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  1. Went into a bar, bar fight erupted - ended up with a bloodbath after a gun was pulled.
  2. Not supporting this, the housing market is knackered and needs a serious revamp - we need more houses for more affordable prices, tons of houses on the map that are un-scripted.
  3. For starters, SAFM are based on CalFIRE whom have Fire marshals as sworn LEOs in the state of California, SFM are an incredibly useful faction to have in regards to arsons which are far more common that you'd might imagine. I've seen nothing but roleplay of top quality coming from the faction.
  4. There should be rules put into place to prevent throwaways, but that's another issue.
  5. It is not the factor of weather you are an illegal roleplayer or a legal one but a testament to the players' roleplay quality. I have seen characters on both sides developed excellently and sometimes terribly. It does so happen that newer role-players prefer to be have legal characters because they don't really understand how the complex criminal world works and may not feel entirely comfortable joining an illegal faction only to be ridiculed and mocked as is so common with those types of things.
  6. simple solution - make every death (that's legitimate and where no rules have been broken) a forced CK. People will value their characters lives and no go kicking the hornets nest unless they mean business.
  7. We need this! 100% Could be managed by a new faction? Department of Corrections or something entirely different. We need a dedicated faction for it otherwise it'll just end up like TTCF, with SD not wanting to do jail stuff.
  8. Texture loss is primarily a problem with RageMP not allocating enough memory to the game for all the mods the server uses, it is entirely out of the scope of GTA:W to fix unless they are given the correct tools to do so by the developers of RageMP - because unlike FiveM or other clients RageMP does not currently support extended memory allocation for the streamer.
  9. incredibly saddened by your passing - please rest easy. Thanks for the incredible RP throughout the years, the rp scene will not be the same without you.

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