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  1. This was Nervous' plan all along. Introduce an indirect betting system. He gets to pay his bills... and the players get 4x Exterior packages, 2 cats, 5 dogs, and a namechange that will last them a lifetime.
  2. "You don't mind us usin' your Saloon to scout the bank, right, pardner?" knppel: "As long as you don't destroy my Saloon and keep your hands off the whiskey, I won't have to shoot y8ou when you sleep!"
  3. Above deal went through - Lock & Archive.
  4. Would you perhaps be able to show me the location on Google Maps? My GPS is a bit broken ((Show me a map screenshot please.))
  5. Looking to buy an apartment or flat in Los Santos. Budget of $100,000.00 Not taking offers from Davis/Strawberry/Rancho area.
  6. Offering $100,000.00 Bit of a lowball, I apologise, but it is the best I can do without breaking my bank at the moment.
  7. Offering $100,000.00 It's a lowball, and I apologize for that. But nobody else is bidding, and this is the best I can currently do without breaking my bank.
  8. Previous commenter did not respond. Still for sale!
  9. FOR SALE Karin Asterope Description: I'm selling my Karin Asterope! Low mileage, reasonable fuel consumption, and unmodified. The vehicle is basically brand new and has been driven for barely a week. 28 days of insurance left (at the time of posting this advertisement). A great vehicle for a newcomer to Los Santos, or a student at ULSA! PRICE: $20,000.00 OBO (NO TRADES!)
  10. People don't even know how to use the Dark/Deep web. Some people simply do "/me downloads Tor Browser and browses the Deep/Dark Web." and expect CIA-level encryption on their network. Some people don't know that, to browse the Dark/Deep, you can/should use an OS that has been specifically designed to do such (such as [REDACTED] (Lol I am not telling you?). And VPNs do not always hide your data, you know? It's not as simple as downloading Tor and clicking the first .onion link you see. There is more to it than people think. Besides... most people browse it for the funny "Ooh, what can I find" aspect (in my experience, at least).
  11. Best I can offer at the moment is $34,000.00
  12. Unfortunately, because RageMP is not perfectly optimized, texture loss like this may occur if there is too many players or vehicles in one particular area (most commonly the vehicles causing the loss). It can only be remedied up to a certain level. There /is/ a command in-game that you can use to get some textures back, which is /fixtextures. However, it can only do so much. Personally, I know of no other ways to fix this at the moment (and I'd wish to learn the ways!)
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