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  1. What about that invitation to Meathead's Deli?
  2. There are not many crimes that patrol level officers deal with in the context of the server that would require a need for it. Gang Crime? Gang Unit. Low level theft? Intelligence Unit. The patrol officer even if they come across an investigation will usually call a specialized unit who's job is to investigate or if the case is open and shut on the scene, will just conduct an arrest. Anyway to your point, there isn't a need to add an area for probable cause, the MDC is advanced, the tools are necessarily there. Policy just needs an update since it seem
  3. As someone had explained earlier. Most investigative holds are done by Detectives more than regular patrol staff. The use of a 48 hour hold which was 72 hours at first btw is to allow for the finalization of formal charges on a suspect you already have probable cause for. Obviously the system is not perfect but typically at the patrol officer level, you're a taxi. Now more astute officers will ask why do I have this guy in my car so they can be aware of what's going on at a surface level but this ain't always the case. Overall as Liquicity pointed out earlier, it's mor
  4. How is her telling you where the money goes not count as an explanation, that one is lost on me. Of course JSA paychecks aren't like PD/SD/FD paychecks. They gotta be in game more. Ah. I see you haven't been here long. Both the PD and the SD have ran out of money in the faction bank before and the respective faction leaders have had to cover for it. People don't pull the numbers out of their ass bro, it's based on actual speadsheet statistics. Both departments have fiscal operation sections for a reason.
  5. Name: A. Ingram Phone: 501-1980 Bid: 300,000$
  6. Name: A. Ingram Phone: 501-1980 Bid: 280,000$
  7. Name: A. Ingram Phone: 501-1980 Bid: 250,000$
  8. Name: A.I. Phone Number: 501-1980 Offer: 150,000
  9. Vespucci from an IC stand point has always been portrayed as a progressive area that has been heavily affected by gentrification. This should come as no surprise that a gang will be here. Not saying that gang rpers don't act like it's the 90s, some do but not all. In the same breath, regular civilians should probably roleplay around that and not just think they're in some paradise and are above getting retaliated on. Just be normal and not the arrogant playboy millionaire that some people make themselves out to be. In the same breath, if you're a local, act like it and if you're a
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