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Found 4 results

  1. The Murder Park Families (MPF) also known as the "Murder Park Family Blood Gang" are an active African-American street gang situated in heart of Chamberlain Hills, San Andreas. The young sets main clique: the Murder Park Ridaz reside in a small portion of territory in the heart of Chamberlain Hills, predominantly over the 1799 Forum Drive Housing Projects spilling out into the famous B. J Smith Recreational Park dubbed locally as 'Murder Park'. The MPF are located between two larger street gangs on Forum Drive. They are between the Rollin 20's Neighborhood Bloods to the north and Black P Stones to the south. Members of the MPF are often seen sporting Miami Marlins or Milwaukee Brewers pieces of clothing, or more loosely, apparel with the letters of "M" which represent their affiliation to "Murder Park Families". They are seen sporting the colors grey and red as an indicator of their affiliation to the bloods. Clique History 2019-2022 The MPF was established by the teens of the 1799 Forum Drive Housing Projects who were victimised by crip-affiliated gang members who often mistook individuals of the housing projects for their rivals; members of the Rollin 20's Neighborhood Bloods. The consequences for the mistaken identities were often fatal and as a result, the Murder Park Rider Gang was established by Ronald 'RB' Stokes and his close friends. Together the gang formed under the identity Murder Park Rider Gang as testament to their location right behind the bike park as well as the groups affinity towards BMX bikes. However, as they grew older into their mid-late teens the 'Rider' aspect of their name would have a more sinister meaning. As the small group grew in size it drew in members from the Crystal Heights and 1803 Forum Drive Housing Projects. The Murder Park Rider Gang adopted the name Murder Park Families. Blood Affiliation 2022 - Present Their alignment with the Blood Car was an inevitable process. Given the location of the Murder Park Families between two domineering blood sets as well as the number of crip rivals the emerging gang had. The young members, who were beginning to go through the county jail system, felt they were obliged to fall in line and fly the blood flag. Subsequently taking on the same enemies as their neighboring sets. This was set in stone at a gang meeting on March 8th 2022. Interestingly, the gang would adopt the title bloods in their official name, referring to themselves as Murder Park Family Bloods. OOC Information Muuuuuuuuuurdaaaa! The Murder Park Families are here to create a realistic portrayal of an LA blood gang as well as an African American community. There is NO real world Murder Park Families and the culture we use for the set is heavily inspired by existing blood sets found in LA. Before joining, there are a few things you must acknowledge before role-playing with our faction. Firstly, we would like for our members to do their research and have basic knowledge of LA gang politics. If you're not serious about role-playing with us and don't have any quality role-play to contribute to the faction then you will be removed.
  2. Welcome to The Sportsbike Community Of Los Santos. We represent the sport side of Motorcycles, and wish to spread the word that we are trying to get everyone that rides a sport bike together. We mainly do meetings, long rides through Los Santos, Sandy Shores and Paleto Bay, our Community is not Involved in any Illegal activates, this is just for hobby, If you are interested, find us! ((No Faction, or MC affiliated, this is ONLY a Community for ALL Sports Bike riders.)) ((You will see most of our Meeting and Ride activities here.)) ((Our Discord if you wish to meet us IC, https://discord.gg/8CeQQgtWS4.))
  3. This is the story of Reginald Washington, a 60 year old barber born and raised in Davis, where he seeks to share the love, lessons and values of his profession with the youth in his community while keeping the spirit of the African-American Barber Shop alive.
  4. Clique History: According to aforementioned information, the gang's structure was changed along with the cliques of the set. The South Side Carson Crip gang has always had 2 cliques within it known as the 5100 Dirty Davis Crips (1985 - 2003) on Brouge Avenue and the 5500 Tiny Bully Crips (1985 - 2002) on Roy Lowenstein Boulevard. 5500 Low Life Mafia / Roy Bullies The 5500 block clique of the gang went defunct up until 2012 when Darnell Brim & Delmar "Ducc Low" Wallace decided to bring it back with a fresh name, the 5500 Low Life Mafia Crips (still under Davis Crip car). The clique 5500 Low Life Mafia was formed by: - Darnell "Big Brim" Brim - Delmar "Ducc Locc" Wallace - Lamarcus "Crazy Lane" Wilkins (SSIP) - Wendell "Baby Xplosive#5" Henley Delmar "Ducc Loc" Wallace - OG 5500 member, was apart of 55 Bully Avenues / 55 Roy Bullies as one of the last members, later formed 55 Low Life Mafia after prison release. Roland “Mafia Frogg” Webb - OG 5500 member, was apart of the 55 Bully Avenues / 55 Roy Bullies as one of the last members, later formed 55 Low Life Mafia with Delmar “Ducc Low” Wallace. Downfall of the 55LLM clique, circa 2020. 1: Javaris “S Face” Stewart, a very influential 55LLM figure, is on the run for the murder of 3 LSPD police officers. Himself, Carson “Five Time” Polk, and Keenon “S Maniac” Love all were involved in the slaying of the law enforcement officers. 2: Zariyah “S Sane” Stewart, another prominent frontline 55LLM member, was caught & killed in a drive-by shooting by members of Kelly Park Crips, she was a key member of the 55 clique, and this sparked multiple shootings over the span of a weekend, resulting in deaths from both sides. 3: Joseph “Bkad Time” Gilbert, another influencer from the 55LLM clique was shot & killed by LSPD in the midst of leaving his house. Joseph was another innocent death cause by the LSPD, and members of SSCC came together/ marched for the unjustified death of Joseph Gilbert. (5500 Slang) Bully Crip / Roy Bully Crip / Roy Bully Mafia / 55 Mafia / 55 Bully Crip / 55 Low Bully Crip / 55 Low Life Bullies / 55 Bully Blocc - alternative names for the 55 Bully Loc clique Bully Locsta / Bully Oso - a member of the 55 Low Life Mafia / 55 Roy Bullies Davis Bully Loc Crip / Carson Bully Loc Crip / Carson Mafia Bullies / Low Life Carson Crip / Davis Bully Crips / Carson Bully Crips - South Side Carson Crip name mixed /w 5500 Bullies in shorter form. On South Bully Loc / On 55 / On Bully Blocc / On Bully Mafia / On double L-M / On Low Life Bullies / Double L-BC Crip / On Bully Gang - swearing on the 55 Mafia clique (This slang is not often used by the younger generations of the gang but the message is still alive when one says so) Young Bull - a young recruit to the clique Carson Bull - a known fighter of the clique Mafioso - any member of the 55LLM Low Life Oso - a known robber in the clique Bully Oso - a known shooter / killer in the clique. Javaris “S Face” Stewart, Zariyah “S Sane” Stewart, H55D Day, circa 2020. Javaris “S Face” Stewart on the left, Roland “Frogg” Webb in the middle, Kaeja “Five Extraz” Crawley on the far right, H55D Day, circa 2020. Clique Information: I’d like to give @Balifornia credits for making all the information above. With that being said, we aren’t aiming to make this a faction. We’d just like to continue our daily RP, and showcase the RP after the gang going defunct. Anybody is allowed to RP with us as long as you are in Carson, that is where we mainly will be at. To all the admins, we are “NOT” a faction. Feel free to PM myself @Trap-Money Scooby @Swaii.Capolat, or @Crooks for a discord invite.
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