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  1. Bump. Willing to accept $75.000 to the first person to inquire.
  2. (( )) $85.000 or Best Offer
  3. Contingent pending its sale. If it falls through it'll be available on the market again.
  4. Apologies for that, I have made a serious mistake there. You're the winning bid, send me your details over e-mail. (( Forum PM ))
  5. You're the leading bid. Listing will close after 24 hours if the last bid remains uncontested.
  6. I think I'm the winning bid with $320.000 since it's been 72 hours. Let me know when it is a good time to meet. Details can be done via e-mail. (( Forum PM )) @joaoivis
  7. 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom Beautiful first floor apartment situated on the north side of Vespucci Canals! Starting bid: $200,000 Buyout: $378,015 (( OOC Information )) GALLERY
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