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  1. I agree. Mentality is a huge thing of it. Some people generally just think it's okay to shoot over everything and anything in the world, and have no "emotion" for it whether it's actually "right" to do so in the time. Population is something I've always said because it use to be a huge argument back in the day. It's also one of the easier ways to explain it to people when they go "it happens in real life, here's a video" - and the video is from 2010 of a Florida Highway Patrol Trooper doing a cart-wheel backflip over five cars and shooting a suspect from three miles away with his .22 pistol, or the Gang Member who was able to take over an entire City while killing 500 cops at once (these are massive exaggerations) but the point still stands. Just because it happened once every five years, doesn't mean people are able to use that excuse here and make "good rp" out of it. It's a discussion that Administrators have constantly and it's the reason I'm posting here, sometimes people have some good examples of what might be the problem or what they see daily. I don't see everything, most days I'm doing reports. It's best coming from the players who are involved/that see it 🙂 (On a side note, let's make sure this discussion stays appropriate as it could turn out to be a half decent one. You can agree to disagree at worst :P)
  2. This is the biggest one we see and we are continuing to try to place in regulations/preventive measures to have people stop escalation small situations into massive shootings. People can link videos/photos all they want but forget that the State of Texas in itself is about the same size (with mainly talking about the sizes of the State+Country, and then add in that Texas has close to 30M people itself in the State) of England and France put together, let alone the other 49 States that make the USA. California itself, has close to 40 million people.. Tell me that you see a shooting everyday in person and you would be lying to yourself and everyone else around you. News and Media sources will put out shootings, stabbings, fights turning into shootings-- but let's be honest, that's one situation of a Country that is populated of 329M as of 2020. Some of our Counties alone in the USA are the size of some Countries in terms of population. The reason we want these small escalations to stop is because we quite literally are not a server of 329 million people.. We have a server that you see around 500-1000 people in daily. You see more shootings in a span of five hours here because someone said that your shoes are too big for your feet, and somehow that brings out the inner rage in people that activate a fight or flight mode, and they obviously always choose the fight mode.
  3. Ill bring up the clarification in the Staff Meeting this weekend, and then forward it up to Management 🙂
  4. I honestly forgot to add Robbing/Scamming because we were going to define specifically certain points. But, it still gets covered under DM, FearRP & Safezone violations.. which are 90% of the reports we do get about people being robbed - scamming is a bit different obviously. On the other half of the question of why not "every" rule, it's because then we have people reporting Common Courtesy Violations (for example) because someone went AFK on the side of the road for one minute because their dad/mom needed help (and we all know... if mom or dad screams "GET HERE" - you go). We have people finding the smallest and most petty violations that they can come up with, to report people. We have people *assuming* rules are being broken and don't even take half of the second to go ahead and read our rules to see if they are indeed against violations. So we make a standard, if its something that is a heavy rule break/something that *needs* to be reported, then they can. People looking to start petty arguing matches on FR's can no longer do that. It might not make 100% full sense to a player (and don't take what I'm going to say the wrong way), but regular players don't deal with the surplus of 1000+ reports a day, or the petty arguments by players, or them trying to find every single small little way to get someone else in trouble, even when the player reporting a violation, did the same thing in "public" a month ago (this is also an example). So we have to slowly limit what we actually want to be dealt with and what *needs* to be dealt with by Administrators, compared to what people "feel" (due to opinions) should be dealt with. Statistically speaking, we get more reports about small petty things then actual important reports that need valued time from an Admin. If an Admin is spending three hours a day watching chats go back and forth over a simple missclick because no one wants to be understanding or happy, compared to the people who just got DM'ed because they were saying "I don't like your shoes" - well, we need to weigh what is actually needing an Admin to look into, rather then spending time on things that generally don't.
  5. I'm no medical professional, but I don't think TQ's are suppose to be used on chests, that's what chest bandages are for (or whatever they are called). Specifically, I don't think I would want to identify what is rightful medical care and not, because medical care happens in all different ways and shapes and forms. This specific incident, I don't know if I would personally let it slide. But it also depends what happened after. If they were brought to a hospital, then the player (I don't know the situation specifically so I'm giving examples here) might of thought that was the best "medical rp" that could be provided. If they got up and said "Alright I'm good to go" and continued on with RP? I don't think that would follow under our guidelines. I *guess* our current guidelines in a "tldr" standpoint to be "safe" at all points, is to get an EMT/BLS/First Aid certified person to help render aid, and then goto the hospital and have PHMC RP with you or NPC RP if they aren't on, with depending on the circumstances of injuries.
  6. Theoretically a fight can start just from someone wanting to press LMB or R. However, it's "courtesy" to do a /me so players know what is going on. If players are going to script fight, then whatever ends in the script fight happens. Someone can't say "Oh he was 16 and beat me up". If you use /me's, then it's whatever is natural in the RP. Hope that answers the question.
  7. Ill address this with Management and Legal/Illegal FM and get an update to the ruling to be more specific.
  8. There is no actual ruling to my knowledge besides the one I made that depending on the severity, you should get "adequate" medical care. I don't think anyone expects anyone to know that a 13 inch needle that goes into your arm and puts special anti pain medication in, but I also (as an admin and player personally) don't want to see a /me that is just like "grabs bandage, puts it over GSW and seals wound". If this is a specific question because a FR was made or a situation happened to you in-game, I ask that you be a bit more specific so I can address the question appropriately rather then being shuffled into a corner with an answer that I don't know was already made or not. --- Regarding the population question: I believe somewhere on the Forums it was addressed but I honestly can't find it, so Ill re-discuss it with Management as it is an important factor at times when decisions are being made. @Selena runs the team, if you have any concerns you can Staff Report it or send Selena a DM.
  9. Hello everyone! Welcome to the May 2022 Staff Update, can you feel the heat coming from the summer? I sure can! We hope everyone that has College/University exams the best of luck, as we all know none of us want to do them, but it brings us a step forward to having our summer breaks! Throughout April we have had some amazing updates from our Development Team that have given some quality of life updates to the community that were much needed. The size of the game development team recently doubled (welcome to @Rothschild, @valelele who are our most active new developers directly coming from GTAW!), frontend game developers were also recruited and the internal structure was revamped to promote more activity. Hundreds of bugs have been fixed and major updates that will forever change the server are coming! For one, custom firearms (including the Hunting Rifle) are now back in-game and fully working. Players have been waiting for that and we were able to deliver for the upcoming breaks. We also saw over one hundred (100) objects that were added to the server by @BadassBaboon & @Tiddy; and we are extremely appreciative of all the dedicated work that they have done throughout the past few months. Phone Group chats are also back in-game, along with our new custom UI system and pre-defined commands within our chat bar that gives an immense quality of life update to both Staff & Players, so they can easily find commands. On the last of Development, we also saw the introduction of "/vehattributes" which gives players the ability to describe their vehicles. You can use "/vexamine" to check out what another player might have on their vehicles! A new inventory system will also be released in the next days thanks to our new frontend developers & @St3fan[NL], to make your daily usage of your items way easier! You can check our sneak peak video here : While this update focuses a lot on Development, we also still want to give a post of appreciation to all of our Staff who continue to put an immense amount of work into the community. Staff Members continue to prove to Management & Staff Management monthly that they truly care for the community especially keeping up with the workload that comes with the positions they are in. Thank you all! GTA:World Management Team Admin Promotions Senior Administrator to Lead Administrator @honey. (Assistant Head of Faction Management - Illegal) Game Administrator Level 2 to Senior Administrator @Exodus (Senior Roleplay Quality Management) Game Administrator Level 1 to Game Administrator Level 2 @Lucky. @Valkyria @Viscaria @Boots @TyJ Trial Administrator to Game Administrator Level 1 @Blorple @UTOPIA @Puck @imi Senior Support to Trial Administrator @Godwild @Lilypad Support to Senior Support @onefortyseven @Hood New Support Members: @guero bracero @zGigabyte @Lazarus @XIK @Rabbit152 We thank all those who have applied to support, but only those who are accepted or placed on the reserved list will be contacted in the coming days. You can check the status of your application on the UCP and in the event you were denied you may request a denial reason there. Please note, in the event that you were denied you must wait two months prior to re-applying from this Staff Update on, unless otherwise stated in your denial reason.
  10. Great thread to bring out to the general public. I think both on the Illegal, Legal, Civilian & Staff Side, we all agree with what is being written about the constant shootings, DM, and that whole mentality that shooting is the fix to everything and anything. Funny enough, Staff is discussing this topic as-well, we created one a few days ago and have been actively discussing since. I can assure all of you that Management will review this topic as-well in the next few days (we will have to lock it at some point) and help get to the bottom of the issues that have been presented on the community. It's no secret that murders are skyrocketing on a daily.. In real life, a person might never see a violent crime happen before their eyes.. When people here might see it on a daily basis. However I ask for everyone that is posting here to be the "change" that they want to see. Don't be apart of the problem and also come on this thread and say how you want it to be changed. It only takes a handful of people that actively play the community on both the Illegal & Legal side to start the "movement" of change. If you are apart of an Illegal group, try to start transitioning away from violent crimes constantly, if you are a civilian, start taking violent crimes serious in-front of you (don't run away from robberies and RP some fear for example and make them more violent). It's a joint problem from everywhere, and shouldn't just be focused on Illegal gangs persay. We all know those civilians that think they are John Wick and can take down 15 people surrounding them with guns. We all need to get into it together and help change the flow of the community if we want it to be that way. Administrators can only hand out so many ajails and bans before that "mentality" has been spread to new members and it continues on a repeat cycle. The one thing I ask is that we all continue to be civil on the thread. If you don't agree with someone, that's okay, you don't have to call them a crap tier RPer. We all have different POV's and that's what makes it great, because it allows Management to get a better fundamental understanding of what you want us to change, how you want us to, and when you want us to. On the Administrative side, we are looking into what we can do, whether it be harsher punishments, letting it be handled through other means, IC means.. It's still a lot to discuss and not something we can snap our fingers and fix.
  11. Welcome to the April 2022 Staff Update! Can't believe we are already four months into the year! Time is flying by faster then we think. We hope everyone is having a great year so far and for most of us here in the community, we are all looking towards the warmer weather coming soon! For the month of March we have seen a multitude of development changes from trucking and increasing the prices on the value of work, a mass amount of textures/clothing thanks to our modding team, to some quality of life updates for the legal and illegal community. A major amount of new features being actively developed will be released very soon : fully designed inventory, casino slots games, cable cars, vehicle chopping system revamp, new phone & much more to come! We have also seen the implementation of Panda Points by Nervous, which he has explained the use of the points here. For a brief explanation, Panda Points are given to players which eventually will be able to used so buy certain features like clothing slots, blips, furniture slots and many more quality of life features that come with "World Points". Panda Points award the player for playing, and gives them the option to "purchase" items from the UCP Shop, without having to spend actual money and rather them building up "currency" by playing longer in-game. As you all know, forum reports are something that have been needing an improvement for an extremely long time. In the month of April specifically, the community will see a change to our forum reports and how they are being handled by administrators. Management within the next upcoming week will be discussing a set standard for the forum reports, including how many replies allotted, how many words per reply, determining key factors in what will be allowed as forum reports (without restricting players from being able to report serious things), and how long an admin/players have to complete these forum reports. Players in the future will be able to post a topic and it will be automatically locked until an administrator takes said report, and which they will be able to set the standard by Management onto those involved in the forum report. We are hoping to minimize the amount of forum reports that are coming in from players and also get the process moving faster rather then having ten plus replies that have little to nothing to do with the report at hand. More to come in a follow-up topic when the process is fully released. On the staff side of things, we would like to congratulate everyone on the promotions and welcome the new Support to the Staff Team. As Management, we appreciate the vast amount of work you all put into the community, and we like to show our appreciation during every staff update so the community knows how much you all do. As a secondary note, we will be opening Staff Applications within the next week or so, as we want to continue building our Staff Team. Staff Apps will be open for slightly longer to allow more players to have the chance to apply and have the chance to enter the team. Remember to check out the GTAW Real Life Party Thread! GTA:World Management Team Admin Promotions Senior Administrator to Lead Administrator @Armolis (Head of Roleplay Quality Management) Game Administrator Level 2 to Senior Administrator @Igloo (Senior Faction Management) Game Administrator Level 1 to Game Administrator Level 2 @Eficion @hipsxn @Amellis @Connor Trial Administrator to Game Administrator Level 1 @Toxic Senior Support to Trial Administrator @Blorple @UTOPIA @Puck @imi Support to Senior Support @Godwild @Lilypad New Support Members: @Phased @Epic We thank all those who have applied to support, but only those who are accepted or placed on the reserved list will be contacted in the coming days. You can check the status of your application on the UCP and in the event you were denied you may request a denial reason there. Please note, in the event that you were denied you must wait two (from April's batch only) months prior to re-applying unless otherwise stated in your denial reason.
  12. Terry Bud & The famous video of an LSPD Scout (me) and another Scout racing down at Los Santos Airport which made news headlines in the server.
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