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Found 15 results

  1. 1. INTRODUCTION. This brief and straightforward instruction will guide you how to play an Asian-American member of an ethnically Asian street gang. Which all vary based on the Asian gang you're seeking to represent and other factors. 2. EXISTING ASIAN STREET-GANGS. Below is a list of some Asian-American street gangs, along with brief explanations/backgrounds/misc. To this day, all of the gangs listed below flourish and prosper on the west coast. - ASIAN BOYZ (ABZ/1226) Asian Boyz, sometimes known as ABZ, is a mostly Southeast Asian street gang that operates throughout the United States. The majority of sets, however, are located in California, with the most noteworthy being Long Beach, Van Nuys, Orange County, and Stockton. Members of this gang are affiliated with the Crip card and are notorious for a variety of crimes. Famous Asian rappers such as Stupid Young and MBNel have popularized the gang in recent years. Founded in the 1980s by Cambodian refugees as a deterrent to other Long Beach gangs such as Longos 13, Barrio Pobre 13, and others. Who committed attacks, robberies, and harassment against Cambodian refugees. Rivals include groups such as; Tiny Raskal Gang, Longos 13, Barrio Pobre 13, Bloods, Wah Ching (Formerly) Fictional GTA:W Rivals: Tiny Raskal Gang, Vespucci 13 (?) , CCB13 , Longos 13, Skinhead Gangs GTA:W Gang Threads: SEA ALLIANCE , Vespucci ABZ, SEASIDE ABZ, EASTY 1226 - TINY RASKAL GANG (TRG/TR/7126/EBK) TRG a/k/a Tiny Raskal Gang or Tiny Raskals, just like the Asian Boyz are a mostly Southeast Asian street gang that operates throughout the United States and certain cities along the Eastcoast/Midwest. Originated in the 1980s for the same reason and purpose of the Asian Boyz gang. However many members were originally ABZ and split due to internal conflicts in the 80s. There's still a generational beef between TRG and ABZ and shows no signs of stopping whatsoever. Rivals include groups such as; Asian Boyz, Longos 13, Barrio Pobre 13. Crips Fictional GTA:W Rivals: Asian Boyz/SEA, Longos 13, Crips, Bloods, Hoover Criminals, Filipino Santanas (Sureno), TRG (Internal) , Oriental Boyz GTA:W Gang Threads: Tiny Raskal Gang Vespucci , Tiny Raskal Gang , 1600 Tiny Raskals. - WAH CHING (WC/DUB-C/23) Unlike the other two gangs mentioned before. Wah Ching is a gang comprised primarily of Chinese-Americans. Gambling dens in San Francisco were established in the 1960s. Wah Ching Formed to safeguard Chinese-Americans in Chinatown and these Gambling dens, particularly in San Francisco later on in Los Angeles etc. Dub-C is involved in more organized crime, although select sub-sets operate as a unorganized street gang, but relatively few in this day and age owing to recent RICO indictments and overall law enforcement pressure. Wah Ching Had a very long feud with ABZ, although it appears to have died/squashed out owing to Wah Ching being money/business focused. Rival groups are; Asian Boyz (Formerly) Fictional GTA:W Rivals: (?) GTA:W Gang Threads: Decker Side, Hop Sing Tong , Broker Side Wah Ching , Oceanside Wah Ching , Highland Wah Ching , Palomino Wah Ching , - ASIAN BLOODS Asian Blood gangs are uncommon and frequently unheard of, Asian Bloods are occasionally mistaken with Wah Ching owing to both wearing red bandanas and being Asian. However, there are just a handful sets on the West Coast and one in Lowell, Massachusetts. Southeast Asian-Americans make up the majority of the gang population. Gang is popularized by rappers BounceBackMeek and Javn2900 from Stockton, California. Rival groups are; Asian Boyz, Crips. Fictional GTA:W Rivals: SEASIDE, SEA, ABZ. GTA:W Gang Threads: W/S 81 Oriental Boyz , Krazy Miller Boyz, W/S Gangster Bloods , - HMONG GANGS They were quite active in the 1990s and 2000s. However, it appears that the majority of them perished. Most Hmong gang members may be found in the various Asian street gangs mentioned above, such as ABZ and TRG, but the most well-known Hmong gang is 'MOD/Menace Of Destruction' or 'Asian Crips,' both are active in Northern California, Washington, Oregon etc. GTA:W Gang Threads: Menace Of Destruction - KOREAN, JAPANESE. MISC. CHINESE STREET GANGS (?) There isn't much information I can say off the top right now, however there are a few noteworthy gangs such as 'Asian Criminals,' 'Korea Town Gangsters,' 'Korean Pride,' '6th St W/S Asian Criminals Gang,' 'Korean Boyz,' and 'Tokyo Boyz.' Most Korean and Japanese gangs in general do not engage in unorganized street crime and instead, just like Wah Ching, they deal with large/high-scale crimes or organized crimes in general. Rivals groups are: Other Korean/Japanese/Chinese Gangs. GTA:W Gang Threads: Seoul Park Boyz , Seoul Tigers, Seoul Family Gang 3. ROLEPLAYING AN ASIAN-AMERICAN STREET GANG MEMBER. To begin, there are several aspects that will influence how you roleplay an Asian-American street gang member. It primarily relies on the environment, just as Mexican-American and African-American street gangs. If you play an Asian-American in a neighborhood with a large concentration of African-American street gangs, you'll most likely speak the same terminology and look all designer'd up in your sagging set of fake purple, amiri designer jeans, and rolex chains. If you roleplay in a location with a strong Mexican-American street gang presence, you'll most likely be utilizing Chicano Lingo and saying 'Foo' about every other second, as well as wearing baggy 501's, pro clubs, and shakawear, among other things. To be honest, it's nothing special; the only difference between Asian gangs and other gangs is that Asian gangs may be more 'family-like' in certain aspects, carrying out certain rituals and traditions, being close knit, the fact that you can probably speak another language other than English, even if it's poorly spoken, harsher punishments then your typical DP/ 13 second beatdown. Note: Modern day culture is also a heavy influence. 4. ASIAN AMERICANS & PRISON In general, if you roleplay a gang member, regardless of color, you will end up in prison or dead; most likely prison. However, I've seen this multiple times when individuals are frightened to roleplay in prison as an Asian-American gang member due to a lack of prison politic understanding or simply not wanting to roleplay inside of TTCF at all. This is what will happen upon arrival at TTCF; - You'll be checked in by a Keyholder for one of the groups; Islanders or Asians. - If you have no bad charges (Sexual related crimes etc.) listed as a C.I (Informant) or former law enforcement you'll be welcomed in and told to follow a set of rules, which is actually light compared to other cars in prison. - You are now a 'Other' which is the 5th prison group besides Blacks, Whites, Mexicans (Surenos & Paisas) & Northern Mexicans (Nortenos) - You probably won't be allowed to carry your street beefs in prison, since Asians and Islanders are a very low number compared to other racial groups, you'll stick together and be united. - Do your time/program in TTCF and get out back to the streets, or put in work with 'The Other Car' and end up in AD-SEG 90% of the time for stabbing a 'J-CAT' (Google the term.) and regulating people in your own car. The Other Car consists of; Asians (East Asian, Southeast Asians, Middle Eastern/Arabs, Indians;, Native Americans, Blasians/Mixed) Islanders (Samoans, Hawaiian, Tokelau, American Samoa etc) basically anyone that's in an Asian dominated Gang or doesn't fit into Norteno, Sureno, Black & White. Other Car Thread; The Other Car API CONNECTION 5. ASIAN AMERICAN STREET GANG RAPPERS Nothing much to type here, but I just wanted to throw this in, give you an idea; it's not 100% accurate cause you know of course Rappers in general have an image to maintain. STUPID YOUNG [ABZ] MBNEL [MUDDY BOYZ] ABBLUE [ABZ] CHING YUNG / GLO IN CHINA - [WAH CHING] SHADOW DUB, DUB M, CYG NUKLS - [WAH CHING] BOUNCEBACKMEEK [Louis Park Bloods / Asian Bloods] JAVN2900 [Louis Park Bloods / Asian Bloods FRONTLINERICHIE [HMONG ASIAN CRIPS] CHINATOWN RUNNER [ASIAN BLOODS] HTOO RUE [ASIAN BLOODS/MYANMAR] PLVYBOYHOOK [TRG] MR EASTSIDE X C4 [TRG] VICKFOENICK [TRG] GLIZZY GREY [TRG] 6. END OF GUIDE. This guide was made to be straightforward and simple. It's not really that complex to roleplay an Asian Street Gang Member. However, if you have any questions. Then don't be afraid to ask and I'll quote you with a response. If you'd like anything added to guide or have certain stuff corrected, then send me a direct message @2Raskal. I'd also like to give my respect to those willing to roleplay an Asian-American on GTA:W that isn't a fantasy of some type of weird ass manga comic character or acting like a stereotypical 4-eyes glasses wearing nerd with a 'Fresh Off The Boat' accent. as the media has portrayed for countless years.
  2. Koreatown (Korean: 코리아타운) is a neighborhood in Los Santos, San Andreas, centered near Palomino Avenue and Vespucci Blvd. Koreans began immigrating to the United States in the 1960s en masse. Many of these migrants opened businesses along Ginger and Decker Street, as well as sections of Palomino and Vespucci Avenue, also bordering the then unincorporated Little Tokyo district. These areas would later become the neighborhood of Little Seoul. Despite the name suggesting it is a traditional ethnic enclave, the community is multicultural and pluralistic. While the neighborhood's culture was historically oriented to the Korean immigrant population, Korean-Americans are creating stronger ties to the Latino community, as they make up the majority of its population - 51%. In recent years, a large influx of other Asian minorities have begun to settle in Little Seoul, creating a smaller northern enclave of Chinese and Hongkongese known as Kowloon Corner. On March 16, 1991, a Korean store owner, Soon Ja Du, shot and killed a 15-year-old Black customer, Latasha Harlins. Du accused Harlins of stealing orange juice, and after watching her put down the jug and turn to leave, shot her in the head. Some historians view Du's posting bail as the breaking point in tensions The 1992 unrest stimulated a new wave of political activism among Korean-Americans, but also split them into two camps. The liberals sought to unite with other minorities in Los Angeles to fight against racial oppression and scapegoating. The conservatives emphasized law and order and generally favored the economic and social policies of the Republican Party. The conservatives also tended to emphasize the political differences between Koreans and other minorities, specifically Blacks and Hispanics. Despite this divide within the Korean American community, the 1992 riots also inspired further efforts to build coalitions. The 1992 Koreatown Peace Rally was a record-setting demonstration with over 30,000 attendees representing intergenerational and interethnic solidarity. The devastation caused by the 1992 L.S. riots especially caused damage to Little Seoul. A week-long riot and constant looting ransacked Koreatown and destroyed much of it - up to 50 million USD worth of damage, primarily affecting Korean business owners. During the riots, roads between Koreatown and the more affluent neighborhood of Rockford Hills, provoking derision from local residents. Many believed they were being abandoned by the LSPD in order to protect the largely white suburban communities past the Del Perro Freeway. In a symbolic display of unity between the Korean and Chinese communities, Chinese locals banded together in volunteer groups - mostly unarmed - in order to fend off looters. The Suey Sing Association also raised funds for rebuilding efforts through lobbying in Hong Kong and stateside. The effects of the riots and looting, which displaced Korean Americans and destroyed their sources of income, combined with little aid having been given to those who suffered, are still being felt today as LA-based Koreans continue to struggle with poverty. Koreatown has largely recovered from the riots in terms of practical damage, however, the economic consequences still persist after over thirty years. While commercialization has been successfully, poverty and crime is rife, and tabloids note that the area is one of the most dangerous places in Los Santos. Families struggle under the poverty line while local disaffected youth turn to crime and anti-social behavior. The local Chinese and Korean criminal groups have, in the past, warred with each other. An influx of deaths in the area in 2022 can be attributed to the local gangs fighting over territory as well as internal conflict. Largely, however, the Koreatown community is largely protective of its own with a general suspicion of outsiders. The youth of Little Seoul have, in recent years, begun to adopt different cultural aesthetics, drawing inspiration from the Hispanic community in the area, along with the African-American community nearby. A disconnect has been noted by those studying the Koreatown area between elders and local youth, with the former growing to have less influence over their progeny over time - local young people tend to eschew traditional culture for mass media. This community attempts to emulate Los Angeles’ Koreatown and will largely feature community-based roleplay. This thread is a place for people of the community to showcase their day-to-day roleplay, or show off their faction specific roleplay should they see fit. There are no race/nationality restrictions in place, as the real life equivalent of Little Seoul is a melting pot of many different races and cultures and the server emulates the same type of community. All are welcome to post here if you so visit, live, or play in the area. You can post here whether you're legal, illegal, a grandma, or a visitor, there is no restrictions aslong as it's to do with Little Seoul. There are no CK auths given when posting in this thread and all characters are safe to come and go as they please. Permission to post on this thread must be given by the community figures of the area. You can join our discord here! https://discord.gg/A84YUN68Jx Any issues, please forum PM @tired! @miguelito @PrinceCane @yox @dynamite @slump Credit to @Jura for the photos! Decker-Side 23: https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/84741-decker-side-23-%E8%8F%AF%E9%9D%92/ Koreatown Ties: https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/80627-koreatown-ties-%EC%84%9C%EC%9A%B8/ Little Tokyo: https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/43745-little-tokyo-%E5%B0%8F%E6%9D%B1%E4%BA%AC/
  3. Ji-Ok's and ID's The art of ID forgery Chasing the $$$ Upgrade #1 Upgrade #2 Hard work pays off $$$ "Always have an attitude of gratitude." -Sterling K. Brown
  4. EvilTwin


    The story of K-Town's 'Terror Twinz': Gia & Han @EvilTwin- Gianne @LiftedEmbrace - Hannah
  5. onizuka

    Bam-Bam Seung

    this thread is dedicated to the development of Nathan "Bam-Bam" Seung
  6. The Underdog. 약자 This thread will showcase the story, development, and life of Han Ji-hyung.
  7. Necessary tunes... Somewhere in Incheon - 1975 We turn the clock ever further back to 1971 in our next installment...
  8. This thread chronicles the development of Sophie Baek. A resident of Little Seoul and a recent member of Kkangpae.
  9. 도약과 그물이 나타납니다 This thread will document the development and lifestyle of Lucas Hyeonu
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