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  1. I think mostly everyone here sums it up. It should classify under PG and we will look to put some sort of rule into it. Especially when you use those functions to make large determinations towards your RP. I believe the best way to describe it for now is only in those critical/life threatening situations that a use of a command should not determine the flow of RP, it should come naturally. It's a bit of a different story if you wanna RP putting some cookies in the oven and use a functioned command to see if they RP burnt or not.
  2. Welcome to the server where I can say for certainty most of us call home for our gaming paths ;D
  3. 10) Robbing and Scamming It is only permitted to /rob another player for the items they have on themselves at the current time. It is only permitted to scam another player for a maximum of $75,000. It is not allowed to scam properties. These include and are limited to vehicles and real estate. There are no limitations on drug and weapon scams, or on loans (a namechange / CK during an active loan will lead to your money being removed and given back to the loan contract owner). This applies to both scamming a player for a drugs or weapons and for scamming a player for money off a drug or weapon scam. Large and sophisticated business robberies must be approved by IFM. They can be requested through the IFM requests board with the following information: - Target of the robbery. - Goal of the robbery (money, revenge, etc). - List of participants. - Plan of action (entry, getaway, etc). Smaller and "in the moment" robberies can be conducted without an approved IFM request. Admin permission and supervision is still required for these, /report to get it. Example: Robbing an open 24/7. When selling a house which is linked to a garage, you must also sell the garage to the house's buyer. Chaining robberies on your character unless adequately roleplayed will be considered unrealistic and a poor portrayal of a character, so be careful If you choose to go that way. E.G. Going door to door to each house and/or vehicle to check if it is unlocked is considered chain robbing. Consistently robbing people in a very short period of time. Players should wait a while before attempting this again. You may use /breakin to rob any property. Usage of /rent to access the inventory is forbidden and bannable. /breakin is accepted by administrators only if they have the time for it as it requires 20 minutes of active monitoring, which might be difficult to do during peak hours. If you just want to roleplay a regular property robbery without stealing real items, you may use /robprop [In development] Players may not rob or scam money from other players while in jail, Players may only rob or scam items while in the jail. All cash is roleplayed as commissary funds and not physically with the player. E.G. You rob a player and force them to pay you more money than they have on them. You scam a player for their vehicle. Unrealistic portrayal of robberies and characters which exist only to conduct robberies is bannable, for example: - Driving into the county as a gang member in South Central to conduct a robbery in Paleto Bay for no sensible IC reason (e.g. your path has not realistically led you to Paleto Bay for any discernable reason, this would be a significant drive on an IC basis) - Driving on a dirt bike with masks, not communicating, but pulling up to any pedestrian to conduct a gun-point robbery at drive-by - Chaining roberies unrealistically, or unrealistic portrayal of a crime spree - Moving from robbery to robbery and demanding victims move as quickly as possible, or clearly conducting robberies simply to gain OOC assets rather than for roleplay - Conducting robberies with overuse of force (such as 4 assault rifles) or for the purpose of provoking conflict (seeking to rob people in a gang neighborhood for an excuse to shoot them) It is forbidden to rob anyone when : - You're using a motorcycle / quad / ATV, these vehicles are fully forbidden for such roleplay unless previously approved by an administrator using /report - You've baited the victim using an advertisement or the taxi script - You're not using /rob to force the other party to show their items - They're using a boat to perform an activity You may /report to perform robberies on situations involving the previous bullet points With regards to the new Economy update, players may not rob/force other players to withdraw money from the bank or an ATM. Debit cards/credit cards also fall into this subject. For those who own properties that have cash within the cashbox or generally within the property inventory, must have defined in the stash-info where the cash is, or the administrator handling the report may freely come up with an area the cash is in. Robbing a business also falls under the stash-info rule. However, any cash left in the "cashbox" will now represent the cash register. Players may steal a cash register and whatever money within the "cashbox" will be issued to the robber.
  4. Hello everyone! Welcome to the November 2021's Staff Update! We hope everyone had a great Spooky Season, as now we are heading into the cold season with lots of holidays infront of us! For the month of October and leading into November, we have had a lot of great updates deployed for the server, including a massive update for our mappers and those that use furniture on a daily basis - over 140 new objects have been implemented into the server and are available for use. Recently, the new fishing update has also been deployed, allowing for those who love the immersive feeling of being on a boat or camping in the woods, the ability to go out and enjoy a nice relaxing time fishing - while also having the opportunity to gain more income with spending the time fishing as-well. The new update allows for players to go deep-water fishing and actually have fish that would realistically be in certain settings of water. Almost every single pond, lake and ocean is now able to be fished from, excluding the area of Los Santos. While it is not deployed officially yet, @Nervous, @Strobe, @Static & @Vassilios have confirmed a release of GTAW 2.6 which has amazing improvements within our Economy System, Weapons, Pets and some overall improvements throughout the Legal & Illegal Faction Community. We hope to hear the feedback from the community when it is officially released. You can check the update out here. In regards to Property Management, there has been some massive changes within the leadership structure. @Selena has been promoted to the Assistant Head of Property Management, and will be assisting @Frezemis in the daily operations and management of Property Management. @Adv has been promoted to the Head of Requests with @Nightmare Night being promoted to the Head of Leasing. We wish you all the best of luck and would like to congratulate you all on the promotions. Management believes you are strong candidates for the position and will continue to work hard throughout the upcoming months and within the time in Property Management. @cxn has also now been officially appointed the Assistant Head of Faction Management and will be overseeing the Legal Faction side of Faction Management. CXN has proven to be a strong and dedicated leader, and someone we can entrust to continue to do amazing work for the Legal Faction side of the community. We wish you the best on behalf of Management and with you well within the leadership position. We would also like to welcome @Pepper on his completion of training within Staff Management and being assigned Senior Administrative Support to lookover the Administrative Team along with others within the sub-team. Pepper has done amazing work within Property Management and continues to show the great dedication within Staff Management. The entire management team also give a big shoutout to the Staff Team on some amazing work done this month. With the feedback from the Community and internally from Staff, we believe we are continuing to strive for the better and Management can truly see the difference, especially in regards to reports and them being handled in a more timely manner. Staff continue to do a vast amount of jobs and are hit with a massive workload every month, and they power through it and continue to get the job done. We are extremely proud of all of you! We're also going to be having a very special event in November and we hope that as many players as possible will participate in our upcoming discussions about it! We'll all be participating to donate money to a specific charity, more information here : GTA:World Management Team Admin Promotions Game Administrator Level 3 to Game Administrator Level 4 @Selena (Assistant Head of Property Management) Game Administrator Level 2 to Game Administrator Level 3 @Adv (Head of Requests) @Nightmare Night (Head of Leasing) @cxn (Assistant Head of Faction Management - Legal Focus) Game Administrator Level 1 to Game Administrator Level 2 @Banks @Igloo @delanto @Lomadias @Wuhtah Trial Administrator to Game Administrator Level 1 @dawpi @JackieH @slothy @Daylong @dxrkside Senior Support to Trial Administrator @Gore @Almeida @Viscaria @Shagglehod @BaileyG @Orbit @Exodus Support to Senior Support @hipsxn @Lucky. @Eficion @Amellis @Connor New Support Members: @Boots @undefined @matejz @Toxic @TyJ To avoid an influx of repeated questions, applications were not opened this month and due to a new internal system, they will be opening now every second month rather than month by month. If you were reserved in the previous wave, you will be automatically brought up for consideration in the upcoming wave for this month. If you have questions unrelated to what was mentioned above please contact @KV or @Jonesy for assistance.
  5. Hello everyone! Welcome to the "Spooktober" 2021 Staff Update, the spooky month of the year! We hope everyone is ready for the end of the month and to collect free candy from their friends and families... On a serious note, we hope everyone is doing well! First and foremost, the Staff Team will be going through some changes for the month of October, including @Groz heading into retirement and taking a step back from the Staff Team overall. For some of us, Groz has been here since the start of our time here within GTA World and has been assisting within Staff Management since I personally got hired onto the Staff Team. As much as we don't want to let Groz go, everyone has to sprout from the tree and fly away atleast one time in life. Groz has done amazing work here within GTA World and his legacy will be extremely missed throughout GTA World and the Staff Team specifically.. Groz left us with a nice little message that I have attached below. We wish you the best of luck with everything, Groz, and you will be truly missed throughout all of the Staff Team & GTA World in general. With Groz heading into retirement, Staff Management as we know it is going to be changing slightly in structure, specifically to our former structure we had previously to Groz & Pillsbury becoming Management. @Pillsbury will now be overseeing the Staff Team as a whole and will be labeled "Head of Staff", which will lookover both the Support Team and the Administrative Team. With Groz leaving the team, @Jonesy will be taking over as the Head of Support and @KV transferring from the administrative side of things, to now the Assistant Head of Support. On the administrative side of things for Staff Management, @Odin will be assigned the position of "Head of Admins" and @Wally being moved over to the position of Assistant Head of Admins. I would like to first personally give a huge congratulations to @Odin, @Jonesy, @KV and @Wally - as I have worked with the four of them extremely closely over the past half of a year and I personally believe, along with Management, that they will be extremely strong candidates for the positions they are going to be taking. I know personally how hard it is to undergo the stressful position of Head of Admin/Support and Assistant Head of Admin/Support - and I know they will strive into the positions they have been assigned. We have no doubt that they can handle these positions and that they will continue to grow into the everlasting changes of Staff/Administration. We would also like to give a huge congratulations to @Frezemis on making to Management as the Head of Property Management. Frezemis has been serving in the staff team for well over two years now, and has continued to show his dedication & leadership ability to the rest of Management, where we feel this change is the right one for the overall better of the community & Property Management in general. He continues to strive within Property Management and has brought the team to their highest points! We look forward for the great work and dedication that he has planned! For those that didn't already know, @cxn has been appointed as the new Head of Legal Faction Management and is undergoing his interim period. We wish cxn the best of luck with the team and hope LFM strives more then it ever has before as we believe cxn is a strong and dedicated leader, that can continue to shape and improve the overall fundamentals of the Legal Faction Management team. On the other side of things, as many are aware - we have had a new map mod placed into the server where it adds some physical effects to your gameplay. Some might notice barriers in highways, some more trees and extra props throughout the map that may for some, immerse their roleplay overall and give them that true 'vibe' of a City and County. We have a general discussion currently out for players to voice their opinions and to give an overall vote! You can find that here! Recently we have also implemented a variety of scrips that support the overall gameplay of the server, one of these being an 'Auto Pilot' which allows the player to sit back and relax, while their car follows a waypoint destination! We have gotten some amazing feedback from the community overall in regards to this new custom feature, especially with cars avoiding each other and recognizing the possibility of a collision! On a final note in regards to Developers, Administrators & Support.. we appreciate the hard and dedicated work you all place in every month. You all deserve a huge shoutout for the constant work you put forward to make an overall better experience for the Staff Team & the Community. You all put hundreds of hours of work into the community and I make it my goal every month to make sure these contributions are recognized by Management & the Community. Special note from Groz: "I'm so thankful and appreciative of all the time I've spent within the staff team. I've had the opportunity to watch and work with so many of our current Administrators from the time they had only just joined the team as Support up until now where some are even leading our various subteams. To watch them grow not only in the Staff team but as people too has been so enjoyable and one of the most rewarding experiences ever. I'm so grateful to have made so many amazing friends within our team, I will always treasure the times we've spent making the server better, not to mention the fun we've had and stress we've endured along the way lol. To our lovely players, whom I've enjoyed helping day-in and day-out, thank you all for your kindness, your passion and most of all, for continuing to support our amazing server. I can feel confident in leaving knowing I've left both the server and our staff team in a better state than it was when I joined, and I know Jonesy, KV and the rest of our amazing crew will continue to build off of that foundation and turn it into something truly special. So once again and with finality, thank you all so so so much from the bottom of my heart. See you around!" We look forward to seeing everyone for next month on the November Staff Update! We hope you have a great rest of the summer that is left! GTA:World Management Team Admin Promotions Game Administrator Level 4 to Management @Frezemis (Head of Property Management) Game Administrator Level 3 to Game Administrator Level 4 @Jonesy (Head of Support) Game Administrator Level 2 to Game Administrator Level 3 @Björk (Senior Administrative Support, Staff Management) Game Administrator Level 1 to Game Administrator Level 2 @Rohan. @Jeff_ @Biscuit @Moe @Armolis @LilManiac Senior Support to Trial Administrator @dawpi @JackieH @slothy @Daylong @dxrkside New Support Members: @hipsxn @Lucky. @Eficion @Amellis @secretamerican @Connor If you applied for staff and were not selected, you may request your denial reason via the UCP. Please wait up to 72 hours for your denial reason to be processed and sent through. As there is a large influx of requests that must be filled, please be patient in waiting for your denial reason. Please note that the support team reserves the right to deny applicants for for any issue that it perceives to be an issue including but not limited to; roleplay quality, general mentality or past incidents with staff and community members. Applicants who are denied in this application may not reapply until the staff applications open again in December for January 2022's recruitment wave.
  6. You actually hit the nail on the head, not going to lie. Our lore is really off and we have requested a name change before, but it will become to much of a hassle with modding and rebranding ourselves overall. California Department of Fish and Wildlife are Game Wardens - they are one massive Department that is politics+Wardens that actually go and enforce the wildlife. California State Park Peace Officers are under the Department of Parks & Rec and really focus on the beaches overall. We are the San Andreas Park Rangers but we focus more on a Warden's job. Our campaign hats are the only ones we were given - we would love the cool tan, but modding is swamped and not really looking to change small things from what I know of. We are truly a jack of all trades, a lot of Ranger recruitment videos in real life will reference something like that. One day they are helping a domestic, another second they are having a poaching incident, the next they are assisting State Police in a vehicle pursuit. As much as a lot of us inside the faction would like to be a HP/State Police and adapt to become that faction? We are not and we try to refrain from it as much as we can. We are very open everywhere on our forums that we are not. Sure we are helping a lot more in policing and such but, we just have an overwhelming presence at times where it makes it feel like we are everywhere and anywhere in the county. We travel from Park to Park, and for our faction? We have had usually had 10-15 on a night the past week or so.. It especially makes it feel like we are everywhere due to the server population going down naturally with people going to sleep.
  7. @Akali Just for reference, this is the only survey SAPR has officially placed out.. The other random county survey that came out was just a former member of SAPR, but leadership had nothing to do with it nor did we collect data on it. This is our first one. I'm here for questions overall if people want to ask them but, the only real question I see here in the main thread is "Is SAPR needed" and "What are they doing that LSSD can't". My answer is yes and yes. We released the survey to get community feedback and we are getting some amazing feedback overall. Some trolls, sure, but even the trolls are making us think about some more stuff we can do. We are praying the hunting/fishing update that one of our members put out helps the overall community engagement out in the parks/hunting zones - as it will really open the opportunities to the public. Sure, we are in the county - but we also came to the conclusion that a lot of hunters don't want to hunt because their isn't really a "gain" for it. The new hunting/fishing suggestion & future update will hopefully help that out a lot and give people the *need* to hunt to supply. If anyone has a direct question they want answered feel free to @ me. edit: If you have complaints about someone's OOC conduct > https://sapr.gta.world/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=1082 > we have this nice form that you can file and we will look into it. We are pretty clear we are willing to accept complaints about SAPR people attempting to act as a primary LEO and focusing outside of State Parks.. But just because you see one, doesn't mean they are always in the wrong. PD/SD/SAPR constantly work together.
  8. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdQmskETefp6yQ8fU2o-mWUWE3ysIqZJeN6p-nxQQr6j3Zf9g/viewform We hope to get the feedback from the community, enjoy!
  9. @Valmont I don't know if someone officially answered you yet regarding the US Flag and State Flag; We were instructed by SA Government to place a USA Flag and a State Flag at every Park/Hunting Zone entry. We agree at times it looks a bit goofy, but it was something we were told to do at the end of the day. Gotta listen to Uncle Sam, you know? SAPR also put some signs up throughout the State Parks for speeding (due to the speed limit being 45 in the Parks)/coyote watching for areas we know the spawn is more likely then less.
  10. I'm late to this convo, I know. But to address SAPR, we are a State Agency that reports to the Governor/Senate. Hence "San Andreas Park Rangers". Our actual Government entity is the "San Andreas Department of Fish and Wildlife", which hosts the Law Enforcement section called "San Andreas Park Rangers". We can't make random changes on our own without running it through the Senate/Governor. We are simply on the Governors cabinet if that makes sense, but since we are a "State Agency" just like SFM, we report to the Governor/Senate. As an example; LSPD, LSSD, LSFD, all report to the City/County Government. We hold no juro outside of San Andreas so we are nowhere near with the feds. We hold Statewide LEO powers per the penal code just like every other LEO agency in the server does. Meaning, Sheriffs can arrest someone anywhere in the State, same with PD, same with SFM & SAPR. tldr; if the Senate tells us to jump, we ask how high, not why. (i can't do whatever I want btw) Thanks for listening.
  11. Hello everyone! Welcome to the September 2021's Staff Update! We hope everyone had a great summer and wish those that are heading back to school the best of luck! Over the month of August we have had several updates come out for the server, including one of the more popular additions - the jail character, aviation update and as-well, multiple fixes to our streaming ranges throughout the map. In the early days of August, the Development Team worked extremely hard on fixing our streaming issues within the server, so the players can have an overall better experience. With multiple tests done, we believe we have the server at the right streaming range to give everyone an enjoyable time. The jail character gives you a free character slot to dedicate to TTCF and serving within a lifelong prison sentence. Players are now able to properly develop a character to serve a sentence and get the long-term roleplay aspects of someone in a county prison. We suggest joining the LSSD's faction discord if you have questions about the jail only characters. You can find the discord link here. On our aviation update, specifically for those operating the emergency service maverick, are now able to get a street view from the camera system attached to the helicopter, which tells you the locations you are at, and multiple other instrument panels that would be realistically included within the aircraft. We have seen amazing feedback regarding the systems and we look forward to continuing to improve as needed! As a side note, we have also added a working two-factor authentication system in-game, and can be easily activated by typing "/setup2fa" and downloading a trustworthy authenticator app on your smartphone. Within the mid of August, @Nervous and @Frezemis worked together on making a major property update, that can be found here. The thread that is linked goes into detail about properties themselves, how they will be processed and new regulations regarding house/property requests. An update to the regulations was also released regarding how much you can sell your property for, especially when holding it for longer times. Following this update, the famous map that showed houses for sale, is no longer active at this time for houses, but will show apartments that are for sale/rent throughout the map. Frezemis and Nervous also implemented a new system regarding activity checks on houses, mandating at-least five hours on the character that owns the house for the past two weeks (or one month for donators). We suggest for those that are interested in getting a new house or looking for more information, to check the thread out. On more of a staff side of things, administrators are constantly working hard and placing in a great amount of effort to make sure reports, forum reports, refund requests and asset transfer requests are being handled as soon as possible, and efficiently as possible. Administrators work around the clock to assure the community is continuing to progress, especially when you the players need the help. I would like to once again, personally thank our Staff Team in a whole for the great amount of work and effort they put in every month. We look forward to seeing everyone for next month on the October Staff Update! We hope you have a great rest of the summer that is left! GTA:World Management Team Admin Promotions Game Administrator Level 2 to Game Administrator Level 3 @Pepper (Head of Requests - PM) @harrison (Senior FM) Game Administrator Level 1 to Game Administrator Level 2 @Seanny @SandroXiX @Brian3898 @heathen Trial Administrator to Game Administrator Level 1 @Banks @delanto @Igloo @Lomadias @Wuhtah Support to Senior Support @Almeida @Gore @Viscaria @Orb @Exodus To avoid an influx of repeated questions, applications were not opened this month and due to a new internal system, they will be opening now every second month rather than month by month. If you were reserved in the previous wave, you will be automatically brought up for consideration in the upcoming wave for this month. If you have questions unrelated to what was mentioned above please contact @Groz or @Jonesy for assistance.
  12. Did some really amazing work for our SAPR HQ's. 10/10 guy
  13. Hello everyone! Welcome to the August of 2021's Staff Update. I hope everyone has had an amazing summer so far and for those that are out of school, I hope you are enjoying it for the last few weeks until you start off again! To start off the staff update I would like to thank the Administrators & Staff Members for the extremely hard work and dedication that they continue to place into the team itself and for the community overall. Our Staff Members work around the clock to make sure the community is stable and continuing to flow fluently with no bumps or curves in the road. It's always good to give them the appreciation that they deserve, as I know for fact, it is no easy job to step away from RP and other daily activities to focus on making sure you the players, are as happy as you can be with the community and the server overall during playing time. In the mid of the month Nervous released a testing phase for the Economy Update that we plan to have live on the server hopefully within the next upcoming weeks as testing is still underway. @Strobe has been working countlessly to make sure this update is stable and ready to be placed onto the live server with little to no issues so there will be an easy transition between the old system, and the new updated system. We would also like to thank you the players for the hours of dedication and time you have placed into testing the system and giving that feedback back over to Development & Strobe so we can stress the system and make sure its perfect. In other news, following the mass GTA V Update, we have seen a multitude of vehicles added to the server, we hope you are enjoying the new vehicles that have been placed in, as we look forward to more development for characters & factions to now have the proper vehicles they need to portray who they are. The update also brought many crashes due to some changes in mod handling, that were fixed only after multiple days of testing new solutions and a lot of sleep depravation! Within the month, Illegal Faction Management has conducted a "Supplier Census" survey which allowed members of the community to share feedback to Faction Management so they can have a better understanding of where to adjust. This is one of many steps Illegal FM has been taking in an attempt to further improve the Illegal Community, and as-well, the overall basis of illegal RP for the players. If you haven't had the chance to checkout the release, a link will be provided here As a bit of an "in-character" update, I would like to personally welcome the San Andreas Aviation Authority to the community, as we now have a strict aviation authority monitoring our airspace and those who pass within. With the Aviation Authority becoming an official faction, we would like to remind everyone to register there aircraft and to stay up to date with ATC standards as it is now being watched over properly and realistically with correct protocols being put in place, rather then just saying you are departing and landing, you might have an actual ATC controller coming to speak with you. You can find a link to the website here! We look forward for another great month and hope everyone has a great rest of the upcoming summer! Thank you all once again, especially the Staff & Community for being so dedicated to GTA World, as we would be in a far different place without the love and support that we have from all of you. GTA:World Management Team Admin Promotions Game Administrator Level 2 to Game Administrator Level 3 @Naeno (Senior Faction Management - Illegal Focus) @MomoIsHere (Head of Mapping) Game Administrator Level 1 to Game Administrator Level 2 @Zani @Adv @honey. @cxn Trial Administrator to Game Administrator Level 1 @Biscuit @Moe @Armolis @LilManiac Senior Support to Trial Administrator @Igloo @Wuhtah @Lomadias @Banks @delanto Support to Senior Support @dawpi @slothy @Timid @j0sepy @JackieH @dxrkside New Support Team Members @Ryu @Almeida @Gore @Viscaria @Exodus If you were a staff applicant and were not given support you can check your application to see if it was marked as denied or reserved. If you have been denied you will need to post on your application and request the reasoning if you wish to learn more about why you were not accepted. Be sure to tag both @Groz and @Jonesy so they can respond as soon as possible! As there is often a large influx of denial requests Please allow us 48 hours to update the status of your application, once your application has been updated with (Denied/Reserved) you may then request the decision reasoning. Once requested please give us 72 hours to respond to any denial reason requests. All reserved applicants will be automatically responded to with our expectations for your reserved month, there is no need to request a response on applications marked "Reserved". Any denied applicants this month may not reapply until the staff applications open again in November for December 2021's staff update.
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