangs fighting over territory as well as internal conflict. Largely, however, the Koreatown community is largely protective of its own with a general suspicion of outsiders. The youth of Little Seoul have, in recent years, begun to adopt different cultural aesthetics, drawing inspiration from the Hispanic community in the area, along with the African-American community nearby. A disconnect has been noted by those studying the Koreatown area between elders and local youth, with the former growing to have less influence over their progeny over time - local young people tend to eschew traditional culture for mass media. This community attempts to emulate Los Angeles’ Koreatown and will largely feature community-based roleplay. This thread is a place for people of the community to showcase their day-to-day roleplay, or show off their faction specific roleplay should they see fit. There are no race/nationality restrictions in place, as the real life equivalent of Little Seoul is a melting pot of many different races and cultures and the server emulates the same type of community. All are welcome to post here if you so visit, live, or play in the area. You can post here whether you're legal, illegal, a grandma, or a visitor, there is no restrictions aslong as it's to do with Little Seoul. There are no CK auths given when posting in this thread and all characters are safe to come and go as they please. Permission to post on this thread must be given by the community figures of the area. You can join our discord here! https://discord.gg/A84YUN68Jx Any issues, please forum PM @tired! @miguelito @PrinceCane @yox @dynamite @slump Credit to @Jura for the photos! Decker-Side 23: https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/84741-decker-side-23-%E8%8F%AF%E9%9D%92/ Koreatown Ties: https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/80627-koreatown-ties-%EC%84%9C%EC%9A%B8/ Little Tokyo: https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/43745-little-tokyo-%E5%B0%8F%E6%9D%B1%E4%BA%AC/
  6. Sunday, December 25, 2022 Today’s Paper 10°C11° 9° S&P 500 +1.36% WorldU.S.PoliticsL.S.BusinessOpinionTechScienceHealthSportsArtsBooksStyleFoodTravelMagazineT MagazineReal EstateVideo Blood spill and rise in gang violence on Forum Drive CHAMBERLAIN HILLS, LOS SANTOS (LST)-- The death of an 15 year old boy at Davis LTD struck tragic loss within the community, a week before the victim's birthday. The victim, who was gunned down at the renowned "Murda Station" which he later succumbed to his injuries. A vigil was set up for Malik Cortez that night, though gun violence since followed. In the recent months to follow, bloodshed in South Los Santos has increasingly been caused by bursts of gunfire from high-capacity firearms aimed at outdoor gatherings, leaving dozens of shell casings on the ground and multiple victims dead or wounded at once. The death is to be associated to a rise in gang tensions between teenagers from around South Central. Chamberlains Hills & Grove Street have been red areas for violence. August-September was a bad span for the Chamberlain Hills area, as they lost over 20 residents due to gun violence. Notables being Keyvonte Maxwell & Raden Brooks. Rapper Raden "S2FrmFStreet" Brooks just dropped "ScKuddy Pt. 2" & performed at Todos Santos before being gunned down in the Hawick Neighborhood. The community was left to mourn as crime heightened in the area. Despite deaths to follow in 2022, Chamberlain Hills seen more raids in the recent month, resulting in gang affiliates dispersing & residents inside with their doors locked. With B.J. Smith Recreation Center closed in 2022, youth in the neighborhood weren't eligible for any after school program nearby. Despite the deaths that followed suit, August seen a lot of alleged MPF affiliates get arrested for crimes involving a firearm, auto vehicle, and flocking. On the 8th of August, it's believed Javonte West was wrongfully approached & detained by the Los Santos Police Department shortly after gunshots rang nearby All Swells Housing Projects. He was found with an firearm & large amount of drugs on hand, eventually getting life in TTCF after receiving his third strike. Despite the arrests, recent strike ups representing the area's roots have been seen, paying homage to Hillside Gangsta Bloods as "Hillside Murda Gang" vandalizes Chamberlain Hills. It's believed an nearby Rollin 20s Neighborhood Bloods clique close with Murder Park Families reached out, eventually adopting Murda's identity as Raids sucked most the active Blood sets dry in surrounding areas. On a good note, there was neutral conflicts between Murder Park Families & Traviesos 13, as both sides handled their conflicts with their fists. Though it didn't last long, it showed the possibility of two street gangs coming together. Heightened drugs played a part towards the recent death toll in young life, with codeine stamped "murda wock" appealing to all ages. To end 2022, Murder Park Families started claiming EBK in response towards watered down politics between sides. This led to Black P Stones & Harvard Park Brims forming the Brimstone Alliance. Murder Park stayed steered on the B Team Alliance, uniting with Rollin 20s Neighborhood Bloods. 18-year-old charged in shooting of 2 LSPD cops in Back of the Yards LOS SANTOS (DAVIS) -- An 18-year-old man was charged in connection with the shooting of two LSPD police officers last week in the Chamberlain Hills neighborhood, police said Saturday. Keenon Gaulden faces two counts of attempted murder. Gaulden is the first person charged in the shooting. Police said they know the identity of the shooter and are. He is accused of being the driver of a vehicle carrying someone armed with an assault rifle who shot at the two undercover police officers. The unmarked, grey tactical van carrying the cops was riddled with bullets from a high-powered .223 rifle. Both officers survived and were released from the hospital on Wednesday. The officers, from the South Los Santos District, were conducting a gang investigation at about 9:10 p.m. following an incident earlier in the day near West of Forum DR and Strawberry BLVD when a minivan pulled up and the people inside opened fire on their tactical van. At a press conference Sunday, police said that the tactical van was following an SUV after a gang-related shooting. After losing the SUV, a minivan pulled alongside the unmarked van and someone inside fired a high-powered rifle into the police van. After learning that the shooting involved LSPD police officers, gang members cooperated with police and provided information leading to the identities of the suspects. Police said Gaulden confessed to his role in the shooting and is expected to appear in bond court Monday. Press conference will be at 11.15am for charges against Keenon Gaulden who drove car that shot the assault rifle at the LSPD officers In the van. The City's peace officers took it upon themselves to heightened their presence in Chamberlain Hills, with an appropriate excuse towards subjecting residents to criminals. This followed with an joint operation dubbed "Flat Revive" targeting Murder Park Families & Rollin 20s Neighborhood Blood affiliates. This got the new generation apparent with raids and how they transpired, as community members were subjected to unjust stop and frisks, as alleged. The Murder Park Families (MPF) also known as the "Murder Park Family Blood Gang" are an active African-American street gang situated in heart of Chamberlain Hills, San Andreas. With that being said, their presence can be seen through Chamberlain Hills to Grove Street. The Murda Park Bloods are aligned under the blood flag, though they're known to claim EBK after disputes with several Blood gangs. Affiliates usually loiter as the Blade wakes up at night, as the area gained a reputation for ruthless and arrogant individuals. Their primary color of choice are red and grey, wearing Marlins or Falcons apparel. The Hillside Ryda generation mostly dominates the area after operations and blood shed took a toll on older generations. Certain areas around Chamberlains hone specific strikes up center towards Forum Ryda Gang, Insane Murdas, and Hillside Murdas Gang, as these cliques are still known to operate in the area. Despite feuds with rival street gangs and push on criminal activity crackdown, the Gang remain their dominance throughout Chamberlain Hills. Members are easily identified whether they have gang affiliated tattoos or red/grey apparel with the letters "M, P, F" representing their affiliations to "Murder Park Families". Before MPF was established and Hillside Gangsta Bloods went defunct, teens from the neighborhood decided to form a crew based off their bikes and bike park. Aside from that teens were normally victimized by crip-affiliated gang members who mistook the teens as Blood rivals from the housing projects. Due to the outcome being fatal as the result, Murder Park Rider Gang was established by Ronald 'RB' Stokes and his Close friends. Together as they grew older the 'Rider' aspect of their name would take a more sinister turn. As the small group started to steadily expand, they spread out from 17-99 Housing Projects towards Crystal Heights and 1803 Forum Drive Housing Projects. The Gang eventually adopted the Murder Park Families branding, officially aligning themselves under the Blood flag. With dominating blood sets nearby at the time, the group of Gang members were propelled towards illegal profits as they adopted Blood politics. By doing this, they subsequently took on the same enemies as neighboring blood sets, leading to members early on going through the county jail system. A gang meeting set things in stone early 1990s in March at B.J. Smith Park. Since then, residents up to date have referred to the park as "Murder Park" along with their gang name tying them towards the Damus. The gentrification of Davis began in the late 1990s and targeted the low-income African-American neighborhoods of South Los Santos. The rich culture and history of the area was replaced by venturing yuppies as residents started getting evicted. This process was aided by gang injunctions targeting MPF and their Black and Hispanic rivals, but it wasn't just gang members who suffered, as their families and neighbors were often impacted too. Rent, housing prices, and the cost of living began to spike, causing many lower-income families to move across the city to more affordable areas in South and East Los Santos. This ultimately resulted in the remaining gangs having fewer young people to influence and recruit into their ranks. Tensions were on the rise between neighboring street gangs, with more violent crimes being reported throughout the 2000s. Members of gangs were being incarcerated or killed in rival shootings, including Keyvonte "MadMaxx" Maxwell , a high-ranking member of MPF who was believed to be shot and killed by rival Rollin 90s Neighborhood Crips. One important rivalry was with the Rollin 90s, which left many dead on both sides. But when both gangs were suffering from gang injunctions, crackdowns, and gentrification, the activity between the two sides lowered down as MPF relied on their politics not to defunct. Locals say that MPF is like the old Davis haunting the new Davis. Writers have called it "a nasty hive of evil surrounded by the most expensive real estate in San Andreas". You can find them in the dead-end alleys off Chamberlain Hills and the run-down areas between Forum Drive to Grove Street. One journalist suggested gentrification will never completely kill the old Davis, claiming "the gunplay is as much a part of life in Davis as Pitbulls at the local dog park". Older generations did not welcome the changes of gentrification, but the surviving members of MPF know they have to adapt and change with the times. For the young drug dealers of the Murder Park gang, they know rich people have expensive tastes. The arrival of tourists and rich people has boosted their sales tremendously, with gang members often selling drugs along the boardwalk. During this time MPF's clientele could stretch from an Mission Row crackhead or rich lawyer, as MPF took no steps back in the drug game. Being mostly teens and remnants of the Hillside Gangsta Bloods who originated back in 1970s, MPF was influenced by militant politics from the jump. Under a small group of African-Americans looking to protect the local demographic within the area of Crips at the time, started to grew in numbers once Blood Alley Gang started to fade in the early 1970s. It has been an on-going battle over the years due to the high presence of African-American gangs that reside within close limits of MPF neighborhood. Murder Park Families aligning themselves to the blood flag early helped them grow into a ruthless street gang that lifted a heavy presence and fear to other rival gangs that were located in South Central. With their presence not budging going through the 2000s, recently moved residents started venturing for more lucrative properties as violence was an normal day occurrence. With membership increasing and crime spiking around 2005 in September, residents moved out in hordes as the City allowed Section 8 Housing again. This led to familiar faces returning as well as struggling families as most community members were subject to racial profiling in the work field and everyday living. This only boiled the pot known residing in Chamberlain Hills and neighboring areas. With the viewpoint on the community from the Police and Sheriff's Department, residents are known to avoid, insult and record the deputy and peace officer's actions towards injustice. Murder Park Families also seen their female membership increase around this time, usually referred as "HG" or "Murdalette". Despite their gender difference, the collective proved to hold it down like their male counterparts, driving in drive-bys and even carrying firearms. Modern Day Up to date, the Murder Park Families mainly consist of membership around their mid teens to twenties. Though their numbers throughout their tenure been small, more inductions towards the Gang were on the rise since 2020. With young residents reaching of age to hop off the porch, the community is led to pick an side or get caught up in the cross fire. Waging war mostly with Neighborhood Crips, being of Rollins 90s that died down in recent years. Strikes up can still be see around territory dissing Neighborhood Crips. Age of members are usually between 16-22 years old after the Los Santos Police Department did an study from prosecuting members affiliated with Murder Park Families for numerous criminal offenses. Though they've branched from 17-99 Forum Drive Housing Projects with time, members can still be seen operating around there and nearby areas, They're known to loiter and commit crimes around Chamberlain Hills like Murder Park, Davis LTD, and alley ways. Death Alley is referred "MadMaxx Alley" by locals as Keyvonte Maxwell was a known resident in the community. Despite that, death alley is notorious for hundreds of deaths over an two-and-a-half generation span. After losing an affiliate due to a gang related shooting, crime in the area only spiked shortly afterwards. With Murder Park Families turning EBK after a few Blood on Blood feuds, some wonder if the Gang would ever drop the Blood flag turning renegade. With the B.J. Smith Recreation Center's director having issues with the lease, activities like assistance with school work and overall outlet were stripped from the youth neighboring nearby. Instead of participating in performances, drives, and Rec; Youth were plunged in their environment outside their residency. With the area being a known danger zone to locals, residents are forced to keep theirs eyes on their surroundings. A normal day for someone loitering is witnessing a shooting, put on/off, or police harassing you. Despite that community moguls in Chamberlain Hills can be seen coming together yearly for back to school drives, as well as holidays. OOC INFORMATION The faction aims to portray a realistic African-American street gang that resembles the Murder Park Family Bloods (MPF). Despite the concept being fictional IRL elements are accounted towards the real & organic environment. Above everything, we emphasize character development and portrayal. If your character intends to join and is associated to one or more people from the faction, leadership retains the rights to CK your character at their IC discretion at any point in time. This faction enforces a high standard of roleplay and ensures that server rules are followed. If you're looking for a typical DM shooter faction, keep looking. Any inquiries or joining or regarding the faction can be sent through to us. Our goal is to accurately depict a modern-day Blood gang in Davis struggling to re-establish itself after losing most of its members and cliques. While our goal is to portray this concept as realistically as possible, there will be hints of fiction throughout. This project will have an equal focus on the street gang and its illicit activities, as well as the community and the day-to-day life of a African-American growing up surrounded by gentrification. We value community roleplay and an atmosphere heavily influenced by Blood culture, so we also value characters who aren't full gang members or in supportive roles. We highly encourage those who wish to roleplay with us to also take some time to research the culture. If this faction interests you, then feel free to create a character and start roleplaying around us in Davis. All walks of life will be welcomed, but for those looking to join the faction as a gang member and progress through the gang, you must roleplay as a African-American teenager no older than 16. Male characters will have an easier time getting involved, but female characters (especially friends/family/girlfriends) play important roles in Blood gangs. For those looking to join the faction as a more community-driven local character, with no intentions of joining the gang, your options are much more diverse. However, we still encourage a African-American character but this will definitely not be forced for these types of characters as all walks of life will be welcomed, as long as the character fits in well. Street gangs have deep roots in their communities and gang members aren't the only people involved in these stories. Do not hesitate to reach out if you’re stuck, and need advice for a new character. As said above, all characters will be considered and we will be happy to head out your thoughts and offer suggestions. We have a solid understanding of this concept, and enough information to assist you with creating something special. We are more than happy to discuss concerns, suggestions, discrepancies, or portrayal issues in DMs. If you feel that you may have sources that we would benefit from looking into then feel free to send them my way and I can spread it out to the rest of the members. We’re all here to have a good time at the end of the day. Points of Contact: @Kemet@PILLBOY (All respective credits to @Fox C. for the thread layout & thread @Kemet @PILLBOY)
  7. ICYDOLL ENTERPRISES Icydoll, Founder and CEO of Solana Beltran, Inc. Solana Beltran, Inc. is a legal corporation created in 2022 by a woman who shares the same name following the success of her brands and involvement in the fashion industry. Powered by social media and influencer culture, the company is dedicated to redefining the traditional boundaries of the fashion and entertainment industries in Los Santos, and it has two brands under its umbrella: BODY by Icydoll, STRUT by Icydoll, Glasier. Los Santos, as well as several brands in development. This company has set itself apart as a pioneer of successful influencer marketing, both through the sale of goods and paid promotions, quickly building up a hefty capital and a good reputation with the public. This thread will monitor the operations and development of the corporation and its workers. Our goal is to provide a realistic and modern business roleplay, blurring the barriers between corporate roleplay, social media marketing, and fashion. If you want to join us, please contact Barbie via Forum PM.
  8. Welcome to The Sportsbike Community Of Los Santos. We represent the sport side of Motorcycles, and wish to spread the word that we are trying to get everyone that rides a sport bike together. We mainly do meetings, long rides through Los Santos, Sandy Shores and Paleto Bay, our Community is not Involved in any Illegal activates, this is just for hobby, If you are interested, find us! ((No Faction, or MC affiliated, this is ONLY a Community for ALL Sports Bike riders.)) ((You will see most of our Meeting and Ride activities here.)) ((Our Discord if you wish to meet us IC, https://discord.gg/8CeQQgtWS4.))
  9. This is the story of Reginald Washington, a 60 year old barber born and raised in Davis, where he seeks to share the love, lessons and values of his profession with the youth in his community while keeping the spirit of the African-American Barber Shop alive.
  10. — Overview — The Asian Boyz Crips (ABZ) is a relatively active street gang, mainly based in the LBC but they are also located in other areas of California along with other states in the US. The Asian Boyz are also mainly known in Boston Massachusetts. The street gang mainly consists of Cambodians, the Vietnamese, Koreans, and some members of Laotian descent. Asian Boyz also has quite a bit of African Americans along with some Hispanics and some other races. 1226 gang was established during the mid-1980s and began in the LBC. BACKGROUND — To first understand Asian Boyz (1226), you have to understand its enemies. In the mid to late 1970s, the communist Khmer Rouge (translated to Red Khmer) took power in Cambodia, forcing hundreds of thousands of Cambodian refugees to flee their country. The Khmer Rouge’s power came after a bloody civil war against the Cambodian government, which led to the mass killing of several political figures, their families, religious leaders, and members of the Buddhist church. Many immigrants moved to Cambodia town in Long Beach to start their new lives. The Khmer Rouge’s power fell after the country of Vietnam went to war with Cambodia and saw the removal of power from the Khmer Rouge. In 1981 the first Cambodian gang was formed in Long Beach, called the Tiny Rascals Gang. The name of the gang was a jest to their small size, and the gang was formed after racial tensions with rival Hispanic gangs, primarily the Varrio Longos gang reached a boiling point. The Longos-Rascals war was started after a group of Tiny Rascals members killed a member of the Eastside Longos in a drive-by shooting. This war has been going on since the conception of the tiny rascals gang and continues to this day. In the 1980s the first cliques of the Asian Boyz gang formed, following infighting with the Tiny Rascals Gang. The Asian Boyz gang split off from the Tiny Rascals, and the two gangs have been mortal enemies ever since, even to this day. The Asian Boyz inherited the rivalry with the Eastside Longos, and the ABZ-Longos war kicked off. Asian Boyz chose the color blue and fell under the Crip card like all other black Long Beach gangs. They formed a very close alliance with the Sons of Samoa gangster crips, and many other Asian Crip gangs such as Exotic Family Crip, Suicidal Town Crip, and the 18th Street gang. The gangs fell under the SEA card, which stands for either South East Asian or Suicidal Exotic Asians. The gang got its start by robbing homes, which became their signature crime. Most of the firearms the gang acquired were from home invasions and stolen from a house. Another large staple of most Asian gangs is grand theft auto, breaking into a car, stealing it, and stripping it for parts and money. SUMMER MADNESS — The Asian BoyZ Gang is known for its chaos in 1998. The riot of the Asian BoyZ gang was called "Summer Madness" leaving around 12 Wah Chings (Triads) dead, in LA, CA And in 2005 4 Tiny Raskal Gang member's dead, in Fresno, CA And 5 Tiny Raskal Gang Member killed, in Lowell, MA and around 20 Tiny Raskal Gang Member's killed, in Long Beach, CA And 8 Left Out Kidz (Blood Gang) dead, in Santa Rosa, CA And Much more murders across the country. The Asian BoyZ is on the American's Most Wanted List. The one who created the Asian BoyZ Gang is now in Cambodia. The Asian BoyZ Gang is well known in Long Beach, CA, Lowell, MA, Fresno, CA, Santa Rosa, CA, And Cambodia. MODERN DAY — 1226 even till this day are outside active and programing, the young niggas all around are getting active on Roaches, Peanuts, Bean Pies, and most definitely the Chongo's out of all of them. When it comes to the beef between Chongos and ABZ, ABZ completely mashes on them in the current day. Chongo's claim the entirety of the LBC but for the most part they really don't be on shit for real. With this day and age the newest generation out go by the InfAnts / InfAnt Locs. Anybody getting their put-on / Official in this time period is becoming an InAnt. The Infants are the most activated and the most active outside nowadays. You can constantly see them out programming and patrolling the set and also getting active on the gram. The Infants, with them being the newest generation out are still learning the ways of banging and often look up to the Tiny Locs for guidance. The InfAnts consist of young teenagers and the oldest Infants around these times are at most in their early twenties.
  11. Clique History: According to aforementioned information, the gang's structure was changed along with the cliques of the set. The South Side Carson Crip gang has always had 2 cliques within it known as the 5100 Dirty Davis Crips (1985 - 2003) on Brouge Avenue and the 5500 Tiny Bully Crips (1985 - 2002) on Roy Lowenstein Boulevard. 5500 Low Life Mafia / Roy Bullies The 5500 block clique of the gang went defunct up until 2012 when Darnell Brim & Delmar "Ducc Low" Wallace decided to bring it back with a fresh name, the 5500 Low Life Mafia Crips (still under Davis Crip car). The clique 5500 Low Life Mafia was formed by: - Darnell "Big Brim" Brim - Delmar "Ducc Locc" Wallace - Lamarcus "Crazy Lane" Wilkins (SSIP) - Wendell "Baby Xplosive#5" Henley Delmar "Ducc Loc" Wallace - OG 5500 member, was apart of 55 Bully Avenues / 55 Roy Bullies as one of the last members, later formed 55 Low Life Mafia after prison release. Roland “Mafia Frogg” Webb - OG 5500 member, was apart of the 55 Bully Avenues / 55 Roy Bullies as one of the last members, later formed 55 Low Life Mafia with Delmar “Ducc Low” Wallace. Downfall of the 55LLM clique, circa 2020. 1: Javaris “S Face” Stewart, a very influential 55LLM figure, is on the run for the murder of 3 LSPD police officers. Himself, Carson “Five Time” Polk, and Keenon “S Maniac” Love all were involved in the slaying of the law enforcement officers. 2: Zariyah “S Sane” Stewart, another prominent frontline 55LLM member, was caught & killed in a drive-by shooting by members of Kelly Park Crips, she was a key member of the 55 clique, and this sparked multiple shootings over the span of a weekend, resulting in deaths from both sides. 3: Joseph “Bkad Time” Gilbert, another influencer from the 55LLM clique was shot & killed by LSPD in the midst of leaving his house. Joseph was another innocent death cause by the LSPD, and members of SSCC came together/ marched for the unjustified death of Joseph Gilbert. (5500 Slang) Bully Crip / Roy Bully Crip / Roy Bully Mafia / 55 Mafia / 55 Bully Crip / 55 Low Bully Crip / 55 Low Life Bullies / 55 Bully Blocc - alternative names for the 55 Bully Loc clique Bully Locsta / Bully Oso - a member of the 55 Low Life Mafia / 55 Roy Bullies Davis Bully Loc Crip / Carson Bully Loc Crip / Carson Mafia Bullies / Low Life Carson Crip / Davis Bully Crips / Carson Bully Crips - South Side Carson Crip name mixed /w 5500 Bullies in shorter form. On South Bully Loc / On 55 / On Bully Blocc / On Bully Mafia / On double L-M / On Low Life Bullies / Double L-BC Crip / On Bully Gang - swearing on the 55 Mafia clique (This slang is not often used by the younger generations of the gang but the message is still alive when one says so) Young Bull - a young recruit to the clique Carson Bull - a known fighter of the clique Mafioso - any member of the 55LLM Low Life Oso - a known robber in the clique Bully Oso - a known shooter / killer in the clique. Javaris “S Face” Stewart, Zariyah “S Sane” Stewart, H55D Day, circa 2020. Javaris “S Face” Stewart on the left, Roland “Frogg” Webb in the middle, Kaeja “Five Extraz” Crawley on the far right, H55D Day, circa 2020. Clique Information: I’d like to give @Balifornia credits for making all the information above. With that being said, we aren’t aiming to make this a faction. We’d just like to continue our daily RP, and showcase the RP after the gang going defunct. Anybody is allowed to RP with us as long as you are in Carson, that is where we mainly will be at. To all the admins, we are “NOT” a faction. Feel free to PM myself @Trap-Money Scooby @Swaii.Capolat, or @Crooks for a discord invite.
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