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  1. Full Support. The lowest age should be 16. And to those that keep saying "but underage characters are important to gangs!", what the fuck is wrong with you? No, they're not. Underage characters do nothing but make gangs look bad in my eyes. I feel like the quality of Gang RP over the years across servers who allowed underage characters has really diminished. Like I said in the other thread, if I get caught up by a 14 year old again and get threatened just because they rear-ended me, I will lose my shit. If it's a 16 year old, fine, but they should be more careful in their actions until they are 18, because committing crime as a 16 year old even is still a risky thing to do.
  2. Very Much This. If I get "ganged on" by a 12-16 year old kid again, when I'm a 31-year-old grown man, I will lose my shit. I already had an accident earlier this week where a 14-16 year old driver rear-ended me, and then started to threaten me because he thought I had no reason to stop. It is very annoying. PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOU IT!
  3. ((Skent, my boy. Your websites never cease to amaze me. I feel obligated to contribute. LOVE THIS!))
  4. imma up and join this if i get DFP (Double Faction Perms)
  5. Username: NigFromTheHoodie69. Comment: She should not have reached for it. All I'm going to say.
  6. Considering it has been up for sale for so long, would you consider to trade it against a Declasse Vigero and $20,000? Can understand if you'd rather not; I mean not to insult you, just poke around and see what you'll accept. I mean... better to trade than to let it sit, collect dust 'n rust, right?
  7. My kind sir, would you consider trading against a Bodhi? 🤔
  8. I can shoot all I want when out Hunting without getting checked every two seconds, because it has not happened to me before yet.
  9. Clear your Cookies or FlushDNS in CMD. Should work?
  10. This is highly inefficient, given the fact that you would have to reset your characters gender every time you want to wear the other genders clothes, and will have to remake the face every time.
  11. Oh, my honest mistake, I actually didn't know that. I'm a drop-out so I know jack about biology.
  12. This makes no sense to me. You should be able to change the body gender on the fly, just like you can have a Male head on a Female body (and the other way around). I bet if I go into singleplayer, and get an MP ped, I can fit it whatever clothes I want.
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