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  1. I think SOME illegal factions are acting trollish towards legal roleplayers. What I mean by this is illegal factions should be more concrete in their businesses and activities and avoid involving the legal roleplayers — those who are STRICTLY legal and don't like to involve themselves in illegal faction's problems — in issues that result in conflicts IC'ly or OOC'ly later, unless if the legal roleplayer decides to get involved with them. We are in 2022, and illegal factions pretend like they're in the 1930s/1940s. There are still illegal factions practicing extortion to grind money and character-kill ONLY, not roleplaying their way for money like other factions literally. Example: Yesterday, I was approached by an individual who's trying to extort my business (which is considered to be a luxury brand) out of his turf boundaries by asking me to make donations to refugees. I refuse to do so and made up an excuse that I donate to other organizations. Guess what happens later? That individual turns up to my business with a group of beggars, around 5-7 players. Their purpose? SPAMMING /s(houting) only. They did not even write a single roleplay line at all. The individual comes to me and asks about how I like that. When I searched up for their names on forums, they belonged to an OFFICIAL faction. I'd like to know if IFM is supervising their activities or not, because it is not reasonable for a faction to attempt to extort a large business (equivalent to Tiffany&Co, Swarovski, and Cartier) and spam in the chat. I praise the factions like DTO, V13, Conti, AP as they are looking for roleplay, not grinding money and CK'ing random people. As a person who owned a business recently for the first time, I don't get the opportunity to run my business flawless without any troubles. I am being threatened by risking my character over unrealistic extortion.
  2. Raymond Rockwell - ex. saas and fbi.
  3. Are you interested to trade it for the new Lampadati Cinquemila?
  4. The last bidder didn't respond; therefore, the property is still for sale! Buyout lowered to $300,000.
  5. Leading bid. If nobody makes another bid then you'll claim the property.
  6. Selling an apartment with balcony located in Vespucci Canals beside the Vespucci Police Station where it is considered to be a crime-free area. The apartment is modern furnished and it consists of one bedroom, one bathroom, living and dining room, and kitchen with all basic utilities accessible and alarm system installed. Parking spot is also available and it can fit up to three cars and there's an eligibility of owning the garage (( requesting it through UCP)) STARTING BID: $180,000 BUYOUT: $300,000 Exterior: Interior: (( OOC - /PINFO STATS)):
  7. steve malcom / raymond rockwell here
  8. I offer $500,000. (( Put the /pinfo please ))
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