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    *Username: FreuFreu *Rating (( 1-5 stars)): 5 *Comment: Cece is one of the best fashion designers in the country and she provided it with a lot of works and her magnificent designs, targeting all customers. I got her new grey shirt for men and it is awesome, I recommend Haute definitely.
  2. It's there; however, it is full of bugs with a known ball sync issue to it. They need to fix it first before they do a script like baseball.
  3. It is already implemented as @SavageX said above.
  4. Will look into it definitely, locked for now.
  5. This was already added from a long time ago so I will be closing this.
  6. Good luck, Pillsbury! Congrats to @Selena, @Adv, and @Dor
  7. Yes, it is possible; however, Everett is the one who handles the forum development. Forwarded to @Everett
  8. Dama

    Add a Block button

    I have explained that in #support-web so I will say it again here. - Right click on the user's name (via search, timeline, etc.) then copy link address. Take the username from the copied URL and paste it in the block input area. As for adding a button in the hover card, that'll be done in the next update. Locked for now.
  9. They usually expire after a month. If you found any boosted posts for over a month, link them please.
  10. Just to put an end to this discussion. An incoming update will include new features such as a spoilers tag and the ability to mark posts as NSFW with warnings and spoilers too. Also, we realized that users complained about their posts/comments/photos getting removed so we made a decision to put a logging system to track all of that. In addition, users will receive a notification if a mod/admin deleted their content. Patience is the key so please don't spam the report button because of a content that is completely blurred and not a full nude.
  11. [14/AUG/2022] Fixed: A critical bug in Page Settings where users could not modify their page information and save it.
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