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  1. Like the idea, or move it over to a /ame instead of a /me. Either or works.
  2. Two things: 1. Driving with yellow lights is not illegal in the State of SA, its the same thing why tow-trucks are able to. There is nothing in the law, or about the law that states a vehicle can't drive with yellow caution lights. 2. They do not have a bomb squad.. that was something, again, taking completely out of context of an IC situation that was happening. I can't recall the exact details, but I even stepped in as the Handler and was *bamboozled* when I heard this. The conversation between some G6 Security guys and a few LSPD Officers got heated (frankly speaking, if I recall corr
  3. Fair enough, I might of misread the context of what you were trying to say, ill allow G6 officials to respond to the rest of the question, however. As I am not in the place to [directly per say] speak for the faction, besides help clarifying certain things and assisting them on an OOC note with problems that occur/to better the faction overall.
  4. "I’m not sure what this thread is really for. All of these things are IC, so why are they being addressed OOC? I don’t think it’s helpful to adopt a “PR” approach similar to that of PD’s. " As I mentioned before, its the same reason why LSPD, LSSD, LSFD, all have threads like this. Any faction can have a thread like this. When I was in State Fire Marshals, I was going to make one but never got the chance around to doing it. Sure the problems we sometimes had were "IC issues" (speaking of SFM) - but yet, a lot of problems that came forward to us were in OOC means. Without feedback
  5. Mods are on a hold anyways as it stands. Doesn't matter the faction, LSPD, LSSD, LSFD, SFM, everyone is on a mod hold for now.
  6. Just as a general note: The thread has been started, feel free to move concerns over the the G6 thread rather then spamming the PD one, as it seems it was derailed a bit. ----------- This concern was addressed on the G6 thread linked above, feel free to read through some of the pages where you see this exact picture.
  7. As I noted in my previous post, I informed G6 to block traffic off, SFM = Peace Officers in the state of SA, so, my character, being a cop, ordered it. Sure, we don't see them in every City, State, County, but it is realistic. G6 has a specific route system setup, to go, business to business to protect these assets, make sure doors are locked, make sure a robbery isn't happening, or even as simple as, making sure CCTV and alarm systems are still up to date, things like that. If they have a contract they need to serve, then they need to do what they need to do. If a panic alarm goes out to a bu
  8. If you read my post on page 3 or 4, I explain it perfectly actually... It happens in my State, Florida, California, multiple other states.. it's realistic.. it happens. I'm about 2 steps away from joining a security company that patrols and goes business to business in my state. Link: https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/38334-gruppe-6-corporate-security-you/?do=findComment&comment=350849
  9. Can confirm to the above. I was the only "LEO" on scene at the time, of an arson, no one else was responding... Was there for 30+ minutes by myself, utilized them to help me block roads. Once PD arrived on scene, they broke down and generally assisted me with an investigation as G6 was the contracted company to the R68 Garage (needing CCTV and such). Had a pretty heated moment in which I thought ICly, was literally going to turn into a violent shootout. Felt great having G6 on my back and actually helping.
  10. I will note this. I am the handler of G6, I suggested this thread, I was the one who told @zaXer. to make this thread. The LSPD is also, an IC faction, so is the SD, so is the FD, but we still allow those factions to have threads of the kind, for people to express discussions on an OOC note that they feel effected them. If you're just gonna be here to bash the thread and make fun of them, i'm just simply going to hide your post and issue a warning out. G6 as it stands, is trying to get feedback to get a better image for the faction, and a lot of the feedback as I am reading through the
  11. Yeah no need to change it really.. When I was in SFM I would just makeup a domain for it and say "Oh you can apply on our website, SAFireMarshals dot sa dot gov" Then I would go in /b and say "lsfd.gta.world".. You can do the same thing and just say "FLD dot sa dot gov" or "FLD dot lspd dot gov"
  12. I'll do buyout Contact me when you can, Timothy Hurst, 45874214 (( @skyreckyy ))
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