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  1. I never knew you, but I didn't have to. Those who knew you speak well for you. Rest easy good soul, sending love and prayers to you, your family and everyone who's close to you. Until we meet again, rest in heavens.

  2. Couldn't word it better myself, and to add to it, I'd like to mention that I personally know many of them, and they do RP and their RP is quite impressive and enjoyable. I'd rather RP with them than have them RP on their own "interior designing" or "NPCing workers" or "Trying to reach out for IC workers that are willing to do construction roleplay when it's non existent". Please, show love and support to our mappers instead.
  3. Name: LivComment: Loved the service, definitely coming again!Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  4. Here, have a cookie. 🍪 Love your mapping!
  5. Truly fun experience with you guys. Keep it up!
  6. Top-rated Recommended Collectio ((OOC Descriptive Section)) Still need something you can't find? Ask at the front desk or any of my contacts and I may get it for you. For any inquiries or reservations, reach us out! DM: https://face.gta.world/Liv Call: 3390 Or leave a comment below!
  7. Talented! Can't thank you enough. ❤️
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