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  1. *Bill Coburn falls for the scam after reading the email. He logs into the website, and is surprised when he is sent back to the login page. He realizes what has happened, and heaves a sigh.*
  2. Would love to see a server set in Las Venturas! iirc... I thought Nervous was actually working on such a project, but he had to stop due to T2's DMCA takedowns.
  3. Username: TheTrueWayIsWhite Comment: Hey, San Andreas can use a clean up. Kill all of those fucking [REDACTED] in South LS and those [REDACTED] in Vinewood spreading their rainbow crap. Also, I love the circumvention of your monitoring system. If i redact the insults themselves, then there is nothing to monitor. Just fill in the gaps.
  4. This is a great idea, I love it. It adds immersion. Perhaps, if anyone is on /stationduty, they can also accept 9-1-1 calls. And if nobody is on /stationduty, it'll convert back to the scripted 9-1-1 calls.
  5. I agree with this. It's a questional change/addition to the rules. A well seasoned crew would put their effort into making an escape plan; which includes parking the getaway vehicle a little distance away if there is no designated driver. Ban robberies at this point, because the rules are becoming more and more restrictive. Having to wait for staff for permissions to commit a robbery takes the fun out of it. It restricts roleplay, heavily. And targets are unreliable. They could be online for 10 minutes, they could be online for 1 hour; but if you have to wait at least 30 minutes for a /report to be answered? Just delete your illegal character at that point. It's a stupid rule and it should be removed or heavily changed.
  6. "Problem" People have been sending "content" via text for years but sending actual messages through Discord, or Facebrowser. There is no "Problem". On Topic: Support 110%.
  7. Damn... I remember this being a thing on RC:RP back in the old SAMP days. Running through Whetstone collecting shrooms LOL
  8. airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars! he could really use a wish right now...
  9. Uh-huh, uh-huh... (I totally didn't read most of this topic.) So what about the "wannabe" gangsters who keep trying to add legal characters on Facebrowser (even when it doesn't make sense. Like, come on, stop adding random people as friends.)
  10. -1 on reverting the update, because even with the reduction, I have barely had to refuel my vehicles. I could still go to the moon and back without even breaking a sweat or having to fuel.
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