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  1. Application status: CLOSED
  2. Pearl Mansion House is located on 2057 Vespucci Boulevard, Little Seoul. The complex has been renovated by the Suey Sing Association as a solution to soaring housing and rental prices. There are a total of fifteen rooms for rent, along with amenities such as laundry, entertainment and the Suey Sing Association on the fourth floor. The building itself as above Ji-Ok, a notorious and popular nightclub located in Little Seoul. IC INFORMATION Pearl Mansion House, or Pearl Mansions, has been a staple of the Little Seoul community for many years, unassumingly located on the tangent of Koreatown’s Kowloon Corner; directly in front of the Arirang shopping complex. Originally constructed to service the burgeoning amount of Korean immigrants arriving in the neighbourhood in the 1920s and 30s, the 1948 Supreme Court prohibition of racially restrictive housing policies drove many of its residents to homes in Lindsay Circus and to what is now known as Dream Tower. The building stood largely unoccupied - only populated by squatters and layabouts - until in and around the time of the passage of the Immigration and Nationality Act, 1965. This drove a huge upsurge in immigration from Southeast and East Asia, prominently Chinese, Filipinos and Vietnamese. Around this time the building came into the possession of the Suey Sing Association, who renovated the property, facilitated the mass flow of immigrants whilst clandestinely encouraging and nurturing local youths to commit crime on its behalf. Pearl Mansion House would eventually grow infamous for being the scene of several violent gangland confrontations, though this would do little to stop the tide of Hongkongese and later economic migrants from Mainland China and afterward Mongolia, post-1989. - The L.S. Riots of 1992 also prominently involved Pearl Mansion House, as shown in several newsreels and footage after the fact. In a symbolic display of unity between the Korean business community and the largely Chinese Suey Sing, locals stood guard atop the roof, armed and entrenched. While the building was safe during the course of the riots, it served as a watershed moment for Korean-American and Chinese community relations. Following several high profile indictments upon the turn of the millennium and subsequent recession, the Suey Sing Association gradually faded out of the public eye as the now prospering immigrants decided to relocate to brighter, more attractive pastures - Ginger Street, Lindsay Avenue, Palomino, and even to the reaches of Mission Row’s New Chinatown. As a result, Pearl Mansion House fell into disrepair, with the rump Suey Sing closing its Los Santos office to focus on activities in San Fierro. However, with the ascension of David Wu to the position of Suey Sing Association Chairman for Los Santos, the building was given a new lease of life - renovated, with a new office perched on the top floor of the complex. It has now opened its doors for letting, with the Suey Sing hoping to revitalise and rejuvenate what it calls Kowloon Corner. Suey Sing Association Website: OOC INFORMATION The Pearl Mansions Project is an application-based apartment complex situated in the center of Little Seoul. The complex features a large multi interior lobby along with a common room, maintenance room, laundry room, and a full Pan-Asian association on the fourth floor. Our aim is to bring a more hands on approach to housing in Little Seoul and provide roleplay to civilians and gang members alike, across a large range of Asian-specific nationalities. Although ethnicity does not bar you from attempting to apply here, it simply means the area is predominantly Asian-American and catered towards that demographic. Players wishing to roleplay in the Pearl Mansions complex should note that this complex is aimed at characters who work under or reach the poverty line, along with criminal characters, youth, and first time renters. The complex is aimed at housing Asian-Americans and locals around the Little Seoul area. Our application process is simple, As for the application process, there is no format as a judge of competence and character, but we will afford applicants simple requirements; All applications are to be sent to @tired! in a forum PM and will be judged on quality, not quantity in a round-based style, meaning we will be opening and closing applications as openings come, and it is not first come, first serve but based on the quality of your application and how your character fits this project. We reserve the right to accept or deny anyone based on our standards of quality, complaints about denial sent to Property Management or us will result in barring from future applications, depending on circumstances. For more information or any questions, please feel free to join our discord for the project, which will hold guides and in the case of acceptance, local events and IC details in the confines of the Projects; https://discord.gg/JCMTr3FQQk
  3. Pearl Mansion Complex - Little Seoul This has been a two month project for me and a passion project. Main Lobby
  4. You can't sell a house that's been given through housing requests, not the newer requests anyway. You can only sell them back to PM when you're finished with them. The houses you see in the properties section are ones people have gotten almost years ago and/or ones that have been bought or traded through different people. Most Vinewood/Rockford ones are barely owned because most people can't justify owning a huge mansion for their character. I've never seen a Vinewood/Rockford mansion up for sale and most I've come across were gained through house requests.
  5. tired!


    Single bedroom apartment located in Little Seoul. OOC INFO: Starting bid: $194,000 Buyout: $364,000
  6. Really late reply sorry but I'm currently not taking any requests.
  7. Camphor Tree - Korean BBQ Rockford Mansion
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