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  1. oldest char story, nice
  2. There needs to be some sort of rule when it comes to camping high crime areas, there are VERY often officers sitting on one corner for 10 minutes because they see a group of males acting like they are about to do something just sitting there pretty much powergaming so they can respond instantly and get involved in a situation, this happened to me yesterday and its overall very annoying.
  3. i hope this aint real
  4. +1 cuz then my character can end up dangerously assaulting ppl wearing them
  5. PD, SD, FD and SAPR vehicles are 100% not the issue, they are literally just remodeled cars lmfao
  6. laugh at them for thinking its still halloween
  7. Above the textures settings there is another setting like extended textures, turn it all the way up and it will fix it.
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