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  1. Congratz all! We will miss you a lot FearnR!
  2. We don't have a set "guideline" per say on what and who gets a punishment for the x amount of time, nor a document that says "John Doe deserves 90 minute ajails everytime we encounter them." We base a lot of this off administrative record, attitude, willing to learn, and being receptive to incidents. If an admin comes, tries to explain how you blatantly PG'ed - and you're just like "nope your a stupid idiot" - you best bet you're probably going to get an ajail over a warning. On the other side of things, if we come to you, you're receptive, willing to learn, wanting to learn - we are very o
  3. A lot of admins, when we do get the basis of reports are looking about how you RP it.. Are you rushing it? Are you just running up to every door and opening it? Robbing is indeed something that happens in real life, we all know it - sadly it happens to someone once in their lifetime, where its either a Home Invasion, vehicle robbery, or just a little petty theft like someone taking you're favorite bouncy ball. We tend to find that a lot of people like to abuse the robbery script, especially during low-pop hours. We have our ways of finding out people are constantly breaking into things, over a
  4. San Andreas Park Rangers Press Release #03 Ranger Involved Shooting On 19/APR/2021 around the hours of 00:22, Senior Ranger Bob Foisey and Cadet Dustin Seifer with the San Andreas Park Rangers, were involved in a Ranger Involved Shooting (RIS), on Calafia Road just outside Stab City. Senior Ranger Foisey and Cadet Seifer were conducting a Field Training Patrol, and when patrolling down Joshua Road, passing Stab City towards Route Sixty-Eight, heard gunfire in the area. Due to the area not being directly within the Hunting Grounds, the duo decided to investigate into it
  5. Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
  6. San Andreas Park Rangers - Press Release #02 Hello,This press release is mainly focused on explaining the duties and overall goals of the San Andreas Park Rangers, as the Department has received questions regarding the daily operations of a Ranger and what it is like being a Ranger. We felt it would only be appropriate to release this memo to the generalized public, to assist in questions that one or more might have.The San Andreas Park Rangers, is a Statewide Law Enforcement agency, that is covered under Section 807 and Section 811, of the San Andreas State Penal Code. The San Andreas
  7. **The posters can be seen on various telephone poles around the City and County** ((Click image to enlarge - sorry for such tiny font))
  8. Username: ??? Comment: $10,000 for a guy who is willing to risk it all and go boom. oh yeah, he might stalk ya aswell, xd
  9. Ill be honest; I use to be super embarrassed throughout my childhood, worrying some of my classmates to find my YouTube channel. Even had one of my closest friends at the time, when I uploaded a video go, "No one wants to see those crap kind of videos" - it ruined me, made me feel like I couldn't express the games I actually like to play. I've never been a COD Kid, or random kind of games - frankly, my entire childhood has involved around going to school and then coming back home and playing either SAMP/Now GTA V. My family always knew I played online and RP'ed as a police officer, they
  10. This is how I personally do it, and if I ever stop someone, how I regulate it (according to IC law) Green = Go Red = Stop and yield, or atleast slow down so you can hit on your breaks within a second and not cause an accident, do 15-20 not 50+ through the red light Yellow = I don't pay attention because the lights are backwards. In the USA, atleast for every town i've been in, The light stays green, then goes yellow, then red. Depending on the light in-game, it goes Red, Yellow, Green, or Yellow, Green, Red - it doesn't make sense. I tend to personally come to a full stop at the
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